“What’s Hot?!” 100% Food

Juice Magazine Product Review: 100% Food 100% Food sent us three types of food to sample. One is the regular version, one is low carb and one is the double protein that’s jacked up with protein. They have a variety of flavors too: choco, natural Read More

“What’s Hot?!” Remind Insoles

Juice Magazine Product Review: Remind Insoles Super stoked on the Remind Insoles! I've never taken the stock insoles out of my shoes before and never planned on it, until I got a couple pairs of these. I'm glad that I finally did because I'm hooked. Read More

Vans Pool Party 2016

The 12th Annual Vans Pool Party... LIVE from the Legendary Combi Bowl... Tune in on Saturday, May 14 at vans.com/poolparty WHAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW: Learn from the legend Jeff Grosso and Pool Party veteran Omar Hassan as they drop critical knowledge Read More

Dave Duncan – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Dave Duncan Hometown: Huntington Beach, California Age: 53 Sponsors: Independent, Bones, Volcom, Vans, Diamond, Layback Beer. What set-up are you riding right now? Dagger board, Indy trucks, Bones wheels, Mob grip, Diamond hardware… What’s Read More

“What’s Hot?!” Aulta Surf Watch

Juice Magazine Product Review: Aulta Surf Watch This is the Leeway Nylon blue Aulta Surf Watch designed by Pancho Sullivan. It’s waterproof up to 100 meters and it’s really stylish. I’ve worn it all over: when I’m working, when I’m shaping, Read More

Venice Springtime Ladies Am Jam 2016

The Venice Springtime Ladies Am Jam at the Venice Skatepark in Venice Beach, California on April 30, 2016 turned out great, showcasing the talent of girls of all ages! Big props to the pros and legends and locals who came out to support the girls including: Brighton Read More

Vote for Art: Vote Now in the Vans Custom Culture Competition

Vans Invites Fans to Express their #RightToArt by Voting in the Vans Custom Culture Competition Vans has launched online voting for the seventh annual Vans Custom Culture competition, a national contest designed to give high school students a platform Read More
Steve Olson

Steve Olson – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Steve Olson Hometown: Hollywood, California Age: 54 Affiliations: Guest boards with Dogtown Skateboards, Skaterbilt and Real. What set-up are you riding right now? That changes constantly, but I always ride Mob Griptape and I always ride Read More

Florida Vert Series – Stop #1 – Merritt Island, Florida

A vert contest backyard jam style for skaters by skaters... What more could you ask for? Bob Umbel's vision for the Florida Vert Series was to recreate and reinvent the "early 1980’s backyard vert jams with skaters coming together for the love of it"  Read More
Duane Peters

Duane Peters – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name:  Duane Peters Hometown:  Anaheim, California Age: 54 Sponsors: Magic Skateboards, Gullwing trucks, Draven Shoes. What set-up are you riding right now? Custom Magic Deck Stinger, Gullwing Pro 3’s, experimental wheels. What’s the Read More

“What’s Hot?” Beats By Dre Pill+

Juice Magazine Product Review: Beats by Dre Pill The Beats by Dre Pill+ speaker is the best!  Just set it up via Bluetooth to your iPhone and amplify your music anywhere. The Beats By Dre Pill+ is so small that it fits in your pocket, and you don’t Read More
Chris Strople

Chris Strople – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Chris Strople Hometown: Monrovia, California Age: 55 Affiliations: Deckcrafters, Ace, Bones. What set-up are you riding right now? I have several and they’re all Deckcrafters. I ride a 9 1/2 or a 10-inch CS model, trucks are Ace 55’s Read More

“What’s Hot?!” Dope Wax

Juice Magazine Product Review: Dope Wax "I'm pretty sure I've lost every piece of wax that I've ever owned before it was all used up. I have it when I don't need it and it's gone when I need it most. Luckily, Dope Skate Wax sent us a box filled with Read More
David Hackett whips a backside tail block attack, deep in the heart of Malibu at the N-Men Reunion 2015. Photo by Dan Levy

David Hackett – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Dave Hackett Hometown: Malibu, California Age: 55 Affiliations: Deathbox® Skateboards, Kryptonics, Nitro Bearings, Khiro Bushings, Osiris Shoes, Black Leather Racing, Dusters, Skull Skates, Indy, Tracker, Radikal, Paris, Jimmy’Z, Grind Read More
Tony Alva. Photo by MRZ

Tony Alva – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Tony Alva Hometown: Los Angeles, California Age: 58 What set-up are you riding right now? My setups vary. I have a quiver of boards. My favorite is about thirty-four inches long and at least eleven inches wide. It’s like a rounded off Read More

Juice Magazine State of Skate

JUICE MAGAZINE STATE OF SKATE: When we started Juice Magazine 22 years ago, you could count the number of skateparks on one hand and grindable pool coping was mostly a distant memory. Now there are thousands of skateparks all over the world, along Read More

Vans Pro Skatepark Series #1 – Melbourne, Australia

Vans Pro Skatepark Series #1 - Melbourne, Australia   Final Results 1st – Chris Russell 2nd – Pedro Barros 3rd – Kevin Kowalski 4th – Cory Juneau 5th – Ben Hatchell 6th – Tom Schaar 7th – Ronnie Sandoval 8th – Alex Sorgente Global Read More

What’s Hot?! MUSE School Board Riding Program for Surfers and Skateboarders

In 1973, when Jeff Ho, first opened the Zephyr Surf Shop and began mentoring the Zephyr Competition Team of surfers and skateboarders, he could have never imagined that skateboarding and surfing would one day become a scholastic program offered in Read More
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