Juice Magazine interviews from Juice Magazine Issue 44 to now, featuring core skateboarders, surfers, artists and musicians.

Larry Bertlemann Surf Skate Style SURF SKATE STYLE WITH LARRY BERTLEMANN. INTERVIEW BY JEFF HO. PHOTO BY JEFF DIVINE.   Hey, Larry, what’s happening, man? Hey, Jeff, what’s happening with you! I’m so happy to be talking to you. I just want to say that, in my opinion, Read More
Patti McGee PATTI MCGEE Interview by STEVE OLSON Photos courtesy of PATTI MCGEE   The Handstand that was for LIFE... MAGAZINE, that is, pretty cool too... Patti McGee, the blonde on the cover... From the past into the future... One woman's stories Read More
Stacy Peralta in Conversation with Steve Olson STACY PERALTA INTRODUCTION AND INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON. PHOTOS BY C.R. STECYK III, J. GRANT BRITTAIN,  JIM GOODRICH AND DAN LEVY.   “You’ll never amount to anything” ??? ‘Wait a minute, I’m just a kid’... Surfers and skaters from Read More
Chet Childress Interview by JIM MURPHY Photos by KARIM GHONEM, COBURN HUFF, JONATHAN MEHRING, RHINO, JOE HAMMEKE, RYAN FLYNN AND BEN KARPINSKI Gnarly skater and guerrilla artist, Chet Childress, is an East Coaster who has always stayed true to his roots. Growing Read More
Bones Brigade Chronicles: On Set to Sundance to the Animal Chin 30 Year Reunion BONES BRIGADE CHRONICLES: On Set to Sundance to the Animal Chin 30 Year Reunion Story by DAN LEVY Photos by DAN LEVY, SEAN MORTIMER, KRISTY VAN-DOREN-BATTSON and DEVILLE NUNES In our quest to go behind the scenes of the making of the "Bones Brigade: Read More
BenHarper-JuiceMagazine Ben Harper BEN HARPER Interview by JEFF HO Photos by DAN LEVY, PAUL GRONNER, WILLY SIONS and ERIC HENDRIKX Ben Harper is a real stand up guy. He’s an accomplished musician and singer-songwriter and he’s worked hard for it. Not only has he released over a Read More
Julien Stranger JULIEN STRANGER INTERVIEW BY JESSE MARTINEZ PHOTO BY TOBIN YELLAND Jesse Martinez and Julien Stranger are two of skateboarding’s most notorious characters. Both have spent the majority of their lives, since the early days in Venice, dedicated Read More
Lance Mountain X Steve Olson (Part 2) LANCE MOUNTAIN X STEVE OLSON (PART 2) INTERVIEW & INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY ANTHONY ACOSTA & BRENDAN KLEIN When one plays King of the Mountain, you try to get to the top, right? But when you play the same game with Lance Read More
Mickey Munoz MICKEY MUNOZ INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON PHOTO BY ART BREWER Some do what they love. Mickey Munoz is that ... surfing, sailing, doing it... Starting until one is finished... A man of the Sea, and much, much more.... Around longer than most can even Read More
G.B.H. G.B.H. INTERVIEWS WITH COLIN ABRAHALL, SCOTT PREECE, ROSS LOMAS, & COLIN “JOCK” BLYTH. INTERVIEWS BY JEFF HO PHOTOS BY DAN LEVY AND ZOLI The early days of punk rock and skateboarding share many parallels. It all began with a small Read More
Kona Skatepark: 40 Years of Gnar Celebration in Jacksonville, Florida For the last 40 years, Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville, Florida, has remained a lighthouse for generations of skateboarders to test their mettle on its legendary concrete terrain. Kona stands alone in its status as the oldest, privately owned, skatepark Read More
Sam Ogden SAM OGDEN Interview & photos by BRIAN TWITTY At what age did you begin skating? I started skating when I was five. I’m 16 now. If you could only do one trick for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Front blunts or 540’s. Bowls Read More
Skateistan: International Skateboarding Schools, Skateparks and Advocacy SKATEISTAN Interview with OLIVER PERCOVICH. Interview by JIM MURPHY. Photos by CHAD FOREMAN, HAMDULLAH HAMDARD, and JAKE SIMKIN, Courtesy of SKATEISTAN.   A skater goes to Afghanistan and shares his love for skateboarding with the local kids, Read More
Lizzie Armanto Surf Skate Style SURF SKATE STYLE WITH LIZZIE ARMANTO. INTERVIEW BY JUICE MAGAZINE. PHOTO BY DAN SPARAGNA.   When did you first hear of SurfSkate style? I’m not sure exactly. I was probably around 12 or 13 when I first heard of surfskate style. What does SurfSkate Read More
Jay Adams Surf Skate Style SURF SKATE STYLE WITH JAY ADAMS. WORDS BY JAY ADAMS. PHOTO BY WILLIAM SHARP.   “I’m not sure who the first skateboarders were or exactly where they were from, but I’m pretty sure they were surfers from Southern California. But, I wonder who Read More
Pala Grave Robbers PALA GRAVE ROBBERS. Words & Photos by DAVE SWIFT. The Grave is often referred to as the final resting place, one in which there is no escape. The remains of a person, place or thing are covered in dirt and most times a marker is left to let others Read More
David Hackett Surf Skate Style SURF SKATE STYLE WITH DAVID HACKETT. INTERVIEW BY JUICE MAGAZINE. PHOTO BY GLEN E. FRIEDMAN.   When did you first hear of SurfSkate style? I first read it in one of the first 1960’s "Quarterly Skateboarder" magazines. It was a term that Jay Adams, Read More
Randy Katen Surf Skate Style SURF SKATE STYLE WITH RANDY KATEN. INTERVIEW BY JUICE MAGAZINE. PHOTO BY GREGORY EARL.   When did you first hear of SurfSkate style? For me, surfskate style references back to the early magazines and Larry Bertlemann taking surf moves from the waves Read More
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