Venice Lines with Greyson Fletcher & Josh Stafford

Happy Birthday Greyson Fletcher! Greyson has joined the Arbor Skateboards squad and he and Josh Stafford met up at the Venice Skatepark recently to connect a few lines. Greyson will be doing his own artwork for the graphics for his upcoming Arbor pro model, so keep your eyes peeled.

As Arbor described it, “Battling a single trick will always have its place, but linking consecutive tricks into a line has the power to reveal much more about the way great skaters engage with their environments as creativity, consistency and style flow together to compose unique combinations.

Video: Chris Gregson | Edit: Nate Shute. Photos: Ross Druckrey | Music: Zach Schottler

Venice Lines follows team riders Greyson Fletcher and Josh Stafford through the legendary Venice Beach skatepark, as they take their own distinct approaches to playing on the park’s steep concrete contours.

Video: Chris Gregson | Edit: Nate Shute
Greyson Fletcher. Photo: Ross Druckrey
Josh Stafford. Photo: Ross Druckrey
Greyson Fletcher. Photo: Ross Druckrey

Driven by our shared love for skate, snow and surf, we’re proud to welcome Greyson Fletcher to the Arbor Collective. It’s an honor to help showcase his infectious attitude, unmistakable style and raw skateboarding power. For a taste of what’s to come, watch Greyson blast through San Diego’s Washington Street DIY in his Welcome to the Team edit.

Video: Chris Gregson. Cover Photo: David Susko. Music: Zach Schottler

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Now, at its 25-year anniversary, the Arbor Collective releases “Crossing the Grain.” The film is a detailed account of how Arbor’s founders, Bob Carlson and Chris Jensen, launched the company into an extremely crowded mid-90’s market, as outsiders with a purpose. It documents the company’s struggles to find acceptance and success, as the industry consolidated in the early 2000s; to building a unique, collective path forward; to eventually earning a place as one of today’s the most innovative and enduring snowboard and skateboard brands.

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