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  1. Hello, just wanted to say Thank you so much for making the best skate mag ever!! I’ve been skating over 25 years now & without a doubt, you create a mag i can’t wait to get each month & re read over and over again. Please keep up the great work, I as many others appreciate it!!!! Oh & one small request. Would you PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE INTERVIEW CHAD BARTIE? He’s an all terrain terror & very humble. I’ve searched all my back issues aswell your site & found none! please consider it, Chad aswell as all of skatebiarding would be happy & greatful!!! Thanks so much for your time, later! – Stacy

  2. Hey dan hope you are doing fine we at wsb are doing great thank you for the way you treat us we will always be thankful. The tony Hayek foundation is coming to talk with us we are going to include you Gus at juice

  3. Dear Murphy. 51year old skater from Stamford ct skating the park here my body limits me but I try love the kids there .you Murphy and Danforth came to my house with a bmxer in DA 80s looking for. Bud and skated my quarter pipe after you guys did a demo in Greenwich ct it was the highlight of my life.old age sucks feel like 16 again when I jump on that pieace of wood maybe its midlife crisis to poor to buy a sports car or motorcycle I. Can afford skateboard oh well . My feeling towards skating hasn’t change since 75 when I got my first board from sears roebucks with clay wheels love it being the only stable thing in my life was the jay Adams story been good since 06 no more drinking no or hard drugs try to skate a couple days a week or when my body let’s me anyway peace love and anarchy love your mag maybe I see u at scalzi

  4. Hello from 49y/o skater now surfing in NJ. I feel the nostalgia of the Southland when I read the last issue, but admit I too feel the limit of my body when I ride my Hosoi Hammerhead knockoff in the local bowl LOL. I love your magazine, & thank you guys. This vibe is a healthy one, sometime even overcoming darker sources of stoke I see, yeah the chemical ones. Anyway, later from a Filipino out East living Dogtown in reverse :)….

  5. Thanks for taking the time to invite me in and show me around last Wednesday afternoon when I happened by your place there in Venice. It was a real treat as I have been a reader of your magazine now for a few years and to see a little bit of the inside was an honor. Plus to be able to pick up a number of back issues was also a fantastic stroke of luck. I’m looking forward to my subscription starting!

    Thanks for all the work you guys do! Love it!



  6. Thanks for making a rad old school/new school skateboarding magazine from the 1990’s I checked it out it was nice to see! I remember Juice from the 1990’s and it still is awesome keep up the good work!

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