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Mi Sphere 360 Camera Review with Jeff Ho and Dan Levy Jeff Ho, Skateboarding Hall of Fame Icon and International Surfboard Builders Hall of Famer, and Dan Levy, Assistant Editor, photographer and filmer for Juice Magazine, review the new Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360 Camera. It's innovation for everyone. Dan Read More
Powell Peralta Flight Deck with Steve Caballero – “My Skating Changed A Lot!” Steve Caballero shares his experience with the new Powell Peralta Flight Deck... “Wow! My skating changed a lot.” Cabbie says, “I’m super surprised at how responsive it was, how stiff, yet it had a slight flex to it, how light it was. It feels Read More
“What’s Hot?!” Chalk Ink Juice Magazine Product Review: Chalk Ink Chalk Ink Markers work pretty good. I tried the Pacific Blue Chalk Ink marker on the bumper of my van and it went on easy and then washed right off with a little bit of water. I drew a Jeff Ho Zephyr logo in Read More
“What’s Hot?!” Go Macro Thrive Bars Juice Magazine Product Review: Go Macro Thrive Bars The Go Macro Thrive bars are pretty good. I’ve been looking at the ingredients and they are all organic, and they have the proper amount of carbs balanced with protein. They have a lot of nuts and Read More
“What’s Hot?!” 100% Food Juice Magazine Product Review: 100% Food 100% Food sent us three types of food to sample. One is the regular version, one is low carb and one is the double protein that’s jacked up with protein. They have a variety of flavors too: choco, natural Read More
“What’s Hot?!” Remind Insoles Juice Magazine Product Review: Remind Insoles Super stoked on the Remind Insoles! I've never taken the stock insoles out of my shoes before and never planned on it, until I got a couple pairs of these. I'm glad that I finally did because I'm hooked. Read More
“What’s Hot?!” Aulta Surf Watch Juice Magazine Product Review: Aulta Surf Watch This is the Leeway Nylon blue Aulta Surf Watch designed by Pancho Sullivan. It’s waterproof up to 100 meters and it’s really stylish. I’ve worn it all over: when I’m working, when I’m shaping, Read More
“What’s Hot?” Beats By Dre Pill+ Juice Magazine Product Review: Beats by Dre Pill The Beats by Dre Pill+ speaker is the best!  Just set it up via Bluetooth to your iPhone and amplify your music anywhere. The Beats By Dre Pill+ is so small that it fits in your pocket, and you don’t Read More
“What’s Hot?!” Dope Wax Juice Magazine Product Review: Dope Wax "I'm pretty sure I've lost every piece of wax that I've ever owned before it was all used up. I have it when I don't need it and it's gone when I need it most. Luckily, Dope Skate Wax sent us a box filled with Read More
6th Series of Bones Brigade Decks Available June 15th The Bones Brigade is pleased to announce the sixth series of Bones Brigade decks. Go to to view all the details on this new set of decks and colorways that will be available at skate shops worldwide at 12:01am June 15th, 2015. Once the Read More
Crate Digger: An Obsession With Punk Records Bob Suren spent more than 30 years immersed in punk rock. His obsession with punk music, culture, and especially record collecting began with a loaned mix tape in a small town in Florida when he was a teenager and slowly took over all aspects of his life. He Read More
“Salad Days” DC Punk Doc Screenings in Venice, CA and Providence, RI VENICE PREMIERE: WORDS, PHOTOS AND FOOTAGE BY DAN LEVY The show was sold out for the Venice, California, screening of "Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, D.C." hosted by the C.A.V.E. Gallery on April 3, 2015, at Beyond Baroque. Guests of Read More
BOOM Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker BOOM Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker BOOM's Swimmer is sick! The sound is really good and it’s fully waterproof, which is exactly what they were going for. The wrap-around adjustable hook fits onto just about any towel rack or shower surface Read More
Shipyard Skates Hits Hard with Slick Graphics You want good wood, sick graphics and a skateboard made right here in the U.S.A.? Shipyard Skates has what you need. Hank at Shipyard Skates has been pumping out high performance decks for all types of terrain built to hold up under your gnarliest grinds. Shipyard Read More
Vans Syndicate Jason Dill Shoe To say that Jason Dill has some quirks would be an understatement, yet to say that Jason Dill is one of the most naturally gifted skateboarders to ever ride would be dead on. Vans Syndicate is bringing some of Jason's artful expressions to their new white Read More
Stacy Peralta Skate One Short Film Featuring George Powell Since 1978, George Powell has stood by his convictions of building, supporting and elevating the skateboarding community, while Stacy Peralta has become one of the most talented filmmakers ever to translate his skateboarding experience and understanding Read More
Dusters California x Kryptonics Wheels Collection Dusters X Kryptonics Wheels Collection G&S set the bar pretty damn high with the great skateboards they built back in the 1970s. That same quality carried over into their ads as well, that’s why Dusters chose to recreate this classic G&S ad for its Dusters campaign. Dusters Read More
electric-chriscole Chris Cole’s Electric Capsule Chris Cole is bringing it with style on this latest capsule collection with the illustrious and classy Electric brand. Chris brought earthy colors and simple effective design to two watches and two pairs of sunny's. Not only does the collection look good, Read More
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