"We're not here to fit in. 
We're here to stand out."
– Juice Magazine #45

JUICE MAGAZINE has been representing the soul of skateboarding, surfing and music since 1993. The honest approach of the stories and photos from an insider’s perspective makes JUICE more than just a magazine. With the legendary status of the JUICE MAGAZINE editors, every issue is full of raw, real and revealing interviews featuring some of the most interesting skateboarding journalism ever. JUICE MAGAZINE is an ongoing documentation of the roots of skateboarding, surfing and music by those that live it.

JUICE MAGAZINE hits five major markets, including music, skate, surf, art and lifestyle, with one advertisement. JUICE has become a collector’s item every issue with the philosophy of making the best magazine every time, so your ad stays in action much longer than most. JUICE has the credibility you want and the legitimate forum you need to get your message across.

The impact music and skateboarding have had upon each other is undeniable. From the driving groove of DEVO to the high energy impact of the Sex Pistols, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Metallica, T.S.O.L. and Black Flag, skateboarding has always had a soundtrack. JUICE recognizes this phenomenon and pays respect with in-depth interviews with many of music’s greatest.

"How does anyone not think that 
skateboarding is the coolest thing 
in the world?" 
– CHRISTIAN HOSOI - Juice Magazine #62

JUICE MAGAZINE provides circulation in independent skate shops, surf shops, music stores and book stores, along with national outlets including Barnes & Noble and many more, allowing you to reach a vast amount of people within major markets all over the world. JUICE MAGAZINE is distributed through newsstands nationally and internationally. JUICE MAGAZINE is also represented at major music, surf and skate trade shows.

Advertising in JUICE MAGAZINE is like having your own underground street team in all the right places. JUICE MAGAZINE is known to have a longer street life, longer-lasting retention value and features a larger format (9” x 11”), which allows for a larger ad presentation.

JUICE MAGAZINE print advertising campaigns are effective because they are being delivered to a core audience not touched by other publications. Our largest market is Males 24-54; most of whom have steady capital and children whose interests parallel their own.

JUICE MAGAZINE is one of the only independent voices left to communicate to the real underground of skateboarding. It is our mission to pay tribute to those who rip by documenting the truth built on a foundation of the history and legacy of skateboarding and building to the current state of affairs.

JUICE MAGAZINE also hosts a vast website of archives, current news and event coverage at Website advertising is also available. Let us customize a campaign specifically for you.

"I am trying to stay committed to the idea 
of the underground. 
I don't want to just polish up this gift 
and sell it to somebody. 
I'm trying to keep it in good shape 
so it can be handed off to somebody else." 
- IAN MACKAYE - Juice Magazine #50

Live Area: 8.6″ wide x 10.6″ tall
Bleed is .25 for final bleed size of 9.25 x 11.25
Final Product/Trim Size: 9″ wide x 11″ tall
Resolution: 300-350 dpi
Line Screen 175

Ad Dimensions: Width x Height
■ 1/8 Horizontal…..4.25″ x 2.575″
■ 1/4 Vertical…..4.25″ x 5.25″
■ 1/2 Vertical…..4.25″ x 10.6″
■ 1/2 Horizontal…..8.6″ x 5.25″
■ Full Non-Bleed…..8.6″ x 10.6″
■ Full Bleed…..9.5″ x 11.5″
■ 2 page bleed…..18.5” x 11.5”
■ Trim Size…..9″ x 11″ (.25 bleed on all four sides)

Four Color Process Ads: We accept DIGITAL FILES ONLY – no film. Files created with QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Acrobat are acceptable.
Formats: Mac-formated EPS, PDF and TIFF files. JUICE MAGAZINE is not responsible for any loss of text or visual outside of the live image area.
Media accepted includes CD, DVD and 100 MB Zips. Please include proofs. Digital files should be prepared with the following specifications to ensure proper results:
■ Include all placed images, even those embedded.
■ Include all fonts – printer and screen; Trapping set to a .144 point spread.
■ Color mode of CMYK, convert spot colors to process.
■ Raster images must be at least 300 dpi at 100% [1200 dpi for bitmapped images]

Placement Guarantee: Specific placement may be requested at an additional charge of 20%.
Distribution: Circulation nationally through newsstand distribution, plus international distributors.
Art charges: $50/hr. Our designers can help to create your print campaign.
Payment Specs: Payment is due with ad artwork. These advertising rates are net. Agency commissions should be added to the rates listed. All new accounts must send payment for their ads in advance of our ad deadline. Late Fees: Late fees of 10% of the ad rate will be charged monthly to delinquent accounts. Checks should be made out to JUICE MAGAZINE.
Long Term Contracts: All ads reserved on a long-term contract must run consecutively to retain discount rates.
Proofs: Proofs will be provided upon request, but changes must be returned by 5:00 PM on deadline. JUICE MAGAZINE is not responsible for errors or omissions.

"Skateboarding has changed my life 
in a very positive way. 
It has given me a focus in life 
that is pure and the determination 
to do things positive. 
I wouldn't change it for all the 
money or power in the universe." 
- TONY ALVA - Juice Magazine #55


"I don't know where I would be without 
skateboarding. I just really love the
act of it. It makes me happy." - BEATRICE DOMOND - Juice Magazine #77

Video Ads on Juice TV – Rates Available on Request
Flash-based video ads are available as pre- or post-roll on individual videos, specific channels, or thru-site
– Pre-roll video ads (15 second max)
– Post-roll video ads (time limits may apply)

Note: All ads will run for 30 days and must be accompanied by proper click thru URL
Standard Image: .jpg, .gif, or animated .gif
Flash Media Notes: .swf files must be supported by clickTAG. Please note at this time ActionScript 3.0 is not supported. Flash files must be built with ActionScript 2.0 and exported as a Flash 7.0 file. With recent developments in mobile web browsing, a static fallback .jpg version of the ad is now required. Further information on flash ad specifications and templates are available from your sales rep.
Video Ads: Please submit hi-res FLV files at 720×480. Pre-roll ads must be under 15 seconds. Post-roll ads must be under 30 seconds unless pre-approved for longer durations. Please contact or call 310-399-5336 for more information.

"I learned that it’s not just about the 
skating that can help promote 
what you’re doing. 
I learned about treating people well 
and giving back. 
I learned about how much it means 
to believe in someone 
and believe in their effort." 
– TONY HAWK - Juice Magazine #71

Deadlines for advertising materials will be provided by our sales staff. Any changes in ongoing advertisements must be made by PRESS DEADLINE. Juice Magazine is solely owned and published by Juice Enterprises, Inc. All rights are reserved on entire contents; nothing contained inside may be reproduced in whole or part without written permission from the publisher. Publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason. Advertiser agrees to pay shipping and import charges for artwork sent to or returned from publisher. All rates are quoted on COD terms. Payment for ads is due on materials deadline for the issue in which the ad will run. Publisher is not responsible for printing problems originating from poor quality materials submitted by advertiser, late materials or changes made to ads after materials deadline. When space is contracted and no ad has been received by the materials deadline, the previous ad will be repeated. Advertisers assume full responsibility for content and subject matter of their advertisements. Advertisements and articles are accepted upon the representation that the author, agency or advertiser is authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. The author/agency or advertiser will indemnify and save Juice Magazine harmless from all claims legal action resulting from plagiarism, rights to privacy and copyright infringements. The views and opinions expressed reflect the opinions of the authors and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editor, staff or advertisers in Juice Magazine. To order Juice Magazine for your shop, please call 310-399-5336.

"If you had the proper amount of gravity 
in your head, you wouldn’t be 
jumping off flat ground."
 – MARK GONZALES - Juice Magazine #62

Juice Magazine Media Kit 2018


Check out the Juice Magazine t-shirts, hats, hoodies, stickers, magazines and back issues available online at WWW.JUICEMAGAZINE.COM.

"Some people say skateboarding owes them.
That’s the wrong philosophy.
I owe everything to skateboarding."
 – DARREN NAVARRETTE - Juice Magazine #63

If you have any questions, just give us a call.

Thank you.


phone 310-399-5336

"My goal when I was 20 
was to change the world. 
My goal wasn’t to get 
famous or rich. 
My goal was to reorganize 
our art, culture, and music 
along the lines of what I thought 
young people wanted to hear 
and needed to know." 
– EXENE CERVENKA - Juice Magazine #67

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