Juice Magazine interviews from Juice Magazine Issue 44 to now, featuring core skateboarders, surfers, artists and musicians.

JAY ADAMS JAY ADAMS JAY ADAMS INTERVIEW BY HEIDI FITZGERALD PHOTO COURTESY OF JAY ADAMS If you know anything about skateboarding, then you know one name that’s withstood the test of time is Jay Adams. Raised by surfers on the Santa Monica Pier, Jay was one of the Read More
ERROR TYPE 11 ERROR TYPE 11 ERROR TYPE 11 by Brian Lentini State the members and when you came about. The band lineup is me (Phil), guitars & vocals, Arty-vocals & guitars, Adam-Bass, Erik-drums. We started the band in ‘97 and have been saving rock, one song at a Read More
BOSS HOG BOSS HOG BOSS HOG INTERVIEW WITH HOLLIS QUEENS INTERVIEW BY BRIAN LENTINI “Since everyone knows I’m hot, they let me sing.” Whats up with the name “Hollis Queens”? Hollis is my first name. Since I’m in RUN DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis” Read More
MURPHYS LAW MURPHYS LAW MURPHYS LAW Back with a Bong interview with Jimmy Gestapo interview by Murf photo by Crash What was the first Murphy’s Law show and what was the line up? The first Murphys Law show was New Year’s Eve 1982 into 1983 at a place called the Read More
ICE T ICE T ICE T NEW JACK 2000 - THE ICE OPINION. INTERVIEW BY BRYAN STAHEL AND DAN LEVY PHOTOS BY BRYAN STAHEL I’d heard of Ice T before, but it wasn’t until I saw him on Oprah Winfrey that I first really appreciated the Ice phenomenon. That was circa Read More
DARRELL DELGADO DARREL DELGADO DARREL DELGADO Activity report: pipe renegades History: classified clearance: MAXIMUM classified: TOP SECRET Interrogation and visual evidence: Charlie Middleton You once said that surfing takes more guts than skating, can you elaborate? To Read More
CANNIBAL CORPSE CANNIBAL CORPSE CANNIBAL CORPSE Interview with Alex Webster Interview by Nelson Photo by Ada What the Hell is going on in Florida? They’ve got as many metalheads as retirees, so we talked to bassist Alex Webster to find out. What is Cannibal Corpse? We’re Read More
BUCKY LASEK BUCKY LASEK BUCKY LASEK Story by Ozzie Photos by Rhino Many things can be said regarding Bucky Lasek. Inventive, perfectionist, driven, and  incomparable are just a few. He doesn’t quite accept the mantle of professional skateboarder any more than he accepts Read More
BLANKS 77 BLANKS 77 BLANKS 77 Shooting Blanks interview with Mike Blank interview by Crash photo by Radical If you live in NYC you probably know all about the Blanks and their embodiment of the punk rock spirit. If not, let singer Mike Blank let you know what’s Read More
BADLANDS photos by Pat Myers BADLANDS BADLANDS WORDS BY DAVE REUL The California Dream gone bad. An arid wasteland. Only the strong survive. Words don’t mean much in these parts. Attitude speaks, the desert devours. Nature consumes man’s dwellings, as man himself battles for possession Read More
AGNOSTIC FRONT AGNOSTIC FRONT AGNOSTIC FRONT N.Y.H.C. KINGPINS Interview  by Lentini Photos by Crash and Lentini Lentini gets the real from legendary NYHC godfather, AF vocalist  Roger Miret Seems like a lot of bands today are singing songs about how they hate Guliani, you Read More
TRIPLE CROWN OF SKATEBOARDING. PHOTOS: CHARLIE MIDDLETON VANS TRIPLE CROWN OF SKATEBOARDING 1999 VANS TRIPLE CROWN OF SKATEBOARDING Huntington Beach, CA Story by: OZZIE AUSBAND Photos by: CHARLIE MIDDLETON Sometimes it feels like I’m falling down. Do you know the sensation? This is probably the feeling many skateboarders have during contests Read More
SKATOPIA SKATOPIA SKATOPIA PHOTOS AND STORY BY ROB ERICKSON Every seventeen years the Cicada Locust emerges from the ground for a very brief but frenzied stint of noise making and pro-recreation. They live a simple life of rest and play. Very similar to the lifestyle Read More
THE PILFERS THE PILFERS THE PILFERS ‘Anyway, it’s all rock ‘n roll’ photo and words by Crash Yeah, that pretty much was the case. Also the irony of meeting people in some tight ass restaurant in Venice when you used to bomb the same falafel stand 3000 thousand Read More
THE GET UP KIDS THE GET UP KIDS THE GET UP KIDS INTERVIEW WITH JIM SUPTIC WORDS AND PHOTO BY RYAN RITCHIE ‘I do not want to die in Los Angeles.’ Say your name and your favorite Spice Girl. Jim: I’m Jim Suptic and my favorite Spice Girl is Baby Spice because she’s short, Read More
REMY STRATTON REMY STRATTON REMY STRATTON Interview by Dan Levy Photos by Pat Myers, Charlie Middleton and Chris Malenfant   Remy Stratton is a skater who skates for the right reasons. He has a style all his own and he always pushes himself to progress. When he’s Read More
ONE MAN ARMY ONE MAN ARMY ONE MAN ARMY BAY AREA COMMANDOS PHOTO AND WORDS BY CRASH The Bay Area has had a long and rich musical history, and One Man Army carry that fine tradition. I don’t know about what to call it, you might say street punk, others would just say that Read More
WES HUMPSTON WES HUMPSTON THE BULLDOG - O.G. DOGTOWN INTERVIEW BY ANDY KESSLER INTERVIEW BY JIM MURPHY INTRODUCTION BY ANDY KESSLER P.O.P. in crosses, death to invaders, invaders must die, locals only, dogs and crossbones... These were the images sprayed on the walls all Read More
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