Jarren Duke back crail slide 5

Jarren Duke – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Jarren Duke Hometown: Fullerton, California Age: 17 years old Sponsors: Powell Peralta Skateboards, Transitions Skate Shop, Spitfire Wheels, Hundreds Clothing, Badfriend USA. What set-up are you riding right now? Powell Peralta skateboard, Read More

Sonny Rodriguez – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Sonny Rodriguez Hometown: Fullerton, California Age: 17 Sponsors: Would Shop, Anaheim Skateboards, Programme Skate and Sound, BadFriend. What set-up are you riding right now? Board, trucks, wheels, grip, hardware… Mob Grip, Would Shop Read More

Ace Pelka – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Ace Pelka Hometown: Oceanside, California Age: 18 Sponsors: Speedlab Wheels, Assault skateboards, Independent trucks, Asylum skate shop and Converse cons.  What set-up are you riding right now? 8.5 Assault team logo board, 149 silver Read More

Gimme Danger The Stooges Documentary Is As Real As It Gets

It's finally here and it is ON!!!! This flick is well worth the cost of admission, the popcorn and the large soda pop. Iggy and the Stooges will give you danger, raucous rock n roll and no choice but to stand up for what you believe in. If you're Read More

Powell Peralta’s Unbreakable Skateboard Takes Flight

Powell Peralta has just released a new deck construction that we think you might like. FLIGHT™ decks are 200% stronger, 25% thinner and 10% lighter than a 7-ply. Built in a new production area in the Powell Peralta Santa Barbara, California, facility, Read More

Shorebreak: The Clark Little Story

Check it. A different perspective that will blow your mind. Clark Little is a badass. See for yourself... Shorebreak OFFICIAL TRAILER - [long] from Postmill Studios on Vimeo. Dive into the life of renowned surf photographer, Clark Little, as Read More

Temple Of The Dog Launch Sold Out Tour

Congrats to Jeff Ament and Temple Of The Dog on their sold out tour, which begins tonight in Philly! Grab the 25th anniversary collection of the band's first album now. Here's the 411... TEMPLE OF THE DOG LAUNCH SOLD OUT TOUR 25TH ANNIVERSARY Read More

Derek Scott – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Derek Scott Hometown: Salida, Colorado Age: 18 Sponsors: Conspiracy Skateboards, SayIWont Clothing. What set-up are you riding right now? Conspiracy skateboard, Independent trucks, Conspiracy wheels, Bones Reds bearings and Mob griptape. What’s Read More

Collin Graham – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Collin Graham Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia Age: 18 Sponsors: Embassy Skateboards, Ace Trucks, Coastal Edge Surf Shop, Type-S Wheels, 187 Killer Pads, Spohn Ranch Skateparks, Bulletproof Kevlar Laces, Element Apparel, Taco Dudes, and Read More

Burnside 26th Year Anniversary

The 26 Years of Burnside Anniversary Og reunion & the new skateboarder generations "right of passage" was epic to say the least. Godzilla & artwork adorned the walls spawned out of toxic waste similar to how Burnside has spread over the past Read More

Coral Guerrero – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Coral Guerrero Hometown: Mariaville, Maine. Age: 19 Sponsors: Weird Wood Skateboards, Backwoods Board Shop. What set-up are you riding right now? Weird Wood deck, Indys, Ricta Crushers, Anchor Hardware and Random bearings that roll. What’s Read More

Sarah Thompson – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Sarah Thompson Hometown: Huntington Beach, California Age: 18 Sponsors: Speedlab Wheels, Silly Girl Skateboards, Wicked Audio, Black Flys Eyewear, S1, Bridge to Skate What set-up are you riding right now? 8.5 Silly Beast with some sweet Read More

Andy Anderson – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Andy Anderson Hometown: White Rock, B.C., Canada Age: 19 Sponsors: Powell Peralta, DC Shoes, Gullwing Truck co. Skull Skates, Sandbox, Vulcan Bolts, Bones Bearings, Authentic Board Supply. What set-up are you riding right now? I’m riding Read More

Mercyful Skate at Forth Union in Asbury Park and Convention Hell

Oct 29 was a day full of pre-Halloween celebrations in Asbury Park, NJ. Starting off with skate and costume contests at the first Mercyful Skate Halloween Event at Forth Union’s pop up skatepark, located inside the Carousel building on the boardwalk, Read More

Justyce Tabor – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Justyce Tabor Hometown: Seaside, Oregon Age: 19 Sponsors: Silly Girl Skateboards, Pink Widow Distribution. What set-up are you riding right now? Silly Girl Skateboards, Independent trucks, 54mm Spitfire Formula 4’s, Jessup grip, Creature/Independent Read More

Curren Caples – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Curren Caples Hometown: Ventura, California Age: 19 Sponsors: Flip, Indy, Ricta, Mob, Bones Swiss, Monster Energy, Target, Oakley, RVCA. What set-up are you riding right now? Flip Mountain Somersault deck (8.63 x 32.25), Indy 149’s, Read More

Florida Vert Series #3 at Kona Skatepark

The Florida Vert Series is a bright light of hope for vert skating contests on the East Coast and every event that the FVS crew put on this year was a much-needed showcase for hardcore vert warriors! On Oct 21-22, FVS Stop #3 landed at the legendary Read More

Animal Chin 30 Years – The Full Story

It’s been 30 years since all the Bones Brigade members have got together and skated together on the Chin Ramp. This piece includes interviews by all the Chin skaters, original Chin Ramp builder Tim Payne, photographer Grant Brittain, and several Read More
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