Tim Kerr New Art Book “Self Taught” in the Spirit of DIY

We are so happy to share the news that Tim Kerr has a new art book titled “Self Taught” being released via Don Giovanni Records on August 27, 2021. Every copy of the book will be hand-signed by Tim and includes a digital download of a new Up Around The Sun album, featuring tunes by Kerr and clawhammer banjo player, Jerry Hagins. If you know what’s good, you best get to ordering your copy pronto.

Tim Kerr Photo by Sandy Carson

As Tim said, “Ok, kids, Don Giovanni Records is putting out the new Up Around The Sun record and this time it’s a book with toy camera photos I took of visionary environments that Beth and I have been to with portraits I did of each artist. There is a download for the music in it and you can preorder starting today! Please please spread the word and order so Don Giovanni doesn’t think they wasted their money ( smile).”

“Self Taught” by Tim Kerr book cover art

Here’s what Don Giovanni Records has to say about the new book…

Don Giovanni Records has announced the publishing of a new art book by TIM KERR titled “Self Taught”, which will be released on August 27, 2021. The book is available for PRE-ORDER NOW and all pre-order copies will be hand-signed by the author.

Selections from “Self Taught”

Tim Kerr is a musician and artist known for his lifelong contributions to the DIY and punk scenes, as a member of the Texas Music Hall of Fame, hailing from Austin, and for having played in The Big Boys, Poison 13, MonkeywrenchBad Mutha Goose & the Brothers Grimm, Jack O’Fire, Lord High Fixers, etc. Kerr is a visual artist and photographer, and currently releases music with his project Up Around The Sun.

As a bonus, every purchase of “Self Taught” will include a digital download card of a new Up Around The Sun album along with the book.

Selections from “Self Taught”

“Self Taught” is a collection of paintings, portraits and collages done over the course of his life, and the work is an expression of the spirit of DIY and creating for creation’s sake. Kerr has always rejected the impulse to define art or music by categorizing it into a specific genre and throughout his music and visual art career, has preferred to color outside the lines rather than adhere to any one definition of “art” or, for that matter, punk. 

Selections from “Self Taught”

The book Self Taught by Tim Kerr will be released August 27 by Don Giovanni Records, and is available for pre-order now. It will include a digital download of a new Up Around The Sun album, composed by Kerr and Jerry Hagins.

Selections from “Self Taught”

Pre-Order The Book Self Taught by Tim Kerr
Tim Kerr Official Website
Tim Kerr on Instagram

Tim Kerr and his fantastic art. Photo by David Campbell

Just to put a lil happiness into your day… here’s a flashback with Up Around The Sun playing “Sally Johnson”, filmed by our good friend, Joe Salinas.

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