Grom Spotlight: Emily Libhart – Skate Photographer

Check out some snaps from Dave "Suede" Libhart's wunderkind daughter, Emily. As Suede says, "I've tried taking photos for decades and this chick has got me beat at 12 years of age. All photos are of a session at one of the bowls that I designed/built. Read More

“What’s Hot?!” Go Macro Thrive Bars

Juice Magazine Product Review: Go Macro Thrive Bars The Go Macro Thrive bars are pretty good. I’ve been looking at the ingredients and they are all organic, and they have the proper amount of carbs balanced with protein. They have a lot of nuts and Read More

Ric Widenor – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Ric “Longboard Ric” Widenor Hometown : Clarks Summit, PA Age: 50 Sponsors: Conspiracy Skateboards, Venom bushings & wheels, Flypaper. What set-up are you riding now? I ride 8.75”-9” Conspiracy decks, 14.5-15” wheelbase. The Read More

Calling on the Skate Army – NYC Riverside Skatepark Needs Your Help!

PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO THE NYC PARK'S DEPARTMENT: Please do this now and please have everyone you know do the same. Copy & paste the subject line and body copy and send an opposition email to the following 8 email addresses. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Subject Read More
Jim Murphy Photo by Jeff Ament

Jim Murphy – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Jim “Murf” Murphy Hometown: New York City, New York Age: 50 Sponsors: Wounded Knee Skateboards. What set-up are you riding right now? Board, trucks, wheels, grip, hardware… My set up is a Wounded Knee/MPS deck, 9” wide, 169s Independents Read More

California Locos 2016: Street/Surf/Skate/Art Show in Venice Beach

Opening night for the California Locos 2016, an epic original street/surf/skate artists show, will take place in Venice Beach, California, on June 25, 2016, from 7PM-11PM at Juice, 319 Ocean Front Walk and at the Rose Room, 6 Rose Ave. The California Read More

Pedro Barros wins Vans Pro Skate Park Series #2

Pedro Barros, took first place for Brazil today with an incredible final run at the second stop of the Vans Pro Skate Park Series in Florianopolis. Italian ripper, Ivan Federico, took a super strong second place while American favorite, Kevin Kowalski, Read More

“Surfing: 1778-2015” – Taschen Book Launch at Ron Robinson

Taschen puts out world-class books and Ron Robinson knows how to throw a really cool celebration, so it was a fantastic signing party for the new "Surfing: 1778-2015" book at the Ron Robinson store in Santa Monica, California on June 9th. The giant Read More

Bowl Skating in Brazil – Vans Pro Skate Park Series

Absolutely nothing can stop the select skaters who will be competing in the Vans Pro Skate Park Series Qualifier tomorrow at the recently remodeled Costeira Skatepark in beautiful Florianopolis, Brazil. From corrupt presidents leaving the country's government Read More

Bill Danforth – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Bill Danforth Hometown: Detroit, Michigan Age: 50 Sponsors: American Nomad Skateboards, Tracker Trucks, Land Shark Wheels. What set-up are you riding right now? I’m riding an American Nomad board with super wide Trackers, 185s, I think, Read More

Jesse Martinez – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Jesse Martinez Hometown: Venice, CA Age: 50 Sponsors: Santa Monica Airlines, Ace, Indy, Globe, Venice Originals. What set-up are you riding right now? I’ve got two boards that I’m riding. I’ve got a James Kelly board from Arbor Read More

X Games 2016

X Games Austin 2016 - Skateboard Vert Final - June 3, 2016 This year's X Games is losing the fight to the one thing they can't control – the weather. As last night's Big Air competition was postponed due to lightning striking close to the ramp, Read More

Science’s Spruce Goose in the OBX: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done…

On the furthest outreaches of the East Coast, there lives a humanoid that knows no limits. One day, an idea was hatched, deep within his cerebral cortex and, after many years of hard work and dedication, his vision for a wooden backyard mega-bowl with Read More

Pat Black – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Pat Black Hometown: Point Arena, California Age: 50 clicks Sponsors: Embassy Skateboards, Ace Trucks, Meeksterbrau, Bones. What set-up are you riding right now? I’m riding a Pat Black board from Embassy Skateboards, Ace 55’s Trucks Read More

Tony Magnusson – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Tony Magnusson Hometown: San Diego, California Age: 52 Sponsors: H-Street, Osiris.  What set-up are you riding right now? I’m riding a custom Magzilla board that Jim Johnson at Watson made, featuring Mil Carbon, glass fiber, five layers Read More

Steve Alba – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Steve Alba Hometown: The Badlands, California Age: 52 going on 20. Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Indy, Spitfire, Vans, Hurley, Randoms, Pro Designed, Fender musical instruments. What set-up are you riding right now? I’m riding a Santa Cruz Salba Read More

Sons of Pompeii: C.R. Stecyk III, Shepard Fairey & Chaz Bojorquez

Chung King road in downtown Los Angeles has a spiritual and ritualistic ambience dressed with the smells of Chinese cooking and decorated with a swinging set of lanterns hanging in concert over a wide open walkway, lending authenticity to the allure Read More

SMA presents Love and Respect Photo Show

Love and Respect was the theme of the evening, which perfectly described the mood of opening night for this weekend-long art exhibit. Expertly curated by Kelly Jackson, this eclectic variety of photography included highlights of the pioneering days of Read More
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