Punk Rock & Paintbrushes presents Jason Cruz, Steve Caballero and Strung Out

On Friday, October 25th, at 6pm at the Copro Gallery at 2525 Michigan Ave #T5, Santa Monica, California, Punk Rock & Paintbrushes presents artist Jason Cruz (Frontman of Strung Out) fine art exhibition and free all-ages artist reception, celebrating the launch of Jason’s new children’s book ‘There are such things as in your dreams” inspired by Jason’s daughter. This unique event will also feature work by guest artist Steve Caballero and a special acoustic performance by punk rock legends, Strung Out.

The exhibition is also open to the public on October 26 from 11am-5pm.

RSVP to the event here: cruzcaballeroart.eventbrite.com.

Pre-orders for ‘There are such things as in your dreams’ will be available in the coming weeks via www.jasonalexandercruz.art.

Jason Cruz

About Jason Cruz:


Jason Alexander Cruz is an artist, musician, father and motorcycle enthusiast. Trading an art scholarship for the open road Cruz began touring with his band Strung Out at an early age and never looked back. With over eleven full-length albums under his belt and 30 years of touring, he still continues to write and perform with the same band he started over 30 years ago.

As an artist, Cruz has shown his work in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Tokyo. His inspirations include 80’s Venice skate culture, graffiti, Basquiat, Lee Bonticou, and the Pulp covers of Robert McGinnis.

Jason says, “I became fascinated with and started collecting children’s book before I ever thought of having kids. I loved the freedom of children’s books, the possibilities, and the rhythm. As an artist and musician, it seemed like an obvious choice to make my own. Once I became a father, I began the process of creating this book.

‘There are such things as in your Dreams’ took two years to complete and will be my first book in a series of three children’s books. It’s basically a bedtime song with illustrations providing the music.”

Steve Caballero

About Steve Caballero:


Steve Caballero is one of the most prominent skateboard legends in the world. Like many other artists who have been linked to the skateboarding culture, his legendary place in skateboard industry offers a historical commentary on life for his generation: a constant need to find goals and challenges, but always taking a serious path to get his work ethic done in a positive light. Steve derives a lot of imagery from cartoons, hotrod, motorcycle and pop culture – but he also combines and transcends these sources into something colorful, witty and pleasing to the eye. His daily sketches and ideas are the seedbed of his work from which all his other media generates.

About Punk Rock & Paintbrushes:


Punk Rock & Paintbrushes is a niche & unique art management company as well as art show production brand with its show “PUNK ROCK & PAINTBRUSHES”, which manages talented artists across the globe who share the love of music and/or sports. It strives to bring the art to buyers and fans of artist from all walks of life. Its art shows are produced across the earth to share its love of art with you. All artists bleed for their art and each individual it works with is a talented and positive individual that they are proud to have as part of the Punk Rock & Paintbrushes family.

Video recap of 2018 Punk Rock & Paintbrushes show: https://vimeo.com/312448207

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