‘Til The End & Beyond Euro Tour 2019 with Santa Cruz Skateboards

Eric D rules and any chance we get to see him skate is a good day… so get your Monday off to a good start and check out Dressen and the Santa Cruz Skateboards team as they tour Europe…

Santa Cruz Skateboards invades Europe for another non-stop, action packed tour through Germany, Luxembourg, France, Holland, Switzerland, Austria and beyond! Come along for a ride in this behind the scenes look at what it’s like to travel and skate all across Europe with Tom Asta, Erick Winkowski, Kevin Braun, Eric Dressen, Fabiana Delfino, Justin Sommer, Henry Gartland, Jereme Knibbs, Maurio McCoy and Dylan Williams. Enjoy the Santa Cruz Skateboards Til The End & Beyond Euro Tour!

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Filmed: Nick Hanson (@_nickhanson)

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