Labor Day Renegade Vert Series Contest at Drake’s

Renegade Vert Series at Drake’s – Stop #3 – August 31, 2019 in Leland, NC… As the Renegade Vert Series newsletter described it, “It was indisputably one of skating’s most glorious days!” Thanks to Brian Drake for the hospitality! Get more of the RVS/LDAD5 at

Video by Chuck Powell and photos by JJ Kefalas and Glenn Joyce.


J Boy Gutierrez. Photo by JJ Kefalas

GROMS: 1. Carlin Makibbin, 2. J Boy Gutierrez, 3. Cole Liller, 4. Tyson Brown, 5. Taj Morgan, 6. Gavin Lowder, 7. Levi Buttery, 8. Sylas Altman, 9. Nick Rosenberger, 10. Zack Rosenberger

Tyler Dick. Photo JJ Kefalas

JUNIORS: 1. Tyler Dick, 2. Jackson Lowder, 3. Henry Romero, 4. Zander Garneau, 5. Carter Petrocci

MEN: 1. Logan Yale, 2. Mason O’Neal, 3. Tyler Everett, 4. Chase Parten, 5. Rich Mcdonald, 6. Jesse Smith, 7. Sean Biacan, 8. Ravo Brown, 9. Matt Pockett, 10. Evan Javid, 11. Matt Cox, 12. Austin Barnes

Brian Drake. Photo by JJ Kefalas

MASTERS: 1. Brian Drake, 2. Matt Dove, 3. Derek Krasauskas, 4. Dave Maxwell, 5. Todd Johnson, 6. Brian Fick, 7. Travis Beattie, 8. Malachi, 9. John Wilinski, 10. Peter Furnee, 11. Chuck Powell, 12. Greg Anderson, 13. Trey Womble

Henry Gutierrez. Photo by Glenn Joyce

LEGENDS: 1. Henry Gutierrez, 2. Bob Pribble, 3. Scott Hughston, 4. Sam Boo, 5. Troy Lowman, 6. Jay Rock Smith, 7. Randy Rose, 8. Tim Hammond

Collin Graham. Photo by Glenn Joyce

OPEN: 1. Collin Graham, 2. Josh Rodrgiuez, 3. Archer Braun, 4. Cam Noren, 5. Charlie Martin, 6. Wyatt Wisenbaker, 7. Reef Orlando, 8. AJ Nelson, 9. Austin Gordon, 10. Eric McGuinness, 11. Ronan Livingston, 12. Gavin Liller, 13. Eli Reams, 14. Aaron Wical, 15. Christian Frazier, 16. Curren Atterbury, 17. Nathan Midgette, 18. Tony Marle

Darren Navarrette. Photo by JJ Kefalas
Reef Orlando. Photo by JJ Kefalas
Bob Pribble. Photo by JJ Kefalas
Derek Krasauskas. Photo by JJ Kefalas
Brian Fick. Photo by JJ Kefalas
Todd Johnson. Photo by JJ Kefalas
Nathan Midgette. Photo by JJ Kefalas
Scissors. Photo by JJ Kefalas
Josh Rodriguez. Photo by Glenn Joyce
Wyatt Wisenbaker. Photo by JJ Kefalas
Dave Maxwell. Photo by Glenn Joyce
Brian Drake. Photo by Glenn Joyce
Gavin Liller. Photo by Glenn Joyce
Archer Braun. Photo by Glenn Joyce
Curren3000. Photo by Glenn Joyce
Christian Frazier. Photo by Glenn Joyce
Wyatt Wisenbaker. Photo by Glenn Joyce
AJ Nelson. Photo by Glenn Joyce
Nathan Midgette. Photo by Glenn Joyce
Collin Graham. Photo by Glenn Joyce
Josh Rodriguez. Photo by Glenn Joyce
Archer Braun. Photo by Glenn Joyce
Henry Gutierrez. Photo by Glenn Joyce

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