Juice Magazine Drop In with Marcello Vercelli

Marcello Vercelli stopped by Juice HQ for some talk story while autographing Classic Sk8s skateboards in Venice Beach, California. Vercelli talked with Jesse Martinez and Dan Levy about the Classic Sk8s Gonzos pool tribute skateboard and the graphic that he created, as well as future tribute boards that will honor surf spots and other legendary skateboarding spots.

View the video above or click this link to JuiceTV Youtube https://youtu.be/M2L2X0_vP2M

As he described working on this project with Mess, Vercelli says, “When Jesse came up with the concept and he chose me to do it, I was so stoked.”

Click here to see the Classic Sk8s Gonzos R.I.P. skateboards.

Vercelli and Mess. Photo courtesy of Vercelli

In regards to the shape and artwork on the Gonzos R.I.P. deck, Vercelli explained, “I did this art when Gonzos was finally destroyed, and I had been skating it many decades. I wanted to share what I felt and what the components of the pool looked like… I wanted to make it car club style writing because we grew up with lowriders all around us. We were all about style because style is everything. It’s just really exciting to be able to put these boards out for everybody to enjoy.”

Marcello Vercelli with Gonzos pool block and R.I.P. Gonzos Classic Sk8 at Juice HQ. Photo by Dan Levy

Vercelli remembers when J-Boy met Jesse. “Jay said, “I just met this dude over by my mom’s house and this guy has a lot of heart. He’s going to be a good skater. I saw him skate and I stopped him and we started talking and exchanged numbers. I’m going to take him to the ramp.”

As Vercelli described it, “My friends made this killer halfpipe and everyone came to skate that ramp. When Jay brought Jesse there, I could tell Jesse was going to be a good skater. Right when he got on the ramp, he attacked it. That was a rad time. To take it up to right now, at this time, in 2022, to do this company with Jesse is a real treat. Jay is not with us now but Jay is with us. This whole thing, I dedicate to him.”

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