Happy Birthday Tony Alva!

HBD TA… J-Boy interviews Tony Alva in 2002 @juicemagazine#55
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ALVA: Danny Bearer and all those guys… 
JBOY: Those were like our pioneers, our Duke Kahanamoku I think.
TA: Basically, yeah. The thing was that they still skated that upright style, the longboard style, that you and I and all the boys kinda changed when things got low-slung and more like Bertlemann and all that. I think the low-slung hardcore Z-Boys style was the beginning of really radical skateboarding. 
JA: We brought that on. That kinda came with us I think, don’t you think, at Del Mar and stuff, and even before that.
TA: Yeah. It was even before that. When you see the Dogtown film and all that, people, it makes them realize what skateboarding was and how upright and stiff and stickman it was before we came and started skating in contests. Remember all the surf films we had footage in, dude?
JA: Yeah.
TA: We were in “Super Sessions” and “Five Summer Stories”. 
JA: How did you feel about that when you were a kid and we were going to the Civic?
TA: I was stoked.
JA: You’d see yourself on the movie and then we’d go out and skate in front of the crowd in the front.
TA: I was stoked. That was the ultimate demo. 
JA: That was amped. We were amped kids. 
TA: That was fun dude. I just remember everybody, as soon as the surf film was over, they were all hooting and stuff and tripping. Everybody was lighting up fatties and the whole place was full of smoke. 
JA: The Civic was a totally party zone. Remember how gnarly it was to go to a film. You really looked forward to it.
TA: Yep. That was special. That was like a rock concert for us because we didn’t go to that many gigs or nothing until later. 
JA: Yeah.

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