Christian Fletcher RVCA Spring Collection 2015

Christian Fletcher, the pioneer of aerial surfing, is a badass and his unassigned role of being surfing’s anti-hero is something he embraces in every facet of his life, including his attire. RVCA is not afraid to live loudly and support those who truly play to their own beat and inspire through their immense talent. Christian and RVCA have teamed up to give the world of apparel some color and attitude this Spring with the release of the Christian Fletcher Collection by RVCA.


Press Release:

Bored with surfing at an early age, Christian Fletcher took moves he found skateboarding to the water, re-defining what was possible on a wave. Christian’s aerial assault on surfing in the late ’80s was bold, radical, progressive and controversial. RVCA introduces the Christian Fletcher Spring ’15 Collection at

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