Florida Skateparks PSA from Tim Payne at Team Pain

Public service announcement…

A message from Tim Payne of Team Pain Skateparks…

“As some of you may know, back in the ’80s, the state of Florida, after banning skateboarding in downtown areas, made specific changes to State Statute 316.0085 in an effort to encourage cities and counties to build skateparks for their communities as a way to reduce skateboarding on private property. Unfortunately, the one fault in the language of the changes is a portion where they added a clause that required minors to have waivers signed by their parents to use the parks. This led to some facilities requiring waiver for ALL participants. In order to manage that requirement, staffing was/is needed and charging money at some facilities to recoup expenses etc.

We have reached out to our Legislators and they are supporting a Bill that is being introduced in this year’s session to remove the waiver clause as it pertains to skateboarding, inline skating and stunt biking at these facilities. Currently, Senator David Simmons District 10 has filed Senate Bill 408 and Representative Julio Gonzalez has filed House Bill 365 to support this initiative. Additionally, Jason T Brodeur from the Florida House is supporting the Bill.

What we need from you is your support to reach out to your local representatives and let them know you want them to support HB 365 and SB 408! You can contact your Legislators at www.flsenate.gov or www.myfloridahouse.gov

If HB 365 and SB 408 pass; it will place more local control in the hands of municipalities and county government entities enabling them to build skateparks in the future without the requirement of waivers, getting us one step closer to letting all the users ride free!

Support bill # HB 365

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