Alva Skates Tri-Logo Pig Deck Drop

Since 1977, Alva Skates has been producing high-performance skateboards, always made in California, and these Tri-Logo Pig Decks are a prime example of Alva’s standards of excellence. Get em while supplies last at

Alva 1979 Tri-Logo Pig Reissue in Grey and in White

Released In 1979, and recognized as an instant classic, Alva’s TRI-LOGO deck has been painstakingly reproduced with the correct dimensions and shape right down to the barrel style wheel wells.
Decks and complete boards are available at

30″ x 10″ w/ 16″  Wheelbase
7 Ply Hard Rock Maple
Single Kick
Iconic Super Sparkle Die-Cut Grip
Made in San Diego, CA – U.S.A.

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