X Games 2019 featured Skateboarding’s first 1260 by Mitchie Brusco

Skateboarders from the U.S.A. as well as countries all over the globe, spent this past weekend, August 1st-4th, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, competing to win gold, silver and bronze 2019 X Games medals.

Jagger Eaton took home silver for Men’s Skateboarding Park. Photo by Lee Leal

While America’s Nyjah Huston (age 24) won gold for Best Trick, skateboarders from Japan, like Yuto Horigome (age 20) won the gold in Men’s Street Skateboarding, and Misugu Okamoto (age 13) took the top spot in Women’s Park Skateboarding and Aori Nishimura (age 17) took first in Women’s Street Skateboarding, knocking out previous contenders from the dominant spots. Also hailing from Japan, 10-year-old Cocona Hiraki won a silver medal in Women’s Park Skateboarding contest, and became the youngest female to ever compete in the X Games.

Vinicios Sardi won a gold medal for Adaptive Park Skateboarding. Photo by Lee Leal

The X Games also featured Adaptive Park Skateboarding with Brazil’s Vinicios Sardi taking the gold, while Felipe Nunes took silver and Mike Minor won a bronze X Games medal. As Vinicius celebrated his victory, he graciously stated, “Thank you to everyone who helped make this dream come true ❤️🇧🇷 GO BRAZIL 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Congratulations @felipenunesskate @gnarlynubby. It was great sharing this with you 🛹”

Alex Sorgente earned a bronze medal in the Park Skateboarding comp. Photo by Lee Leal

Men’s park veterans skating for America, like Jagger Eaton and Alex Sorgente, took second and third respectively, while Italy’s Ivan Federico claimed the gold. Ivan was stoked to win first place and took the time to congratulate Jagger and Alex as well as thanking his sponsors and supporters. Federico said, “I can’t believe to take the first spot at @XGAMES 🤯🥇Congrats to @alexsorgente 🥉and @jaggereaton🥈 Thanks everyone that supports me.”

Ivan Federico won gold for Italy in the Park Skateboard competition. Photo by Lee Leal

If vert skating and Big Air skateboarding were to be included in a future Olympics, skateboarders riding for the USA look to have a good shot at the gold, as American skateboarders, Jimmy Wilkins claimed first place in vert and Elliot Sloan took first in Big Air.

Without a doubt, one of the greatest highlights of the 2019 X Games was Mitchie Brusco landing the first ever 1260 in the Big Air competition, which earned him a silver medal, while Brusco also took home a silver medal in the Vert Skateboarding contest.

Congrats to Mitchie for this monumental moment in skateboarding history. As Tony Hawk, who landed the first 900 in 1999 in the X Games, said of Brusco’s accomplishment, “Congratulations to @mitchiebrusco84 on the first-ever 1260. I’m speechless. 🛹🌀🌀🌀🔥”

Mitchie Brusco takes home the silver medal

As Mitchie Brusco A.K.A. “Tricky” reflected on his ground-breaking landmark in skateboarding, he shared the love with his fellow vert dogs and Big Air competitors on his Instagram @mitchiebrusco84 and had this to say, “So so so much work goes into preparing for these contests and then it’s over in an instant. It’s hard to keep up with the overflow of emotions, but I think that’s what makes it so special! I’m so proud of my friends who push me and also keep me in check. @jimmy_wilkins is the most humble and hard working person, we could all be a little more like Jimmy. He deserves everything in this world and more. @claykreiner showed heart pushing through injuries and putting himself on the podium in vert, power moves G 🔥 @ronygomes is so dedicated and passionate, and his trick selection is top notch.. No doubt Rony will be a big air contender for many years. And congrats to @elliotsloan for the 7-9 gold medal! Thank you everybody for so much love these last 24 hours following the 1260. I’m stoked for skateboarding right now! Much love, Tricky. “

X Games Next X Skateboard Park

Keep an eye out on the groms for the next generation of potential medalists, as the top ranking skaters in the Next X Skateboard Park competition were Tate Carew (1), Gavin Bottger (2), and Jake Yanko (3). In the Skateboard Street contest, the top placing competitors were Daiki Ikeda (1), Lazer Crawford (2) and Kristion Jordan (3).

X Games Minneapolis 2019 Highlights

Congrats to all of the skateboarding medalists at the X Games Minneapolis 2019. For a full rundown of results and highlights, please visit http://www.xgames.com

Skateboard Vert: Jimmy Wilkins (Gold), Mitchie Brusco (Silver), Clay Kreiner (Bronze)

Men’s Skateboard Park: Ivan Federico (Gold), Jagger Eaton (Silver), Alex Sorgente (Bronze)

Men’s Skateboard Street: Yuto Horigome (gold), Nyjah Hoston (Silver), Sora Shirai (Bronze)

Womens Skateboard Park: Misugu Okamoto (Gold), Cocona Hiraki (Silver), Lizzie Armanto (Bronze)

Women’s Skateboard Street: Aori Nishimura (Gold), Momiji Nishiya (Silver), Mariah Duran (Bronze)

Skateboard Big Air: Elliot Sloan (Gold), Mitchie Brusco (Silver), Rony Gomes (Bronze)

Skatepark Park Adaptive: Vinicios Sardi (Gold), Felipe Nunes (Silver), Mike Minor (Bronze)

Skateboard Best Trick: Nyjah Huston (Gold)

Mitchie Brusco’s first-ever Big Air 1260
X Games The Real Cost Skateboard Big Air Finals
X Games Skateboard Big Air Eliminations
X Games Men’s Skateboard Park
X Games Skateboard Best Trick
X Games Women’s Skateboard Park
X Games Women’s Skateboard Street
X Games Women’s Skateboard Street Eliminations
X Games Men’s Skateboard Street
X Games Mens Skateboard Street Eliminations
X Games Next X Skateboard Street
X Games Adaptive Skate Park
X Games Pacifico Skateboard Vert Finals
X Games Skateboard Vert Eliminations

Photos by Lee Leal of Embassy Skateboards

Tom Schaar. Photo by Lee Leal
Leticia Bufoni. Photo by Lee Leal
Collin Graham. Photo by Lee Leal
Augusto Akio. Photo by Lee Leal
Cory Juneau. Photo by Lee Leal
Heimana Reynolds. Photo by Lee Leal
Collin Graham. Photo by Lee Leal
Augusto Akio. Photo by Lee Leal
Cory Juneau. Photo by Lee Leal
Ivan Federico. Photo by Lee Leal
Jake Wooten. Photo by Lee Leal
Heimana Reynolds. Photo by Lee Leal
Kensuke Sasaoka. Photo by Lee Leal
Heimana Reynolds. Photo by Lee Leal
Collin Graham. Photo by Lee Leal
Kensuke Sasaoka. Photo by Lee Leal
Alex Sorgente. Photo by Lee Leal
Heimana Reynolds. Photo by Lee Leal

X Games 2019 Skateboarding Results

Skateboard Big Air


RankNameRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4Run 5Best
1Elliot Sloan42.0042.0042.0042.0091.66 91.66
2Mitchie Brusco29.0027.6689.66 0.000.0089.66
3Rony Gomes0.000.0082.00 34.6635.3382.00
4Clay Kreiner79.330.0040.6681.3341.0081.33
5Justin Rivera35.0074.660.000.000.0074.66
6Beaver Fleming0.0028.3369.000.000.0069.00
7Toby Ryan60.6630.0064.330.000.0064.33
8Edgard Pereira30.3329.6629.6629.3329.6630.33

Elimination – 1A

RankNameRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4Run 5Run 6Best
1Edgard Pereira30.3329.3328.3379.0029.660.0079.00
2Justin Rivera71.330.0035.330.0033.6672.0072.00
3Beaver Fleming31.6630.6667.660.000.000.0067.66
4Toby Ryan64.0035.6666.3331.3333.000.0066.33
5Edouard Damestoy0.0063.000.0035.6636.0036.6663.00
6Keefer Wilson61.0061.660.000.000.0032.3361.66
7Italo Penarrubia32.0033.6632.3332.3332.3332.6633.66
8Jake Brown0.

Men’s Skateboard Street Best Trick


1Nyjah Huston 
2Yuto Horigome
3Matt Berger
4Ryan Decenzo
5Chris Joslin
6Alec Majerus
7Jamie Foy
7Dashawn Jordan
7Ishod Wair

Men’s Skateboard Park


1Ivan Federico 
2Jagger Eaton 
3Alex Sorgente 
4Tom Schaar
5Tristan Rennie
6Heimana Reynolds

Semifinal 2 – 1A

1Jagger Eaton
2Tristan Rennie
3Tom Schaar
4Luiz Francisco
5Keegan Palmer
6Kensuke Sasaoka

Semifinal 1 – 1A

1Alex Sorgente
2Ivan Federico
3Heimana Reynolds
4Jake Wooten
5Cory Juneau
6Collin Graham

Women’s Skateboard Park


RankNameRun 1Best
1Misugu Okamoto0.00 0
2Cocona Hiraki0.00 0
3Lizzie Armanto0.00 0
4Sakura Yosozumi0.000
5Sky Brown0.000
6Bryce Wettstein0.000

Semifinal 2 – 1A

RankNameRun 1Best
1Misugu Okamoto0.000
2Lizzie Armanto0.000
3Bryce Wettstein0.000
4Mami Tezuka0.000
5Minna Stess0.000
6Nicole Hause0.000

Semifinal 1 – 1A

RankNameRun 1Best
1Sakura Yosozumi0.000
2Cocona Hiraki0.000
3Sky Brown0.000
4Poppy Olsen0.000
5Kody Tamanaha0.000
6Kihana Ogawa0.000

Women’s Skateboard Street


RankNameRun 1Run 2Run 3Average
1Aori Nishimura58.0092.00 60.0092.00
2Momiji Nishiya90.00 60.3370.3390.00
3Mariah Duran76.6688.3374.00 88.33
4Rayssa Leal87.6676.6638.3387.66
5Poe Pinson73.6655.3341.0073.66
6Yumeka Oda62.6672.0060.0072.00
7Leticia Bufoni70.6629.660.0070.66
8Candy Jacobs68.0060.6618.6668.00
9Lacey Baker57.6638.3366.0066.00
10Alexis Sablone35.0063.3342.6663.33

Elimination – 1A

RankNameRun 1Run 2Average
1Momiji Nishiya83.6639.3383.66
2Lacey Baker81.0047.0081.00
3Leticia Bufoni78.0070.0078.00
4Rayssa Leal74.3377.0077.00
5Yumeka Oda75.0076.0076.00
6Candy Jacobs56.0074.0074.00
7Poe Pinson73.0059.0073.00
8Pamela Rosa72.3366.0072.33
9Nanaka Fujisawa71.3370.6671.33
10Funa Nakayama58.0047.0058.00
11Kristin Ebeling52.6651.0052.66
12Meagan Guy48.3336.6648.33
13Alana Smith39.3345.6645.66
14Samarria Brevard31.0029.6631.00

Park Adaptive


RankNameRun 1Best
1Vinicios Sardi0.000.00 
2Felipe Nunes0.000.00 
3Mike Minor0.000.00 
4Evan Strong0.000.00
5Matt Farage0.000.00
6Oscar Loreto Jr0.000.00
7Andy Hernandez0.000.00
8Noah Elliott0.000.00

Men’s Skateboard Street


RankNameRun 1Run 2Run 3Best
1Yuto Horigome77.0089.00 67.6689.00
2Nyjah Huston86.0088.00 79.3388.00
3Sora Shirai61.0087.00 71.0087.00
4Jagger Eaton74.0071.6686.3386.33
5Jamie Foy82.0072.3386.0086.00
6Luan Oliveira72.0084.0080.6684.00
7Daisuke Ikeda73.3361.0061.3373.33
8Felipe Gustavo71.3334.0030.6671.33
9Dashawn Jordan65.0017.3369.6669.66
10Kelvin Hoefler68.6646.3361.6668.66

Elimination – 1A

RankNameRun 1Run 2Best
1Sora Shirai83.0092.3392.33
2Luan Oliveira78.0089.0089.00
3Daisuke Ikeda77.0082.0082.00
4Dashawn Jordan81.0080.3381.00
5Yuto Horigome77.6642.0077.66
6Jamie Foy35.0077.0077.00
7Felipe Gustavo19.6676.0076.00
8Aurelien Giraud71.0075.6675.66
9Ryan Decenzo75.3353.3375.33
10Ishod Wair69.0074.0074.00
11Ryan Sheckler73.6657.3373.66
12Alec Majerus72.6670.0072.66
13Zion Wright66.0069.6669.66
14Shane O’neill47.0067.6667.66
15Matt Berger42.3367.0067.00
16Torey Pudwill65.6620.0065.66
17Chris Joslin63.3352.6663.33

Next X Skateboard Street


RankNameRun 1Run 2Best
1Daiki Ikeda89.66 81.6689.66
2Lazer Crawford79.6658.3379.66
3Kristion Jordan60.0073.3373.33
4Jiro Platt70.6669.0070.66
5Koston Eaton64.0063.6664.00
6Roman Hager53.6653.6653.66

Next X Skateboard Park


1Tate Carew
2Gavin Bottger
3Jake Yanko
4Taylor Nye
5Kieran Woolley
6Ethan Copeland

Pacifico Skateboard Vert


1Jimmy WilkinsFirst
2Mitchie BruscoSecond
3Clay KreinerThird
4Moto ShibataFourth
5Elliot SloanFifth
4Augusto AkioSixth

For more from the X Games 2019, please visit: http://www.xgames.com

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