What’s Hot?! MUSE School Board Riding Program for Surfers and Skateboarders

In 1973, when Jeff Ho, first opened the Zephyr Surf Shop and began mentoring the Zephyr Competition Team of surfers and skateboarders, he could have never imagined that skateboarding and surfing would one day become a scholastic program offered in schools. Today, April 30, 2016, over four decades later, this extraordinary idea has become a reality at the MUSE School in Calabasas, CA.

Juice Magazine was honored to be invited to the opening ceremony for the MUSE School Board Riding Program, a skateboarding and surfing scholastic program, that is now included in the school’s curriculum offerings.

On this incredible occasion, MUSE School founders, Suzy Cameron and Rebecca Amis, along with legendary film director, James Cameron, and the Head of the MUSE School, Jeff King, and champion surfer, Takuji Masuda, the driving force behind the Board Riding Program, humbly unveiled the BRP and the first bowl built to skate on the MUSE school campus.

Takuji Masuda took the opportunity to invite Jeff Ho, “high priest of surf skate style that originated in Santa Monica and Venice, and is the Z in Dogtown and Z-Boys.” to participate in the BRP Grand Opening.

Ho thanked Masuda and the school’s founders and endorsed the MUSE school’s “wonderful goal of having future Olympians come out of this school.” Ho also applauded the efforts of the Board Riding Program to bring the “awareness and advancement of surfing and skateboarding to the forefront of our nation.”

Jeff Ho also had the honor of introducing his former Zephyr team rider and Dogtown skate legend, Eric Britton, who has been tapped as the coach and mentor of the skateboarders in the MUSE Board Riding Program.

Eric Britton thanked MUSE and Masuda and everyone involved, as he explained his love for skateboarding, and how the BRP was a dream come true. He went on to explain that skateboarding is not just about riding a board and it’s taught him so much. “You’re going to fall and you won’t succeed every time, but if you get back up and keep going, you will overcome.” As “Coach Eric” has established his reputation over the years as one of the finest skateboarding coaches in the world, he “looks forward to more skateboarding” into the future.

Takuji also took time during the inauguration of the MUSE bowl to introduce skate bowl builder and legendary Alva team rider, Eddie Reategui, of Dagger Built Ramps for his hard work in creating the first wooden bowl on school grounds built for the kids to perfect their skateboarding skills. Reategui said, “To build a bowl to skate at a school is really special because the kids will get to learn and grow so much from the sport.”

VIPS in attendance at the Grand Opening included, Titanic director, James Cameron, and his family, Metallica’s Robert Trujillo and his wife Chloe and their son, Ty, as well as Damon Way and his son, Eric Britton’s son, Taj, and Takuji’s son, Ryji and many more.

Props to Takuji, and Suzy, Rebecca and Jeff from the MUSE school for putting this program in place, and having the understanding and vision of how great of a teacher skateboarding and surfing can be. They have provided a unique and exclusive environment for kids to follow their skateboarding and surfing dreams and embrace their passions.

Words and photos by Dan Levy


MUSE’s story began in 2005. As a dedicated environmental activist, mother of five, and wife, Suzy Amis Cameronyearned for an educational experience for her younger children that nurtured their passions and celebrated them as individuals on a green, sustainable campus.

In order to realize her dream, Suzy reached out to her sister, Rebecca Amis, for help. Having created child-centered schools in the Midwest, Rebecca was a perfect partner, with advanced degrees in child development and psychology as well as experience teaching at the college level. Together, the Amis sisters created MUSE – a school designed to focus on the student, the community and the planet.

MUSE began modestly with 11 kindergarten and first grade students in a small, child-centered environment located at a one-room schoolhouse nestled in Las Flores Canyon. Despite its size, MUSE drew national and worldwide recognition for its innovative approach to education.

Almost a decade later, MUSE has grown to two thriving campuses in Malibu Canyon, expanding its mission to high school students. MUSE proudly continues to kindle each child’s unique spark, fostering graduates who become bold leaders engaged with the world around them.

“Inspiring and Preparing Young People to Live Consciously with Themselves, One Another, and the Planet.”


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