Jonesys Jukebox – Live! Autograph Signing at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Jonesys Jukebox Live at the L.A. Times Festival of Books on April 10, 2016, was a smashing success! Jeff Ho represented for the Westside, and the Ruen Brothers rocked the house. This edition of Jonesys Jukebox will air on April 15 at noon on KLOS  95.5 FM Radio. In case you miss it, listen and watch it here.

This episode of Jonesys Jukebox Live! was a rare opportunity to witness one of the originators of punk rock in conversation with one of the O.G.s of skate/surf culture, followed by Jonesys’ interview with the Ruen Brothers, a brilliant band of bros from the U.K., whose EP, Point Dume, was produced by Rick Rubin.

It was a beautiful sunny day at the USC campus, for the event, and there was a line of incredible fans that stayed after the show for a chance to meet and talk to Jonesy and Jeff and get mags and memorabilia autographed.

Photos by Dan Levy






















Photos by KLOS 95.5 FM  and Jonesys Jukebox




























A special edition of “Jonesys Jukebox – Live!”, hosted by Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, featured guests, Jeff Ho and the Ruen Brothers, at the L.A. Times Festival of Books on Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 10:30AM at USC Campus in Los Angeles, CA.

Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, is the host of radio show “Jonesy’s Jukebox”, which features everything from groundbreaking new music from his personal collection to current events discussions and guest interviews of all varieties, with a living-room conversation vibe. The Sex Pistols inspired a punk rock revolution starting in the U.K. during the mid-to-late 1970’s and spread throughout the music world.

Jeff Ho has been a seminal force in the surf and skateboarding worlds for more than four decades. Ho formed the original Zephyr Surf and Skate Team, which evolved into an award-winning competitive team, 12 of which (including Jeff) were featured in the critically-acclaimed documentary, “Dogtown and Z-Boys”. Today, Ho continues to surf, design and build surfboards and skateboards, and still chooses to do most of his artwork by hand.

Ruen Brothers bridge eras on their 2015 debut EP, Point Dume. With legendary producer Rick Rubin at the helm, the boys—Henry and Rupert Stansall—confidently channel their knowledge and early influences of Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and the Stones while continuing the tradition of the modern rock crooner started by the likes of Morrissey, Jarvis Cocker, and Ian McCulloch.

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books began in 1996 with a simple goal: to bring together the people who create books with the people who love to read them. The festival was an immediate success and has evolved to include live bands, poetry readings, chef demos, cultural entertainment and artists creating their work on-site. There’s also a photography exhibit, film screenings followed by Q&A’s and discussion panels on some of today’s hottest topics. The festival attracts approximately 150,000 people each year of all ages from Southern California and even other parts of the country. The L.A. Times Festival of Books takes place April 9-10, 2016 at USC Campus, University of Southern California, 900 W. 34th St, Los Angeles, CA 90007

KLOS 95.5 FM – The Rock of Southern California, KLOS is a commercial FM album-oriented rock (AOR) radio station based in Los Angeles, California, that debuted in 1969. The station is owned by Cumulus Media and is the official home of Jonesy’s Jukebox, featuring Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, which is a 2-hour open forum show where the only rule is doing whatever Jonesy wants. Jonesys Jukebox airs Monday through Friday from Noon to 2pm.

Juice Magazine – Since 1993, JUICE MAGAZINE has been dedicated to the core of skateboarding, surfing and punk rock with a focus on in-depth interviews by the icons of skate, surf and punk rock culture. The JUICE MAGAZINE crew includes a line-up of surf & skate legends, and the honest approach of their stories and photos make JUICE MAGAZINE more than just a magazine. Juice Magazine is committed to giving credit to the true pioneers and innovators of skateboarding, surfing and music and keeping it punk.

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