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The Skatepark Project, previously known as the Tony Hawk Foundation, is celebrating its 20 year anniversary this year. Tony Hawk is still chairman, and a solid 605 public concrete skateparks in the USA have now received grant funding from TSP. That’s 20% of US skateparks!

In case you haven’t rolled by lately, there is a ton of downloadable resources on The Skatepark Project website, including Builder Lists, Bid Specs, RFQs and more at the Start Page.

There is also a new mobile app (skatepark finder with all of the parks and user updates. Download “TestFlight from Apple then use this link.

In more exciting news, there is a new BIPOC Fellows program (stipends and recruitment for BIPOC led skatepark projects) and a new Native and Indigenous Skatepark Program (The non-profit has already granted to 39 Native communities skatepark grants, but now they have a dedicated fund for it.)

You may also find Skatepark Best Practices Guide, on the TSP website, written by the homie, Alec Beck. Thanks to Alec for all of his ongoing hard work as the Manager of Public Education at the Skatepark Project. (Keep an eye out for Alec’s new pro wheel on Speedlab Wheels and his new color way shoe coming out on Fallen.)

The Skatepark Project podcast (Skate Space) is coming back on soon along with new video content too. Check out the most recent video: How to Build America’s Largest Skatepark).

Jump on board and get involved at

Need help from The Skatepark Project to apply for a grant to build a skatepark in your town? Please visit:

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