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Cultural icon and Westside royal, Steve “Lucky” Luciano, has been holding down the community and the culture of the streets for decades. After running into Big Lucks at Skinhead Rob, Olson and Axis’ art show at Brooklyn Projects a few weeks ago, he asked me to come on the Hard Luck Show and talk about Juice.

Lifestyle Legend, Steve “Lucky” Luciano

It was a huge honor to be invited to be a guest on The Hard Luck Show, and I want to give gratitude and respect to “Lucky”, Chumahan Bowen, Sean Lewis, DragonBagz, Cookies, Vibes, Supermax Hardware, Estevan Oriol, Soul Assassins, and Dom at Brooklyn Projects. [Words by Dan Levy]

Check out the link to watch The Hard Luck Show Episode 398 featuring Dan Levy of Juice Magazine. Listen and subscribe and enjoy the show, which airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

American Indian Lawyer-Poet, Chumahan Bowen

As the H.L.S. description goes, “This is the throwing star of all shows, lightening fast, with a multitude of sharp points guaranteed to get stuck to your ear drum, hear Dan’s approach to interviewing Tony Hawk, Weeman, George Clinton and more, hear about the best interview never heard before, go behind the scenes in Venice’s fight for the skatepark, DogTown and Z-Boys, and what the fuck happened to Abbot Kinney, and more!”

The Hard Luck Show is superb gangster intellectual sprinkled with sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll dipped in West Coast subculture, so set your reminders to tune in on YouTube or

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