Shoot Your Skateboard A Photo Compendium Opening Night At Skatelab

“Shoot Your Skateboard! A Photography Compendium” Opening Night, Saturday, January 28, 2017 at the Skatelab showcased the photography of Dan Levy, Jeff Greenwood, Eddie Hadvina, Eric Von Arab, Ray Zimmerman, Ken Hada, Chris Hooten, Shawna Real, Alex Coupet, Ryan Halub, Garret Naka, Victoria Meireles, Heidi Lemmon, Lorrie Palmos, Dave Barker and Olga Aguilar. It was a strong showing, not only by the photographers and their images on the walls, but also by the outpouring support of attendees purchasing raffle tickets for a chance to win a framed print from one of the photographers in the show, along with many other prizes, in order to help raise money for Make A Wish and the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. Thanks to Ryan Halub for putting on the show and to Skatelab for hosting and to all the volunteers, sponsors, friends and family for showing up to celebrate skateboarding.

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Event Photos by Dan Levy, Vanessa Davey and Terri Craft

The masses gathered at the Skateboarding Hall of Fame at the Skatelab. Photo by Dan Levy Ryan Halub worked hard to put the show together and it was thumbs up after hanging the show into the midnight hour the night before. Well done!!!!! Photo by Dan Levy Steve Badillo raffled off framed photos and prizes for charity. Photo by Dan Levy Chris Hooten was in full happy mode as he stood next to his wall of images. Photo by Dan Levy Ryan Halub with a vintage skateboard donated for the raffle. Photo by Dan Levy Jeff Greenwood art and photo wall. Photo by Dan Levy Jeff Ho, Marty Grimes and Eddie Hadvina with Dan Levy’s photo of Jay Adams. Photo by Dan Levy Eddie Hadvina photo wall. Photo by Dan Levy He said he is going to ride this until the wheels fall off.  Photo by Dan Levy Eric Von Arab’s Photo Wall. Photo by Dan Levy Dailynn Halub took home Dan Levy’s photo of Sonny Rodriguez. Photo by Dan Levy Dave Barker’ Photo Wall. Photo by Dan Levy   The Look Back Library crew hard at work preserving printed skateboard materials and we are thankful for the work they do. Photo by Dan Levy Dan Levy and Vanessa Davey. Photo by Terri Craft The name says it all.  Photo by Dan Levy   Heidi Lemmon photo wall. Photo by Dan Levy Skatelab vintage skateboard collection. Photo by Terri Craft Terri Craft, publisher of Juice Magazine and Jeff Ho, godfather of the Z-Boys. Photo by Dan Levy Vintage skateboard collection. Photo by Vanessa Davey Dan Levy’s Photo Wall featuring Jesse Martinez, Ryan Simonetti, Sonny Rodriguez, Jay Adams, Greyson Fletcher and Salba. Photo by Dan Levy Vintage skateboards mags. Photo by Vanessa Davey JBoy and Jeff Ho. Photo by Terri Craft Chris Hooten’s Photo Wall. Photo by Dan Levy Gonzales Pool Slide donated to the Skatelab’s Skateboarding Hall of Fame by Jesse Martinez and Juice Magazine. Photo by Terri Craft Raffle time and Steve Badillo on the megaphone mastering the ceremonies. Photo by Dan Levy Greetings From The Skatelab. Photo by Vanessa Davey   Garret Naka photo wall. Photo by Dan Levy Jeff Ho, Marty Grimes and Eddie Hadvina. Photo by Terri Craft Ken Hada photo wall. Photo by Dan Levy Skatelab display. Photo by Vanessa Davey   Shawna Real photo wall. Photo by Dan Levy       Jeff Ho, Laura Thornhill and Dan Levy. Photo by Terri Craft Ryan Halub photo wall. Photo by Vanessa Davey Skatelab session. Photo by Vanessa Davey Olga Aguilar wall. Photo by Dan Levy Jeff Ho and Libby Knudson. Photo by Terri Craft Patti McGee’s cut-out was in the house. Photo by Terri Craft Star Wars Skateboards. Photo by Vanessa Davey Jeff Ho, Marty Grimes and Dan Levy. Photo by Terri Craft Tony Hawk skateboard. Photo by Vanessa Davey Skate photography fans, friends and family. Photo by Terri Craft Vintage skateboards and more. Photo by Vanessa Davey               Veronica Alverado, Ryan Yamashita and Darrell Norman Jr. Photo by Vanessa Davey Ray Zimmerman wall of photos. Photo by Vanessa Davey Z-Flex mold. Photo by Vanessa Davey Victoria Meireles, Sesa O’Connor, Ryan Yamashita and Nakula O’Connor. Photo by Vanessa Davey Victoria Meireles photo wall. Photo by Vanessa Davey             Skateboarding bear from Spain and the Stroker racer. Photo by Vanessa Davey James O’Mahoney was in the house in spirit. Photo by Vanessa Davey     jan28-photoshow Flyer photo of Sonny Rodriguez by Dan Levy.

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