Premiere of Skater Made “Fall Classic Winter Special” Short Film by Bart Saric

Skater Made Skateboards will premiere Bart Saric’s new short film, “Fall Classic – Winter Special” at Juice Magazine Headquarters on the boardwalk in Venice, California, on Friday, January 27 at 7pm. Skater Made “Fall Classic – Winter Special” features: Odin Saric, Danny Stein, Cole Vaughan, Bart Saric and Todor Harizanov with cameos by Eric Dressen, Blake Johnson, Aidan Russo, Oscar, Todd Nadolny, Richie Stethem and Matty Vaughan and music by Luicidal, Tha Conclusion and PRB13. Juice Magazine will be live streaming the video premiere event on Facebook, followed by a full episode of premiere night antics on Juice TV’s Roku channel with highlights from the private screening, interviews with the cast and music talent present at the event.  The Skater Made short film,”Fall Classic Winter Special” will drop on Skater Made’s YouTube channel on Saturday, January 28, 2017. Skate & Destroy… and remnants of good times spent well… Thanks to Tea Riot and Abbot’s Habit for sponsoring the catering for this exclusive premiere and special thanks to to S.M.N., Juice Magazine, Kaycee Breann and skateboarding.

About Skater Made Skateboards:

Founded in 2005, Skater Made is a skater owned business that has 30 years of experience. Bart Saric’s custom, limited products are about quality guarantee. ‘Skater Made’ is a progressive skateboard company, built on integrity. Learn more about Skater Made at and follow Skater Made on Instagram at @Skater_Made

Bart Saric Films:

“SKINNED ALIVE” DVD: The expressive and creative underworlds of skateboarding and tattoos collide in this cult classic documentary! Take an inside look at the history and interrelationships of the two lifestyles, professionally as they’ve grown and become intertwined over the last few decades of respect. Find out how many of these top names have made the cross-over from one way of life, to the other. Back in the 80’s, you could not buy the skater look in the mall, and punk-rock bands with trendy tattoos weren’t plastered all over Mtv. Like it or not, this is a 1st and definitive film. Starring : Art & Steve Godoy, Fred Smith, Jason Jessee, Bill Danforth, Eric Dressen, Neil Heddings, Tim Hendricks, Mark Mahoney, Danny Romo, Jesse Martinez, Kyle Yanagimoto, Jackhammer Josh and others. Music by : ADHD, Smut Peddlers, Lengua, Deniz Tek & The Golden Breed, Fist Of Fury, Cacti Widders, The Pervs and The Schemers. DVD available for $12.99 plus shipping and handling. Approx. running time : 60 minutes (plus bonus section). Get it now at

“STC/SMELL THE CRETE” DVD: This SPECIAL officially selected skateboard film spans 4 decades and showcases 3 generations of skateboard heroes. Dive into the very essence of skateboarding on its most durable and punishing terrain, CONCRETE ! It’s buzzing lifestyle is closely examined through the thoughts and spots of these true players and legends of our enduring era. As well as, a look toward the ‘NEW GUARD’ of skateboarding’s future. When it comes down to it, we skateboard for the pure enjoyment and adventure. If you’re not having fun, you don’t get it. If you “SMELL THE ‘CRETE” … it’s TOO LATE. Special Introduction by Richard Novak. Starring : Kevin Anderson, Eric Britton, Chris Cudlip, Eric Dressen, Connor Getzlaff, Emmanuel Guzman, Bennett Harada, Omar Hassan, Neil Heddings, Christian Hosoi, Brendan Keavney, Jimmy Marcus, Jesse Martinez, Scott Oster, Josh Sandoval, Chris Swanson and Roland Sumile. Co-Starring : Bill Danforth, Peter Hewitt, Sam Hitz, Post-Dogtown, Casey McMaugh, Tom Remillard, Robert Russo, Daniel Salgado & Jason Vanzant. Music : Bad Brains, Excel, Fist Of Fury, Frontside Grind, Humble Soul, Ladykillers, Left Hand Side, Meet At The Pub, Mustache Rides, Rabies and Shitkickers. DVD with a 16 page booklet, available for $17.95 + shipping & handling. Approx. running time : 60 minutes (plus bonus section). Get it now at

“STC2: CONCRETE DREAMS” DVD: This skateboard film continues where the last one left off. Yet, in this NEW volume the spots are the stars. The skateboarders are the sub-plot. Enjoy the fruits of labor, from those who put the labor in love. Starring; The Jet Inn, Wilderness Bowl, Street-Style, Venice Beach Skate Park, Round-walls, Vans Combi Bowl. Interviews: Steve Van Doren, Blake Spinak, Jesse Martinez, Geri Lewis, Bruce Thomas, Pat Olsen, Chris from Sonoma, Pat Ngoho, Ray Flores, Eric Britton, Mark Jones, and Christian Hosoi. Skateboarding by: Pedro Barros, Bob Burnquist, Cab, Carson Cornett, Ben DeAvies, Connor Getzlaff, Rune Glifberg, Jeff Grosso, Todor Harizanov, Omar Hassan, Tony Hawk, Neil Heddings, Christian Hosoi, Brendan Keavney, Mike Kresky, Bucky Lasek, Jesse Martinez, Chris Miller, Brian Patch, Alex Perelsen, Duane Peters, Ben Schroeder, Blake Spinak, Chris Swanson and many more.. Music by: Chum Ruckus, Ill Repute, Tha Conclusion, Luicidal, PRB13, DJ Samurasta, The Shrine + more. DVD available for $12.95 plus shipping and handling. Approx. running time: 64 minutes. Get it now at

SKATER MADE FAMILY VIDEOS:  Team riders, friends, and family skate together as one big family, more than as a team of competitor’s. This page is not keeping up with the current statistics of everyone affiliated. Merely wanting to share the good times we share under the Skater Made roof of skateboarding. Hoping you all enjoy viewing the select shorts we have arranged by date. We will periodically update the NEW pieces, so check in to keep posted. Stay STOKED and Skate HARD, Rippers!

Skater Made skateboards Spring Break 2016


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