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Peggy Oki asked us to share some important news with you… Last week the “16,425 Days A Slave!” campaign video was launched and now 1,411 e-submissions and a collection of 630 signed letters, including some heartfelt hand-written and special children’s art letters for Lolita have come in from across the world as far as New Zealand. This brings the campaign to over 12% of its goal of 16,425 letters for each day that Lolita has been in captivity at the Miami Seaquarium! Please show your support and sign the petition and share this news. Take action for Lolita!

Free Lolita | #16425daysASlave from Ian W. McGee on Vimeo.

This is one of the pages, our campaign page “16,425 Days A Slave!”.

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• Origami Whales Project:

• “Let’s Face It” Visual Petition campaign for the Critically Endangered Maui’s and Hector’s Dolphins of New Zealand:

• Free Lolita, the lone Orca, nearly 45 Years in an illegal tank!

Note from Peggy Oki:

I would love your support leading to invitations to educational institutions, youth groups, organizations, etc., that would like to have me speak about “Peggy Oki’s Journey to ‘Dogtown’, Beyond, & Back” &/or on my Environmental Art & Activism.

A tireless advocate for cetacean rights through her Origami Whales Project, and “Let’s Face It” Visual Petition campaign, Peggy has a deep commitment to our planet that drives her to inspire people around the world to make a difference.”

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