Sao Paulo Brazil Hosts World Park Skateboarding Championships: Olympics Qualifying Event #3

We are 313 days away from the debut of skateboarding in the XXXII Olympic Games in Tokyo and so far there have been two Olympic Qualifying events for Park Skateboarding. The first was at the Dew Tour in Long Beach, California in June and the second was in Qingfeng, China in September. This week, the third Olympic qualifying event for park skateboarding, is being hosted in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the Vans Skatepark in Av. Queiroz Filho, 1365 – Alto Pinheiros. Thanks to Lee Leal of Embassy Skateboards for sharing these shots. Check out the live streaming of the Semifinals now here.

Photos by Lee Leal

Pedro Barros. Photo by Lee Leal
Heimana Reynolds. Photo by Lee Leal
Alex Sorgente. Photo by Lee Leal
Keegan Palmer. Photo by Lee Leal
Luiz Francisco. Photo by Lee Leal
Collin Graham. Photo by Lee Leal
Alex Sorgente. Photo by Lee Leal
Tate Carew. Photo by Lee Leal
Daniel Cuervo. Photo by Lee Leal
Ben Hatchell. Photo by Lee Leal
Kokona Hiraki. Photo by Lee Leal
Danny Leon. Photo by Lee Leal
Jaime Mateu. Photo by Lee Leal
Tom Schaar. Photo by Lee Leal
Sky Brown. Photo by Lee Leal
Edouard Damestoy. Photo by Lee Leal
Murilo Peres. Photo by Lee Leal
Augusto. Photo by Lee Leal
Zion Wright. Photo by Lee Leal
Danny Leon. Photo by Lee Leal
Pedro Barros. Photo by Lee Leal
Heimana Reynolds. Photo by Lee Leal
Shaun White. Photo by Lee Leal
Tristan Rennie. Photo by Lee Leal
Kiko Francisco. Photo by Lee Leal
Frenchie. Photo by Lee Leal
Jaime Mateu. Photo by Lee Leal
Hericles Fagundes. Photo by Lee Leal
Heimana Reynolds. Photo by Lee Leal
Alex Sorgente. Photo by Lee Leal
Danny Leon. Photo by Lee Leal
Frenchie. Photo by Lee Leal
Sky Brown. Photo by Lee Leal
Luiz Francisco. Photo by Lee Leal
Adam Hopkins. Photo by Lee Leal
Ayumu Hirano. Photo by Lee Leal
Beckett. Photo by Lee Leal
Collin Graham. Photo by Lee Leal
Ivan Federico. Photo by Lee Leal
Zion Wright. Photo by Lee Leal
Kiko Francisco. Photo Lee Leal
Matheus Mello. Photo by Lee Leal
Murillo. Photo by Lee Leal
Tate Carew. Photo by Lee Leal
Rune Glifberg. Photo by Lee Leal
Shaun White. Photo by Lee Leal
Shaun White and Ayumy Hirano. Photo by Lee Leal

Press Release:

This week’s World Skate Park World Championships in Sáo Paulo have been underway for a few days now and we couldn’t be more excited for open qualifiers to start tomorrow. After 3 days of official practice, fans and athletes alike are ready to witness some of the world’s best compete for valuable points leading into the Olympic race. With 160 skateboarders, coming from 32 nations, it is a diverse group. Skateboarders ranging from Sky Brown to Shaun White and Pedro Barros are just as excited. Not only from a competitive standpoint, but also because of the inspiration and belief that seeing these athletes can spread across the country and world.

The contest is located at the Vans Skatepark in Av. Queiroz Filho, 1365 – Alto Pinheiros. Entrance to watch the contest is free and their will be live music and food trucks starting tomorrow.

“Brazilian skateboarding lives a very cool moment. We already occupy an important space internationally and now we are spreading it here in Brazil as well. The World Cup is the most important championship in 2019 and it’s amazing to be able to have it here in my country. I hope many children can go to the park, watch on television, get inspired and believe that they can also live from skateboarding. May it be another opportunity for everyone to know the true essence of skateboarding. This is our mission, all the rest is just putting the skateboards under our feet and have fun,” says Pedro Barros talking about the impact of an event like this in Brazil.

Sky Brown, who’s only 11 years old, also hopes to inspire. “Every time I compete I get to see and hang out with all of my other skate friends – it’s like a big reunion!  It’s awesome to be around a group of girls who are all following their dreams – I hope girls around the world hear about this and think they can do it too.”

“São Paulo concentrates one of the largest communities of skateboarders in the world and it is our duty to support such a democratic sport. Showing the evolution of skateboarding in Brazil and in the state of São Paulo fills us with pride”, said João Doria, governor of the state of São Paulo.

“The city of São Paulo is proud to host this event for its vocation. We have 9 million skateboarders throughout Brazil and more than one million here in the city only. So it is also important not only to create the infrastructure for the sport practice, but also to encourage events like this which put our city and our state in the world skateboarding roadmap”, pointed out Mayor Bruno Covas on the relevance of the event to the city. It is expected for the competition to receive up to 200 athletes in search for the world title, which closes the first Olympic window for the category and will set the pre-classified athletes to the second window, which takes place until May, 2020.

“The realization of the World Cup in Brazil is not only an achievement of sports management in the structural aspect. It is thanks to the acknowledgement that World Skate has on the work of the Brazilian Skate Confederation that we are achieving all this. It is very important to give skateboarders an atmosphere with the warmth of the Brazilian fans in the most important Park competition in the season. No doubts, this event will be a landmark”, says Eduardo Musa, president of the Brazilian Skate Confederation.

“This World Championship is the last park event of season #1 on the Road to Tokyo and we are pleased that it will take place in one of the skateboarding leading countries. We are confident that Brazil will set the benchmark in the next years’ skateboarding scene and that the cooperation with CBSK and STU Platform will be a fruitful one for the development of the sport” says Sabatino Aracu, President of World Skate.


THURSDAY – 09/12
8:45am – 6:00pm: REGISTRATION
9:00 am – 9:30 am: Women’s Global Open Qualifier free practice
9:30am – 12:10pm: Women’s Global Open Qualifier 
12:10pm – 1:10pm: Men’s Global Open Qualifier free practice
1:10pm – 5:50pm: Men’s Global Open Qualifier
5:50 pm – 6:25 pm – Women’s Pre-seed Practice
6:25 pm – 7:00 pm – Men’s Pre-seed Practice

FRIDAY – 09/13
9:00am – 10:00am: Women’s Quarterfinals Practice
10:00am – 1:00pm – Women’s Quarterfinals
1:00pm – 1:45pm: Men’s & Women’s Semifinals Pre-Seed Practice
1:45pm – 2:45pm: Men’s Quarterfinals Practice
2:45pm – 5:45pm: Men’s Quarterfinals
5:45pm – 6:25pm: Women’s Semifinals practice
6:25pm – 7:05pm: Men’s Semifinals practice

SATURDAY – 09/14
9:00am – 9:50am: Women’s Semifinals practice
9:50am – 12:10pm: Women’s Semifinals
12:10pm – 12:25pm: Pause for skatepark cleaning
12:25pm – 1:15pm: Men’s Semifinals practice
1:15pm – 3:35pm: Men’s Semifinals
3:35pm – 4:50pm: Women’s Finals
4:50pm – 5:30pm: Men’s Finals practice
5:30pm – 6:00pm: Women’s Award Ceremony

SUNDAY – 09/15
9:00am – 10:00am: Men’s Finals practice
10:00am – 10:15am: Men’s Finals Official Warm Up
10:15am – 11:30am: Men’s Finals
11:30am – 12:00pm: Awards Ceremony


Saturday 12:00pm – 6pm

Sunday 9:00am – 2pm

Press Release:

World Skate announces the 2019 World Park Skateboarding Championships taking place in São Paulo – Brazil – on September 10th to the 15th. The world’s main park skateboarding competition in 2019 is organized by the Brazilian Skateboarding Federation (CBSk) and the Skate Total Urbe (STU) platform in partnership with Oi.

The World Championships will gather the top 200 elite skateboarding athletes from around the world competing in two categories: male and female. With the spotlight on this top level event, Brazil is going to consolidate itself as a main player in the world skateboarding scene.

The World Skate Park Skateboarding World Championship is the most important competition of its kind in 2019, awarding 80,000 points to the winners, in other words, the maximum available points that qualifies to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics games.

On June 6, the official launching ceremony of the World Skate Park Skateboarding World Championships took place at the Bandeirantes Palace in São Paulo with the presence of Governor of São Paulo João Doria, Sport Secretary of São Paulo Aildo Ferreira, Mayor of São Paulo Bruno Covas, World Skate President Sabatino Aracu, CBSk Vice President Eduardo Musa, Rio de Negócios partner Diogo Castelão and creator of the STU platform, Bruno Cremona, sponsorship manager of Oi and athletes and supporters of the Brazilian skateboarding community.

The event is taking place in the Cândido Portinari State Park and it will be free entrance. There will be a vast selection of urban culture activities such as music, art, fashion and gastronomy. In other words, the essence of STU, attracting the eyes of the world to the capital city of São Paulo.

World Skate President, Sabatino Aracu: “We are confident that these Worlds will be a great success and will close the Olympic qualifying Season #1 for Park skateboarding in the best way possible. Brazil is one of the key country in the skateboarding development and being able to stay so close to the top level skaters will be absolutely inspiring for the Brazilian youth.”

“The World Skate Park Skateboarding World Championship shows the evolution of skateboarding in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo and in the State of São Paulo. We estimate that we have 2.2 million people practices skateboarding in the State of São Paulo and a total of 9 million in Brazil. This is probably one of the largest skateboarding communities in the world”, says the Governor of São Paulo João Doria.

“Since we started our path leading CBSk, we have been working hard in favor of the Brazilian skateboarding community. The first Brazilian park and street tours, the first national skateboarding team and the Street League competition in Rio are some of the many advancements we achieved. The World Skate Park Skateboarding World Championship is another example of our achievements and it shows the trust that World Skate has in us. Our athletes have always been amongst the best in the world and now we reaffirm our fight to achieve the same excellency in structuring the sport in Brazil”, says Eduardo Musa, CBSk’s Vice President.

“The Brazilian skateboarding is steadily growing. Last year for the first time we had our national tour and this year we will host the world’s most important competition in 2019. This shows the potential that skateboarding has not only in Brazil, but the world. I’m sure that the world’s best athletes will be in the course, which only fortifies the skateboarding scene. An event like this one inspires youngsters to start skateboarding, creates a buzz in the city, improves our level in the sport and creates unforgettable memories! There will be the highest quality skateboarding for sure! With the warmth and energy that the Brazilian crowd generates in the stands, it will for sure elevate the level of any skateboarder!” said Pedro Barros.

Yndiara Asp, one of Brazil’s biggest names in skate park, valued one more opportunity to see women’s skateboarding growth. “Female skateboarding is improving a lot, there are many more women skateboarding these days. I hope that this competition can encourage more people to skateboard and that it elevates even more Brazilian skateboarding. Until the competition begins, there will be many other events, it will be a big year for us and, when the time comes in September, we will be ready for the most important competition in the world! I already know the course and it is for sure one of the best courses in the country, so be ready for our energy and skateboarding soul! “said Yndiara.

Oi’s sponsorship manager Bruno Carmona enforced the importance of skateboarding inside all the sports that Oi Supports: “Sponsoring sports is an important pillar inside the marketing strategy of the company. We sponsor a lot of skateboarding events in Brazil and we couldn’t miss out on one of the most important competitions in the world that awards to the winner the maximum number of points that qualifies to the Olympics. Today, skateboarding is one of the most practiced sports in Brazil, uniting people from every background and all ages and because it is such a democratic sport, it directly connects the city with its population, which is one of our company’s objectives.”

The World Skate Park Skateboarding World Championship is presented by Oi and counts with the support of the Skate Total Urbe platform. The event also counts with the institutional support of the State of São Paulo, the Sports Secretariat of the State of São Paulo and the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB). The execution of the event is guaranteed by the Brazilian Skateboarding Federation (CBSk) and Rio de Negócios.

As of July 22, 2019, before the results of the Sao Paulo World Skate Park Skateboarding World Championships have been determined, here is the  OLYMPIC WORLD SKATEBOARDING RANKING PARK MEN for the top 57 skateboarders…


Heimana  REYNOLDS  USA  7300  40000  47300 
Pedro  BARROS  BRA  40000  40000 
Luiz  FRANCISCO  BRA  11500  24000  35500 
Cory  JUNEAU  USA  24000  4700  28700 
Ivan  FEDERICO  ITA  9200  9200  18400 
Keegan  PALMER  AUS  14400  1650  16050 
Alex  SORGENTE  USA  980  14400  15380 
Jagger  EATON  USA  11500  11500 
Hericles  FAGUNDES GALLE  BRA  264  7300  7564 
10  Jaime  MATEU  ESP  5900  790  6690 
11  Vincent  MATHERON  FRA  480  5900  6380 
12  Alessandro  MAZZARA  ITA  4700  293  4993 
13  Danny  LEON  ESP  1200  1200  2400 
14  Trey  WOOD  USA  320  1450  1770 
15  Kensuke  SASAOKA  JPN  1450  277  1727 
16  Tate  CAREW  USA  1080  640  1720 
17  Murilo  PERES  BRA  360  1340  1700 
18  Tristan  RENNIE  USA  1650  1650 
19  Pedro  QUINTAS  BRA  1340  1340 
20  Ben  HATCHELL  USA  880  440  1320 
21  Kieran  WOOLLEY  AUS  280  980  1260 
22  Pedro  ACOSTA CARVALHO  BRA  313  880  1193 
23  Rune  GLIFBERG  DEN  790  320  1110 
24  Steven  PINIERO  PUR  1080  1080 
25  Gavin  BOTTGER  USA  440  580  1020 
26  Cj  COLLINS  USA  640  272  912 
27  Liam  PACE  USA  530  330  860 
28  Oskar  ROZENBERG  SWE  274  480  754 
29  Karl  BERGLIND  SWE  330  400  730 
30  Curren  CAPLES  USA  400  276  676 
31  Adam  HOPKINS  CAN  327  313  640 
32  Ayumu  HIRANO  JPN  275  360  635 
33  Tyler  EDTMAYER  GER  276  327  603 
34  Andy  ANDERSON  CAN  307  287  594 
35  Collin  GRAHAM  USA  580  580 
36  Jakob  ROBINSON  AUS  293  273  566 
37  Felipe Cesar  CALTABIANO BOSLER  BRA  250  307  557 
38  Vinicius  GOETZKE BARBOSA  BRA  300  253  553 
39  Jericho (Kiko)  FRANCISCO  PHI  272  280  552 
40  Yuro  NAGAHARA  JPN  240  300  540 
41  Dannie  CARLSEN  DEN  263  274  537 
42  Hugo  BOSERUP  DEN  269  266  535 
43  Ethan  COPELAND  AUS  530  530 
44  William Kc  CORTEZ  MEX  252  275  527 
45  Lennard  JANSSEN  GER  266  256  522 
46  Elias  NILSEN  NOR  253  268  521 
47  James  CLARKE  CAN  255  264  519 
48  Greg  RUHOFF  SUI  249  265  514 
49  Daniel Alfonso  ALFONSO CUERVO  DOM  251  259  510 
50  Alexander  GUSEV  RUS  248  257  505 
51  Riley  BOLAND  CAN  241  251  492 
52  Jaejin  HAN  KOR  227  263  490 
53  Alisher  SODYKOV  RUS  237  249  486 
54  Roope  TONTERI  FIN  229  255  484 
55  Jan  TOMSOVSKY  CZE  231  252  483 
56  Taneli  ERIKSSON  FIN  230  248  478 
57  Konwit  KETKAEO  THA  220  247  467 


Misugu  OKAMOTO  JPN  40000  40000  80000 
Sakura  YOSOZUMI  JPN  9200  24000  33200 
Lizzie  ARMANTO  FIN  24000  24000 
Kisa  NAKAMURA  JPN  5900  14400  20300 
Kokona  HIRAKI  JPN  14400  1340  15740 
Bryce  WETTSTEIN  USA  7300  5900  13200 
Yndiara  ASP  BRA  1650  11500  13150 
Mami  TEZUKA  JPN  11500  480  11980 
Sky  BROWN  GBR  1200  9200  10400 
10  Poppy  STARR OLSEN  AUS  1340  7300  8640 
11  Isadora  RODRIGUES  BRA  400  4700  5100 
12  Brighton  ZEUNER  USA  4700  4700 
13**  Julia  BENEDETTI  ESP  980  980  1960 
14**  Dora  VARELLA  BRA  1080  880  1960 
15  Xin  ZHANG  CHN  277  1650  1927 
16**  Minna  STESS  USA  330  1450  1780 
17**  Jordyn  BARRATT  USA  1450  330  1780 
18  Taniah  MEYERS  AUS  273  1200  1473 
19  Kihana  OGAWA  JPN  360  1080  1440 
20  Victoria  DE SOUZA BASSI  BRA  880  280  1160 
21  Mei  SUGAWARA  JPN  530  580  1110 
22  Arianna  CARMONA  USA  790  313  1103 
23  Charlotte  HEATH  AUS  307  790  1097 
24  Jordan  SANTANA  USA  313  640  953 
25  Lilly  STOEPHASIUS  GER  640  300  940 
26  Hunter  LONG  USA  270  530  800 
27  Madeleine  LARCHERON  FRA  480  293  773 
28  Bella  KENWORTHY  USA  440  327  767 
29  Amar  HADID  AUS  300  440  740 
30  Amelia  BRODKA  POL  271  400  671 
31  Nora  VASCONCELLOS  USA  580  580 
32  Josefina  TAPIA VARAS  CHI  253  320  573 
33  Valeria  BERTACCINI  ITA  263  287  550 
34  Jiayi  LOU  CHN  276  272  548 
35  Heini  LUOTOLA  FIN  261  276  537 
36  Liliya  SUKHANKOVA  RUS  258  275  533 
37  Lucrezia  ZARATTINI  ITA  255  277  532 
38  Nicole  Hause  USA  360  360 
39  Kody  TAMANAHA  USA  327  327 
40  Shanae  COLLINS  AUS  320  320 
41  Leticia  GONCALVES  BRA  307  307 
42  Maité  STEENHOUDT  BEL  293  293 
43  Spencer  BREAUX  USA  287  287 
44  Grace  COCHRANE  AUS  280  280 
45  Mion  KAMIMURA  JPN  275  275 
46  Shani  BRU  FRA  274  274 
47  Riikka  Karmala  FIN  274  274 
48  Elizaveta  Bannikova  RUS  273  273 
49  Maite  LOUISY  SWE  269  269 
50  Yuzuki  MIZOTE  JPN  268  268 
51  Lola  TAMBLING  GBR  267  267 
52  Aimee  MASSIE  AUS  266  266 
53  Frederique  LUYET  CAN  265  265 
54  Evelyn Marysol  ENRIQUEZ  ARG  264  264 
55  Paula Malen  VIDELA  ARG  262  262 
56  Stella  REYNOLDS  USA  260  260 
57  Catherine  MARQUIS  GER  259  259 
58  Ana Maria  FALLA TORO  COL  257  257 
59  Gabriela  OLVERA ESPINOSA  MEX  256  256 
60  Felicia  JAKOBSSON  SWE  254  254 
61  Katja  UNEBORG  SWE  252  252 
62  Veronica  ZAMUDIO  MEX  251  251 
63  Laura  SLIVA  CAN  250  250 
64  Alishia  STEVENS  CAN  249  249 

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