Renegade Vert Series 2019

As crews of diehard lifers, transition riding rebels and a burgeoning posse of unstoppable young guns prepare for the next stop of the Renegade Vert Series on June 22, 2019 at Damian’s in Silver Spring, Maryland, we wanted to take a look back at some highlights from RVS Stop #1.

Colin Graham, Photo by @longwood_skarty

Juice Magazine would also like to welcome renowned East Coast photographer, JJ Kefalas, to the Juice crew! JJ has been shooting excellent skateboarding photos since the days of Cedar Crest Country Club and many East Coast vert ramps were just being born. It’s always a pleasure to work with him and we look forward to seeing what JJ’s lens captures at the next skarty. Give him a follow on Instagram at @longwood_skarty.

Nathan Midgette. Photo @longwood_skarty

Check out JJ’s gallery of photos from Rodney Mead’s Mountain Dew Manor in Holopaw, Florida and read on for a reminder of the list of winners from the first 2019 Renegade Vert Series contest.

Allen Midgette. Photo by @longwood_skarty

Thanks to Bob Umbel and the Renegade Vert Series crew for keeping this East Coast contest circuit fun and thanks to JJ for sharing these shots and thanks to all the vert soldiers for keeping the fire lit. Get all the details about the Renegade vert series at

Brian Drake. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Henry Gutierrez. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Mike Rogers. Photo @longwood_skarty
Andre Young. Photo by @longwood_skarty
@undergroundchuck Photo by @longwood_skarty
Cam Noren. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Otis Smith. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Derek Krasauskas. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Nathan Midgette. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Nathan Midgette. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Henry Gutierrez. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Allen Midgette. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Logan Yale. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Cole Liller. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Derek Krasauskas. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Rodney Mead. Photo @longwood_skarty
Eric McGuinness. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Brian Drake, Photo by @longwood_skarty
Wyatt Wisenbaker. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Dan Booger Brown, Photo by @longwood_skarty
@undergroundchuck Photo by @longwood_skarty
Henry Gutierrez. Photo @longwood_skarty
Phil Hajal, Photo by @longwood_skarty
Reef Orlando. Photo @longwoood_skarty
Chase Parten. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Andre Young. Photo by @longwood_skarty
Pat Clark, Photo by @longwood_skarty
Wyatt Wisenbaker. Photo @longwood_skarty
Steven McKaig, Photo by @longwood_skarty
Phil Hajal, Photo by @longwood_skarty
Nathan Midgette, Photo by @longwood_skarty
Steven McKaig, Photo by @longwood_skarty

Renegade Vert Series

MEAD’S STOP #1 APRIL 20, 2019


1. Gavin Liller

2. Nash Barfield

3. Curren Atterbury

4. Jack Reed

5. Cole Liller

6. Jonny Rips

7. Landon Zanfardino

8. Tyson Brown

9. Levi Buttery


1. Carlin Makibbin

2. Harlow Johnsey

3. Cheyenne Taylor

4. Shiloh Thornton


1. Tyler Dick

2. Carter Petrocci

3. Henry Romero

4. Jackson Lowder


1. Logan Yale

2. Patrick McKenna

3. Chase Parten

4. Matthew Cox

5. Corey Strauss

6. Austin Barnes


1. Matt Dove

2. Mike Frazier

3. Brian Drake

4. Phil Hajal

5. Derek Krasauskas

6. Dan Ehara

7. John Wilinski

8. Brett Snyder

9. Mark “OTIS” Smith

10. Rick Morgan

11. Shane Graham


1. Henry Gutierrez

2. Rodney Mead

3. Dan Brown

4. Bob Pribble

5. Allen Midgette

6. Pat Clark

7. Sam Boo

8. Mark Lake

9. Troy Lowman

10. Randy Rose

11. Tab Textor


1. Collin Graham

2. Jake Yanko

3. Andre Young

4. Steven Pineiro

5. Reef Orlando

6. Cam Noren

7. Steven McKaig

8. Chuck Pontone

9. Wyatt Wisnebaker

10. Eli Reams

11. Nathan Midgette

12. Nick Wallace

13. Christian Frazier

14. Ronan Livingston

15. Kevin Reynolds

16. Zack Lewis

17. Isaac Crawford

18. Frank Schaffroth

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