Pipila Bowl Skate Jam

Pipila Bowl Skate Jam Guadalajara Jal, México.

Words and Photos by Olga Aguilar

The Pipila Bowl Skate Jam was held on August 29, 2015, in a municipality called Tlajomulco de Zuñiga in Guadalajara jal, México with 43 participants from across the country. This was one of the first events of this kind in the state since the demise of the ’70s era skate parks that closed at the beginning of the ’90s. The event was organized by Ignacio Heredia owner of Religion Skate, a skater whose upbringing was at well-known skateparks like the Skato Pistas Del Sol (bowls) and Parque Metalico (vert ramp) during the ’80s.

Guadalajara has a long history of skateboarding from the several concrete skateparks built in the ’70s and then having wood and metal mini ramps and vert ramps skateparks towards the beginning of the ’90s, which had visitors from all over the world including: Keith Meek, Salba, The Bones Brigade and Christian Hosoi to name a few.

The level of skateboarding at this event was so much more than expected since the bowl skatepark scene is so new to the younger generation, and shredding was to the max! Hopefully, this will not the be last event, and the Pipila Bowl Jam will have many years to come! Viva México Cabrones!

Girls Jam


Sophie Latrouche

Jennifer Angel


Daniela A.

Montse Z.

Karie G.

Men Last results

Dustin Nicholas

2 Alberto Guzmán

Owenn Atomick Navarro Rios

4 Jhossan Rodriguez

5 Cristian Huerta

For more information about … http://www.pipilabowlskatejam.com

URBESKATE http://www.urbeskate.com/noticias.php?id=2420



Edgar Covarrubias - Texas Plant Edgar Covarrubias – Texas Plant

Enrique Novoa - Stalefish Enrique Novoa – Stalefish

Ulises Reyes - Crailslide Ulises Reyes – Crailslide

Erick Hernandez - Boneless Erick Hernandez – Boneless

Mazapan Galarza - FS air Mazapan Galarza – FS air

Carlos Padilla - Ollie 50-50 Carlos Padilla – Ollie 50-50

Lalo Quevedo - Frontside Air Lalo Quevedo – Frontside Air

Alfredo Franco - Smith Grind Alfredo Franco – Smith Grind

Sophie Latrouche Sophie Latrouche

Daniela Aguilar Daniela Aguilar

Jennifer Avila Jennifer Avila

Pipila Bowl Skate Jam Pipila Bowl Skate Jam

Daniel Vela - Frontside Grind Daniel Vela – Frontside Grind

14Kari Kari

EL Sill Reyes - Frontside Grab EL Sill Reyes – Frontside Grab

18MontseZuñiga Montse Zuñiga

19OwennRios-FrontsideSmith Owenn Rios – Frontside Smith

Dustin Nicholas - andrecht Invert Dustin Nicholas – andrecht Invert

Pipila Bowl Skate Jam Pipila Bowl Skate Jam

Roberto Cortés - Layback Air Roberto Cortés – Layback Air

Cristian Huerta - Frontside Ollie Cristian Huerta – Frontside Ollie

Pipila Bowl Skate Jam Pipila Bowl Skate Jam

Alberto Guzman - Indy Alberto Guzman – Indy

Pipila Bowl Skate Jam Pipila Bowl Skate Jam

Pipila Bowl Skate Jam Pipila Bowl Skate Jam

Nito Escalante and John Aguilar Nito Escalante and John Aguilar

Nacho Heredia Nacho Heredia

29 Dustin Nicholas Mallory 1st 29 Dustin Nicholas Mallory 1st

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