Max Fish Celebrates 30 Years with adidas Shoe and Party

adidas Skateboarding celebrated 30 years of Max Fish with a party on July 14th, 2019, at 120 Orchard Street in NYC and honored the legendary hotspot with the release of a limited edition commemorative shoe, designed by Max Fish co-owner Marc Razo, and Andre Razo, inspired by Gregg Woolard, the man behind the dots.

Max Fish 30 years deep. Photo by Jim “Murph” Murphy

First opened in 1989 by Ulli Rimkus, Max Fish is a LES landmark called home by skaters, artists, actors and musicians for the past three decades. The anniversary soiree was filled with friends and family and featured a photo exhibit showcasing work from those that were part of the bar’s infamous past and those who help to carry on its legacy today.

Marc Razo points out the photo of a classic moment with Andy Kessler. Photo by Jim Murphy

The photo retrospective highlighted good times with memorable photos of Gonz, Phelps, Atiba, Tino Razo, Chloë Sevigny, HR of Bad Brains, and a cool shot of Dylan Rieder, as well as a classic image of the one and only Andy Kessler. There was even a snap of Steve Olson and his kid Alex competing on the Supreme pinball machine.

Leo and Muska. Photo by Jim “Murph” Murphy

Max Fish regular, Leo Fitzpatrick, who you probably remember from his starring role as Telly in the movie “Kids” or from Bam’s “CKY2K” or “Sons of Anarchy”, showed up to party with the homies and say hello to Chad Muska who was visiting from California.

Max Fish t-shirt retrospective. Photo by Jim “Murph” Murphy

Players like Alex Corporan, R.B. Umali, Joshua Wildman, Allan Windsor, Joshua Zickert, Matt Sweeney, Eric Foss, Stefano Giovannini Sergio Vega, Jason Campbell, Craig Wetherby, Edan made the scene and the MF family: Marc Razo, The Mighty Quin, Marc Razo, Gabe Rosner, Monique, Sharon Gear, Jaleel Bunton, Emily Panic, Lucy5oh, Jake Hardee, MJG and #ABoyNamedSu made everyone feel right at home, while The Max Fish t-shirt retrospective collection was just a glimpse of the creativity that has oozed out of this watering hole for many fun-filled years.

Cullen Poythress of adidas. Photo by Jim “Murph” Murphy

Cullen Poythress from adidas hosted a cool event with the help of the lovely ladies from the Pitchblend posse who were handing out the adidas collaborative Max Fish shoes that have already become collector’s items and are rumored to be valued at over $700 a pair.

This friends & family anniversary event featured a musical lineup by Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Brad Truax (Interpol), Greg Fox, Mick Barr, Angel Deradoorian and a special appearance by Quicksand… DJs were @ryan_lonewolf and@edanexists and performers included: @wahssalgoud , @theheavyjamz & #Ferg. Black Sabbath Rehearsal Cover Band @gdfx@little_vampire@deradoom#bradtruax#mickbarr
Quicksand – @qsnyc@waltershcreifels@smurffedout#allancage

Congratulations to the Max Fish family and cheers to another 30 years!

30 Year Anniversary Party Recap:

Words and Photos by Jim “Murph” Murphy

On Sunday afternoon, I decided to get a pool session going at the Chelsea Pier pool before cruising over to the Adidas Party at Max Fish. It was 90 degrees and the park was empty, but I got to skate with two fellow 40-and-over vert dogs and carve grind some pool coping and sweat out a week of stress! Smiles all around!

After the sesh, I headed to the LES. In 2014, Max Fish moved to a new spot in the same hood, and I wondered how it had changed over the years. Would it have the same vibe? Would Tino Razo be at the front door sportin’ the classic Vermont extended mustache with the mandatory Vermont plaid flannel???? I sure was hoping so.

Upon arrival, I found that, as soon as I opened the front door, the Razo vibe was in full affect as his brother Marc Razo said “What up, Murf!” And the good times started! Marc was standing next to a table of Adidas /Max Fish collab boxes with local bros and gals names tagged on ’em to hook up the hardcore Max Fish crew!

Then Marc screams “Yo, Murf, check it!” I see a huge smile on his face as he points directly to a full color shot of Andy Kessler on the wall!! So classic!

As I looked down the walls of the bar, I saw dozens of shots mounting every square inch in a photo documentation of people having fun at Max Fish.

adidas hooked it up with free food and drinks, and you could just feel the positive, skate family vibes in every face of the party-goers just catching up on old times and stoking on what’s to come!

The total melting pot of artists, musicians, skaters and photographers rallied together as various musical acts kept the party going! Every generation was there, from 5-year-olds playing pinball on the Supreme pinball machine, to 50 and 60-year old locals tattooed up and having a blast!

As I was talking to skate photog, Ryan Zimmerman, the Muska rolled in and caused the paparazzi to gather and start shooting! It was great, as the myriad of legendary people in there milled about with smiles for miles. It made me realize how absolutely rad it is when we all get together from the outside world and come inside to a colorful room where you can let go of the stress and realize what is important – friends and family!!

I want to thank the people from adidas and congratulate them not only for the incredible tour de force art show called “Beyond the Streets” that they are hosting in Brooklyn this summer, but for helping to bring together all these different facets of the the skate /art/music community in such a positive way to show the world the best in us all! I think these days, more than ever, we need companies to bring this kind of positivity to the world! Big thanks to everyone who made this happen. Let’s stick together and keep this PMA going!!

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