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interview with Chuck Ragan
interview by Tom Minarchick

Gainesville, Florida’s Hot Water Music has established a following that is as diverse as their music: hardcore; emo; punk; metal; rock. Ordinarily, it would be rare to have this mixture, but it makes perfect sense for HWM because their sound is made up of all this and more. Singer/guitarist Chuck Ragan spoke with JUICE a few days before the band left for Japan.

I heard you broke up and did your last show at the Hardback Cafe.
We actually did break up. We completely called it quits. To make a long story short, the whole reason we broke up was we saw our friendships drifting apart. We were friends before we were a band. I mean, it’s only a band. We were in Europe when we did our last show, but we didn’t want the band to die there. So we just decided to do one more show at the Hardback. We wanted to practice once before the show and we ended up writing four songs. Then we just decided to pull our heads out of our asses and do what we love to do. We kinda put our friendship back together and since that was the deciding factor for breaking up, we knew it would work.

Already this year you’ve released two 7’s, Live at the Hardback, a split lp with Leatherface and have a new album out soon. How did you manage to put out so many records?
A lot of the stuff that’s coming out now was supposed to be out before last summer. The two 7”s on No Idea we recorded over a year ago. There’s a whole session we recorded that never came out. A lot of our stuff has been backed up.

You’re on SOME records now and No Division will be released in August. How did you hook up with them?
We had a recording session where we just demo’ed some new songs. We sent it to our friends Six Going On Seven who’ve done a lot of shows with us. We wanted to see what the guys at SOME thought about it and they totally dug it.

You’re pulling a lot of shows; do you think it will hurt the band like it did in the past or will it be different this time around?
I don’t think we’ll break-up after this one. We’re a little more prepared then we were in the past.


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