Name: Greg Lang
Born:  Rochester, NY
Age:  24
Yrs Skating: 10 years
Sponsors:  Krudco, flow from Es and New Deal
Latest Trick:  Switchstance no comply to revert
Fave Drink:  Guinness Iced Tea
Video Parts:  411 #43, Unknown Empire
Worst Injury:  Broken ankle, nine screws and a metal plate.
Best Show: Firehose in Buffalo, NY
Words of Wisdom: Do whatever you want to do no matter what anyone says and keep traveling.
Fave Skater:  Mark Gonzales
Fave Place to Skate: Liberty Pole in Rochester
Shout Outs:   Anyone from upstate NY that admits it, everyone who helped me out, Aaron Costa, Joe Bragan, Jeff Salsbury, Jason O’Dell, Jim Young, Mom & Dad and my girl, Janette.

Name:  Don Binaco
Age:  25
Hometown:  Neptune, NJ
Years skating:  11 years
Miscellaneous:  One time Zappa entered a contest at Sub-Culture and for his first trick, he racked his nuts on a fakie and belly flopped seven feet down.
Words of Wisdom:  “Chill to Morrissey, Skate to Slayer, and have Sex to the Cure.”
Shout outs:
Sean Davis, Sperm, Zappo, Darin O’Brien, R. Stew, All the guys at 90 Main, Converse, Consolidated and Ozzy
Flow:  Converse, Consolidated and 90 Main

Name: Jereme Schadler aka Stoney
Born:  Washington, DC
Age:  Deuce Duece
Lives:  Venice, CA
Teams:  Dogtown, Independent, Spitfire, Axion, Elwood, Z.J. Boarding House
Latest Trick:  Heelflip to Indy grab finger flip to axle stall to reenter.
Fave Drink:  Framboise Lambic (Belgium brew)
Video Parts:  Listen, 411 #7, 151, Time Lapse, and Tails of A Donkey
Fave Blunt:  Alcapone (cognac-dipped)
Worst Injury:  Severed digits.
Road Dogs:  William Wallis – “Angry Man”, “Been there, done that” Beasley, Old E.D.
Shout Outs: Scott Bourne, Nate Noe, Marcos Campos
Music:  Boot Camp Clik, Fat Joe
Fave Skater:  Scott Bourne, Mike Vallely and all my road dogs.

Name:  Ty Cabaya
Age: 25
D.O.B.: 11-22-73
From:  Rochester, MN
Now Lives: Dallas, TX
Likes: Lots of beer, fat girls, big vert ramps, roast beef airs.
Props to: Jon Comer, Mike Crum, Danial & Solomon (drinking buddies)
Years skating: 13+
Dopest Skaters: Jon Comer, Mike Crum, Dave Leroux, Justin Lynch, Darren Navarrette, Gregg Witt, Sam Hitz, all the heshers…
Last Contest: First place vert Warped Tour Semi-final (Dallas)
Sponsors: Vision, Globe


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