Chip Adams is a skater you want to know. He abstained from alcohol and drugs until the age of 21. Then he started living a little and as a result I think his skating has improved. On trips to new skate spots, I’d hear about drunken adventures from the night before and precious one-liners made to girls he just met. Chip is a super spontaneous person (and skater). One minute you’re walking down the street with him, the next he’ll disappear, the next you hear a ruckus around the corner and he’s in the middle of some crazy shniz. His diet is minimal. I can’t remember him eating anything but hamburgers, after he scrapes the condiments off, just the meat and bun. Disgusting. I’ve never seen him eat a vegetable. Chip is the skater who will, at a moments notice, rearrange his life to go on a road trip for a day or two [especially if you’re driving]. He likes skating contests and always throws a few super-original moves in his run to set it apart from everyone else. And, if at all possible, he skates to noise of Slayer.

Home: San Diego, CA / Baltimore, MD
Sponsors: SRH Clothing, Fuct Skateboards,
Emerald City Skateshop, Blue’s Skateboard Products, Etnies [flow]

Why did you move to the West Coast?
I came out on a trip and had the opportunity to stay and took it. I just liked the weather so much, being able to skate year-round without having to wear heavy clothes during the winter like back East. Things have been working out pretty well so far.

What are the differences in skating from coast to coast?
I notice that a lot of kids out here are spoiled. There are so many skate parks. There are lots of schoolyards where the benches are plastic – kids don’t know what it’s like to go out and have to work a new ledge.

Like a dirty gnarly city ledge?
Yeah. I prefer skating on the East Coast. Cruising through a city and skating stuff that’s not perfect. Out here, the kids set up a bench and skate it all day long. They don’t go out to look for new spots. Most of the skateboarders I’ve come across out here only skate ledges. They don’t even skate transition. I mean, if you’re a skateboarder, you should skate everything.

What are your plans for the future?
My plans are to stay out here for a while. Probably, move back East eventually. But, I’m pretty happy with the way things are right now. It’s, like, 70 degrees every day of the year.

Chip sends thanks to: Erik & Jason at Fuct, Woodie at Blues. Paul at Emerald City Skateshop, Carter c/o srh, my girlfriend Tiffany, Big Chris, all the Baltimore skaters, J47 [Jason at Charm City] and Rodney Jones.


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