January 1st , 2008

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In fitting form, the crew woke up on day 1 of 2008 with a hangover. We all decided that the first day of the year should be productive, so we decided to build a ledge box and bring it to Bronson to skate. The fun began around 2:30 p.m. when we arrived at Chad Eastons house in Silver Lake. The crew consisted of Ryan Simonetti, Paul, Chuck Hicks, Chad Easton and myself. This crew is no joke when it comes down to building stuff and getting it done perfect and quick. We had a 6-foot section of pool coping from the Juice ramp that we converted into a 2 1/2 foot tall ledge. This thing was super heavy and it took four of us to load it into Chad’s truck. We got to Bronson about 4 p.m. and proceed to push the box up the 100 yard long hill on a longboard to the top of the ditch. We then only had about one hour to skate it before we got shut down by the park ranger. We got a few photos and then had to drag the box back down the hill and reload it into the truck. You might ask what the point of this was and we will tell you. We just felt like doing something fun on New Years Day. When you have a crew like these guys who are down to put in work just to skate something different, you can’t lose. So here is how we started off the New Year. Enjoy.

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