Abierto De Skate Parque La Ruina

“ABIERTO DE SKATE PARQUE LA RUINA” -Hermosillo Sonora Mexico

Hermosillo is the capital of Sonora a northern state in Mexico, which is considered one of the hottest cities in Mexico, during its summer season reaching up to 120 plus degrees. Parque La Ruina (the ruin ) was previously a textile manufacturing facility many moons ago. Nowadays it is a public park with open spaces including a dog park, food truck area and other entertainment facilities, playgrounds, mini golf etc… and has its local brewery Fábrica de Cerveza La Ruina.

In 2019, a bowl was built by California Skateparks and the whole complex managed to keep afloat during the pandemic times. This past April Parque La Ruina hosted its first national contest. Skaters from other states congregated and skated this fun bowl.

Being a first for this city, Steve Caballero and Mike McGill showed up and made a special appearance. Everyone knew these members of the Bones Brigade and they were welcomed with open arms. Interviews, pictures and autograph sessions were in full force over the weekend and, for many, it came as a surprise that Steve Caballero has a connection with Sonora because it is where his Mexican heritage comes from.

Before the contest finals, Steve and Mike had a session with the rest of the skaters and finalists and it will go down as a moment in history for the Hermosillo skate scene. Congrats to all and respect to the rad skate scene in Mexico.



1- Nina Aguilar

2-Emilia Ojeda

3-Gabriela Olvera

4-Ania Michell

5-Natalia Rivera

6-Veronica Zamudio


1-Evan Osiris

2- Luka Barrera 

3-Rodrigo Fernandez

4-Ricardo Alexei

5-Santiago Ontiveros

6-Brayan Vega


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