Randall’s Island
July 1999
Story & photos by
Brian Lentini

Ahhhh, the Warped Tour. The “true punkers” don’t waste their time at this festival because they think it’s corporate, sellout bullshit. And it is, but I, on the other hand, look forward to going to the Warped Tour every summer because so much fun can be had messing with people. Upon arriving on Randall’s Island, I proceeded to ask every cop I drove near if this was the sight of Woodstock ’99. They looked at me very confused. Then, when I got bored, I would ask any kid walking by my car if this is where Lollapaloooza ’99 is. Most either laughed or were just confused. I knew it was going to be a good day. As I got out of my a/c’d car, I realized that it was a million degrees out. My skin actually hurt. The heat and lack of rain made the soccer fields on Randall’s Island into clouds of dust which made this punk fest look more like Woodstock. Everyone had their shirts off and I do mean everyone. In some instances, there was far too much skin showing from the girls and the boys. Did you guys ever hear of t-shirts or diet before you do that? It was boiling and I was getting sick of walking around in circles with my friends. I soon found out that with the backstage passes we could take as much soda as we wanted. So three of us would go back and load up on six packs—this brought about two or three very interesting games. The first one was the shake it up with Mountain Dew game. We shook up all the cans and pretended that we worked for Mountain Dew. We handed them out to all the hot and sweaty, dirty kids. It was so funny watching them open it and it explode all over them. They would turn around and we would just die laughing. Another we played was smash the soda can on each other and anyone around game. We stocked up on soda shook them up and ran around after each other smashing them on the ground. If you have never done this you must do so soon. It is hilarious watching the person run as the can spins spraying all over the place. This game lasted about 100 soda cans. Then it was over, we were soaked. We even started to draw a crowd. One of the highlights was when my friend was asked by this girl if she could have a soda. He calmly said ‘yeah’ and walked over to her. Then he just smashed it on the ground and ran. She just screamed ‘you asshole!’ It was glorious. Another game good enough to make you crap your pants is the port-o-potty prank. Whenever you go to the festival, it is always fun to hangout by the port-o-potties. Why you my ask? I will tell you. Every once in a while one of us would pinpoint someone to terrorize. We would wait till they closed the door then we would wedge something in the door so they could not get out. The louder they screamed the harder we laughed, and to top it off we could have tipped it, but we were all having to much fun just laughing at the kids screaming while stuck inside a shit-infested, plastic coffin. A complaint about the Warped Tour attendees: Frisbees are not to be used at the Warped Tour. They are to be saved for hippie fests like the Horde and for Phish shows. Many of you frisbees players were probably encountered by us. We were the ones who said we would ‘go long’ and we did and when we caught it we kept running. So if we did that to you hahahaha. Save the frisbees for another fest. Punkers don’t throw frisbees. They throw fists.


Photos by Scott Perryman

Sevendust mixin’ it up in the mosh

Steve Van Doren with JUICE


Blink 182

Jon Comer – frontside 5-0 in the blistering heat

Chris Livingston – huge backside method

Hajal – method to fakie

7 Seconds’ Kevin and Toby of H2O

the Dirtman

Agnostic Front’s Roger

Al Barr of Dropckick Murphys

Steve Caballero and Pennywise



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