For the last 13 years, ‘Juice Magazine’ has been committed to featuring the hardcore, the lifers; the skateboarders, surfers and musicians that have dedicated their lives to their passion. The sole philosophy behind this magazine has always been to give credit where credit is due, so I wanted to make sure you got a chance to know the great people that contribute to this magazine. This section of the magazine is dedicated to ‘Juice Magazine’ editors Jim Murphy, Dan Levy, Steve Olson, Jay Adams, Ted Terrebonne, Jeff Ho, James O’Mahoney, Christian Hosoi, Dave Duncan, Herbie Fletcher and Dibi Fletcher, whose vision, energy and creativity make this magazine so special.

Jim Murphy’s vision of what’s good and true about skateboarding has guided ‘Juice’ into becoming one of the most interesting magazines ever. Murf is dedicated to the core, from his Zorlac and Alva days to his current post as owner of Wounded Knee Skateboards. He’s added so much to the magazine; it’s a real honor to have Murf on the team.

Dan Levy came on to the ‘Juice Magazine’ scene in New York City in 1998 after working to build his own skatepark in Syracuse, NY. His energy and unwavering enthusiasm have propelled ‘Juice Magazine’ into the future. Between his ad sales, interviews and photography, Dan is constantly working on the mag, and it wouldn’t be possible without him.

Steve Olson is the style in the pages of ‘Juice Magazine’. His interview manner is humorous and revealing and he pulls the stories out of nowhere with his own special style. His early days with Independent and Santa Cruz sealed his fate as a poster boy for bad boy skateboarding. He’s a rebel with a cause. His stories are hilarious tell-alls with some of the most reputable personalities in the world.

Ted Terrebonne took the first picture of Christian Hosoi back when Hosoi was just a grom and has boosted many skaters to stardom and fame throughout the years. His attention to detail and willingness to share his skills with others, keeps us motivated to be better every time.

Jeff Ho is one of a kind. His dedication to passing on the legacy to the kids comes from his passion for surfing, skateboarding and music. Jeff Ho was the creator of the Zephyr Competition Team in the Dogtown days and his board building has left a mark on the history of surf and skate.

Jay Adams is the heart within ‘Juice Magazine’. Jay was the most radical, and has stayed true – always. Sk84life. His respect for the history of surfing, skateboarding and music is evident in every interview.

Dave Duncan is the emcee of every party. He’s on the mike, traveling the world, making friends and skating everything. Since his days with the Alva boys to his current passion for World Cup Skateboarding and park and ramp building, Duncan keeps it real.

James O’Mahoney otherwise known as “O” is the curiosity of the story untold. He digs deep into his bag of tricks to bring interviews with the true innovators that have shaped our world. His reign as the director of the WSA/USSA currently made the Guinness World Book of Records again with his introduction of the first ever World Record Wall Ride.

Christian Hosoi is the pride of ‘Juice Magazine.’ His belief in who he is, what he’s doing and has done, and what skateboarding is all about keep us on a steady course. Christian is an ambassador for skateboarding in every interview he does.

Herbie Fletcher is the soul of ‘Juice Magazine’. His style of surf photography and storytelling is unique and intriguing. His firsthand take is voyeuristic for the reader, as he invites you into his world. His photos take you right into the barrel at Pipe or into the line up in Tahiti. Herbie is world class in everything he takes on, and it’s evident in every page he contributes.

Dibi is the surf diva of ‘Juice Magazine’, with a legendary surf bloodline in her family going back generations and stretching far into the future. Dibi fights the fight for the underdogs and the up and comers, while giving respect to the past, and encouraging the groms.

Over the last thirteen years, hundreds of talented people have contributed to ‘Juice Magazine’, and they all deserve recognition. I wanted to say thank you to some of our accomplices in anarchy that have helped keep things rolling along the way: Gibber, Mike Duncan, Mike Wexler, John Hulme, Kassi Day, Melinda Edwards, Alecia Mitchell, Spike, Sambo, Kenny Hughes, Chet Childress, Ken Lehman, Robin Miller, Lisa Hill, Dave Bias, Billy Mellon, Leigh Kelly, Bryan Stahell III (R.I.P.), Chank, Jeff Jobes, Mazi Gaillard, Laurie Green, Dean Sleeper, Jianca Lazarus, Chris Mearkle, Dan Zimmer, Lisa Walters, Jason Zampino, Liza Leeds, Tonya Knudsen, John Zawadzinski, Andy Kessler, Ivory Serra, Shelter Serra, Charlie Middleton, Jeremy Henderson, Brian Lentini, Jerry Martinez, Adam Wallacavage, James Garrett, Dave Barranco, Clinton Perry, Eddie Starke, Brian Appio, Sloppy Sam, Chris Nieratko, Brewce Martin, Bill Danforth, Buddy Nichols, Rick Charnoski, Heidi Fitzgerald, Ray Flores, Robin Fleming, Wes Humpston, Jack Fitzgerald, Rob Murphy, Dave Reul, Ozzie Ausband, Tony Alva, Preston Maigetter, Darrel Delgado, Jason Everts, Grant Fukuda, Cholo, Willy Sions, Fish, DJ Farley, Ian MacKaye, Eric Dressen, Bart Saric, Brian Lathrop, Arab, Dave Hackett, Dave Maxwell, Keith Hamm, John Lucero, Scott Bourne, Jason Jessee, Kareem Campbell, Gish, Brian Brannon, Lance Mountain, Ivan Hosoi, Tim Clark, Meighen Lovelace, Meghan McGuire, Juliet Arnaudo, Aaron Murray, Ennis Miller, Eric Britton, Jesse Martinez, Stoney, Ryan Tate, Susanne Melanie Berry, Chris Culpen, Marky Clements, Roger Harrell, Bill Wallis, Joey Tershay, RS2, Scott Lambright, Patrick Staley, Corey Parks, Jonny Manak, Ray Fennessey, Jeff Ament, Jesse Davis, Rob Nelson, Cris Dawson, Ari Marsh, Eric Martin, Squindo, Tom Groholski, Kurt Baker. The photography contributors list exceeded our wildest expectations over the years and included legendary photojournalists C.R. Stecyk III, Art Brewer, Bob Gruen, Glen E. Friedman, Bryce Kanights, Bruce Fleming, Wynn Miller, Scott Perryman, Christian Lepanto, Rob Erickson, Steve Pingleton, Dan Bourqui, Rhino, and Pat Myers, Hank Foto, Hesham Metwally, Adam Wright, Grant Brittain, Block, Chuck Katz, Miki Vukovich, Chris Ortiz, Tom Servais, Chicken, Joe Hammeke, Kenny Onufrocke, Brian Callan, Brad Styron, Dan Rea, Brian Fick, Steve Keenan and Bill Sharp. Special thanks to Gerald Levy, Bruce Berlin, Charlie Maultsby, Jordan Kidushim, Margo Chavez for all of their help. I want to say a special thank you to my family, Larry and Carol Craft, Sue, Dave, Drew and Brooke Wood for their love and support.

Thanks to our subscribers. Thanks to all of the shops that carry ‘Juice Magazine’. Thanks especially to our advertisers, because you stood with us, and made a change. Documenting our scene and preserving its authentic ‘talk story’ is one of the most vital things to continuing the scene and fueling it with fire and tradition into the future. Thank you for allowing me the honor of sharing these intriguing stories and conversations with you.


Corrosion of Conformity interview by Terri Craft
Jeff Ho interview by Terri Craft
James O’Mahoney interview by Susan Melanie Berry and Terri Craft
Craig Stecyk III interview by Terri Craft

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