Skate For Life Skate Jam Stories From The Pine Ridge Reservation by Jim Murphy

It was another rad weekend at the Pine Ridge reservation with two contests at the Grindline parks in Pine Ridge (Toby EagleBull Memorial) and Manderson, built with serious donations from Montana Pool Service and Levi’s !

The students from the Jeffco School in Denver helped assemble 40 completes at the Sue Ann Bigcrow Boys And Girls Club (Thanks Jordan Big Crow and Chick!) with donations from Wounded Knee Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Bones Wheels, Reds Bearings and hats, shirts and stickers from Montana Pool Service!

We had a killer comp in Manderson on May 18 with boys and girls from all over the rez and Rosebud ripping the bowl and street, some in cowboy boots! With local Ridger KDawg on the mic, the day flowed and kids were stoked! Everyone who entered got a full set up and MPS shwag!

Saturday, May 19th, rained out, but we picked up the contest on Sunday, May 20th, with bright skies and ripping locals who tore up the skatepark and ollied, melon grabbed and Indyed over 11 skateboards stacked next to the bowl!

Prizes were awarded and whoever didn’t get a full set up, got Kowalski or Caballero SPF Bones and Reds Bearings! Two women in their own division ripped and got full set ups!

KDawg kept things rollin, and also mentioned our new potential spot for a skatepark in the village of Wounded Knee, which we are looking to break ground on next year!!

Thanks again to all of the sponsors: Jeff Ament at MPS, Mike and George at Bones Wheels, Keith and Rhino and Independent Trucks, Brian at Skate Rats in Fort Collins for supplemental Indys and Thunders, Juice Magazine ,Up Mountain Switchel, The Eagle Bull family, Jason Dill at FA skateboards, Steve Van Doren at Vans, Crazy Joe at JBoards for the sound system, Jeremy Kowal and the Jeffco Students, Walt Pourier at Stronghold Society who helped make this trip happen and everybody who supports us 24/7 (OGs Merk, Big Tim, Chickenhawk) and Grindline, a skate build crew that keeps building through rain, snow and tornados!! [R.I.P. Monk.]

Words and photos courtesy of Jim Murphy


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