BONES BRIGADE DOCUMENTARY IN PROGRESS – It is not very often that you get an opportunity to be behind-the-scenes on the making of a film by a highly accomplished and respected filmmaker like Stacy Peralta. Earlier this week, Juice Magazine was able to do just that and what we saw gives me chills while I am writing this….. Read all about it here.

JUICE MAGAZINE’S 1ST DIGITAL EDITION AND IPHONE APP – That’s right. Juice Magazine just launched a digital application on the Apple App Store that let’s you read Juice from your iPad, iPhone, iPod, or your Mac or Windows computer. Available issues include 68 (Dave “Shaggy” Palmer) and 67 (Eric “Tuma” Britton). The App is only $2.99 and comes with one digital edition of the magazine of your choice. You can also sign up for a digital subscription. Our new app has the only digital editions of Juice Magazine available. You can subscribe and/or buy individual back issues to keep in your digital collection forever. The official Juice Magazine App is $2.99 and available today. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.

Juice Magazine specializes in coverage of skateboarding, surfing, punk rock with in-depth features on the icons of our time. Juice interviews include some of the most legendary artists, skaters, surfers and musicians in the world. Since 1993, Juice Magazine has been independently owned and operated with a philosophy of making the best magazine every time.

DLX DEMO-LITION DERBY w/ VAL SURF & SKATELAB – DLX Demo-lition Derby on September 10th at Val Surf and Skatelab in Simi Valley, CA. Who: Busenitz, Ramondetta, Davis, Ernie, Allen, Donnelly, Aultz, Manderson, Gerwer, Russo, Remillard, Drehobl, Cavedoni and others. DLX is in So Cal this weekend. Everything is 15% off and if you spend 75 on DLX stuff you get a month pass to the lab.

8 YEAR OLD EVAN DOHERTY DOES A 720 – INTERVIEW BY CURTIS HENDRIX FROM DAIRDEVIL BOARDS – After discovering a clip of 8-year-old Evan Doherty spinning his first 720, we decided to contact him for a quick video interview. What stands out the most about him is his love for skateboarding at such a young age. Evan has some of the coolest parents ever as they built him the vert ramp that he landed his 720 on. Curtis Hendrix of Dairdevil Boards, a skate shop in Mission, Kansas, was our Juice reporter on the scene and the video above is just a glimpse into the future and the now of Evan Doherty. Special Thanks to Curtis Hendrix from Dairdevil Boards for doing the ground work on this one.

HOFFART PEGASUS GRAPHIC FROM VCJ IS HERE. From the time he was 10, Jordan Hoffart knew skateboarding was his life. For years, he lived his life in Vancouver working construction and skating every spare moment he had. In 2009, Jordan moved to San Diego from his Canadian homeland to live the skateboarder’s dream. Working his way up the ranks from shop sponsored skate rat to professional skateboarder, Jordan has paid his way with blood, sweat and sacrifice; the only true way to make it. Today, Powell-Peralta is excited to announce Jordan Hoffart’s much-deserved pro model, The Hoffart Pegasus, featuring one-of-a-kind graphics by the mystic, Vernon Courtlandt Johnson. This is VCJ’s first commercial offering since his highly anticipated return to Powell-Peralta. VCJ, known for some of the most iconic graphics in skateboarding history, has returned to Powell-Peralta with a vengeance. “I had been away from skate art for a long time in order to find some answers to personal questions. I am satisfied with what I have found. I am back in the game of skate art,” said VCJ reflecting on his return to skateboarding. In his early career, VCJ was the man behind the Ripper, Caballero Dragon, the Tony Hawk Hawk Skull, the Ray “Bones” Rodriguez Skull & Sword and the Mike McGill Skull & Snake graphics. After some tinkering to the initial design, VCJ has produced Jordan’s pro model graphic with a Pegasus theme of a winged horse. VCJ shared his insight on the image, “I see the symbol as a representation of the eternal soul and physical body. I am the soul and my body is the the horse that carries me through life. The logo behind the image represents those who love and support Jordan in respects to his giftedness, devotion and time in this form as Jordan Hoffart.”

“I’m stoked the way it panned out,” said Jordan reflecting on the experience, “It’s amazing. The whole process of sitting down and really getting to know VCJ was a blessing. The amount of energy, time and effort he put into making this graphic is unbelievable. I literally got a stack of 100+ sketches he did leading up to the finished drawing. I’m beyond stoked to have this opportunity given to me.” The levity of the first VCJ graphic since his return to skateboarding is heavy to Hoffart. “I just got it tattooed on my arm, so I get the significance of it. It’s a huge honor.” Powell-Peralta’s commander in chief, George Powell, talked about the time and effort that went into the project. “Jordan’s new graphic is a gift of love from Court. We spent the kind of time on it we used to in the early 80s, months, until it was as good as we could make it, so it will last forever.” Powell hinted at the velocity of the creative hurricane stirred up at Powell-Peralta since VCJ’s return. “Working with Court is very different than it was 30 years ago, what used to be difficult is now easy, and Court’s depth of understanding of both the skater he is creating a graphic for, and the deep meaning of the graphic keep bubbling to the surface as the design evolves. We are having too much fun.” The Hoffart Pegasus comes in two dimensions and is available in royal purple and blood red. The Hoffart Pegasus 1 is 8″ X 32.125″ with LIGAMENT™ technology, and the Hoffart Pegasus 2 is 8.5″ X 33.5″ both featuring a VCJ masterpiece of ride-able art on the highest quality skateboard decks available. The first five decks offered will be signed by VCJ and Jordan and available on the Skate One site Saturday. The net proceeds of the sales will be donated to the Grind For Life Organization.

LIMITED EDITION ROYAL HAWAIIAN POOL SERVICE X VANS – Royal Hawaiian Pool Service and Vans are releasing the limited edition Sk8-Mid this week. Dedicated to backyard pool skating in the Hawaiian Islands for 35 years and counting these kicks are a must have. Custom designed with tuff materials and RHPS colors – “lace ‘em up and grind ‘em braddah.” The O.G. Pool Svc & The O.G. Waffle Sole.
-Shakas RHPS

JUICE MAGAZINE HAS SOME NEW TRUCKER HATS IN STOCK NOW – The Stealth and White Lightning mesh hats are a big hit. Check out the Stealth and White Lightning, Pools, Pipes, and Punk Rock trucker hat designs, Juice Keep Skateboarding A Crime hats and Juice Ace of Spades hats. Get yours at

JUICE MAGAZINE NEWS – We have lots of exciting news and updates on all things skateboarding, music and surfing. We’re hard at work finishing the next issue of Juice Magazine – Issue 69. Yeah! We’re getting down and dirty with the warriors of concrete terrain, and those that live it, earn it and destroy it. With our new circulation, Juice is now available in thousands of outlets worldwide. Click here for a list of spots where you can find Juice Magazine. Subscribe to Juice Magazine at Get a daily dose of Juice Magazine news by signing up for the Juice blog at Thank you for reading.

JUICE MAGAZINE and DC JAM RECORDS present JUICE SK8-TRACKS VOL. 2 Bands include: 1. The Dead Milkmen 2. The Turbo ACs 3. The Expendables 4. The Planet Smashers 5. Slightly Stoopid 6. Flatfoot 56 7. The Generators 8. Painted Willie 9. Pezz 10. T.S.O.L. 11. Oedipus. Click here to listen now and download FREE. Need some new skate rock for your iPod?

13TH ANNUAL TIM BRAUCH MEMORIAL SKATE CONTEST – Santa Cruz, CA – Sessions annouced the dates of its 2011 Tim Brauch Memorial Contest, which will for the first time be held on two separate weekends. The Street Style Contest will be September 17, 2011  at the Scotts Valley Skatepark in Scotts Valley, California. The Bowl Contest will be held on September 24 at Lake Cunningham in San Jose, California. Sessions’ Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Constest aims to keep Tim’s spirit alive, as well as providing cities with money, tools, and knowledge to create proper skateboard parks. Check out Sessions Outerwear on Facebook for the latest info and news on the 13th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Contest. September 17, 2011: Tim Brauch Memorial Street Style Contest, Scotts Valley, California and September 24, 2011: Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest, San Jose, California

ALVA AT THE VANS WARPED TOUR on Aug 9-10, 2011. Come and meet Daggers and Z-Boys: Tony Alva, Christian Hosoi, Jay Adams and more. Signed limited edition decks and merch raffle contests throughout the day.

JAY ADAMS – Jay has been hard at work on his art career with original, painted skateboard decks and colored pencil works on paper and canvas. Word on the street is there may be something Z coming down the shoreline. Stay tuned for more interviews by Jay Adams in Juice Magazine. Check out photos from Jay’s 50th Birthday Party at

WOUNDED KNEE NEWS – Jim Murphy and Woundedknee Skateboards descended upon Pine Ridge, South Dakota in Lakota Country to spread the freedom of skateboarding to the Pine Ridge Reservation. Smithsonian TV was along to cover the Lakota Skate Culture for a documentary called “Native Skate Culture in America.” Wounded Knee is also teaming up with Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam to work on a signature deck with proceeds going towards another reservation skatepark in the works in Montana. The Stronghold Society would like to give a major shout out to Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam for his awesome support to build this first PHASE ONE plan of the WK4-Directions Skateparks. Jeff’s heart and continued support of the Stronghold Society’s Live Life Call To Action Campaigns is a huge asset to making this all possible. The Tony Hawk Foundation Board of Directors chose the Pine Ridge Skatepark as one of its top recipients with a 10,000-dollar grant. Board Members Chris Sacca and Ben Harper then each personally pledged an additional 5,000 dollars to ensure the Lakota-youth skatepark achieved its funding goal, and to add more support for this critical project. and

JUICE MAGAZINE – BUILD X DESTROY T-SHIRTS – NEW IN STORE – We have new Juice t-shirts out now featuring a new Build & Destroy graphic for the bros and builders! Get yours now at

GRINDLINE SKATEPARKS is building a bowl and street course at the initial pour at Pine RIdge, South Dakota with so much room for expansion. This all-concrete haven will service the impoverished families of Pine Ridge as a way to channel the energies of their youth and provide a positive outlet for the community.

VENICE SKATEPARK NEWS – Check out the live newsfeed of the Venice Skatepark in Venice Beach, CA brought to you by Venice Originals and

JASON JESSEE NEWS – The Driven Skateboards has a bangin’ new website. From the same brain cell that brought you the beaver ad of Juice Magazine Issue 68, comes Click the link for more mind crushing awesomeness from J. Jessee.

OCT 22-23, 2011 – GEORGIA BOWL RIDERS CHAMPIONSHIPS – Registration has begun so get over to GEORGIABOWLRIDERS.COM if you’re trying to get in on the action. Shredding will commence October 22 in Columbus, GA and then in Atlanta, GA on Oct 23, 2011. For more info go to

ANDY ROY SPITFIRE LIFER WHEELS – Andy Roy is the sheriff of skateboarding. Get ready to get your socks pulled down if you’re faking cuz Andy Roy sees right through that. We did a mini interview with him about his Spitfire Lifer Wheels. Check it out.

What does it take to hang on tour with Andy Roy?
It would probably take a lot of patience. There’s a lot of heckling going on. You’ve got to rip right. We heckle. We skate. You’ve got to sleep in the dirt. You’ve got to just get it. If you don’t skate, you’re just sitting around on the sideline and you’re getting heckled. If you’re gonna go skateboard, go get some. You’ve got to spill blood.

Where is your favorite place to skate?
I just got back with the AntiHero team and we went all over Oregon and our last stop was Burnside. I haven’t been there in over 10 years and, when I used to go with Joey and John and all those guys, it raged and it hasn’t changed. They still lay down the law there. No bikers. No rollerbladers. You’re cut. If you’re weak, you’re lame. It’s always been like that. They’ve always kept it tough. 20 plus years and they’re still laying down the law. I like the whole environment of Burnside, and how sick the park is. I would have to say Burnside is my favorite place to skate. Right now that’s what’s on my mind. Burnside.

Who’s in your crew these days? Who’s in the van?
The whole Anti Hero Team. Robby Russo. Grosso. Double T. Tony Trujillo. The Silent Assassian. Julien. Cardiel is there. Frank Gerwer. Each one of them has something gnarly to give and I just don’t see any other team like that. They’re just raw power. A Team for life.

What’s the number one thing you teach your kids at skate school?
The number one thing I teach them is to skate fast. Fast, fast, fast. Grind as far as you can. Skate and use the whole skatepark. If you’re at a skatepark, you’re not just going to ollie the stairs and then walk back up. There’s a whole skatepark. Hit it all. Hit everything. I teach them that you only live once so skateboard like it’s the last time you’re ever going to skate. Spill blood. If you’re not slammin’, you’re not gettin’ none. I teach my kids to skate fast. Do what comes from the inside and just get busy. I just want to keep these kids tough. I do that by telling them to pick up a John Cardiel video. That will explain everything right there. Straight up. Skateboarding.

Cardiel rules. Why do you deserve a Lifer wheel?
I don’t know, but it’s an honor to be with Lance, Salba, Grosso, Jason Jessee, Dressen… I’m very thankful to Jim and everybody at Deluxe. I have them to thank because they hooked me up. For those guys to step up and give me a wheel, it means the world to me.

Say something inspirational.
Jay Adams. John Cardiel.

FDR has some new speed bumps and trannies poured. Heard grumblings of a possible snakerun so if you want to see that go down head over to their website or get down to the shred spot and pitch in! By skaters. For skaters.

OMSA – Peter Dietsches from the OMSA (Old Men Skateboard Association) is building Claus Grabke a new ramp for his studio. Check in on the progress at

POWERFLEX 5 at VIPER ROOM – The Viper Room plays host to Salba and the rest of the Powerflex 5 crew on September 20. Line up starts with Vintage Tuesday and Autumn Twilights followed by Dude Mirror! and closed out by Powerflex 5. Don’t miss out. Hit up the Viper Room at 8852 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood CA 90069 or check them out on Facebook at

HR DOCUMENTARY FUNDRAISER – The Washington Post has it right. HR is long overdue for a documentary. Roll out to The Fridge, not the one in your kitchen, to support the making of the movie and get a special solo performance from the man HR himself with DJ’s Eurok and Thomas Blondet. Also see the trailer from “Riot on the Dance Floor” the movie about the punk club City Gardens in New Jersey. For more information visit their facebook page at

ROCK 4 UNITY FREE PUNK SHOW at the World Famous Doll Hut – The Rock4Unity free punk show (part II) at the World Famous Doll Hut is TONIGHT! Hit ‘em up at 7pm to see: The Chuck Dukowski Sextet, Piss N’ Blood, No Victor, Clepto, Trash Monsters, The Shrine and Death on the Radio. The show is free but if you’re down for these guys you can leave donations for them at the door. 21+ with VALID IDS. The Doll Hut is locate at 107 South Adams St. Anaheim, CA

FYF FEST LINE UP REVEALED – FYF Fest, brought to you by Altamont, returns for Labor Day weekend; Set for Saturday, September 3, 2011. Descendents, Death From Above 1979, Explosions in the Sky, Broken Social Scene, Simian Mobile Disco (live), Guided By Voices, Cold War Kids,  The Dead Milkmen, Kid Dynamite, Four Tet, Girls , No Age, The Head & The Heart + tons more. Location: Near City Hall, 1st and Main – Downtown, LA.

A DEAD BOYS TALE – The Cheetah Chrome bio, ‘A Dead Boy’s Tale’ is in stock, our copies are autographed. I have just 100 copies, so this won’t last. Here is the no-holds-barred autobiography of Cheetah Chrome, lead guitarist of Rocket From The Tombs, Batusis, and the Dead Boys, one of the greatest punk bands ever. It’s a tale of success and excess–amazing music, legendary antics, epic drug use, and eventual resurrection–that only a true rock and roller could deliver. Get you autographed copy here.

BOARD RESCUE SKATE ART SHOW – 2nd Annual Board Rescue Skate Art Show Fundraiser on September 16, 2011 | 7:00 PM- 9:00 PM. Hit up the Santa Cruz Boardroom at 825 41st Avenue in Santa Cruz, CA 95062, for the second annual Board Rescue Skate Art Show on September 16, 2011. DJ Ray Stevens II will be spinning while you check out the artwork and t-shirts up for sale. All of the boards from the show will be auctioned on eBay with sales to benefit Board Rescue. Board Rescue’s mission is to provide skateboards and safety equipment to organizations that work with at-risk youth. Featured Artists: Steve Olson, Lance Mountain, Jason Adams, Steve Caballero, Justin Forbes, Duane Peters, Jason Jessee, Lucas Musgrave, Todd Francis, David Hackett, Keith Meek, Kevin Walsh, Bryce Kanights, Mark Whiteley, Pat Ngoho, Cindy Whitehead, Desiree Ronald Astorga, Christian Cooper, Danny Sun, Erik Fieber, Chris Sprouls, Eli Atkins, David Swift, Chris Pastras, and Angela Stucky. For More Information find Board Rescue at

SHORTBOARD REVOLUTION – The Short Board Revolution will feature the surfboards that changed surfing from the Gidget era “Malibu Chip” longboards to the high-flying aerial performance boards of today. Showcasing Surf Design from 1967-1984, the show held at the California Hertiage Surf Museum will run from August 18, 2011 through May 6th, 2012. Roll out to the show.

HANSEN SURFBOARDS’ 50TH ANNIVERSARY at CALIFORNIA SURF MUSEUM – In honor of Hansen Surfboards’ 50th Anniversary, seven beautifully hand-crafted tribute surfboards are being auctioned to benefit the California Surf Museum. Six of the surfboards are on display at the California Surf Museum; the seventh is on display at Hansen’s in Encinitas. Bidding is now open on the six surfboards at CSM only through CSM’s Online Museum Store; click here. Online bidding will close at 4:00pm PDT, Friday, September 16th. Winning bidders will be announced Saturday, September 17. Please call CSM at (760) 721-6876 for more information. Silent bids will be accepted on the tribute surfboard, shaped by Bill Shrosbree, on display at Hansen Surfboards, 1105 S. Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, closing date TBD. Mahalo nui loa to all those involved in this project – including many thanks in advance to those who will be the winning bidders – on your support of CSM. The winning bidder of each surfboard will certainly treasure this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own such a masterpiece. The scope and passion of all those involved in this Tribute Board Project cannot be summed up in a few short sentences. For those interested in knowing the full story behind these tribute surfboards, please visit the California Surf Museum at 312 Pier View Way, Oceanside, CA or go to

ASTRODECK NEWS – Wave Warriors Vol. 1-5 is available now, as well as Astrodeck surfpads and Astrodeck sandals that are a must have for any true surfaholic. Get it all at

SANTA BARBARA SURF MUSEUM – Established in 1992, the Santa Barbara Surfing Museum is the premiere surfing museum in S.B. Complete with vintage skateboards, surfboards, hula girls, classic guitars and ukuleles, this museum will take you on a surf/sk8 safari that you will never want to leave. James O’Mahoney’s one-of-a-kind collection is located at 16 1/2 Helena Ave #C, Santa Barbara, CA.

SEA OF DARKNESS shares the story of Mike Boyum originally from Maui, Hawaii and his cohorts as they seek the best waves in the Indian Ocean while taking risk in the high stakes of smuggling. The enigmatic Boyum was instrumental in establishing the world known surf spot Gland. His devil may care attitude and his quest of surfing the best waves, made a life of uncertainty and danger. During that time some of the most talented surfers were drawn to Boyum’s surf camp and took on his life style of living on brown rice and psychedelics. The dark side of the history of surfing had been talked about in the past, but this film brings to light the mystical and the mystery of some of the highlighted wave riders of the 1970’s. Rory Russell, Bob McKnight, Greg Noll and many others are featured in the film that had been a part of surfing the early waves of Indo. Director, Michael Oblowitz is a lifelong surfer, originally from South Africa who in most cases is a feature action filmmaker is ecstatic on the film’s success.

CHRISTIAN FLETCHER – Christian Fletcher has a sick website. Classic chaos.

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