You’ll never meet anyone like Scott Bourne. He has a lust for life that drives people crazy. I love it. He loves it. The confusion factor, high energy, all you can’t handle, art for art sake, any social circle you choose, he’ll pirate right through. High I.Q. Skateboarding punk rock Springsteen, an open palm slap, zero body fat. Dogshit in yer face. I love how it overwhelms. Scott Bourne, straight human high.

Who are you and why are you there?
I am a disease. Because I would rather be a disease then the diseased. I am an action not a result.

What’s so exciting about Europe?
All my life I was told how lucky I was to be an American. They called me free. Well, here I am experiencing freedom. Freedom from freedom.


Ex-American or ex-American patriot?
I always loved America, the principals of the blue collar dollar, but I am an outsider. The things that people do with their lives as Americans, I have never done, never even thought about doing. In short, I have always romanticized the idea of America, but I never felt like an American. I feel I will always be a patriot to the idea America was founded on even though it is a failure. What’s more beautiful than the freedom to fail?

What rules your life?
Love and friendship, I never say no.

What differences are there between you and your brother?
There are no differences, we are the same man, made from the same blood, sweat and cum. I don’t care any longer what he looks like or what he wears, what he says or doesn’t. He’s one solid mother fucker. He loves hard and he hates hard just like his little brother. You strip off all the layers and put us buck naked in the streets, you’re gonna get Art and Lynne Bourne worst case scenario… Survivors, fighters, dreamers, thinkers, lovers of hard love, unbreakable, unstoppable. I’d put my brother’s heart against any man and have no fear that it was full of pure love.

Would you die for someone?
No. If I were to die for a friend or a loved one it would be for me, because I could never stand to see anyone I loved in pain. So, if I were to die for someone, I would never want them to have any illusions. I made the decision and it was for me.

What do you think of computer shopping and cell phones?
I love them. I love that these people are eliminating themselves. Pretty soon all the people who think getting a phone call and making the business deal is more important than the moment they are in, will die of brain cancer. All the people concerned with efficiency and not quality will eliminate themselves. All the people scared of the world can stay home and home shop for everything. They can grow old, fat and scared of the world, and I won’t have to see time wasters anymore. The streets will be mine. All the idiots will be at home safely locked behind their self-made prisons. And the beauty of it is I didn’t even have to do anything, they did it to themselves… out of fear.

Did you ever think about getting fat?
Like I said, I am an outsider.

What would you say you believe in?
I can’t honestly say I believe in anything. I can say I think I believe this or I think I know this, but I’ve lived long enough to lose both of my arms to things I believed in at the time. Experience has taught me that all things are changing. No one belief is so solid that time won’t reveal something else. What I have in life is love. If I love something, I love it when it’s ugly and when it’s beautiful. I stick with the things I care about. I don’t bail, if that can be considered a belief.

Didn’t you fall off the wagon while on a tour in Australia? Tell me about that.
One day you just wake up and you realize you’ve been doing something for so long, that you can’t even remember why you started doing it. That’s what happened to me, and not in Australia, but Kansas.

When you were living in North Carolina, before you came to California, did you have any heroes?
Hell, yes. Real guys I looked up to and still do; Miller Heritage, Bailey Webb, the Duong Brothers, Dave Sinclair, Rob Skull, Matt Burnup, the Dog Bowl House and C.O.L.D. There was W.L. Sullivan and Ricky Allison and Jon O Colverson. Real people that touched me.

There’s no end. You can’t master it.

Have you ever died?
When my father died, part of me went with him. A history that will never be revealed to the world again. But it wasn’t tragic, it was beautiful. It was our death. We shared it, me, my Mom and my brother, it was our death.

Have you lived lives and died deaths?
Every day is a living and dying experience. There are some things that work for you today but in order to go in to tomorrow, you can’t take them with you. Some things die so that other things can live or just continue. You can’t take it all with you, you’ll overload and collapse.

Is mating gross?
No, the actual act of mating, I feel sure is a beautiful thing. I can’t imagine what it would be like to love someone so much that you actually say ‘ok, let’s make a child’. I don’t know anyone who has done that. Everyone I know has had to deal with their accidents. On the other hand fucking is definitely repulsive. It’s an animal instinct to mate, but we don’t, we just fuck. It’s a disgusting trick.

Do you want kids? Would you live in Kansas?
Yes. Yes.

Are there parallels in your life?
There have been no coincidences.

Life is shit, right?
Death is the reward, you don’t have to do it forever.

Did school work on you?
Yes, it showed me what the real world was like, a great big game. I saw the game early and refused to play. Now the people that love me, love me legitimately and the ones that hate me, hate me legitimately and I’m okay with that. School was very successful in showing me what not to do and who not to be.


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