Science’s Spruce Goose in the OBX: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done…

On the furthest outreaches of the East Coast, there lives a humanoid that knows no limits. One day, an idea was hatched, deep within his cerebral cortex and, after many years of hard work and dedication, his vision for a wooden backyard mega-bowl with yards and yards of grindable coping was complete. This unique individual goes by a number of tags… some call him Science, while others prefer, Dave. I don’t think he cares what you call him. He just wants to build and skate and collect toys. His creation is called the Spruce Goose or the “eighth wonder of the world.” The grand opening party invite went something like this… “Expect nothing. Leave with something whacky. Free Skatelite burns. There are no directions, but the right ones. BYOB. Bring a grillable. Bring a tent. Bring your board. Bring your cajones…” That about sums it up. Here are a collection of photos and videos from a great group of photographers and filmers that contributed their work to memorialize this unveiling of radness. Big thanks to Mark Nichols, Quinn Knight, Evan Foster, Rob Nelson and Josh McFadden. 100% Respect to master builder & destroyer, Dave Maxwell.

Brandon Yarborough frontside airs over Zach Cusano’s Andrecht and Chuck Pontone’s frontside invert at the Spruce Goose Spring Jam 1.0. Video clip by Josh McFadden.

Ronnie O’Neal earning some extra cash at Science’s. Pat Clark offered $20 to the first trick off his kick drum. Video clip by Mark Nichols

Photos by Mark Nichols

Brandon-Yarborough-mark-nichols-IMG_1985 Brandon Yarborough. Photo by Mark Nichols

brian-drake-mark-nichols-IMG_1984 Brian Drake. Photo by Mark Nichols

dylan-oneal-mark-nichols-IMG_1986 Dylan O’Neal. Photo by Mark Nichols

jesse-davis-mark-nichols-IMG_1988 Jesse Davis. Photo by Mark Nichols


Photos by Quinn Knight

BrandonYarborough_Over_ZachCusano_And_ChuckPontone_Photo_QuinnKnight Brandon Yarborough over Zach Cusano and Chuck Pontone. Photo by Quinn Knight.

BrandonYarborough_MadonnaToTail_Photo_QuinnKnight Brandon Yarborough – Madonna To Tail. Photo by Quinn Knight

BrandonYarborough_Stale_Over_ChuckPontone_Photo_QuinnKnight Brandon Yarborough – Stale over Chuck Pontone. Photo by Quinn Knight

ChuckPontone_FSinvert_Photo_QuinnKnight Chuck Pontone – FS invert. Photo by Quinn Knight

File May 28, 4 51 43 PM Spruce Goose. Photo by Quinn Knight

BrandonYarborough_Over_ZachCusano_Photo_QuinnKnight Brandon Yarborough over Zach Cusano. Photo by Quinn Knight

IMG_0927 Zach Cusano. Photo by Quinn Knight

IMG_0940 Zach Cusano. Photo by Quinn Knight

IMG_0943 Otis Smith. Photo by Quinn Knight

IMG_0950 John Fudala. Photo by Quinn Knight

IMG_0961 Zach Cusano. Photo by Quinn Knight

IMG_1007 Brandon Yarborough. Photo by Quinn Knight

IMG_1020 Zach Cusano. Photo by Quinn Knight

Otis_Smith_BsAir__Photo_QuinnKnight Otis Smith – Backside Air. Photo by Quinn Knight

IMG_1017 Brandon Yarborough. Photo by Quinn Knight


Photos by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-1PM Mikey Weeks checkin out the corners sans pads. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-3PM Zach Cusano taking the upper hand. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-4PM Zach Cusano stepping things up. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-6PM Sam Ogden with a set up turn. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-8PM Chuck Pontone pulled in view. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-10PM Zach Cusano kicks it off. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-11PM Wyatt Wisenbaker reelin’ one in on the deep end. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-16PM Brandon Yarborough grinnin’ in the deep end. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-17PM Dylan O’Neal sprucin’ it up. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-18PM Ronnie O’Neal cruzin’ in the deep end. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-27PM Frank Schaffroth crackin’ one. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-36PM Otis Smith. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-38PM Knofi the Tyrol legend. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-47PM Chuck Pontone ’bout to hit a high note in the deep end. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-52PM John Fudala flying through the corner. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-53PM Zach Cusano shallow end sound check. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-54PM Joe Ward rolls on his personal handcrafted board. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-57PM Science: a man and his machine. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-76PM Ronnie O’Neal with a lil lip service. Photo by Evan Foster

science-evan-foster-87PM Eric McGuinness held it down in the deep end. Photo by Evan Foster


Photos by Rob Nelson

377824523150128880_n Eighth Wonder of the World. Overview from the deep. Photo by Rob Nelson

992710132830045432_n Zach Cusano wheelin’ around. Photo by Rob Nelson

1312783503155828362_n Ronnie O’Neal with a feebs in the deep. Photo by Rob Nelson

2109854006033203811_n Mikey Weeks tests the coping. Photo by Rob Nelson

2955254231692841253_n Spruce Goose Spring Jam 1.0. Overview from the shallow. Photo by Rob Nelson

3039206533635722549_n Dunebillys with Pat Clark on drums killed it. Photo by Rob Nelson

3615481473591445820_n Invert. Photo by Rob Nelson

3617177574138443608_n Bring a tent and a hammock. Photo by Rob Nelson

3980762068000493603_n Sick fs invert. Photo by Rob Nelson

5139476508556875766_o Otis with an egg. Photo by Rob Nelson

5239582453791984194_n Dylan O’Neal up in it. Photo by Rob Nelson

7829387933357558555_n Lil Otis – this kid will be a rockstar. Photo by Rob Nelson

7999755673816126850_n Ed Peck made the drive from SC. Photo by Rob Nelson

8182263935955695795_n Pat Clark and the sound of the surf guitar with Mike Romeo. Photo by Rob Nelson

8373987331341811600_n Lil Otis, Johnny Smith, easily the youngest ripper there. Photo by Rob Nelson

8678664892638403211_n Otis Smith pops up the Indy. Photo by Rob Nelson



  • Bob Umbel June 3, 2016

    SOOO GOOD, thanks for sharing!!!

  • Ed and Holly Corbett June 4, 2016

    Amazing bowl and skaters! Great job Dave Maxwell and friends.

  • Kevin King June 15, 2016

    East Coast!!!!!!, yes, we exist.


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