Prizzi’s Top Picks – Vol. 2


Polaroid XS100i Sports Action Camera:

This fun little camera is easy to carry with you to any place you want to shoot HD quality photos or video. It’s compact for convenience, lightweight and easy to use. Just turn it on and start shooting or filming! It even has WiFi capabilities. It can be used on land or sea (up to 30 feet underwater). Yeah, that’s right. Perfect for getting that green room footage you want from inside the barrel. You can also mount it onto your helmet, bike or skateboard, and it’s much more affordable than a GoPro. Here are few test clips we made using the Polaroid HD Professional Action Camera at the Z-Flex Jay Boy Classic at Venice Skatepark in Venice Beach, CA and at the Almost Skateboards 10 Year Anniversary Celebration at the Berrics. Filming by Dan Levy

Z-Flex Jay Boy Classic Skate Contest in Venice featuring Spicoli and Jay Adams.

Almost Skateboards 10 Year Anniversary. Filming by Dan Levy

Product Info: The XS100i has a distortion-free ultra wide lens offering 170° of coverage and has a G-Sensor (Auto Rotation) assuring the greatest shot possible, regardless of the camera’s position. It also adds built-in WiFi to share videos and still images with iOS & Android™ Apps on social media. Videos and still images can even be taken under water up to 30 feet (10m). The XS100i video options include 1080p, 960p, 720p HD Resolutions, and can capture still images in 3MP, 5MP and 16MP.”



DownBeats Ear Buds:

These noise reduction reusable ear buds are proven to reduce damaging noise to 18 decibels, which makes them a great investment when going out to bang your head at a show. I wish I would have had these ear buds when I went to the Townhouse in Venice, CA to see The Shrine because I could barely hear the next day from the ringing in my ears. Bless Off! I love the Shrine and plan to see them again and again, so when we got these little babies in for review, I decided to try them out on a Saturday afternoon in Venice Beach. If you know Venice Beach, you know how loud it gets, but the Downbeats reduced the noise from the drums being played right next to a really loud bar, and I could also hear people talking clearly while the rest of the roaring feedback was drowned out. They come in a handy little canister that has a key chain attached to it so you can easily carry these sonic sound filters with you anywhere you go. Downbeats really do a great job of cutting the noise and enhancing quality sound.


Mission Belts:

These leather belts are very high quality and durable for long-time use. Ever since we got one in for review, our Features Editor, Dan Levy, has been wearing it every day. We almost couldn’t get him to take it off to do take the photo for this review… He also uses this belt to attach his mini Polaroid camera, cell phone holder or any other useful item when going to an event or skateboarding. This belt has proven to be quite useful for him, as I’m sure it would be for everyone with a busy lifestyle that appreciates good style.

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