TIM BRAUCH MEMORIAL CONTEST RESULTS – Sessions presented the 7th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest at Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Park in Scotts Valley, CA sponsored by Etnies, Tim Brauch Memorial Fund, Sessions and Vans. For contest results and photos visit www.juicemagazine.com/timbrauch2005 to see photos by Ted Terrebonne and Greg Hall.For more info visit www.timbrauch.com and www.sessions.com. Click here for photos from the event by Ted Terrebonne and Greg Hall.

SATURDAY SKATEBOARDS NEWS – Charlotte, NC is now home to a sick new concrete park but is also home to new skate company Saturday Skateboards.. Saturday features a diverse selection of board graphics and apparel put together by head honcho Dave Collier. Team vert ripper Chuck Powell has been blasting the new NC ‘crete. The Saturday team also features the talented Matt Mercer, Joseph O’Neal, Koji Yamamoto, Mark Brooks, Joey Bozart and Peter Caple. See it at www.saturdayskateboards.com.

JAY ADAMS has also started a skate club called the 100% Skateboarder Club. Skateboarders from all over the world can start their own local chapter with a 10 person minimum. The president of the club will receive a complimentary 100% Skateboarder Club jacket. The rest of the club members have to pay a hundred bucks for their jackets. A website for the club will be launched soon.

R.I.P. – ‘In Memory of Eric Costello there will be a gathering of skaters, family and friends at the Scotts Valley Community Center Next to the Skate Park, Scotts Valley, CA at Noon on Sunday October 30th. There will be an open mic opportunity to say a few words about Eric. Directly after we will celebrate the life of Eric Costello with a good skate at the park. To be more updated, keep checking www.alohaskate.com for more details.’ Thanks, Matt Buttrey

BLACK LABEL NEWS – Black Label announced the hiring of Salman Agah as the new team and promotions manager. Agah will bring with him marketing experience from launching his ‘skaterade’ brand sports drink and from launching ‘icelounge.com,’ not to mention his thirteen years as a pro. www.blacklabelskates.com.

SANTA CRUZ NEWS – Jason Jessee has now joined the elite team of the Santa Cruz Veterans Division which includes the all-star lineup of Eric Dressen, Tom Knox and Ron Whaley.

FIST OF FURY NEWS – Aaron Murray’s band Fist of Fury just did two songs with Jay Adams that will be coming out on a compilation of all the O.G. Venice bands being put together by Louichi Mayorga. Email evanjflynn@yahoo.com for more information and release date.

BLACK FLYS NEWS – Black Flys veteran Pro Skateboarder Omar Hassan is ready to launch his second signature sunglass with Black Flys. The glass is designed by Omar and features a nylon frame with 100% UV polycarbonate lenses. Look for the glass in Spring 06.

GRAVITY BOARDS NEWS – Larry Bertlemann now rides for Gravity Skateboards. He is living in Oahu and doing well. Keep an eye out for an upcoming ‘Bert’ model from Gravity coming soon.

SCARECROW TEAM NEWS – The Scarecrow Skateboards team better known as the E.C.C.(Evil Crow Cult) consists of Pros Ryan Johnson, Frank Hirata, and Charlie Thomas. The E.C.C. recently enducted ams. Phil Trotter, A.J. Marksberry, Michael Tubbs, Lee Bender, and Steve Fauser. All members will be featured in Scarecrow’s latest film entitled ‘Agents of Chaos’. A release date is yet to announced. For more information go to sk8scarecrow.com.

G&S SKATEBOARD NEWS – G&S Skateboards will be re-issuing the Stacy Peralta Warp 2 — only 300 Limited Editions hand-signed and numbered by Stacy, 28′ laminated maple with the famous G&S Brand in the bottom–diecut grip and Warp 2 logo on the deck. available in December. Contact G&S Fibreflex Skateboards for details at www.gordonandsmith.com or www.fibreflexskate.com.

BULLDOG NEWS – Check out the new Black Death Dub Cons and the big Z-13 11′ x 33′, the Long Pig 11′ x 36′ and the Super Pig 11′ x 44′ plus some Old School DT hand done boards all coming soon. Check out the new book ‘Bulldog’s Art by Wes Humpston’ available now featuring a career of great Wes art. Bulldog Skates has also been producing a line of stained decks with Wes’ idea of what a guitar finish might look like on a board. Take a look at www.bulldogskates.com/underground/1018-1.jpg. Go to www.bulldogskates.com and pick up your new ride.

GIANT PRESS RELEASE – Giant is now distributing Bueno a new skateboard company, which is a collaborative effort between Stacy Lowery, Michael Sieben, and Giant Distribution. Stacy Lowery is responsible for skating his ass off, and checking in on Shiloh Greathouse, Nate Broussard, and Mark Gutterman to make sure they have enough Bueno decks, Ferrari’s, diamond earrings, that kind of stuff. Sieben is responsible for staying in Texas, not leaving his studio for months at a time, drawing skulls, bears, eagles shooting lasers out of their talons, dolphins doing flips through rainbows… radical stuff like that. Bueno is committed to being innovative, creative, and basically just balls to the walls awesome. Look for Bueno in skate shops in November. For info contact: Stacy Lowery (Brand Manager) – stacy@buenoskateboards.com.

DAMN AM CONTEST – Adio and Volcom Clothing Present The Damn Am at Volcom in Costa Mesa. DAMN AM is an amateur street skateboarding contest for factory sponsored ams only. You can also qualify for Tampa Am. Contest is Thursday, October 27, 2005 to Sunday, October 30, 2005. Your team manager from a legit skateboard company must register you by sending an email to Rob@DamnAm.com. You cannot register yourself directly. It’s free to spectate. The contest will be held at the Volcom Warehouse, 1740 Monrovia Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Check www.DamnAm.com for contest details.

WORLD CUP SKATE NEWS – Check out the trailer for the World Cup Skate ‘Planes, Trains and Skateboards’ DVD at www.wcsk8.com.

5BORO NEWS – 5boro will premiere it’s new video, ‘New York, New York’ four times on the weekend of October 15th. The events are sponsored by Autumn, KCDC, Volcom and Redbull. Premiere dates and locations include Saturday, Oct. 15th (doors at 8pm) 18+ video premiere at The Autumn Bowl in Greenpoint, Brooklyn… – Sunday, Oct. 16th at 1pm with an all ages showing at KCDC Skateshop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For info go to KcDcskateshop.com… – Sunday, Oct. 16th at 5:30pm with an all ages showing at Pioneer Theater at 155 East 3rd Street, Manhattan, NYC. For info go to twoboots.com…. – Monday, Oct 17th at 8pm- premier at Division East at 436 Bloomfield Ave. Montclair,NJ. For info go to Divisioneast.com and www.5boro.com

SKATE DEMOS – New Generation Skate Shop is having a Toy Machine demo on Oct 12 and a World Industries demo on Oct 13. -New Generation Skatepark – 108 Semper Fidelis Drive – Easley, SC. For details go to www.newgenonline.com.

ETNIES SKATE CONTEST – Goofy Granted Another Chance for Redemption as etnies Presents the Second Annual GvR! Last year, at the first-ever etnies Goofy vs. Regular contest, the left-foot forwards trounced the Goofies in a jam session that many hailed as the most incredible ten minutes of collaborative skateboarding humans had ever witnessed. This October 21-23 at the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest, California, GvR brings together the best professional skateboarders in the world aligned by stance, Goofy foot and Regular foot, in the end all be all barometer of stance domination. Sanctioned by the World Cup of Skateboarding, etnies GvR has invited more than 100 of the top professional skateboarders from around the world to compete for the $55,000 purse and supreme stance braggin’ rights. Invitees include 2004 GvR MVP Bastien Salabanzi, Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Mark Appleyard, Ryan Sheckler and many more. A Festival Village featuring food and vendors will be open throughout the weekend. The event will feature headliners B.O.W. with participating members Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), Ryan Shuck (Orgy), Mike ‘Cheez’ Brown (TSOL), Sean Dowdell (Grey Daze) and Mike Rouse (The Johns), Pretty Girls Make Graves and Letter Kills. For additional information check out the etnies GvR web site at gvr.etnies.com.

HALLOWEEN SKATE JAM – Oct 29 – Hanger Bowl – Charleston, SC.

187 NEWS – The hardcore team of John Comer, Todd Falcon, Mark Lake, Matt Moffett, Adam Taylor and Alex Sorgente are all representing 187 Killer Pads. 187 features Fly Elbo Pads, Fly Knee Pads and Pro Knee Pads designed for excellent flexibility and comfort. No more swellbo. Check ’em out at www.the187.com.

NEW SKATEPARK OPENING – New world class concrete skatepark opening on Oct 15th, 2005 in Fairplay, Colorado.

SACRIFICE NEWS- Sacrifice has added all around ripper and good guy Jonny Manak to the team. The new Neil Heddings pro models are done and selling fast. The Sacrifice Chicas Division T’s are starting to get some good coverage. The new Kyle Mitchell model is also done and shipping now.

GRIND SYNDICATE SKATEBOARDS NEWS – GSS has new shirts and decks. GRIND SYNDICATE headquarters (Cassa de Gee) is under construction with a guitar shaped pool with mellow hips and 7′.5 ‘ trans trans with 6 inches of vert deep and 5′ trans and 3’ of vert. Marc Corbet and Mark Gee came up w/ the layout. The crew will start shooting the pool on Oct 27. For more go to www.grindsyndicate.com

BUY A BRICK AT THE PACIFICA SKATEPARK – Bricks are being sold to be placed at the entryway of the Pacifica Skatepark in Pacifica, CA. You can get your name or your company logo on a brick for $300. Individual and family bricks (no logos) are available for $100. For details please email Clary-MacyC@surgery.ucsf.edu. For more info and photos of the park go to http://www.ci.pacifica.ca.us/CITYHALL/skatepark.html.

ELEMENT SKATEBOARDS TEAM NEWS – Nyjah Huston is on fire with three wins so far this year including the Tampa Am, K.R.E.A.M. Puerto Rico contest and Ams Getting Paid contest. Nyjah also just took 4th place at the Canadian Open. Colt, Tosh, Rupp, Brent and Mike V just returned from a two week tour to Europe. Bam just celebrated his 26th birthday and JWray just celebrated his 1-year anniversary with his wife Carissa. Congrats to Rupp who’s wedding went off without a hitch. Element and Elemental Awareness are combining forces for a tour up the West Coast from Oct 13 – 24. Two contests will be held for the local kids, one at Frontline in Woodland, CA (Nyjahs families park) and The Department of Skateboarding in Salem, OR. Come out and skate with Tony Tave, Brent Atchley, Levi Brown, Darren Harper, and Dallas Rockvam. Check out www.elementalawareness.com for more info. Element Footwear is up and running. Shoes will hit the shelves in January. The team right now consists of Mike V, Brent, Rupp, Dallas and some others that will be announced later. For more go to www.elementskateboards.com.

CONSPIRACY BOARDS NEWS – New Bryan Pennington Pro Model! 8.5′ x 33 7/8′ with a 16.5′ wheelbase… New Conspiracy ‘X’ Wheels!!! 56mm/99a (Red) and 54mm/99a (Black). New ‘X’ Model is 8.5′ x 32 with a 15′ wheelbase (square tail) Git some at www.conspiracyboards.com.

ACCEL WHEELS NEWS – Accel Wheels is moving in to Giant Skateboard Distribution. Making the move will be Brand Manager and ex-pro Jason Rothmeyer. Accompanying Jason will be longtime artist and pro team rider Stacy Lowery. Along with being one of the original riders of Accel, Stacy has been doing all of the artwork and catalog layouts for Accel since day one. In addition to a whole new line of wheels for the fall, in the following months you will be seeing new team riders, Chad TimTim, Evan Schiefelbine, among others) The Accel Wheels team is – Pros – Stacy Lowery, Danny Montoya, Chad TimTim, Kyle Berard, Kristian Svitak, Steffan Attardo, Jesse Fritsch, Charlie Wilkins, Anthony Furlong, JUB and AMs – Evan Schiefelbine, Jake Duncombe, Rick Eusey, Steve Fauser, Willy Akers, Michael Tubbs, Scott Christiansen, John Rademacher, Kendall Cordova and Josh Perkins… For more info contact: Tony Froude – tony@giantskate.com.

SKATE CONTEST – Oct 29, 2005 – at Boarderline Skatepark, West Chester, PA. 9am Registration. Contest starts at 10am. For details go to www.three16.com.

SKATE CONTEST – The First Annual Downhillbillies Dixie Cup And North Carolina State Slalom Championships – November 5th and 6th, 2005 in Statesville, North Carolina and Winston-Salem, North Carolina – The Downhillbillies (DHB) is a non-profit confederation of skateboard riders with membership in eleven states and now in two countries outside of the U.S. Founded in the fall of 2004 by a small group of skating enthusiasts in Statesville, North Carolina the DHB has quickly become one of the fastest growing grassroots organizations in the sport today. The purpose of the DHB is to promote all disciplines of skateboarding, with a particular interest towards downhill skateboarding. Our goal is to provide a platform for promoting skateboarding as a sport, a hobby and a positive lifestyle and we hope that you will help support the DHB and the Downhillbillies Dixie Cup. The Downhillbillies Dixie Cup is already attracting such riders as Jason Mitchell, Mike Ohm, Noah Heinle, Chris Barker, Marty Schaub, Keith Hollien, 66 and many more from across the U.S. and Canada. For race related info, please email Brent@downhillbillies.org.

Z-BOY NEWS – Z-BOY shoes are hitting the market this November. Jay Adams, Bob ‘Bullet’ Biniak, Chris Cahill, Paul Constantineau, Skip Engblom, Peggy Oki, Nathan Pratt, Wentzle Ruml, and Allen Sarlo will be sporting the line. The first batch is the classic Z-BOY deck shoes with lots of custom features. Models include the Bicknell lace up in Z-Boy blue, the Wentzle Tu-Tone, the Bellagio leather slip on, and the El Thumper suede with black bottoms. Peggy Oki has a limited edition series featuring her original water color art and the Jay Adams model is due out in Spring… While hurricanes devastated the Gulf Coast, Z-Boy Nathan Pratt and Mike Davis scored big in El Salvador on a recent surf trip. Double overhead and 85 degree water with 6 guys out…. Jay Adams also had a great one month surf trip to Mexico with his new bride while working on some movie related business.

Z-CULT NEWS – Z-Cult rider Pat Ngoho had a good run in the Oregon Trifecta placing 2nd overall. Ngoho is currently designing a new group of Z-Cult longboards and has a serious 36′ pool model out now. Z-Cult founder Jesse Martinez has moved into his new pad on Rialto just behind the Venice circle and a two minute skate from the beach in Venice, CA. It has become an immediate epicenter for the Venice skate scene. A new Jesse pool model is in the works. Z-Cult has re-released the Venice Pavillion longboard in a limited edition. It is almost sold out, so if you want one better get on it at Zcultskates.com. Z-Cult is coming out with a new Z-BOY series of decks. A Paul Constantineau fish is out as well as a 36′ Chris Cahill model. Yes, the lost boy has been found and has done original Cahill art for his model. There is also a limited edition Peggy Oki longboard series featuring her original ocean oriented art. The first model out is ‘Whales’. Jay Adams has retooled his 9′ pool model and added 1′ to the wheel base. Z-Cult also has a new 27′ Jay mini and 42′ Jay beach cruiser so you can cover all the bases with the Jay Adams models. Nathan Pratt and Allen ‘Narlo’ Sarlo models are in the works.

CULVER CITY SKATEPARK – The Skatepark in Culver City, CA which currently features a street course is the in works of planning the building of a bowl and bigger park. Stay tuned for more.

GHOSTTOWN WHEELS has announced their sponsorship of the Wounded Knee Skateboards team featuring some of the toughest hardcore skateboarders including Jim Murphy, Science AKA Dave Maxwell, ChickenHawk, Sloppy Sam and Big Tim. Underground ripper Marky Clements has also been added to the team. Ghosttown makes super durable high performance urethane wheels available in 58mm, 60mm, and 63mm. Ghosttown wheels are also available through Eastern Skateboard Supply.

TEXAS SKATE JAM IX FOR THE MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation (www.wish.org) will be held Nov 5, 2005 at . All money raised goes to MAW – over $185,000 in the last eight years! Over 100 invited pros and ams skate for 700+ spectators in a bowl jam and street jam. Tickets are $30 each and are available at many locations. Sponsors include Adio, South Shore Distributing, Zoo York, 411VM, Transworld, Skatepark of Tampa, and most of all, Southside Skatepark, where it all goes down. Companies: Please send product to be part of the Biggest Product Toss Ever! Send to – South Shore Distributing – Attn: Make-A-Wish – 5005 Gulf Freeway – Houston, TX 77023. To donate visit www.wish.org.

SAN PEDRO SKATEPARK – San Pedro, CA Skatepark is coming along nicely but the park is getting low on funds. Go to www.sanpedroskateparkassociation.org to check out the park. Feel free to click on the donation station and donate to the cause! The San Pedro Skatepark Association is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization, for skaters by skaters of San Pedro and the Harbor Area. Help continue to build the dream! Your donations are tax deductible.

WORLDS LARGEST SKATEPARK – OPENING in Shanghai, China on Oct 5th with the Gravity Games.

FUEL TV NEWS – FUEL TV PREMIERES FIRST ORIGINAL DAILY HALF-HOUR SERIES, ‘THE DAILY HABIT’ – that surveys the best in youth culture with today’s most popular action sports personalities and cutting-edge music and comedy. Zeke Piestrup, a former VH-1 personality and KROQ-FM Los Angeles deejay, hosts the irreverent daily show beginning Monday, October 3 at 9:00pm ET/PT on FUEL TV. Each night’s episode will then be re-telecast at 3:00pm ET and 6:00pm ET. Appearing in the first week’s episodes of ‘The Daily Habit’ are Bucky Lasek, the #1 vert skater in America, legendary snowboarder Keir Dillon, recently named one of Outside Magazine’s ’25 Coolest People Now,’ free surfer Benji Weatherly, snowboarder Scotty Arnold, and Brad Gerlach, creator of ‘The Game’ surfing competition. For more go to www.fuel.tv.

SHUT UP AND SKATE – Gringo Skateboards is starting up Shut Up And Skate’ again. Their first contest is December 3rd at Pipeline Skatepark in Houston, Texas. Events are vert and street. Pipeline Skatepark Is located in Park Ten Plaza, North of IH-10 between Barker Cypress and Highway 6. The park features a clover bowl, 12′ vert ramp, 6′ mini-ramp with extension and a street course. For details go www.gringoskateboards.com and www.pipelineskatepark.com.

2005 Dew Action Sports Tour PlayStation Pro Skateboard Park Results

1 Rogers Jereme Woodland Hills, CA
2 Lutzka Greg Milwaukee, WI
3 Sheckler Ryan San Clemente, CA
4 Creager Ronnie Orange County, CA
5 Seaholm Austen Anaheim, CA
6 Ramos Wagner Florianopolis, BRA
7 Ward Jeff Stockton, CA
8 Brummet Dayne Lake Zurich, IL
9 Channita Pat Garden Grove, CA
10 Rodriguez Paul Chatsworth, CA
11 Evin Josh Nelson, CAN
12 Mercier Eric Montreal, CAN
13 Fernandez Chad Los Angeles, CA
14 Gayle Caine Carlsbad, CA
15 Gavin Alex Montreal, CAN
16 Machnau Paul Vancouver, CAN
17 Dos Santos Wolnei Bauru, BRA
18 James Rod Willamsburg, VA
19 Simonetto Michel Curitiba, BRA
20 Pageau Dan Montreal, CAN

Dew Action Sports Tour Final 2005 Season Skateboard Park Standings
1 Sheckler Ryan San Clemente, CA
2 Fernandez Chad Los Angeles, CA
3 Lutzka Greg Milwaukee, WI
4 Rodriguez Paul Chatsworth, CA
5 Rogers Jereme Woodland Hills, CA
6 Ramos Wagner Florianopolis, BRA
7 Brummet Dayne Lake Zurich, IL
8 Seaholm Austen Anaheim, CA
9 Gavin Alex Montreal, CAN
10 Machnau Paul Vancouver, CAN
11 Creager Ronnie Orange County, CA
12 Evin Josh Nelson, CAN
13 Channita Pat Garden Grove, CA
14 Chalmers Alex Vancouver, CAN
15 Simonetto Michel Curitiba, BRA
16 Senn Chris Kona, HI
17 Dos Santos Wolnei Bauru, BRA
18 Gayle Caine Carlsbad, CA
19 Berard Kyle Virginia Beach, VA
20 Mercier Eric Montreal, CAN
21 Trujillo Tony
22 Santos Fabrizio Aracaju, BRA
23 Marks Billy Corona, CA
24 Pageau Dan Montreal, CAN
25 Luzia Avi Tel Aviv, ISR
26 Peterson Mike Jacksonville, FL
27 Ward Jeff Stockton, CA
28 Bartie Chad Queensland, AUS
29 Koston Eric Los Angeles, CA
30 James Rod Willamsburg, VA
31 Leung Brendan Santa Cruz, CA
32 Macdonald Andy Boston, MA
33 Vasconcelos Renato Sao Paulo, BRA
34 Mochizuki Daisuke Shizuoka, JPN
35 Patch Brian Huntington Beach, CA
36 Smith Taylor Encinitas, CA

SUBLIME TRIBUTE SHOW TO FEATURE ALL-STAR CAST ALL PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT MUSICARES’ MAP FUND and HURRICANE RELIEF 2005 – On October 24, 2005, the Music Box @ Fonda theatre in Los Angeles will play host to a Sublime Tribute and Benefit show, inspired by the June ’05 CD release of ‘Look at all the Love We Found: A Tribute To Sublime.’ With the generous support of Goldenvoice and The Music Box, 100% of the proceeds will benefit MusiCares’ MAP Fund and Hurricane Relief 2005. Performances by Ozomatli, Blackalicious, Fishbone, AWOL One and Abstract Rude, Bargain Music acoustic, and The Ziggens and including other major artists (some of whom cannot be announced) and guests along with performances will round out the night. Closing the evening will be an all-star jam featuring members of Sublime and many surprises along the way. The night will be co-hosted by KROQ’s Jed the Fish.

BIG WORLD NEWS – Sid Abruzzi’s band Big World is gearing up for a January 2006 release of their new cd titled ‘Brown Bag Parachute’ Sid says, ‘It’s the story of our retirement pension.’ Big World will be playing New England dates through Christmas and at Surf Expo at the Electric party in Jan. 2006.

SMUT PEDDLERS NEWS – SMUT PEDDLERS are on TKO Records! Check out the official website: www.smutpeddlers.net

VOLCOM NEWS – ASG NEW RELEASE – Just like an adrenaline shot to the heart, ASG’s new Volcom release, Feeling Good Is Good Enough, releasing October 11, is the fix hard rock fans have been jones-in’ for. Finally a record rockers, metal heads, hardcore kids and punks can embrace. Produced by Matt Hyde (Slayer, Fu Manchu) and Phil Caivano (Monster Magnet), Feeling Good Is Good Enough is thick-riffed rock, harking back to the days when rock and metal meant something, before punk went to the mall and became safe and sanitized. For more info go to www.asgnation.com or www.volcoment.com.

L.A. PUNK PIONEERS THE GERMS REUNITE WITH NEW SINGER FOR TOUR TO COMMEMORATE 25-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF BAND’S FINAL SHOW; LOS ANGELES PERFORMANCE AT LEGENDARY GRAND OLYMPIC AUDITORIUM SET FOR OCTOBER 29 – PAT SMEAR, LORNA DOOM, and DON BOLLES–will beperforming live for the first time since December 3, 1980 to commemorate the 25-yearanniversary of the band’s final show. For their first live performance, THE GERMS will join Suicidal Tendencies, Marky Ramone and Flipper at the legendary Grand Olympic Auditorium for the ‘Waking the Dead’ show on Saturday, October 29. In an unprecedented move, these punk rock luminaries will share a stage in a bona fide old school show at a venue known for holding the best punk rock shows in Los Angeles back in the day. Actor, musician and star of popular television series E.R., SHANE WEST,will be the frontman for the newly reformed and otherwise all original GERMS. THE GERMS’ line-up is: Original members PAT SMEAR (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) on guitar; LORNA DOOM on bass; and DON BOLLES (45 Grave, Celebrity Skin) on drums; and new addition SHANE WESTon vocals.

VALIENT THORR VIDEO – Check out the New Valient Thorr Video for ‘The Man Behind The Curtain’ at www.volcoment.com. Catch them on tour with Strung Out, A Wilhelm Scream and More!

FIREBALL MINISTRY will join HIM, Finch and Skindred for the forthcoming ‘Viva La Bands’ tour kicking off November 19 in Atlantic City. The ‘Viva La Bands’ tour–featuring artists handpicked by Bam Margera of ‘Jackass’ and ‘Viva La Bam’ fame–will arrive on the heels of FIREBALL MINISTRY’s fall outings: a month-long tour with Opeth, Pelican and Nevermore beginning October 9 in Phoenix; and the second leg of the ‘Rock Adio’ tour with CKY commencing October 31 in Philadelphia. ‘We’re excited to be a part of Bam’s tour,’ says FIREBALL MINISTRY guitarist EMILY J. BURTON. ‘Get ready for a solid eve of blazing rock.’

THE NEEDLES have a new cd almost ready for the release. The title is ‘In The Red’. Available through That’s Right Records at www.thatsrightrecords.com. Go to www.myspace.com/theneedles for upcoming tour dates.

THE SURFARIS are back with a fury having released a new cd titled ‘Basic Tracks’ available through Got-It Records. After recently playing a benefit show with The Beach Boys for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, the band is hitting the road for a European tour taking classic surf music worldwide. Tour dates are listed at http://surfariswipeout.com.

ROCKGRL MUSIC CONFERENCE – MUSIC LEGENDS PATTI SMITH, JOHNETTE NAPOLITANO (CONCRETE BLONDE), BONNIE RAITT, AND ANN WILSON TO APPEAR AT PRESTIGIOUS ROCKRGRL MUSIC CONFERENCE 2005 in Seattle, Washington on November 10-12, 2005. With two full nights of music showcases featuring female artists in all styles, a special Woman of Valor award dinner (this year honoring Patti Smith), two full days of panels, workshops and an artist-friendly trade show, the ROCKRGRL Music Conference 2005 is a unique and innovative event that promotes, encourages, and celebrate women’s achievements in the music industry. Partial list of more than 200 showcasing artists include: Johnette Napolitano (solo), Erin McKeown, Amy Rigby, Wendy Waldman, Japanese night (featuring Megababe, Tsu shi mi mare, Red Bacteria Vacuum and Amppez), Scarling, Ms Led, Lillix, The Girls (from Tel Aviv), Sara Hickman, Stiffed, Barbara Manning, The Brain Surgeons NYC, Texas Terri, Jessy Greene (violin player from Geraldine Fibbers, Wilco), Sonia and Disappear Fear, The Randies, Sarah Dougher, Leni Stern, Jen Foster, Mind Your Pig Latoya, Buttersprites, Lauren Hoffman, The Juliet Dagger, Sam Shaber, Jenny Yates (Garth Brooks co-writer), Magneto, Nicky Click, Shelley Doty, Los Abandoned Lourds, Placenta, Kegels, Man of the Year, Free Verse, Pin Boys (from Denmark), Ruby Dee and the Snake Handlers, Narrows, Susan and the Surftones, Modicum, Stereovision, Hazard County Girls, Lesley and the Ly’s, Megan Slankard, Secs, Alice Stuart, Rachel Harrington, Black Horse, Kym Tuvim, Kim Virant, Dream On (all female Aerosmith tribute band) and Rosie Flores. Sponsors include: the City of Seattle’s Office of Film and Music, Indiegrrl, The Recording Academy, Sonicbids, 90.3/91.7 KEXP.ORG, Oasis CD Manufacturing, CD Baby, International Songwriting Competition, and many more. Registration at: http://www.rockrgrl.com/conference or email info@rockrgrl.com for more info.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – SYSTEM OF A DOWN SET TO RELEASE HYPNOTIZE PART TWO OF THEIR TWO-ALBUM SET NOVEMBER 22 ON CD AND DUALDISC. Six months after System of a Down’s Mezmerize debuted at number one on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart, the uncompromising and outspoken quartet returns with Hypnotize, part two of a promised two-album set. American Recordings/Columbia will release two versions of Hypnotize, the band’s fifth studio album, on November 22nd. Adding to the excitement, is System of a Down’s just-announced American Music Award nomination for ‘Favorite Artist’. This marks the second time the group has been nominated in the Alternative category. The American Music Awards will be held in Los Angeles the same day Hypnotize hits stores. Produced by Rick Rubin and Daron Malakian, Hypnotize maintains System of a Down’s reputation as full-spectrum agitators who adeptly channel righteous rage into compelling, provocative and relevant rock. For more go to www.systemofadown.com.

ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES NEWS – The second installment of the massive, the epic, the stupendous, the colossal collaboration between our founder, Jello Biafra, and the heaviest musical pranksters in the universe, the Melvins is available now. The CD is titled SIEG HOWDY! Well worth the purchase. For more go to www.alternativetentacles.com.

GREEN DAY TO RELEASE BULLET IN A BIBLE DVD To Include Rare Interview and Performance Footage… ‘Bullet In A Bible’, the sensational live performance from Grammy Award winning Green Day will be released by Reprise Records on November 15th. Directed by Samuel Bayer, Bullet In A Bible documents the two biggest shows that Green Day has headlined in their career, playing to over 130,000 people at London’s Milton Keynes National Bowl on June 11th and 12th of this year. The DVD features over 100 minutes of exclusive performance, rare behind-the-scenes footage, including candid interviews with each band member discussing their career and life on the road, along with footage of fans demonstrating their deep commitment to the band. The band will be touring the United States through the middle of October.

LEGENDARY PUNK ROCKER MARKY RAMONE TO JOIN SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO – Ramone will host weekly ‘Punk Rock Blitzkrieg’ music show starting Oct. 4, exclusively on SIRIUS. Marky Ramone, a member of one of rock music’s best-loved bands, the Ramones, will become a SIRIUS Satellite Radio host on Tuesday, October 4th with the launch of Marky Ramone’s Punk Rock Blitzkrieg, exclusively on SIRIUS. For more information, visit www.sirius.com.

ACTIVISION ANNOUNCES COMPLETE SONG LINE-UP FOR TONY HAWK’S AMERICAN WASTELAND – More than 60 rock, punk, hip-hop and electronic tracks will power players through Activision, Inc.’s expansive Los Angeles skate world in Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. The game will debut Bloc Party’s ‘Like Eating Glass (Tony Hawk Remix),’ which was remixed exclusively for the title, and will also include songs from Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, The Bravery, Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, among others, as well as Thrice’s new single ‘Image of the Invisible’. In addition, a stand-alone Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland Soundtrack from Vagrant Records will be available October 18. The CD was executive produced by Tony Hawk and features popular bands Taking Back Sunday, Senses Fail, Thrice, Alkaline Trio and others performing their favorite songs from the bands that influenced their careers and defined the punk music genre including the Misfits, Suicidal Tendencies, Descendents, Bad Brains and The Stooges. For info go to www.activision.com and www.vagrant.com/sf.html.

RICHARD SANCHEZ ART SHOW – Suicide Bomber Zealous and Down Art Show – Saturday Nov 5, 2005 -7-10:30pm at Han Cholo Gallery – 1549 Echo Park Ave – Los Angeles, CA www.impatientyouth.com. Phone 213-482-9180 for more info.

ZEPHYR NEWS – Upcoming Jeff Ho / Zephyr art shows include a group showing at Oct 22, 2005 at the Epoxy Box located at the corner of Abbott Kinney and Venice Blvd in Venice, CA and Oct 25th at Public Works on 8560 National Blvd in Los Angeles, CA. 25 artists will participate in this show being presented for kids.

SURFRIDER FOUNDATION PRESENTS ‘ART FOR THE OCEANS’ – Surfboard Art Auction and Gala to Benefit Surfrider Foundation. The event happens Oct. 15 at Milk Studios in New York City – The gala boasts a silent auction and a special live auction conducted by Simon de Pury. 38 unique artists, including Julian Schnabel, Herbie Fletcher, Peter Harper and Walter Iooss, were commissioned to artistically enhance surfboards that will be exhibited at the event, and available for auction. The event also features an all-star live musical performance by Citizen Cope. Featured artists include: Kevin Ancell, Billy Al Bengston, Ashley Bickerton, Wolfgang Bloch, Drew Brophy, Gomez Bueno, Thomas Campbell, Tony Caramonico, David Carson, Michael Cassidy, Gene Cooper, Laddie John Dill, Ned Evans, Tracy Feith, Dibi Fletcher, Herbie Fletcher, Don Ed Hardy, Peter Harper, Robb Havassy, Dave Hobrecht, Walter Iooss, Victor Kerpel, Alex Kopps, David Lloyd, Chris Lundy, Melinda Morey, Raymond Pettibon, Ken Price, Rick Rietveld, Julian Schnabel, Peter Schroff, John Severson, Kevin Short, Peter Spacek, John Van Hamersveld, Gus van Sant, Rogan and Wyland. The event is being hosted to raise funds to expand Surfrider Foundation’s efforts of protecting global coastlines, waves and beaches. For more info and to purchase tickets, call 212-966-5071 or email surfrider@pluglimited.com. See the special auction boards and event description at www.surfrider.org/auction2005 and www.surfline.com/artauction

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Urban Surf Art – Damian Fulton, Sept 28 – Nov 5 at Gasoline Gallery – 423 Main Street, El Segundo, CA 90245 is a show featuring a slew of original paintings by Damian Fulton. Since his first surf posters for lifestyle brand Ocean Pacific in 1981, Fulton has produced artwork for Disney, served corporate stints with Marvel Productions and Ogilvy and Mather advertising and created strips like ‘The Shred Brothers’ for Surfer Publications’ and many others. Fulton’s latest work reflects time spent, as he puts it, ‘living with one foot in the mire of all that is LA, and one in the sanctity of the Pacific Ocean.’ For more information go to www.gasolinegallery.com.

TUM YETO ART SHOW NEWS – Check out Foundation artist Travis Millard’s art show Oct. 13th. ‘Go Tell it on the Dirt Mound’, at the Jeff Electric Gallery, 3022 Sunset, Los Angeles, CA…. – Tum Yeto artist Matt French will be having his 2nd solo art show ‘USED’ at KATZ COFFEE and USED BOOKS in Lynden, Washington. The show’s opening reception is Saturday October 8th at 6:00pm and will run for 6 weeks….

ART SHOW – Oct 20, 2005 – Billabong and Boarding for Breast Cancer present – See Me Speak at Melody Weir Gallery and Paradise Garage – 507 W. 24th St New York, NY 10001 – Silent Auction featuring Brooke Reidt, Meegan Feori, Daniel Chang, Hazel Dooney, Francois Portmann, Andy Kessler, Danielle Petach, Sophie Stonge and more. 50 percent of proceeds donated to B4BC.

SALTROCK IOW PRO – The sixth leg of the British Professional Surf Association (BPSA) UK Tour will take place from October 29-30, 2005 on the Isle of Wight with the Saltrock IOW Pro, Saltrocks second leg of the BPSA Tour. Saltrock have taken title sponsorship of this leg to continue their support of the UK scene having already put on the Saltrock Open at Croyde in March, which produced the best conditions of the tour so far. The Saltrock IOW Pro will take place on the west side of the Island and will be in conjunction with the Isle of Wight’s extreme festival, White Air. There has always been a surf event at Wight Air but this year the organizers have called upon the BPSA and Saltrock to step it up and bring the UK’s most talented surfers, including Saltrock team rider Micah Lester, to the Island. The main Saltrock BPSA contest site will be based at Freshwater Bay, a right-hand point that breaks over the reef on the west of the bay. Freshwater can produce some excellent waves and can hold anything up to 8ft. If the swell is slightly smaller the event can move down to one of the three breaks in Compton Bay, just south of Freshwater, which can fire even in small swells. For the latest information on the BPSA UK Tour www.bpsauktour.com

12th Annual VENICE SURF-A-THON – Nov 5th, 2005 at Venice Breakwater, Venice, CA. Awards party and bikini contest will be held at the Baja Cantina in Venice, CA. Contact Ger-I at 310-876-9833 for more information.

SURF BOOK RELEASE – SURF BOOK by Joel Tudor and Michael Halsband – In this remarkable compilation of images and text. Legendary surfer Joel Tudor and acclaimed photographer, Michael Halsband, team up to take viewers on a surfing oddyssey that is unique for its breadth, beauty and diversity. For more info and to purchase the Surf Book go to http://www.michaelhalsband.com/SurfBook.html

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Primedia’s Action Sports Group (ASG) is pleased to announce the addition of JeepR Brand as presenting sponsor of the O’Neill Cold Water Classic. Northern California’s premier surfing event, the four-star O’Neill Cold Water Classic presented by Jeep, will once again return to Santa Cruz’s legendary Steamer Lane on October 19-23, 2005 as the third and final stop of the Macy’s California Trifecta Surf Series. As the official vehicle of the O’Neill Cold Water Classic, Jeep brand will showcase three vehicles on-site and contribute to the weeklong events and festivities surrounding the contest.Surfing’s finest talent from all over the world will compete for the $75,000 prize purse in the final World Qualifying Series (WQS) event on the U.S. mainland. Taking center stage will be World Championship Tour (WCT) competitors Cory Lopez and Timmy Reyes, WQS stand-outs Roy Powers and Bobby Martinez as well as Santa Cruz natives Jason ‘Rat Boy’ Collins and the 2003 Cold Water Classic champion Kieran Horne. Current Macy’s California Trifecta point leaders, Asher Nolan and Nathanial Curran will compete in the Cold Water Classic in hopes of winning the $5,000 Trifecta bonus purse. FUEL TV will telecast the O’Neill Coldwater Classic on November 28, 2005. For additional dates and specific times visit www.fuel.tv. For more information on the O’Neill Cold Water Classic please visit http://surfermag.com/events/cwc05/.

SURFERPHOTOS.COM – Check out Brad Styron’s photos from the North Carolina Outerbanks Pro at www.surferphotos.com. Also Playa Graphics is now open and taking orders!!! visit www.playagraphics.com

GOTHAM SURF CLUB Presents A Super Special NYC Surf Film Premiere of MILES TO SURF ‘A historical journey into the world of waveriding, linking the surfing addiction to the invention of alternative surfing sports and pastimes. A cosmic convergence of likeminded people.’ THURSDAY OCTOBER 13TH Pioneer Bar and Restaurant 218 Bowery (btw Prince and Spring) Doors open @ 7pm – Screening starts at 8pm $8 @ the door. Check out their menu at www.pioneerbar.com/home.html. Film maker James Fulbright will be present with tons of giveaways and a poster signing. Dub and Reggae spinning by DJ DubMariner. Drink specials all night provided by The Pioneer Bar and Restaurant. For more information call 917-596-5011 or log onto http://www.milestosurf.com/

RIP CURL MALIBU PRO – Malibu Surfrider Beach was blessed Oct 7-9th with some of the best surf it has seen all year. Coinciding with The Rip Curl Malibu Pro and Celebrity Surf Bout, the waves were the proper motivation for some intense competitive surfing. Veteran charger Trudy Todd had an upset victory over Samantha Cornish to win. With a history rich with Hollywood legend, Malibu Surfrider Beach provided a perfect landscape for the Second Rip Curl Celebrity Surf Bout. With six teams competing for ultimate bragging rights, perfect right hand waves and a keen team of celebrity judges (Amy Smart and Ashley Scott), emcee Nick Zano called the play by play Celebrity notables such as Flea, Rick Schroder, Chris Pontius, Kip Pardue and Geoff Stults braved overhead surf to help raise money and awareness for clean water organization Heal The Bay. The true hero of the day was Jesse Billauer (paralyzed surfer, motivational speaker and founder of liferollson.org) who took the first place prize with teammate Andrew Keegan. For further info go to www.ripcurl.com/malibu.

JAH SURF NEWS – JAH SURF is gearing up for it’s surf contest the ‘Dirty South.’ Entry forms available online at www.jahsurf.com. Entries will $25 for amateurs and $75 for pros. There will be a $25 beach entry fee so sign up early. The window for the contest opens Thanksgiving day weekend Nov 25. There be will 7 divisions: Jr Mens, Mens, Masters, Longboard(open), womens(open), body board, open pros(which will have at least $1000 in cash prizes) and courtesy of NO FEAR an air contest with $500. In each of the amateurs division there is a max. of 24 competitors. Contest will start at 7:30 am with the Jr Mens division. JAH SURF 2nd anniversary happens Thurs Oct 20th at the Purdy Lounge with a trailer for the video ‘A Dairy Of A Surfer’.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – FINAL RESULTS: HAWAII WINS GOLD AT THE 2005 QUIKSILVER ISA WORLD JUNIOR SURFING CHAMPIONSHIPS HOSTED BY SURFING AMERICA- The Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships concluded today awarding Hawaii the 2005 World Junior Surfing Champions with 5,904 total points. Brazil earned silver with 5,321 points, USA bronze with 5,173 points and Australia copper with 4,966 points. Individual gold medals and world titles went to Jefferson Silva of Brazil in Boys Under 18, the defending junior world title holder Stephanie Gilmore of Australia in Girls Under 18 and Tonino Benson of Hawaii in Boys Under 16. The nine day event began last Saturday, October 8, gathering 28 teams from around the world representing the global surfing community and marking the largest junior event to date. It was a case of deja vu in the Girls Under 18 final where Stephanie Gilmore of Australia secured her second consecutive World Title and the gold medal with a solid two-wave combined score of 17.70 followed by USA’s Karina Petroni earning silver for the second year in a row with a 12.20. Hawaii’s Carissa Moore and Lani Hunter secured the bronze and copper medals respectively. The Boys Under 16 division ended with Tonino Benson taking the win, title and medal. Taking some big risks paid off for the Hawaiian team with both Benson and teammate/Quiksilver team rider Clay Marzo successfully landing some huge maneuvers and taking the gold and silver respectively. Australian David Delroy-Carr came in third for the bronze and Brazilian Wiggolly Dantas took copper, dropping from first to fourth in the last few minutes of the heat for an interference call against him. Boys Under 18, the only final not to have a Hawaiian representative. was a showdown between two of Brazil’s best Jefferson Silva and Thomas Hermes, USA Surf Team member Tanner Gudauskas and South Africa’s Jordy Smith. The heated contest was anyone’s game all the way until the closing minutes. Brazil was in the lead with Hermes in first and Silva in second, Gudauskas made a breakaway for the gold on a wave that opened up out the back. Waiting for the scores to still come in, Silva returned the move with a left towards the pier connecting all the way to the sand with powerful smooth turns. The scores dropped, Gudauskas, a 7.37 and then Silva, an 8.37. Knowing he could do no more before the heat ended, Silva exited the water while the time counted down. The day also included the final for the ISA Cup, a tag team event and unique ISA tradition. Australia, France, South Africa and the USA competed with France taking gold, South Africa silver, USA bronze and Australia copper. After the individual medals were given out, the team medals were awarded beginning with fourth place. For the first time in ISA history, Hawaii was crowned the World Champion. In addition to gold medals the team was awarded the International Olympic Committee President’s Trophy. Surfing America and the city of Huntington Beach will host the 2006 World Surfing Games next October. May 2006 will bring the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships to Maresias, Brazil hosted by the Brazilian Surfing Confederation. Quiksilver, the title sponsor for this year’s contest has been involved with junior surfing for more than 20 years. In the opening ceremonies, Quiksilver announced they will continue their sponsorship for the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships for another three years. For complete competition results go to www.quiksilver.com/isa. For more information on Surfing America and ISA, visit www.surfingamerica.org and www.isasurf.org.

VANS WARPED TOUR TEAMS WITH HABITAT FOR HUMANITY TO HELP VICTIMS OF HURRICANE KATRINA – Last Friday, the VANS WARPED TOUR donated $300,000 to Habitat For Humanity. The donation will help build five new houses for Hurricane Katrina victims. VANS WARPED TOUR skaters and artists as well as members of the Vans and Warped Tour organization gathered together to help build a prefabricated home, load it onto a truck and ship it off to Louisiana where it will be given to a family in need. In addition, for the summer 2006 VANS WARPED TOUR trek, the tour will stop into areas affected by the hurricanes to assist communities with rebuilding homes. Due to the success of the VANS WARPED TOUR this summer–over 680,000 tickets were sold–the tour was able to team up with Habitat for Humanity to make a difference. In the tour’s traditional grassroots fashion, the VANS WARPED TOUR has continued not only to be successful, but to give back to the community by donating to charities worldwide. With cutting-edge musical artists, top athletes in the action sports world and a wide range of attractions, the VANS WARPED TOUR has been instrumental in taking the punk-rock/skate/action sports subculture from the underground to the forefront of American youth culture. In addition, the VANS WARPED TOUR is reaching out through its community to empower youth to become more involved in helping hurricane charities. Fans can log onto www.warpedtour.com for direct links to multiple ways to help. To volunteer or donate to the work of habitat for Humanity in Los Angeles, go to www.habitatla.org

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