WORLD’S BEST WOMEN LONGBOARDERS LIGHT UP THE NIGHT – Red Bull 5X brings unique night surfing event to Malibu Malibu, Calif. – (October 16, 2004) – With 180,000 watts of light focused on the action, the Red Bull 5X made history as Malibu’s first-ever night surfing event was held in reeling, shoulder-high waves at the famous First Point. Five of the sport’s most talented female longboarders, including Daize Shayne, Mary Osborne, Kassia Meador, Kim Hamrock and Schuyler McFerran, battled it out in a 90-minute expression session. Instead of the normal surf competition in which each surfer’s performance is critiqued by judges on the beach, the RB5X allows the surfers to push the limits of performance without the constraints of typical contest formats. A full film crew recorded all the action in the water and the surfers themselves will determine the winner during a playback session to be held on Sunday, October 17, in Malibu. ‘It was so rad with no judges. You’re your own judge and you’re everybody else’s judge,’ says pro surfer Kassia Meador of Oceanside, Calif. ‘The RB5X is a cool way to push each other and push our surfing to the next level. It’s more about earning the respect of your peers and seeing who threw down, who’s doing the craziest stuff and who was surfing the best.’ Despite the impossibly long noserides and graceful footwork on display, it was the unique night surfing format that caught the attention of the surfers. ‘It was so beautiful on the water,’ says veteran pro Kim Hamrock of Huntington Beach, Calif. ‘Actually it was kind of hard to surf at times because I was just mesmerized watching the bottom and the fish.’ The complete session will air on the FUEL network later this year.


WASHINGTON STREET SKATEPARK BENEFIT ART SHOW featuring the art and photography of Mikey Ratt, S. Hitz, No2, Steve Roche, Jon Mehring, Brendan Klein, Dave Warshaw, Rose Bernfeld, Davey Rocket, Charlie Middleton, Sperm, Steve Bailey, Rodent, Mike Burnett, Andy Harris, Rhino, Mike Stobbe, Erin ‘Smelly’ Bartlson, Wes Humpston and many more… – Saturday Oct 30, Noon to 9pm -Silent auction. All donations go to help maintain the skateboard park. Terror Skateboards ‘Fuck Those Guys’ video premier begins at 8PM. For more info email terrorskateboards@yahoo.com.

WCSK8 VIDEO NEWS – Soon to be Released! ‘Planes, Trains and Skateboarding’ Produced By Bryce Kanights… World Cup Skateboarding Premier Video… Since 1994 World Cup Skateboarding has taken the Pro Skateboard Tour from merely 2 events to more than 20 around the globe. WCS has helped develop events from Australia to the Czech Republic into world recognized pro competitions. WCS’s ‘Planes, Trains and Skateboarding’ is a visual backstage pass behind the ramps and bleachers. Follow the life of pro skateboarders as they travel the world competing in the WCS ranks. This film is an insider’s view into the life behind and between the comps: from airports to hotels, injuries to victories, and the battle for recognition. Pros featured include Sandro Dias, Chris Senn, Ryan Sheckler, and Vanessa Torres. Footage includes Tony Trujillo, Greg Lutzka, Chad Muska, Bob Burnquist, Cara Beth Burnside, Bucky Lasek, Darrel Stanton, Paul Machnau, Omar Hassan, Colt Cannon, Jake Brown + many, many others. Featured Stops (Cities and Countries) on the 2004 WCS Tour: Globe World Cup – Melbourne, Australia – Feb 13th -14th, Asian X Games V – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Feb 19th -20th, Slam City Jam XI – Vancouver, BC – April 30th-2nd, Latin X Games III – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – May 6th-9th, Quiksilver Bowlriders – Marseille, France, Etnies Bowlmasters – Brixlegg, Austria, Globe World Championships – Dortmund, Germany July 16th – 18th, Mystic Sk8 Cup – Prague, Czech – July 23rd – 25th, Phillips Soul Bowl – Huntington Beach, CA, Trifecta Bowl Series – Lincoln City, West Linn and Aumsville, Oregon – August 27th -29th, XGames X- Los Angeles, CA – August 5th – 8th, G v R – Etnies Team Challenge – Lake Forest, CA – October 16th-17th. For more go to http//www.wcsk8.com


NEVER FORGET NEIL HEDDINGS – ‘This is the ‘FREE NEIL’ board that he drew from prison. They are $40.00 and are made by Shirley, Neil’s mom for the Marty fund. Her address is PO Box 26 NEWBERG,Oregon 97132. Please post this and tell everyone to stop acting like they forgot about this bullshit. Buy one to help out one our fallen heroes!! Go to www.martyforever.com for more information. Thanx.’ – BART SARIC

TOY MACHINE NEWS – ‘Good and Evil’ Video Premiere – Oct. 22 – House of Blues – Anahiem, CA featuring Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Diego Bucchieri, Austin Stephens, Special Secret Rider, Johnny Layton, and Ed Templeton. Doors – 7pm. Two showings – 8pm and 9pm. Open to public.

SKATEBOARD RACE DOCUMENTARY – Redshift Pictures/Planet Brooklyn announce the release of ‘Broadway Bomb,’ an extreme film chronicling the competitive journey of 27 skateboarders through the concrete canyons of New York City. The unauthorized and unpredictable 8.5-mile course begins near Columbia University on 110th Street and travels south on Broadway through traffic, construction sites, and crowded crosswalks culminating at Battery Park at the southern tip on Manhattan. Skateboarding in New York City without getting chased by a cop is challenging enough, but imagine skating full-speed on an unsecured route, with erratic traffic patterns and no protection from pedestrians and potholes, just passionate participants testing their urban street-riding skills in uncontrolled conditions. This race is about more than just being fast, it is about being tenacious and adaptable in the face of an ever-changing city course where a miscalculation can not only cost you the win, it can be disastrous. The only rules that are set-forth are quite simple: no leaving the Broadway route, no hanging-on or being pulled by vehicles and no unveiling of race details if stopped by authorities. To film and capture such a unique event required a shooting style as unorthodox as the race itself. A guerilla crew stationed cameras on various streets, on motorscooters, on a bicycle and even on the helmet of favored race participant. After 33 minutes and 23 seconds of fierce competition, participants began streaming, skating, and even staggering across the finish line. By the time all 27 had arrived, the producers had over10 hours of raw footage, and so began the countless hours of using these images to tell the skaters’ story. Energized by the music of renowned DJ/Producer Tim ‘Love’ Lee and his Tummy Touch Records, the film continued to take shape; the result is the ‘Broadway Bomb.’ The race, organized by the New York Longboarding Association, was publicized to members and amateur boarders via Internet message-boards and word-of-mouth. For more info contact – Bethany.Eppner@ogilvypr.com


CLAY WHEELS NEWS – ‘Salba was in town last weekend at the Blank Club in San Jose. He tore it up on guitar with Clay Wheels on Friday night. He played 5 songs with us and did an awesome job. For those who came out to the show, thanks. For those who missed it, it was our best show to date and it sold out!!’ – Jonny Manak… For more news about Clay Wheels go to www.supersm.com.

THE ART AND CRIMES OF RON ENGLISH – As an official selection to this year’s AFI FEST, the feature documentary ‘The Art and Crimes of Ron English’ will be screening on Tuesday, November 9th @ 9:45 PM @ ArcLight Theatre 13; and Thursday, November 11th @ 3:30 PM @ ArcLight Theatre 13. Artist Ron English, and filmmaker Pedro Carvajal will be attending the festival as well as representing the film at the AFM (American Film Market) in Santa Monica, which for the first time this year is running in tandem with the AFI FEST 04. SYNOPSIS: ‘POPAGANDA: THE ART and CRIMES OF RON ENGLISH’ is an 82-minute documentary about the culture jamming and billboard liberation antics of Ron English: billboard bandit, post- pop pundit, post-punk prankster, counter-cultural cartoonist, culture-jammer. A modern Robin Hood of Madison Avenue, Ron paints, perverts, infiltrates, reinvents and satirizes modern culture and its popular visual iconography on canvas, in songs, and directly on hundreds of pirated billboards. Shot entirely guerilla, this film gives the viewer an intimate look into the life of an artist who has been at the forefront of movements in photography, painting, activist art, and underground music. This irreverent and provocative documentary offers up an alternative universe where nothing is sacred, everything is subverted, and there’s always room for a little good-natured fun. Watch the trailer at: http://www.popaganda.com/popDocumentary.shtml

RED BULL 5X – THE NEW PICK UP GAME FOR SURFING – Here’s how it works: Round up five surfers and head to your favorite break. Throw in $5 each, paddle out, and surf for 90 minutes straight. Then, judge each other on these five criteria: torque, boost, push, mojo and combo. The winner gets the cash. But more importantly, the winner gets the respect. The girls were empowered to adapt the Red Bull 5X criteria the way they saw fit. The key is the five girls judge each other and deem the winner themselves with a format that rewards creativity and innovation. For more information, http://www.rb5x.com

KASSIA MEADOR WINS RED BULL 5X MALIBU – Malibu, Calif. – (October 18, 2004) – After an illuminating evening of night surfing under 180,000 watts of light power at First Point Malibu, the five women surfers (Daize Shayne, Mary Osborne, Kassia Meador, Kim Hamrock and Schuyler McFerran) in the Red Bull 5X gathered the following morning to review the night’s footage and vote on the winner. All the girls were surfing incredibly well with long nose rides and elegant footwork in Malibu’s long rights. After some good-hearted heckling and applauding for one another while watching the footage it was ‘sea princess’ Kassia Meador who received the nod from her fellow surfers and the $25 pot. ‘There weren’t judges, and it wasn’t a contest,’ said Kassia of the session. ‘The RB5X is a cool way to push each other and push our surfing to the next level. It’s more about earning the respect of your peers and seeing who threw down, who’s doing the craziest stuff and who was surfing the best.’ For more information, go to http://www.redbull5x.com.

OAKLEY NEWS – Oakley, Inc. (NYSE:OO) today announced that it has expanded its international distribution of Oakley Thump(tm), the company’s innovative integrated digital audio eyewear, to include Virgin Megastores in the United Kingdom, El Corte Ingles stores in Spain, Intertan stores in Canada and Sanborns in Mexico. The company expects Oakley Thump(tm) to be available in these international locations by late November or early December in time for the holiday season. ‘These additional countries of distribution are important for Oakley Thump(tm) and we believe that we have chosen outstanding retail partners for these key markets,’ commented Chief Operating Officer Link Newcomb. ‘Further, we are pleased that these international retailers are in full support and are actively participating in the launch of Oakley Thump(tm).’ These international launches will complement the company’s product launch in the United States on November 20th under an exclusive distribution arrangement with Circuit City Stores, Inc. for the consumer electronics channel. Oakley Thump(tm) will also be offered by Oakley’s own O Stores(r), Iacon sunglass specialty stores, through limited specialty retailers and is currently available to be pre-ordered online at Oakley.com and CircuitCity.com. The world’s first digital audio eyewear capable of playing MP3 music files, Oakley Thump(tm) introduces several innovations from the company. The integrated audio system is optimized for acoustically precise playback of digitally compressed files. The entire product is extremely lightweight, weighing less than an empty CD case. Oakley designed the earphones and lenses to flip up and down, making it practical to carry on a conversation or listen to music indoors. Positioned with three directions of movement, the Mylar speakers are custom engineered to offer a wide range of frequency response, up to the 20 kHz limit of human hearing. Patented optics provide unsurpassed clarity, UV protection and impact resistance. Oakley’s premium polarization technology is standard on all 256 MB models. Additional information can be found at www.oakley.com/thump. About Oakley, Inc. Oakley: a world brand, driven to ignite the imagination through the fusion of art and science. Building on its legacy of innovative, market-leading, premium sunglasses, the company also offers an expanding line of premium performance footwear, apparel, accessories, watches and prescription eyewear to consumers in more than 100 countries. Trailing-12-month revenues through September 30, 2004 totaled $548.9 million and generated net income of $34.8 million. Oakley, Inc. press releases, SEC filings and the company’s Annual Report are available at no charge through the company’s Web site at www.oakley.com.

DARKSTAR NEWS – For Immediate Release: Darkstar is proud to announce our newest pro, CHRIS DOBSTAFF! He completed two video parts within a month of each other – Osiris’s ‘Subject to Change’ and Darkstar’s ‘Battalion’. Three months later, Chris followed up with two minutes of brand new footage for the Darkstar Extended DVD. Chris Dobstaff’s new IMMORTAL board is available in stores now! Also check out all of his new footage in the Darkstar Extended DVD, available at a shop near you. www.darkstarwood.com

NEW BOWL IN UK – Press Release – After much winging, wining and constant blagging from team riders and members, Jason co-owner of SRP skate park in Barnstaple, North Devon drew up plans and built the new section. We now have a brand new bowl. The bowl is 3ft with an escalator to 2ft with some very funky corners also includes a mellow hip, spine to wall ride, steps and rails, quarters and wall rides. Over the next few weeks Jason shall be adding more wall rides, quarters and sub boxes from the extra wide platforms. Directions – SRP skate park is on the Braunton Road heading towards Croyde, one of the top UK surfing breaks. We are on the Pottington Business Park. Other sections include: Grom section all 2ft – 4ft high with quarters, flat bank, roll-in, spine, wall ride and a Mini ramp 30 ft wide, 5ft high with 6 and 8ft extensions. Cafe / club house offering hot and cold drinks and snacks. For further information visit www.srp.me.uk

OLYMPIC CONTROVERSY – KutMasta Kurt and US Olympic Committee Spar Over Redneck Album Title Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 21, 2004 — ‘This came as a huge surprise to us’ says a spokesperson for Kurt’s label, Waxploitation Records. ‘How on Earth can the US Olympic Committee own the name ‘Olympics’? If a term created by the Ancient Greeks thousands of years ago is not in the public domain, we don’t know what is. Seriously, who is going to confuse the Redneck Olympics with the modern Olympic games’ KutMasta Kurt is the legendary artist/producer/DJ best known for his work with a ‘who’s who’ of artists including Kool Keith, Beastie Boys, Dilated Peoples and Linkin Park amongst many others. Redneck Games (formerly Redneck Olympics) is slated for release at the end of 2004 and includes rarities, b-sides and otherwise previously unavailable tracks that Kurt has done with Beastie Boys, Dilated peoples, Mos Def, Linkin Park, Del tha Funkee Homosapean, Mr Lif, Planet Asia, Blackalicious, Grand Agent, pmd (of epmd) and Kool Keith to name a few. Outside the U.S. the title will remain Redneck Olympics. ‘Obviously the Olympics are hating on my skills behind the tractor wheel,’ says Kurt. ‘…and they can’t deny that pig fighting used to be an original event when the Greeks started it way back in the day..’ For more information, please check out www.waxploitation.com

ETNIES GVR: Regular Defeats Goofy at the First-Ever etnies GvR of Skateboarding – Results: GvR – Regular Team 1. Bastien Salabanzi – $10,000, 2. Kurtis Colamonica- $5,000, 3. Leo Romero-$2,500, 4. Johnny Layton-$2,000, 5. Chris Senn -$1,500 and to the MVP Regular Team-Bastien Salabanzi $1000. MVP Goofy Team-Colt Cannon took $1000. Bowl Contest – Pros – 1. Benji Galloway-$1000, 2. Omar Hassan-$600, 3. Brian Patch-$500, 4. Jimmy ‘the Greek’ -$400, 5. Bruno Passos-$300, 6. Chris Senn-$200…. Grand Masters – 1. Lance Mountain-$500, 2. Nick ‘Mad Dog’ Henderson- $400, 3. Pat Ngoho-$250, 4. Chris ‘Cookie’ Cook-$150, 5. Jeff Grosso-$100 6. Jim Gray-$100. For additional details, please log on to www.etnies.com.

DEAD BOYS – LIVE AT CBGB’S 1977 – Available on DVD on November 16, 2004… Music Video Distributors and CBGB are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Dead Boys – Live at CBGB’s 1977 for North American distribution on DVD. In 1977, at the now historic and legendary CBGB in NYC, punk rock, a musical and cultural phenomenon that would change the face of contemporary music, culture, and fashion was still essentially an underground phenomenon but it was about to explode. Among those attracted to the scene was radical counterculture artist Rod Swenson. Through the summer and early fall of 1977, Swenson, who would create the Plasmatics around Wendy O. Williams later that year, shot and produced videos and shows for the likes of the Ramones, Dead Boys, Blondie, Patti Smith as well as numerous lesser known groups. Many had forgotten the tapes even existed, or wondered if they still did, but at the urging of CBGB’s Hilly Krystal and Ed Seaman of Music Video Distributors, Swenson was able to locate most of the original masters and agreed to their restoration and release. This, the only one of its kind in existence, is Swenson’s three-camera color shoot of the historic Dead Boys shot right at their creative peak. ‘The Dead Boys were rougher and more in your face than most of their competitors at the time. Those who weren’t lucky to have experienced the Dead Boys during the first go ’round, time ran out a long time ago, as Dead Boys leader Stiv Bators took the band’s name to heart back in 1990. So all we have left are a couple of officially released studio albums, and recollections in such books as ‘Please Kill Me,’ which makes the footage on this DVD a grand discovery (the group was peaking during the Young Loud and Snotty era). The Dead Boys may be gone, but with such acts as Pearl Jam and the Beastie Boys either covering or sampling them, they will live on in one form or another.’- Greg Prato, All Music Guide… Tracklist: Sonic Reducer, All This and More, Not Anymore, Revenge, Flame Thrower Love, I Need Lunch, Ain’t Nothin’ to Do, What Love Is, High Tension Wire, Search and Destroy… Bonus materials include: Interviews with the band (1977), promotional Dead Boys clip (1977), New interviews with Cheetah Chrome and Hilly Kristal, Bonus clip of the Steel Tips, and an Alternate camera angle – the Johnny Blitz-cam! For more info go to musicvideodistributors.com.

DC SHOES Adds Muscle to Video Production Unit — In a move to expand DC’s video production department, DC Shoes, Inc. has added Kirk Dianda as Producer/Director of DC Films. In his new role, Kirk will be responsible for directing, producing, filming and editing a variety of DC video projects under Greg Hunt, who was recently promoted to Creative Director of DC Films… Copyright 2004 SportsNewsSource, LLC

NIKE NEWS – Nike Appoints Starbuck’s CEO to Board – Following its annual meeting of shareholders Monday, Nike appointed Starbucks president and CEO Orin C. Smith to its board of directors…. Copyright 2004 SportsNewsSource, LLC.

THE KANTOR GALLERY in association with New York artist Ryan Humphrey is pleased to present. . . Ryan Humphrey SUPERSTORE: a prototype storefront for the mock corporation Humphrey Industries. This venture is influenced by the independent rock band Fugazi, Diane Von Furstenburg’s multi-use, party space/apartment-boutique, and Keith Harring’s pop shop. The self-produced, self-managed and artist run store has co-opted the retail design of fashion boutiques that attach themselves to gallery districts like barnacles on ships. This experiment in entrepreneurship is a ‘DIY’ approach to engaging the art public directly without the aid or hindrances of gallery representation. This is a call to arms: Eliminate the middlemen. Deal direct. Forge your own cultural vision and promote it yourself. Humphrey Industries has no full time employee’s, no child labor factories in China, no giant Times Square billboards, or glossy fashion magazine ads, and hardly any actual product. Humphrey is more influenced by the inventiveness of David Lee Roth era Van Halen and the feats (and defeats) of Motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel than any visual artist living or dead. Ryan Humphrey will be exhibiting his wares in the Kantor Gallery New York window located at 259 10th Avenue. Exhibit will run from October 1st to December 3rd. For more information please call 323-933-6976. Special thanks to Vans shoes, and A’me grips for this project. Kantor Gallery, Inc. 7025 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, Ca 90038 www.kantorgallery.com

ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES 25TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW: 25th Anniversary show: Jello Biafra and the Melvins are 100% confirmed to play as part of the Alternative Tentacles 25th anniversary show. The show will take place on October 31st at Slim’s in San Francisco and will also feature the Bellrays, Comets on Fire, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, and Fleshies. It will be a night to remember! For more information, check out: www.alternativetentacles.com.

THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS are performing at a special concert next Friday, October 15 at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica to benefit Democracy for America and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. We promise an incredible event with Governor Howard Dean, Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barbara Boxer, Jon Corzine, Tom Harkin, and Debbie Stabenow, as will as soon-to-be Illinois Senator Barak Obama. We would love for you to join us. The tickets are $100 and are selling as quickly as you think they would so act fast if you would like to attend. You can buy tickets at: http://democracyforthesenate.com/ Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert Friday, October 15, 2004 5:00 – 7:30 p.m. Bergamot Station 2525 Michigan Avenue Santa Monica, California Los Angeles, CA $100 per Guest

BILLABONG ACQUIRES PALMERS SURF COMPANY – Billabong International Limited has acquired Kustom surf shoes as part of the purchase of Palmers Surf company. The transaction includes the purchase of the 15-year-old Palmers surf wax and surf accessories business, as well as the four-year-old Kustom surf shoe and sandal business. The maximum purchase price is in the range of A$20 million to A$25 million, including earnouts. The price equates to an EBIT multiple of less than six times earnings on a historical basis… www.sportssource.com

VANS ANNOUNCES NEW ACTION SPORTS EVENT FORMATS FOR 2005 – Vans has announced that the company will stage an innovative series of new world-class professional events in 2005, one each for skateboarding, BMX and snowboarding, joining the legendary three-stop Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. The new structure gives each event a character and contest format that is unique to that sport, allowing for more freedom of progression, the hallmark of action sports. With the evolution of Vans’ event strategy, the current format of the Vans Triple Crown Series will change. As the worldwide leader in action sports, Vans looks for these new events to be a collaborative effort with from athletes to other core companies within the action sports industry, as well as an avenue for compatible brands to connect with the action sports audience. Each sport will have an accompanying television special exploring the varied and unique stories that unfold over the course of the weekend. The exception is six hours of coverage devoted to fully narrate the drama of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. 2005 Event Line-up: Vans Snow Event… February 2005 at Northstar-at-Tahoe…. Innovative new Slope Style format, Super Pipe, off-site night-time…. Rail Jam Vans Street and Pool Skate Events…. June 2005; exact Southern California location TBD… One-of-kind city street skate contest with accompanying pool event attracting the world’s greatest bowl skaters in a nod to classic skateboarding…. Vans BMX Event – October 21-23, 2005 in Las Vegas (coinciding with the world’s largest retail bike show, InterBike)… Weekend devoted to freestyle BMX with Street, Dirt and Flatland participants… In addition, the 2004 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing schedule at Oahu’s famous North Shore includes the Vans Hawaiian Pro (November 12-24), the O’Neill World Cup of Surfing (November 26-December 7) and the Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters (December 8-20). For more information on Vans, please visit www.vans.com.

DAMN AM 2004 at Volcom, Costa Mesa, CA October 21 – 24, 2004.

COREY PARKS AND DUANE PETERS NEWS- Corey Parks and Duane Peters are having a baby. It’s a boy and he’s due in December. They’ve named him Clash Thomas Peters. Congrats to DPCP!

O’NEILL COLD WATER CLASSIC RETURNS TO LEGENDARY STEAMER LANE, SANTA CRUZ, CA – The O’Neill Cold Water Classic returns to Santa Cruz, Calif. October 20 to 24, 2004. Nearly $100,000 in cumulative purses are at stake as the world’s elite square off against America’s top rising stars in the four-star men’s and women’s Association of Surfing Professionals’ (ASP), World Qualifying Series (WQS) competitions. The final men’s Surfing America Pro Tour event on the U.S. Mainland also sets the stage for the six-star O’Neill World Cup of Surfing – Nov. 26 to Dec. 7 at Sunset Beach, Hawaii – the international WQS finale. Four wildcards into the Cold Water Classic will be determined by outcome of the O’Neill Grom Prix, Oct. 9th in Santa Cruz. Winners of the Groms (13 and under), 14-17 girls and boys, all ages open and all ages women’s divisions will receive a paid entry from O’Neill. Other events and activities include prior Cold Water Classic champions squaring off against each other on Saturday, while six expert aerialists chase $1,000 in Sunday’s expression session. For more go to surfline.com.

POWELL NEWS –POWELL Pros Steve Caballero, Danny Wainwright, Pat and Rodney will all have two new pro models this month.

NEWS FROM BRIAN WAINWRIGHT – VERTICAL ROLLERSKATING EVENT – OCT 16 – ‘We have organized a Vertical Rollerskating event at Woodward West Oct 14-17 during the Monsters of Roll. The legends of rollerskating will be there including: Tim Altic, Duke Rennie, Fred Blood, Lee Ettinger, Irene Ching, Joseph McGowan, William Farlow, Brian Wainwright, Bernhard Scheffold and Denny Chaput. Also invited include: Kenny Means, Bobby Means, Jimi Scott, Jay Tubb, Gaston Smith, Daniel Knopf, Chris Allen, Kenny Helbert, Dave Roen, Eric Felts and Ritchie Misterka.’ Woodward West is located at 28400 Stallion Springs Drive Stallion Springs, CA. Phone 661-822-7900 or e-mail office@campwoodwardwest.com. Anyone who would like more information or would be interested in sponsoring the event please contact Brian Wainwright at skateeight@earthlink.net.

CUSTOM OLD SKOOLS available now on vans.com !!! Due to the overwhelming success of custom Slip-On’s introduced earlier this year as the first style in the Vans Customs shoe creator program, vans.com is now offering you the ability to customize Classic Old Skools. Just design your shoe, submit your design through our Customs site and four to six weeks later, the Vans Customs you’ve created land at your doorstep. You’ll now have the chance to customize 11 sections on the Old Skools with over 27 colors and patterns to choose from. You can also enter now for your chance to win a pair of custom Old Skools in the Vans.com / Jimmy Eat World Custom Old Skool Contest. We’ve hooked up with Jimmy Eat World who’s new album, ‘Futures’ is out on October 19th , to offer you the chance to be one of the five winners who’ll win a pair of their uniquely designed Old Skools along with an autographed copy of ‘Futures’. Check out vans.com for full contest rules and thanks again for being a part of the vans.com community.

GLOBE MATCHES HYPE OF WORLD POKER SERIES WITH GLOBE WILDCARD SERIES – The Globe Wildcard Series are twelve skate contests held throughout the US and Canada between September and November 2004. The top three qualifiers from each event will parlay their chips for the Globe Wildcard Series Finals to be held in Los Angeles on November 21st. The top two finishers from the LA final will then receive Wildcard entry to the invitation-only 2005 Globe World Cup of Skateboarding in Australia, the most prestigious and progressive event on the WCS. The Wildcard Series are fun, free sessions, held in a Jam format, open to anyone over twelve, un-sponsored, sponsored, local shredders and seasoned pros. Previous players to have a seat at the table of the Globe World Cup of Skateboarding in Australia have included Tony Trujillo, Danny Way, Rick McCrank, Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzka, and 2004 GWCS Champion, Ronnie Creager. With free entry for competitors and visitors, free shuttles from local shops to each location, a DJ, free BBQ and drinks… Wildcard Series Schedule – Sep 19, Grapevine TX – ESPN X-Games Skatepark; Sep 25, Seattle WA – Milton Skatepark; Oct 2, Phoenix AZ – Desert West Skateboard Plaza; Oct 9, Grass Valley CA – Grass Valley Skatepark; Oct 10, Vancouver Canada – Tsawwassen Skatepark; Oct 16, Orlando FL – Paradise Skatepark – Merritt Island; Oct 17, Denver CO – Boulder Skatepark; Oct 23, Philadelphia PA – Boarderline Skatepark – Westchester; Oct 24, Springfield MA – Junction Skatepark; Nov 6, Milwaukee WI – Four Seasons Skatepark; Nov 7, Toronto Canada – The Ward – Guelph; Nov 13, Los Angeles CA – Donny’s House in Victorville; FINALS Nov 20, Los Angeles CA – Torrance Skate Park… Checkout www.globeworldcup.com/wildcard for details.

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