SWEDISH SKATEBOARD SUMMER CAMP WEBSITE – 1985 Swedish Skateboard Summer camp Nostalgia website has been updated. Check it out at www.skateboardmemories.com where you can find more information about the camps and the progress of the film.

OUTLOOK SKATEBOARDS – OutLook Skateboards is proud to offer Living Legend Deck #2, featuring the inventor of the ‘OLLIE’ and skateboard Legend Alan Gelfand. Each deck will be limited and will contain an autographed Living Legend Certificate of the depicted skater. Each deck will also be numbered from 1 to 300. Get the decks while you can. Check out or purchase the deck at www.outlookskates.com/GelfandDeck.htm or e-mail Vince at outlookskates@aol.com.

HAL JEPSEN’S SKATEBOARD MADNESS ON DVD Fountain Valley, CA (411 Productions) – October 8, 2003: ON Video is proud to introduce Classics ON Video-a new division for timeless films. The new department is dedicated to bringing classic skateboard films to light in special-edition releases under the Classics ON Video label. Classics ON Video is proud to release its first project, Hal Jepsen’s 1980 film, Skateboard Madness. Starring Stacy Peralta, Kent Senatore, Dan ‘Mini Shred’ Smith, Gregg Ayres, and Kurt ‘Mellow Cat’ Ledterman, Skateboard Madness is the story of an adventurous skate photographer (Ledterman) who sets out to capture ‘something new, something fresh’ for the pages of Wonder Rolling News. With his job on the line, Cat hits the road with this band of ‘freaked-out gonzo humanoids on wheels’ to visit some of the epic skate spots of the 60s, 70s, and 80s: Paul Revere Junior High, Lakewood, Turningpoint Ramp, Arizona Pipes, Endless Wave, Solid Surf, Brentwood School, Marina Del Rey, La Costa, Vista, Bellagio School, and Palisades High. Bonus footage on this special edition includes legendary parks like Winchester and Cherry Hill. Narrated by Phil Hartman, Skateboard Madness is a madcap odyssey through a period of incredible transformation in the world of skateboarding; all caught by the lens of master surf filmmaker Hal Jepsen. Over ten minutes of bonus skate footage, interviews with Jepsen and Peralta, and appearances by many of skateboarding’s celebrated pioneers make this special-edition DVD of Skateboard Madness a must-see for any true skate historian, or anyone in need of a dose of radical action. Alan ‘Ollie’ Gelfand, Shogo Kubo, Jerry Valdez, Danny Bearer, Torger Johnson, George Trafton, John Fries, and a young Steve Caballero at Winchester in the bonus footage. Look for Skateboard Madness at a skate retailer near you on November 4, 2003 or find it at www.411vm.com! About ON Video Magazine: ON Video Magazine, produced once every season, chronicles the rich history of skateboarding while featuring today’s people, places, and happenings plus future stars of the sport. Classics ON Video is a division of ON Video that produces collector’s-edition releases of memorable skateboarding films. ON Video Magazine and Classics ON Video releases are produced by 411 Productions. Visit ON Video on the web at www.onvideomagazine.com

OP GIRLS LEARN TO RIDE – Op Girls Learn To Ride. All Female Weekend at Woodward West Camp – Op Girls Learn To Ride (Op GLTR), the original series of girls-only action sports clinics, will be hosting the Op GLTR All-Female Weekend at Woodward West Camp in Stallion Springs, Calif., Oct. 17 to 19, 2003. The Op GLTR All-Female Weekend will provide instruction for all skill levels from beginner to advanced in skateboarding, BMX riding, mountain biking, gymnastics, etc. The weekend will include instruction, accommodations, meals, evening activities and more. You can learn to skateboard with Vanessa Torres, Cara-Beth Burnside, Jen O’Brien, Sasha LaRochelle, Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins and Amy Caron to name a few. Woodward West has it all with the best skate/bmx parks in the world in one place. Over 5 different parks from indoor, outdoor, concrete, bowls, vert ramps, resi- ramps and foam pits. Every skill level of riding is covered. A portion of each participants fees will benefit the Boarding for Breast Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit, youth-focused breast cancer education and awareness foundation. The event is sponsored by Op, Woodward West Camp, Gallaz, Cherry Skateboards, SG: Surf Snow Skate Girl Magazine, WML, and RaceGirl BMX League. Email: info@girlslearntoride.com or go to www.opgirlslearntoride.co

WORLD INDUSTRIES LICENSES VARIFLEX– The rumors are true. We have signed a deal with Variflex to license World completes, helmets and other safety equipment into broader distribution channels. In addition, we are creating new lower price points for you, our core customer, while retaining the quality. This new product line has the possibility of opening new entry level price points to your current customers. Before the conspiracy theorists and competitors get busy, we need to point a few things out. World’s core consumers are ‘kids’. Neither us as wholesalers or you as retailers address this market as a main focus of business. General Sporting Goods retailers are the more frequent destination to the parents who make the bulk of the buying decisions for their kids. We both need this next generation of skaters to be exposed to a credible board sports brand as early as possible. This will increase the chance that these young skaters will follow the road to specialty board sports retail when they do control their own spending and Dwindles multi-brand strategy makes this possible for us and for you. World Industries sales through Variflex will not take sales from you. Variflex retains the right to manufacture and distribute select products to mass market retailers under the World Industries brand in North America .This includes complete skateboards and safety equipment such as helmets and pads. The customer and type of shopping are so radically different to the markets we all work in that they are not on our daily radar. World will capture market share and sales currently supported from the non-board sports brands in mass stores. The sales we achieve through this decision, we can use to support the board sports culture that we all rely and survive upon. Thin edge of the wedge you say? No, we ARE NOT taking Almost, Blind, Enjoi, Darkstar, Tensor, or any of our other brands to the mass channel. We will continue to market, promote, and support World at the core level with advertising and pro team riders. In addition, under the agreement we retain creative control and approval of the World Industries brand. We will, also, continue to sell to you the core retailer all World current and expanding categories of hardgoods and softgoods through Dwindle Distribution. We will not alter or compromise the nature of our culture geared to you. What we are doing is good for World, and in the longer term we believe good for both World and you. Our only concern with this new arrangement is that what we are doing is not misinterpreted and does not damage the relationship we have built with you over many years – a relationship which we value highly. For more information about expanded World Industries products contact your Dwindle sales reps. If you have any concerns about these developments for the World Industries brand please feel free to contact me directly. Yours sincerely, Bob Sayre World Industries Dwindle Distribution

BEAST OF THE EAST – The next Beast of the East contest will be at Rye Airfield in Rye, NH on Oct 19. There will be 3 divisions – Intermediate, advanced and sponsored. Andrew Jackson will get you into the contest. Registration is at 10am and the contest starts at 12. Check www.ryeairfield.com for more info. The Beast of the East Championships 6 will be held Nov 21-23 at Skaters Edge in Taunton, MA. Check unitedskate.com for more info.


VENICE ART COALITION – ART FOR THE PEOPLE presents Purple Productions DOUG O (SMITH) – Art and Nothingness at Sponto Gallery. Opening Reception Oct 3, 6PM-9PM. Closing party – Thursday – Oct. 9th. Sponto Gallery – 7 Dudley Ave – Venice, CA. For more info – 310-306-7330. Click here for photos.

20 YEARS OF RUN DMC – ‘It’s Like That: 20 Years of Run-DMC-JMJ’ to Open October 17 – Eyejammie Hosts Photo Tribute to ‘the Beatles of Hip-Hop’ The Eyejammie Fine Arts Gallery announced today that its photo tribute to Run-DMC will kick off with a press reception on Friday evening, October 17. Entitled ‘It’s Like That: 20 Years of Run-DMC-JMJ,’ the show will feature contributions from a galaxy of hip-hop’s greatest photographers. The reception will be held at the gallery, 516 West 25th Street, Suite 306, from 6 to 9pm. ‘It’s hard to believe, but it really has been 20 years since Run-DMC’s first recordings were released,’ said Eyejammie’s Bill Adler. ‘This is a landmark in hip-hop history and it provides us with a convenient opportunity to celebrate Run-DMC’s achievements.’ Raised in Hollis, Queens, Run-DMC released their first single, ‘It’s Like That/Sucker MCs’ on the independent Profile label in the spring of 1983. Although they emerged several years after the first wave of hitmaking rappers, Run-DMC reshaped every aspect of ‘the rap game.’ They made the most exciting records, assembled the most cohesive and best-looking albums, put on the most dynamic and best-produced live shows, and starred in the first great rap music videos and movies. They toured non-stop domestically and internationally, and dramatically increased the size of the rap audience. Ultimately, Run-DMC were the first fully-committed emissaries of the black youth culture that’s come to be known as hip-hop. Indeed, their impact on hip-hop has been likened to that of the Beatles on rock’n’roll. Not coincidentally, Run-DMC were among the most photographed rappers of their day. Photographers contributing to the ‘It’s Like That’ show include: Gene Bagnato, Raymond Boyd, Josh Cheuse, Andre Leroy Davis, George DuBose, Glen E. Friedman, James Hamilton, Talib Haqq, Jason Messer, Chi Modu, Lloyd Nelson, Ernie Paniccioli, Al Pereira, Carl Posey, Ricky Powell, David Salidor, Ronnie Wright, and Joe the Cameraman. Others will undoubtedly be added between now and the debut of the show itself. ‘Though Run-DMC disbanded following the murder of Jam Master Jay on October 30th last year, their achievements remain evergreen and their influence continues to grow,’ says Bill Adler. ‘We’re delighted to be able to honor them in this way.’ For more information, call Bill at 212 645 0061 or email info@eyejammie.com

OPEN LETTER TO ANDY MACDONALD – From: Tom Miller, Portland, Oregon
Da: September 16, 2003
Re: Bad Pro Endorsement Deals
Please consider printing the following in the form of an Opinion Editorial in print and/or website. Thank you. Every American has a Constitutionally protected right to earn a living in a manner he or she sees fit within the boundaries of law. Skaters that companies deem appropriate to serve as spokespersons for certain products are certainly free to endorse any such product, however ridiculous. The question of endorsement savvy, then, is not one of law but something subtler. It’s called tact. Andy Macdonald is a skater of inarguable tenacity and skill. I, myself, will never match his lines. Like most readers, I’m among the mass of nameless, faceless skaters who continue to ride, in part, because of inspiration derived from guys like Andy. We’re the people whose passion for skateboarding keeps his paychecks coming and this entire industry afloat. I fully defend Andy’s right to represent himself as a skater in any situation he deems appropriate. But it’s time to have a word with Andy and his ilk. Every time you guys endorse a product it reflects on the revered way of life we all share as skateboarding. Andy, you guys are so good you make a living at it. A damn good living. When I say ‘damn good’ I don’t mean to imply a certain sum of money. Any amount of money earned through pursuit of passion like skateboarding is damn good. If you guys need a lesson you can trade places with me any day; I sit behind a desk for 40 hours/week. So what’s up with endorsing pathetic product that we all know disserves the long-term interests of our revered way of life? Let’s just focus on one such product: prefabricated skatepark set-ups generated by playground companies. Andy, you guys know the session ain’t on at some bogus plastic setup. Is it just a paycheck to you? I appreciate your desire to earn a living through skateboarding. It’s an incredible opportunity, and yes, you should make the most of it. But it’s not just about you. You need to understand you’re ruining our session-the sacred altar, the only thing that matters in skateboarding. When you guys endorse this stuff, duped city officials buy it. They distrust and disrespect the experience of guys like me who have been skating for 25 years imploring them to hire a design/construction team comprised of people that skate. Do you guys get it? While you travel the globe getting paid to session with friends experiencing what we can only dream we’re slugging it out at home with the bureaucrats who know nothing about skateboarding. We’re just everyday inconsequential skaters; they don’t trust us like they trust a pro-skater endorsed sales pitch from a bankrolled playground equipment company who recognizes profit to be seized in the current surge of city skateparks. Your paycheck sells out the session for all of us. You run off to the next stop on the celebrity skate parade while we get stuck with 4-foot prefab nonsense. If you weren’t jet setting and had only your local prefab park to skate you too would curse the name of the professional skater who endorsed it. Hard feelings, then, are inevitable, but I’d rather be productive about this. I write this humble plea asking for mutual respect, foresight, and yes, tact. Andy-all of you-think about the repercussions of what you endorse before you scoop up a check. We’re spending literally years of our lives begging for real skateparks. We need your support. You’re rolling the high life in a serious way-thanks to us. Show some respect already and ditch these profiteers who care not at all about the quality of our session. Are you guys cool enough to respect that?—– Tom Miller – Skaters for Portland Skateparks – pdxskaters@hotmail.com – http://www.pdxskaters.org

BAM MARGERA TAKES OVER 411VM SKATEBOARDING ISSUE 61 – Fountain Valley, CA (411 Productions) – Bam Margera, writer, director, actor, and professional skateboarding superstar has taken over 411BAM Skateboarding issue 61. He’s in front of the camera from beginning to end acting as this issue’s host, plus you’ll see Bam and his famous friends making cameo appearances throughout. Issue 61 also features the Adio team, Scott Christiansen, Terrell Robinson, Jon Goemann, Jason Dill, Chet Childress, Pat Smith, Steve Nesser, Mike Peterson. Tony T, Omar Hassan, Salman Agah and Jim Gagne. Issue 61 DVD bonus footage includes coverage of the Damn Am contest from 3rd Lair Skatepark in Minneapolis, MN, a Spot Check at Borderline Skatepark in West Chester, PA and a full part from the Midwest Master Of Disaster, VENOM. Visit 411 on the web at www.411vm.com.

LAME – Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has sued a skateboarding magazine and the Vans shoe company for allegedly using his image in an ad without his permission. Sixx, whose real name is Franklin C. Feranna, said in the lawsuit filed Tuesday that the defendants used photographs of him with pro skater Tony Trujillo at a San Francisco ceremony, which Thrasher magazine organized and Vans sponsored. Sixx said he agreed to present Trujillo with a ‘Skater of the Year’ award at the December 2002 ceremony because he knew Trujillo was a Motley Crue fan. The 44-year-old musician said he was surprised to see photos taken at the ceremony in an ad for Trujillo’s signature Vans shoes. The photo also showed a marquee with the words ‘Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year Tony Trujillo.’ The lawsuit said the ad appeared in Revolver, Maxim, Stuff, FHM, Blender, and Alternative Press. It said the caption above one photo, ‘Live Fast, Die Young,’ was ‘somewhat reminiscent of the title of Motley Crue’s first album, ‘Too Fast For Love.” Sixx also noted that he has a clothing line, ‘N. Sixx by Dragonfly,’ that seeks out the same youthful consumers Vans targets. Vans attorney Craig Gosselin said the company hadn’t seen the lawsuit, but planned to fight it. Thrasher publisher Ed Riggins said he didn’t believe the magazine should be named in the lawsuit because no one from Thrasher had asked that the publication’s name be included in the ad.

SEX SELLS – Something new for the skateboarding video genre but it’s the oldest trick in the book. That’s right, sex sells. Be part of the debauchery taking place at the 10th anniversary of Slam City Jam. This is ‘Slam City, gone wild’, where two beautiful Vancouver models including WWE’s newest Diva Jaime Koeppe escort us through the backstage lifestyles of pro’s from all over the world and the women partying around them! Of course there’s the skateboarding, but still! On the scene skateboard celebrity Renee Renee narrates the 35 minute video and DJ Science provides him the beats. Sections include skate hockey, beer relay, donut bumpers, and The Hastings Park Legends and Last Man Standing contests as well as the men’s and women’s street and vert action. The DVD has a Picture Gallery and a Bonus Section including more girls and skating. For the trailer check http://www.slamcityuncensored.com.


Men’s Vert Competition 1. Bob Burnquist (Vista, CA) $18,500 2. Pierre-Luc Gagnon (Montreal, CAN) $10,500 3. Jake Brown (Oceanside, CA) $7,500 Men’s Street 1. Carlos de Andrade (Curitaba, BRA) $18,500 2. Kyle Berard (Virginia Beach, VA) $10,500 3. Paul Machnau (Vancouver, CAN) $7,500 Ladies Vert 1. Cara-Beth Burnside (Orange, CA) $1,800 2. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins (Cardiff, CA) $800 3. Holly Lyons (Waulnut Creek, CA) $500 Ladies Street 1. Vanessa Torres (Anaheim, CA) $1,800 2. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins (Cardiff, CA) $800 3. Patiane Freitas (Sao Paulo, BRA) $500 2003 Vans Triple Crown of Skateboarding Champion – Andy Macdonald (Ford Ranger FX4) Overall Vert Champion – Andy Macdonald ($10,000) Overall Street Champion – Ryan Sheckler ($10,000) The Xbox World Championships of Skateboarding will air on NBC Sports on December 20 at 3:00 pm EST. For more information on Vans and the Vans Triple Crown Series, please visit www.vans.com.

HYPOCRISY SKATEBOARDS’ Will Talbot is making a statement. A month ago, Talbot started Hypocrisy Distribution, with a line of skateboards and T-shirts that will offer two sections – right wing and left wing skateboards with a decidedly political agenda. Taking full advantage of his first amendment rights, Talbot’s website includes links and bios for politicians such as George Bush and Sen. John Kerry. Learn to vote smart at www.hypocrisydistribution.com.

ALL TOMORROWS PARTIES – The All Tomorrows Parties Pacific 2003 will be curated by Matt Groenig and hosted in Sex Pistols style – aboard the Queen Mary. Nov 8 – the QM Events Park stage features Sonic Youth, Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, The Magic Band, The Shins, The Black Heart Procession, Unknown Hinson Also on Nov 8 at the Queen Mary Stage – Spoon, Mike Watt /George Hurley Minuetmen Duet, Deerhoof, Danielson Famile, Daniel Johnston, and Liarbird. On Sunday, Nov 9 -the QM events park stage will feature Iggy and The Stooges, The Mars Volta, Elliott Smith, Mission of Burma, Har Mar Superstar, James Chance and The Contortions, Bardo Pond, Bangs. Also on Sunday, Nov 9th at the QM events park stage – Cat Power, American Analog Set, Carla Bozulich Red Headed Stranger Show, Terry Riley / Stefano Scodanibbio, John Wesley Harding and Moris Tepper. The Queen Mary is located at the south end of the 710 Freeway, on the water in Long Beach. The Queen Mary, 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA Telephone (562) 435-3511

ISPO SHOW DATES – MUNICH, Germany (October 7, 2003) ispo has announced its winter and summer show dates for the next three years. The world’s most diverse sports trade show will continue to reflect its dedication to the needs of manufacturers and retailers by scheduling the shows in the first weekend of July and the first weekend of February. The schedule has been set in coordination with the industry, retailers and trade associations. Upcoming show dates are as follows: ispo_Winter 2004: Sunday, February 1 through Wednesday, February 4, ispo_Summer 2004: Sunday, July 4 through Tuesday, July 6, ispo_Winter 2005: Sunday, February 6 through Wednesday, February 9, ispo_Summer 2005: Sunday, July 3 through Tuesday, July 5, ispo_Winter 2006: Sunday, February 5 through Wednesday, February 8, ispo_Summer 2006: Sunday, July 2 through Tuesday, July 4. ispo_Summer and ispo_Winter are among the largest trade shows operated by Messe Munich and are considered the most attended and most important sporting goods tradeshows in the World. Contact information is available at www.ispo.com.

VK SPORTS NEWS – We need your help! We started a site called skateboardpark.com to provide people with pictures and directions to skateparks across the United States. If you can take a few minutes and check the skatepark directory and see if your local parks are in there that would be great. If not you can submit your local parks in just a few minutes. For a skatepark submission we need directions or the cross streets, a few pictures and a description of the park. Go to www.skateboardpark.com.

DAMN AM 2003 RESULTS – Go to http://www.damnam.com

GRAVITY NEWS- BENEFIT FOR FIRE VICTIMS: The Gravity Family supporting our county fire victims…. I’d like to get a drive established for donations for the local people who have suffered from the recent fire devastation. Anything such as canned goods, clothing, gift certificates, toiletry items, kitchen items could be dropped off here at the office. I’m contacting the Red Cross to get the name of one or two families that we could make this donation to. I think this is a more personal approach than just giving it to the Red Cross in general. There are so many people who have been affected. Many families have lost everything. Those of us who weren’t harmed by the fire have so much to be thankful for. And I’m sure we all have some excess in our lives that we can share with those less fortunate. If you want to make a donation, you can either call, e-mail, or drop by the office within the next week. I want to move on this as soon as possible. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks! Susan Stone – Office Manager – Gravity Boarding Company – 1790-105 La Costa Meadows Drive San Marcos, California 92069 USA. phone: 760.591.4144. fax: 760.591.4944. www.gravityboard.com

JASON DILL NEWS – Jason Dill has a new hang out. You can find him most evenings lurking at The Hole on the Lower Eastside of NYC. He’s the club mascot and mostly just hangs out letting the urbanites buy him drinks. When the place gets packed on the weekends, he’s been brushing up on his bartending skills, but be careful what you order. No matter what you ask for, you’ll probably get a Budweiser.

KRIS MARKOVICH NEWS – Kris Markovich has left Hollywood Skateboards to ride for Blind. Time for a new tattoo? Hollywood Skateboards will continue to function without a creative director and the team will make collective decisions for the future of the brand.


SURF ART – A benefit art exhibit on behalf of Jason Nalu Bogle…. All proceeds will go to the Jason Bogle Cancer Foundation. FRIDAY: November 21, 2003 – 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm @ In4mation Ward Warehouse 1050 Ala Moana Blvd, B-1 Bay 5 and 6 Honolulu, Hawaii, 96814… Curator: Jun Jo / Rickey Kim…Special Thanks to: Leilow / Kickshawaii… Artists include – Eric Haze, Dez Einswell, Futura, David Choe, Invisible:Man, Michael Leon, Dean Bradley, Michael Lau, Alyasha Owerka-Moore, Andy Howell, Jon Phenom, Angry Woebot… Shapers include: Jon Carper, Mike Woo, Jason Kashiwai Dropout Surboards Japan, Paul Barga, Akila Aipa… For more info, please contact Rickey Kim at rickey@evilmonito.com

WORLD’S LONGEST OLLIE CONTEST – A slew of Venice skateboarders have been selected to participate in the World’s Longest Ollie Contest set for Oct. 30th from 11am to 2pm at Cinema Plaza at Universal CityWalk in Universal City, CA. The group of local amateur talent was hand-selected this weekend in Venice, CA by Mike Crum, Neil Hendrix, Jeff Ho and Jesse Martinez… Pro skaters competing for the World Record Longest Ollie include: Eric Koston, Chad Muska, Brian Patch, Ronnie Creager, Pat Duffy, Fabrizio Santos, Dayne Brummet, Josh Evin, Wolnei Dos Santos, Anthony Van Engelen, Carlos de Andrade, Daneil Vieira, Caine Gayle, Chad Fernandez, and Ryan Sheckler. The amateur list includes Matt Lemond (Santa Monica, CA), James Hanson (Venice, CA), Dan Levy (Venice, CA), Wiley Z-Cult (Venice, CA), Freedom Fisher (Malibu, CA), Chris King (Venice, CA), Justin Zaren (San Diego, CA), Ian Goolsby (Venice, CA), Joe Goana (Westminster, CA), Jason Jones (El Segundo, CA), DJ Chavez (El Segundo, CA), Aaron Artis (El Segundo, CA), Graham Bigerstaff (El Segundo, CA), Jimmy Astleford (San Marcos, CA), Zak Plehn (Venice, CA), Laura Ferrara (Malibu, CA), and Shevawn Armstrong (Malibu, CA). Thursday, Oct. 30 at Universal City Walk. This event kicks off the countdown to the LG Action Sports Championships next month. LG Mobile phones is putting up $5000 for the winner of the World’s Longest Ollie contest. For tickets and information about the LG Action Sports Championships, log on to www.LGactionsports.com.

EMERICA – Emerica Launches State-Of-The-Art Web Site at www.emericaskate.com.

ACTIVISION TONY HAWK’S UNDRGROUND – Activision’s Tony Hawk’s Underground hits North American Retail Outlets. The Most Customizable Console Game Ever Allows Players To Import Their Own Face, Design Their Own Tricks, Goals, Skate Decks and Skating Environments… Tony Hawk’s Underground, the revolutionary skateboarding game, redefines the #1 action sports franchise with groundbreaking options that put players front and center as a skateboarder working their way to the top, in a plot-driven story that’s true-to-life and gives them the power to explore their environments and achieve goals both on and off the board. The game is currently available for the PlayStation 2, the Xbox video system from Microsoft and Nintendo GameCube for a suggested retail price of $49.99 and has been rated ‘T’ (‘Teen’ – with blood, mild violence, strong language and suggestive themes – content suitable for persons ages 13 and older) by the ESRB. In Tony Hawk’s Underground, players skate as themselves and experience the trials and tribulations of going from an unknown local skate punk to becoming a superstar skater. Along the way, they get off the board and explore eight expansive levels by running, climbing or driving a variety of vehicles to complete enhanced goals, which makes the gameplay more realistic and fun. Founded in 1979, Activision posted net revenues of $864 million for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2003. More information about Activision and its products can be found at www.activision.com.

SURF NEWS – Kelly Slater wins Billabong Pro Mundaka… Rob Machado wins 2003 Foster’s Tour Champion’s Title… Andy Irons wins Quiksilver Pro… Billabong Odyssey Big Wave Movie hits theaters Nov 7… Red Bull 5X goes Aloha with North Shore Tow-in event… Extreme Surf Legends/Events/Film Fest on October TV… Vans to open flagship store on Carnaby Street/London… Hawaiian Pop-Art party celebrates Hawaiian Surfers… For more info visit www.surfersvillage.com

BEST OF THE WEST CHAMPIONSHIPS – Nov 1-2 – RAS2003 ‘Best of the West’ Championships sponsored by Es Shoes, Hawk Skateboarding, Thrasher Magazine, Got Milk? and Ride On Skateboard Shop at Klammath Falls Oregon. Skateboarders from California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Colorado will be competing for the Best of West Title. Finalists will qualify for the Grom Series Championships and Beast of the East National Championships. Saturday Nov. 1st. qualify to advance to the sunday finals. Registration starts at 8am along with open practice until 10 am.


ETNIES NEWS – Etnies is proud to announce the latest addition to the etnies team, Stefan Janoski! See www.etnies.com.

SKATEPARK NEWS – Thursday, October 23, 2003 – Subject: Costa Mesa City Council Votes to Procede with Skatepark at Tewinkle Park – Last night the Costa Mesa City Council voted 3-2 in favor of building a skatepark at TeWinkle Park!!! This is good. We have finally overcome the major obstacle in moving forward. The Location! Are there additional obstacles? Yes!!!!!! The good: 1. The Park is approved at the TeWinkle Park location. The bad: 1. It is limited to 15,000 square feet while most cities are building 25,000 to 40,000 square foot parks, and we have more skaters than most cities. Hopefully, they’ll move on a 2nd skatepark after this one is built because it won’t be big enough. 2. The budget approved for a skatepark is $527,950, and it will probably cost quite a bit more than that to do it right with the proper restroom facilities, lighting, resolving parking issues, etc….. We will do our best to find a way to make it work. While the city council voted to proceed moving forward they did so with some obstacles to overcome. They have given direction to city staff to come back to them with a more accurate specifications of operating hours, examples of the layout, etc….. We also know it needs to have lights to properly serve the volume of skaters in this city, but with every item that has to be reviewed is one more possibility of problems and having to listen to more arguments from nearby residents. So, don’t think for a minute that you are not going to have to show up again to help us get this thing done. I am going to be staying on top of the recreation department manager to make sure we can help them attain as much information as quickly as possible to keep the process rolling smoothly. The frustration last night was watching the city council approve $2 million to renovate softball fields, and much less than that for it’s number one recreational priority according to it’s own Recreation Master Plan. Yes, that’s renovate, not build new. They voted down even moving the fences as originally proposed to make the fields longer which has become more popular in other cities–which was probably a good idea all things considered. But, now $2 million dollars basically just cleans up an existing facility, and doesn’t even bring it up to the playing level of neighboring cities fields. Why not just rebuild the bathrooms and spend the half the money on facilities the city really needs and doesn’t have at all? I didn’t go into the meeting caring much about the softball field until I realized the disproportionate funds they plan on spending relative to a skatepark. It is just not right. According the the Costa Mesa Recreation Master Plan, 3.3 percent of people per capita play adult softball, which is what these $2 millon dollar upgraded fields are used for, and 11.1 percent skate/skateboard. So if 3.3% play softball and 11.1% skate or ride skateboards, why is the budget for a skatepark almost 1/4th of the budget for renovating the softball fields? If we have 3 times as many participants, why do we have 1/4 the budget? I brought it up during the public comments about the softball field, but it was basically not addressed last night at the meeting. The irony is that in addition to this lunacy, we had Allan Mansoor all but telling us we should be getting private sponsors to pay for our skatepark to be built. Mr. Mansoor voted against the skatepark project. Private sponsors can and may be able to step in and help, and I’d personally be happy to help find them. I have had a couple conversations about that with potential donors, but it’s a bit of an insult to infer that the city shouldn’t pay for it’s skatepark. They paid $8 million for soccer fields nearby, and want to spend $2 million to renovate softball fields. There are more skaters than either of those user groups. Did they try and wait for corporate sponsors to come up with those funds? No!!!! And in case you forgot, a Skatepark is listed in the Costa Mesa Recreation Master Plan as the number one needed facility and the number one priority. Is it? Ok, so what can you do next? You should first start by thanking the Costa Mesa City Council by clicking here and sending them a thank you note– CMCouncil@ci.costa-mesa.ca.us I am completely honest. We have come a long way, and they finally voted the right way for all skaters of Costa Mesa, even though the budget is a way out of whack. You can thank Council members Libby Cowan, Gary Monahan, and Mike Scheafer for that, and sure why not remind them that they should allocate a proportionate amount of funds necessary to build a proper skatepark. You can and should also share your opinion with the local newsaper at dailypilot@latimes.com , and it wouldn’t hurt to also share your valuable opinion with the new Costa Mesa Recreation Manager Jana Ransom at jransom@ci.costa-mesa.ca.us. I will keep you posted as I learn more. Anyone ready to take on Newport Beach? – Jim Gray www.SkateParkCoalition.org ‘The Voice Of The Skaters for Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, California, Usa

CASE LOGIC NEWS – Tony Hawk, Dave Mirra and Shaun Palmer have signed on to a new sponsorship deal with Case Logic. The marketing gurus will introduce 29 new items for the holiday buying season including cd visors and cd cases in a variety of designs.

FUEL LAUNCHES NEW SERIES SKATE MAPS – PREMIERING ON NOVEMBER 9TH Los Angeles, CA – October 22, 2003 – Original Media and FUEL announced today that it will launch Skate Maps, its new original series featuring the Zoo York skateboarding team on its European summer tour on Sunday, November 9 at 9:37pm ET/PT. The series, part reality/adventure show, part extreme sports showcase, follows seven pro-skaters from city to city as they skate the best local skate spots and check out what each city has to offer. Each episode features the boys traveling, arguing, meeting girls, getting lost, partying, and of course, skating in a new European city. Skate Maps features Harold Hunter (Kids), Jefferson Pang, Forrest Kirby, Brian Brown, Zered Bassett, Robert Lopez Mont, and Aquil Brathwaite. Each skater has his own skating style and distinct personality. Jeff is the leader of the team. Harold is the clown and trouble-maker of the group, while Forrest is the ladies man. Aquil and Robert are the rookies. Brian is a recluse. And Zered brings the show. Throughout 13 episodes, the team travels to Cologne, Berlin, Prague (2003 Mystic World Cup Contest), Zurich, Geneva, Madrid, San Sebastian (2003 O’Neill World Surfing and Skateboarding Championships), Munich, Hamburg, and Dortmund (2003 Skateboarding World Championships). FUEL, 24/7 action sports television. To find out if you get FUEL, visit www.fuel.tv.

BILLABONG ODYSSEY – Billabong Odyssey Premiering November 7 in U.S. – One of the most anticipated surf films of the past ten years, ‘Billabong Odyssey,’ premieres November 7 in select Arenaplex theatres in the U.S. Warner Home Video is preparing a 2004 DVD release. The film documents the dramatic life-or-death adventures of a team of surfer/explorers who search the seven seas on the quest to find and ride the biggest wave on the planet. ‘Billabong Odyssey’ was filmed over the course of two years in 35mm and high-definition 24p digital formats in the wild waters of California, Washington, Mexico, Hawaii, Spain, France, Australia, Tahiti and at the notorious Cortes Bank, in international seas 100 miles off the Southern California coast. The waves in the movie topped 60 feet. Among those featured in ‘Billabong Odyssey’ are Mike Parsons, Brad Gerlach, Shawn Barron, Flea Virotsko, Ken ‘Skindog’ Collins, Josh Loya and others. The Billabong Odyssey was conceived by former Surfing magazine editor Bill Sharp. For more information, go to www.billabongodyssey.com.


CONSPIRACY SKATEBOARDS NEWS – ‘We are premiering our newest video ‘More Concrete’ this Saturday in Denver, at the Bluebird Theater. The video includes new footage from parks and pools in Oregon, and Colorado. Also some great footage of Bryan Pennington, Wrex Cook, and others on the Conspiracy Team. We will also be showing the new skate video ‘Hession Session’, and the 80’s classic ‘Thrashin’. 21 and over, doors at 8pm, this Saturday October 25th. $2 beers and $2 shots, dress in your leftover 80’s dayglow for the party! Skaters, don’t forget the 9th Annual Halloween Havoc, Saturday at the Boulder skatepark. As I understand it, they have placed a ‘Gravestone’ obstacle in the pool. So skate hard, then come to the Bluebird Saturday night for the afterparty. See you there, Spilly. www.swampco.com AND www.conspiracyboards.com

ESPN AND WARNER MUSIC GROUP TO RELEASE INSIDE X: ESPN’S X GAMES IX – ESPN Enterprises, the division dedicated to extending the various ESPN brands into new businesses, in conjunction with ESPN Original Entertainment and Warner Strategic Marketing’s (WSM) new action sports imprint, Rhino Transport, will bring action sports fans the ultimate X Games release this November with INSIDE X: ESPN’S X GAMES IX. This exciting 73-minute film features all the highlights from X Games IX (2003) in Los Angeles, including the inaugural X Games surfing contest and the first-ever 360-degree spin on a motocross bike. A 16-track, 63-minute CD soundtrack of the film will also be included with each INSIDE X DVD as an added-value bonus. INSIDE X: ESPN’S X GAMES IX will be available at all DVD retail outlets and at www.RhinoTransport.com November 11.


PEGGY OKI ART SHOW – paintings by Peggy Oki at the Sojourner Cafe 143 E. Canon Perdido, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. The show is on 1 Nov. thru 12 Dec. 2003. Reception: Saturday, 1 Nov., 3-5 PM. Monday – Saturday 11AM – 11PM Sunday 11AM – 10PM. (www.sojournercafe.com) For more info go to www.peggy-oki.com.

ROBB HAVASSY CALENDARS – Surf Odyssey Calendars (Surf Art calendars for 2004), by the one and only Robb Havassy are now available. Check it out http://www.havassyart.com.

SKATE COLORADO – Colorado just keeps getting better and better. Caleb is building the sickest thing EVER made out of wood. It opens this weekend. For more info e-mail Bruce at skater@surfcolorado.com.

TIM BRAUCH MEMORIAL CONTEST – Oct 11 — The 5th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest – Benji Galloway #1. Chris Senn #2, Chad Shetler #3, For more go to www.timbrauch.com

PACIFIC PALISADES SKATEPARK OPENING Oct 31, 2003 at the Pali Rec Center, Pacific Palisades CA. Donations are being encouraged and donations of $250 or more will be recognized on a tribute wall at the Recreation Center. All donors will be thanked in the Palisadian Post. The park will include quarter pipes, ledges, fun boxes, grind rails, street spine, roll-ins and banks. You can make a donation to PCCC by sending a check c/o Susan Nash at PO Box 1368 Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 or calling Daniel Bearer at the Makaha Commander Skateboard Club at (310) 452-1030.

CYPRESS HILL SMOKE OUT – Nov 15 – 6th Annual Cypress Hill’s Smoke Out at NOS Event Center – San Bernardino, CA featuring DMX, Linkin Park, Pennywise, and Cypress Hill. Please check out the official Smoke Out website at www.smokeoutfestival.com.

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