Montauk Skatepark Renovation 2021 Charity Art Auction

The goal of the Montauk Skatepark Renovation 2021 Charity Art Auction is to raise money to renovate and expand the Montauk public skatepark, in Montauk, New York, originally built by Andy Kessler (RIP). This project will have a positive, long-lasting impact on the beloved Montauk community and its visitors.

The proceeds from this auction of original artworks, available to bid on from June 11, 2021 through June 13, 2021 at 6pm EST, will support the renovation and expansion of the original Andy Kessler built Montauk Skatepark.

If you’re in Montauk this weekend, go by the Beach House to see the art and bid in person or bid online at

The Montauk Skatepark Renovation Coalition is honored and grateful to so many talented artists who have donated their time and artwork to this beautiful cause including: Steve Olson, Lance Mountain, Ivory Serra, Shelter Serra, JJ Veronis, COCO 144, Greg Mike, ROCKY184, Raoul ‘Joker’ Ollman, Erik Foss, Eli Gesner, Dennis McNett, Derek Gores, Jonny Lennon, Will Ryan, Curtis Kulig, Rock Hamada, Cosmo Hamada, Terence Connors, Liz Markus, The Montauk Public School Art Class, Adam Dare, Peter Weiss, Nak147, Charles ‘Keon1’ Loreto, Rich Walker, Johnny Swing, Miya Ando, Michael Manning, @amgobjects, Pam Glick, Chris ‘Daze’ Ellis, Jen Schaefer, Eric “Haze” Lieber, “Taki 183”, Scott Bluedorn, Jay “Terror161” Edlin, Flint Gennari, Charles “Keon” Loreto, John Britton, Darius Yekti, Damon Johnson, Jaime “Puppethead” Affoumado, Wes Humpston, Liam Duppy, Anton Connolly, William Livingston, Snake1, Stephanie Wise, Dalton Portella, Sam Baker, Jared Aufrichtig, Ben Katz, Juliet Schreckinger, Mason Saltarrelli, Chris Mearkle, Daniel Maltzman, Tanya Wolski, Alejandro Montero, Alice Mizrachi, Peter Swain, Matt DiMasi (Shattered Comics), Leila Pinto, Peter Dayton, Glen E. Friedman, Rich Bollinger, nCaRLoSj, Quentin Curry, Pat Lane, Randall Rosenthal, Mike Cohen, Alana Rogers, Matthew Brophy, Noah Gualtieri, Bart Schwarz, Alan Lucks, Pepe Ruiz / La Colectiva Ruiz, Steve Miller, Dalton Portella, Steve Mannino, Morgan Lieder, Lourdes Lieder, Will Angelo, Sydney Albertini, Chase Lieder and Connie Cortese.

The new skatepark is being designed by world-renowned builder+designer Tito Porrata of Pivot Custom. Tito’s work is cemented in locations all over the world and have been skated on by many of the world’s top pros and regular every day skaters alike. He truly is a legend amongst the skate community. The Montauk Skatepark Coalition and the Town of East Hampton are honored to be working with Tito and his team in order to create a world class skatepark that will benefit the community for years to come.

Thank you for your support and for helping build a world-class new public skatepark – where everyone is welcome.

You may also donate to the Montauk Skatepark Project GoFundMe at

HELP SUPPORT THE RENOVATION AND EXPANSION OF THE MONTAUK SKATEPARK! Funds raised will be donated to the Town of East Hampton specifically for the skatepark renewal project. We have already raised over $600,000 and this fundraiser will bring our total to over $1 million so we can commence the project. 

As an alternative, direct donations can be made by check to:
Town of East Hampton
159 Pantigo road
East Hampton, NY  11937
attn: Budget officer
Memo Line:  Montauk Skatepark

The entire community – but especially the children of the East End – will benefit from this exciting project. Thank you very much for your generous gift to help build something awesome in Montauk.

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