JULY 24-25 , 2004
Words and photos by DAN LEVY

RACERS READY!!! With over 95 racers, this year’s La Costa Open featured Black Leather Racing, SSS Racing Crew, Ick Sticks, Pocket Pistols, Gravity, Radikal, Turner, Comet, Bahne, Roe Racing and a variety of speed freaks vying for the titles and prize money. Saturday, July 24th featured Giant Slalom racing and Sunday July 25 featured Tight Slalom races. The race location was El Fuerte Street – La Costa, Carlsbad, North San Diego, CA for the last time ever as new housing developments threaten the legendary race course. The weekend also featured a Legends of Signal Hill 1970s Reunion with an army of legends and old friends like Russ Howell, Jim O’Mahoney, Laura Thornill, Ed Economy, John Hughes and Dennis Martinez reuniting for race day followed by a VIP party where previously unseen Signal Hill footage and photos were the main attraction. La Costa Open 2004 was presented by Steve Sherman and La Costa Boys Racing. Sponsors include: Gravity Boarding Company, Seismic/3dm, Deathbox Skateboards, Radikal Trucks, Pocket Pistols, Asphalt Playground, Bahne, Fibreflex, Ick Sticks, Abec-11, Bones Bearings, Skaterbuilt, Curly Grrlz, Mile High Skates, Kenny Mollica DVD’s, Curve Skateboards, Khiro Skate Products and Rudy Project Eyewear. Stars of the Giant Slalom races were Kenny Mollica (La Costa 2002 Champ) and Black Leather Racing’s Steve Olson (La Costa 2001 Champ). WINNERS – GROUP A -PRO – 1 Kenny Mollica ($400) 2 Steve Olson ($200) 3 Barrett ‘Chicken’ Deck ($100) 4 John O’Shei ($75) 5 Richy ‘Brown Bomber’ Carrasco 6 Noah Heinle 7 Palmer 8 Gary Fluitt…. GROUP B – OPEN – 1 Mike Maysey 2 Josh Englund 3 Wes Eastridge 4 Miko Biffle 5 Michael Kaelon 6 Rick Stanziale 7 David ‘Cowboy’ Carrasco 8 Adrian Pina… WOMEN – 1 Lynn Kramer 2 Isabelle Caudle 3 Lauren Gordon 4 Elisa Campbell… BOYS – 1 Joe McLaren 2 Russell Weber 3 Kyle McLaren. TIGHT SLALOM RACE WINNERS – GROUP A-PRO 1.Stevie Evans 2.Richie ‘Brown Bomber’ Carrasco 3.Micheal Dong 4.Heinle – GROUP B-OPEN – 1.Brian Parsons 2.Mike Ohm 3.Lynn Kramer 4. Richie DeLosada… WOMEN’S PRO – 1.Lynn Kramer 2.Isabele Caudle 3.Lisa W… WOMEN’S AM – 1.Lauren Gordon 2.Elisa Campbell 3. Katii… BOYS – 1.Joe McLaren 2.Kyle McLaren 3.Russell Weber Congratulations to all the racers!

El Fuerte Drive is a hill known to the residents of the area as just another roadway, but to skateboarders worldwide it is known as the legendary La Costa downhill. This stretch of asphalt has been ridden by skateboarders since the times of clay wheels to today’s finest urethane. When you arrive on the hill you can feel the energy of the countless runs of generations of riders who have rolled down it’s challenging slope. July 24th, and 25th, 2004 would mark the last page in the skateboard history books for the legacy of the La Costa Open as new developments are going to be built making the hill into a freeway drive for the residents of La Costa. The energy was in the air as many of skateboarding’s most respected pioneers were on hand to enjoy the racing, paying homage to the hill that served as a fountain of youth for many years. The racers were in top form and the vibe was what every skateboard contest should be strive to be – just plain fun. The racing was some of the best I’ve seen as many of the racers times were within less than a second difference of each other. Everyone who rode came to win and although Kenny Mollica took first place beating Steve Olson by a hair, everyone seemed to feel like they won something anyway. For those who were there you should be commended for supporting skateboarding in one of it’s purest contest formats. Thanks to all of the companies who tirelessly work to build and promote slalom racing and bring it to the younger generation of skaters. La Costa will forever remain a piece of skateboarding history and to all of the racers and spectators at this years race – what a way to end a dynasty. Congratulations to all of the racers and to Arab for his sportsman-like conduct.

Steve Olson Steve Olson

Steve Olson, John Oshei Steve Olson, John Oshei


Chicken Deck Chicken Deck

John Oshei John Oshei



Richie Carrasco Richie Carrasco

La Costa La Costa

Charlie Ransom Charlie Ransom

Charlie Ransom Charlie Ransom


Steve Olson and His Mother Steve Olson and His Mother

John Oshei John Oshei

David Hackett David Hackett

Dave Hegstrom, Roger Hickey Dave Hegstrom, Roger Hickey

Dennis Martinez Dennis Martinez

Michael Bream Michael Bream

Laura Thornhill Laura Thornhill


Duane Peters, Steve Olson, Chicken Deck Duane Peters, Steve Olson, Chicken Deck

Chicken Deck Chicken Deck


Kenny Molica Kenny Molica

Jason Mitchell Jason Mitchell

Chicken Deck Chicken Deck

Jay Smith Jay Smith


Kenny Mollica Kenny Mollica

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