CHLORINE POOL DOCUMENTARY PREMIERE – On Saturday night, Club 705 hosted the premiere of the long-awaited Chlorine pool documentary. For more information about the film and future premieres, go to or [Pictured below: Dave Duncan, master of all ceremonies. Mike Smith and David Slash-it Hackett. Devout pool disciple, David Phillips gave Chlorine the thumbs up. After the screening, Dave Reul and the Skatanic Redneks rocked the party.]  Chlorine a documentary featuring skating greats Steve Alba, Dave Reul, Brian Patch, Sam Hitz, Omar Hassan, Darrell Delgado, Dave Hackett, Tony Alva, Lance Mountain… premieres in Hermosa Beach on June 7.


PRO-TEC POOL PARTY AFTER PARTY – After the Chlorine party, everyone stumbled down the street to Dano’s for the Pro-Tec, Juice Magazine, Billabong Soul Bowl after party. Everyone was celebrating properly including the masters of partying Daggers, Scum, FCR, Oregon posse, the HB cartel, and the Hermosa posse. Pictured below: Lady Daggers, Dave Duncan and Ed Reategui, E.R. and Ben Schroeder,’s Brad Ellman and the one and only John O’Shei, Weeman, Nicole Zuck and Brian Patch, Jeremiah Risk and Jimmy The Greek, Dan Levy and Shafreeka, and our host for the evening’s festivities, Jeff Patch. Thanks for a great party.


L.A. SEXIEST EROTICA CONTEST – We’re in the Juice office working on the website before leaving for the Soul Bowl on Saturday and we hear this roar of screams coming in the window from the boardwalk… Dan took off with the camera to investigate and this is what he found. LA’s Sexiest Erotica Contest was set up right in our front yard. Heidi Fleiss and Ron Jeremy among others played host and the Venice locals got a good look… Pictured below: Heidi Fleiss judges… backside and frontside… And yes, that’s Bulldog Skate’s Jereme Stoney Schadler with Ron Jeremy… and the sexy ladies… Ya gotta love LA…

HIP HOP SUMMIT ACTION NETWORK NEWS – In wake of the 100,000 strong hip-hop rally in NYC, agreement is imminent on dramatic changes to Rockefeller drug laws. New bill due Monday!

CABO SAN LUCAS SKATEPARK – There’s a new Geth Noble designed park in Cabo San Lucas – Mexico.

STEREO SKATEBOARDS – Stereo Skateboards is back. Prepare for the revolution, masterminded by Jason Lee and Chris Dune Pastras.

LABEL LIVE TOUR – Black Label and Duffs Shoes bring you the Label Live Tour, featuring the extraordinary talents of Jason Adams and Adam Alfaro. Check out


HOLLY DEVEREAUX Photo by Ted Terrebonne. Juice Magazine wants to correct a mistake we made in last issue’s 9 year anniversary photo gallery. This is not Melissa as we printed her name. This is Holly Devereaux skating the Vagabond. Photo: Ted Terrebonne. Terrebonne is working on bringing you more about Holly in a future issue after she returns from the East Coast where she is currently helping with building a skatepark in Florida. Girls rock.

VANS WARPED TOUR – Vans Warped Tour 2003 features AFI, Andrew W.K., All American Rejects, Arkham, Audio Karate, The Ataris, Atmosphere, Authority Zero, Avenged Sevenfold, Avoid One Thing, Big D and the Kid’s Table, Bottom Line, Bowling For Soup, Brand New, Coheed and Cambria, Count the Stars, Counterfeit, Damone, Destruction Made Simple, Don’t Look Down, Dropkick Murphys, Face to Face, From Autumn to Ashes, Glassjaw, The Goodwill, Ill Kid, The Know How, Less Than Jake, theLINE, M-80, Mad Caddies, Maxeen, Matchbook Romance, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Mest Motion City Soundtrack, New Transit Direction, One Man Army, Over It, Park, Pennywise, Pepper, Places to Park, Plain White T’s, Poison the Well, Rancid, Rise Against, Rufio, 7th Standard, Simple Plan, Slick Shoes, Sloth, The Starting Line, Story of the Year, S.T.U.N., Suicide Machines, Switchblade Kittens, Talib Kwelli, Thrice, 2 Cents, Tsunami Bomb, 1208, The Unseen, The Used, Vaux, Vendetta Red, Western Waste, Yellow Card. Check out

RAMPS AND AMPS – Nokia, T-Mobile Ramps and Amps Invitational presented by EXPN. Giant Bicycles BMX Stunt Team demos and top skateboarders including Eric Koston, Kerry Getz and Caine Gayle competing at select locations against the best local amateurs in the game of SKATE. Plus, it’s free.

AUTOMODOWN NEWS – Laban Pheidias and Jason Weeman Acuna have joined the Automodown family with pro models from The Driven. John Ponts has been added to the Hard Luck Wheel division (with graphics by Gonz).

LEGEND AWARD – Duane Peters was recently presented with the 2003 Transworld Legend Award and celebrated with a 5 song Hunns set and fireballin’ nudie show with his lady Corey Parks – who obviously rocks. The kids in the crowd were dropping their jaws and running for their cameras. A new documentary film is in the works called Who Cares?!- The Duane Peters Story.


TRANSWORLD AWARDS – TWS Awards also went to Jamie Thomas – Readers Choice, Best Street Skater – Mark Appleyard, Best video part – PJ Ladd, Best video Flip’s Sorry, Rookie of the Year – Paul Rodriguez, Best vert skater- Danny Way, Best team, Flip. Don Bostick presented the World Cup awards (G4 laptops for everyone) to Jen O’Brien for Vert, Andy McDonald for Vert and Overall Skater, Amy Caron for Street and Rodil de Araujo Jr. for Street. [Pictured below: Baby Schizo who accepted PJ Ladd’s award. Buddy Nichols, Joey Tershay and Toby Berger. Don Bostick and Aaron Astorga. Mark Appleyard signs autographs.]

KREPER VIDEO – The Kreper video from the Grind King compound is due out soon. Watch out for Peewee’s backside ollie into the infamous Sunset Strip carwash banks.

LORDS OF DOGTOWN UPDATE – While the filming of the Lords of Dogtown is now on indefinite hold, plans are moving forward for the book version of Jeff Ho’s life story.

AUTUMN SKATE SHOP – Autumn Skateshop – NYC – took some of Tylenol’s loot to build an indoor skatepark in Green Point Brooklyn called Autumn Skatepark which opens on June 21. Skaters pay $100 a month for 24 hour access year round. Now that’s how you spend corporate dough. Hook up the bros. See


VANS SKATEPARKS CLOSING – Vans is closing their Westminster (CO) Vans skatepark. The last day is June 22, so there will be a last session bash on June 21, 2003. In addition to the jam, there will be a raffle for prizes, etc. If you’d like to donate product to be used as prizes (any donation is greatly appreciated),email Mark Chandler at

EAST COAST RAMP DESIGN NEWS – On the flipside – Chris Mearkle just keeps building and building, ramp after ramp, city after city, beer after beer. You can always count on a 5.9%er to keep skateboarding alive and high. Here’s a shot of Mearkle hard at work on that keg. The ramp got built too. Check out for new skatepark updates and go skate your local skatepark.


No Jumping. No Diving

SAVING OUR SKATEPARKS – Next Tuesday night – June 10 – Juice Magazine will be shooting photos for a story called – Saving Our Skateparks. Photo sessions are set for the two late sessions at Vans Skatepark – Orange, CA. Everyone is invited to get involved and get in front of the cameras for a good cause.

NEGATIVEION.COM NEWS – If you don’t like your local skatepark then build your own terrain. Maybe something that’s around 11.5 deep with marble pool coping and the death rollover like 37’s skate-oasis. Go to for more.



MARSEILLE BOWLRIDERS CONTEST – The Marseille Quiksilver Bowlriders contest went on as usual, with of course Omar Hassan 1st, Tony Trujillo 2nd and some rad Spaniard 3rd. I thought Brian Patch got ripped off in the worst possible way. He gave everything he had and so did Benji Galloway of South Carolina who even managed to cut his eyebrow open. Lots of blood this year. I was happy cuz I met a bunch of legends like Bryce Kanights who was really cool, Alva who was really drunk and Natas who was really nice as well as a lot of pros. They even had a legends session. Highlights: T.A. punching out some guy and being his usual rock star self. Lots of women and drunkenness with Duncan, who looks like Elvis on a board. Trujillo hell bent, got the crowd and the girls on their knees. They put up a 6′ vert wall to make things harder and we saw some hard stuff (airs, frontside rocks etc.) It started to rain during the finals but stopped, and as soon as the contest was finished it poured down again, talk about good timing. Free Fosters beer again, and this time refrigerated. Alex Chalmers took the price for the ugliest hairdo. He looked like a 70’s tennis player. My favourites were Chris Senn who is a cat on wheels, Patch rock solid everywhere, few bails, Trujillo just crazy but I think the partying took its toll on him. Chalmers did his mega-transfer from the teardrop across the whole thing. I thought the riders looked a bit tired during the finals, lots of bails. I think the contest is less crazy year after year. Lots of guys were missing, and there was a big level difference between the top 8 guys and the rest of the pack. Still, it was the best skating I’ve seen in a while. Alan Petersen tore a muscle so he was on crutches. Anyway, this thing must be hell to judge. Ok, that’s it. Too bad Brewce Martin was missing, lots of people were waiting for his gold balls. Later, Jean Terrisse. [Juice Magazine – France] Quiksilver Bowlriders presented by etnies May 23rd – 25th, 2003 – Marseille, France – 1. Omar Hassan 2. Tony Trujillo 3. Alain Goikoetchea 4. Alex Chalmers 5. Chris Senn 6. Ben Krahn 7. Brian Patch 8. Mehdi Salah.


JUICE MAGAZINE GREATEST SKATEBOARDS AWARD goes to BULLDOG SKATES. Wes Humpston, Ray Flores and Rich Fosmire have put together a company for skaters by skaters that sets an example for all others. Bulldog Skates has a great attitude, authentic art, over-the-top customer service, original graphics, specialty designer die-cut grip tape, classic t-shirts, big fast wheels and some of the finest skateboards we’ve ever seen, made right here in America. The best part is that besides making great skateboards, Wes, Rich and Ray are just truly nice people. For more information visit

PRESS RELEASE – SKATEBOARDING’S RICHEST COMPETITION TO BE TELECAST ON FOX SPORTS NET WITH THE BOOST MOBILE PRO ON JULY 15 – Fox Sports Net continues to showcase the best the action sports world has to offer with the telecast of The Boost Mobile Pro of Skateboarding presented by Oakley on Tuesday, July 15 at 8:00 PM local time. The world’s best skateboarders gathered to make history in Las Vegas where 51 athletes competed for the richest prize purse in the history of professional skateboarding (more than $250,000), with winners in both the street and vert divisions taking home $40,000 each. The two-hour show highlights the three days of competition. Other features include behind-the scene looks at the skaters’ lifestyles, pre-competition preparation and in-depth features on the sports’ brightest stars including Tony Trujilo, Eric Kosten, Pierre Luc Gagon and Bucky Lasek. Visit the FOX Sports/Fox Sports Net website at

UPDATE FROM FRANCE – Here’s a site about skate press in France in the ’70s. We collected some french-speaking skate magazines and made a site called: There is a great T. Alva interview, T. Inouye, B. Valdez, etc. Check it out. – Claude Queyrel, Marseilles, France.

PRESS RELEASE – MALIBU, CA WEEKLY PARTY – SOLID Events and Entertainment present Every Sunday from 2-10 pm at MOONSHADOWS in Malibu. On July 13th, we’re celebrating our 1 year anniversary at Moonshadows with a charity event benefiting the Surfrider Foundation with all the resident Dj’s MICK COLE, JEAN LOUIS, JULIEN COULY and JOHN GREGORY. Come join us this weekend and support the Malibu chapter of The Surfrider Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting our oceans, waves and beaches through conservation, activism, research and education. We will be holding a raffle @ 7pm to aid The Surfrider Foundation Gear and gift certificates for prizes provided by VAL SURF of Studio City and Gift certificates provided by MOONSHADOWS. Visit these web-sites for additional info: and and Moonshadows – 20356 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, California.


SURF STYLE UPDATE Opening Week Updates – THURSDAY, JULY 1OTH. – 6-7pm_ FILM SHOWING – The Far Shore. – Greg Schell’s brilliant documentary on surf travel legends, Craig Peterson + Kevin Naughton. QandA session w/ Peterson + Naughton following the film. $10 Entry Donation Fee = $10 off any art purchase price and includes entry to after party (7-2am), etc. — 7-9pm_ COLLECTORS RECEPTION. – Live traditional Hawaiian ukulele performance by Uncle Saichi. Complimentary hors’dourves, cocktails and door gifts. – 9-2am_ PARTY. – Live performance by the Tommy Guerrero Band and guest dj’s spinning retro-rock and down-tempo beats into the late evening. Slip on your flip flops, feather your lid and pull up your corduroy short-shorts and plan to explore with peeps from the surf, retail, fashion, art, design and advertising community. Appearances by Herbie Fletcher, Paul Constantineau, Craig Stecyk, Scott Hulet, Andrew Kidman, Jim Banks, Bill Ogden, The Tudor family, Andy Byrd Davis, Jbrother, Joe Curren, Chris Malloy, Craig Peterson, Kevin Naughton, Barry McGee, The Op squad, etc. $10 Entry Donation Fee = $10 off any art purchase price. ==== FRIDAY, JULY 11TH. – 5-7pm_ PRESENTATION – Andrew Kidman + Jim Banks. Australian / Surf culture legends, film makers, innovators, surfers, thinkers will be talking story. Jim Banks will be presenting images and sharing thoughts on life in Byron Bay, the 1970’s, Yoga, his new fin + board design concepts. Then Andrew Kidman and Joe Curren will be showing slides and stories on the making of their coming film Glass Love. $10 Entry Donation Fee = $10 off any art purchase price and includes entry to after party (7-2am), etc. – 7-9pm – COLLECTORS RECEPTION. – Live acoustic performance by Andrew Kidman. Complimentary hors’dourves, cocktails and door gifts. – 9-2am_ Op / GlideSpace PARTY.- Live performance by APE – a brilliant 7 piece surf exotica meets Hawaiian garage vibes w/ crazy Al the tiki carver on the palm, Uke players and guest dj’s spinning retro-rock and down-tempo beats into the late evening. Slip on your flip flops, feather your lid and pull up your corduroy short-shorts and plan to explore with peeps from the surf, retail, fashion, art, design and advertising community. – Appearances by Herbie Fletcher, Paul Constantineau, Craig Stecyk, Scott Hulet, Andrew Kidman, Jim Banks, Bill Ogden, The Tudor family, Andy Byrd Davis, Jbrother, Joe Curren, Chris Malloy, Craig Peterson, Kevin Naughton, Barry McGee, The Op squad, etc. $10 Entry Donation Fee = $10 off any art purchase price. ==== ETC. – TV crew coverage by Fox Sports’ FUEL, the new 24 hour action sport TV show, a PBS crew producing a TV documentary on the event (airing in August) and a documentary on ’70’s artist / illutstrator Bill Ogden. Foto shoots by Big Magazine, Water, Longboard, etc. – All artist / event information is located on the SURF STYLE website, If you would like to pre-purchase opening week tickets (so you don’t wait in a very long line), goto Aqua Surf Shop on Sloat Ave (across from the SF Zoo), Oneil Surf shop in Mill Valley, or 2 Mile surf shop in Bolinas. – The San Francisco exhibit is presented by Op w/ support from Sauza, Pilsner, SoBe, Longboard Magazine, Surfline, Paper Magazine, Vice, SF Bay Guardian and XLR8R Magazine. 10% of all sale proceeds goes to the SF-Surfrider Foundation beach clean up and water testing / alert system development. Curated by Tim Rosa and produced by the non-traditional youth marketing + design agency, GlideSpace. For more info – email – or go to

ALL GIRLS SKATE JAM- Jen O’Brien Jams With the Girls – Carlsbad, CA -July 8, 2003 – Jen O’Brien ruled the vert ramp and took home second place at the All Girls Skate Jam, presented by Dickies Girl and co-sponsored by Barbie. With beautiful weather and an incredible turnout of over 50 girls who came out to skate the vert and mini-ramp at the Oceanside Pier. It was a super cool event and the location could not have been better, said O’Brien. About 50 girls showed up to compete – everyone from these little, tiny girls to some of the pros. The weather was gorgeous and with the beach right there, I was able to skate and surf. It doesn’t get any better than that! All ages, all abilities, all girls, the creators and presenters of the All Girls Skate Jam (AGSJ) encourage girls and women to come out and skate. Jen received a cash reward for her ability to tear it up once again on the vert ramp. Congratulations Jen! Footage from the All Girl Skate Jam will be aired on Fox Sports Net TV Fusion show late-July/early August and in the fall. Airdates will be announced shortly on Jen O’Brien is supported by Roxy, Lee Lee Skateboards, Velvet Eyewear, Nixon, Urban Decay, JVC, and Independent Trucks. Sponsors of the All Girl Skate Jam include presenting sponsor Dickies Girl, co-presenting sponsor Barbie, Skatepark International, gold sponsor Nikita, CIO, Gravity Skateboards, Curly Grrlz, Fast Girls, Sessions, PETA, Wahoo’s, SG Magazine, Paper, Kangol, Universal Music, Lunch Mail Program, Tracker, Push, Meridian Lab, Harbinger, Concrete Jungle, Surfride, Christian Surfers, Fahrenheit, California Skate Factory, Happy Campers, A42, and Oceanfest.

ACTION GIRL OF THE YEAR – Peggy Oki has been nominated by Etnies for Action Girl of the Year. If any readers would like to vote for her, here is the link to the webpage –

MYSTIC SK8 CUP – 10th Annual Mystic Sk8 Cup 2003 (MSC) went off over the weekend of July 4-6 at the classic venue of Mystic Skatepark on Atvanice island in Praha 7. It is the sixth Mystic Skate Cup that is a part of the World Cup Skateboarding series (WCS), being the only open air event in Europe. MSC is the most important event of the year for skateboarding not only in the Czech Republic, but also central Europe. The Prize Money, divided between the best riders, amounted to 30.000 USD, that is 5.000 USD more than last year. STREETSTYLE RESULTS – 1. Austen SEAHOLM (USA) 2. Chad BARTIE (AUS) 3. Daniel VIEIRA (BRA) 4. Ricardo de OLIVEIRA (BRA) 5. Dominik DIETRICH (AUS) 6. Tosh TOWNEND (USA) 7. Andy Macdonald (USA) 8. Fabio SLEIMAN (BRA) 9. Nilton NIEVES (BRA) 10. Daisuke MOCHIZUKI (JAP) 11. Ryan JOHNSON (USA) 12. Dayne BRUMMET (USA) 13. Dylan RIEDER (USA) 14. Javier SARMIENTO (ESP) 15. Stanley INACIO (BRA) – VERT RAMP RESULTS – 1. Sandro DIAS (BRA) 2. Andy Macdonald (USA) 3. Marcelo KOSAKE (BRA) 4. Lincoln UEDA (BRA) 5. Juergen HORRWATH (GER) 6. Brian PATCH (USA) 7. Terence BOUGDOUR (FRA) 8. Tas PAPPAS (AUS) 9. Pete KING (ENG) 10. Otavio NETO (BRA) 11. Christiano MATEUS (BRA) 12. Jean POSTEC (FRA) – BEST TRICK STREETSTYLE – 1. Danny WAINWRIGHT (ENG) 2. Rafael RYSDYK (BRA) 3. Manuel MAGREITER (AUT) – BEST TRICK VERT RAMP – 1. Sandro DIAS (BRA) 2. Lincoln UEDA (BRA) 3. Juergen HORRWATH (GER) – STREET QUALIFICATION WINNER – Javier SARMIENTO – VERT QUALIFICATION WINNER – Andy Macdonald.

ELVIS PRESLEY’S TOOTH – For Immediate Release – Elvis Presley’s Tooth, Hair and Gold Record Put on Auction Block for $1,000,000 FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 7 — An actual tooth from the mouth of The Legend, along with a lock of his hair and a commemorative 24k gold record, are being auctioned on the internet website . The items are part of an extensive collection owned by a Florida entrepreneur. The memorabilia had been on display at the Yellow Strawberry, in the heart of downtown Ft. Lauderdale, since 1992, where literally thousands of curious onlookers stopped in to view this one-of-a-kind display. Although the Elvis pieces had the place of honor in the collection, the rest of the items, which will also be auctioned in the near future, include locks of hair from John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, Baron The Red Baron von Richtoffen and King George III. There are also some signed letters by Robert Frost and P.T. Barnum, along with some unusual collectables like one of Jack Ruby’s suits, and letters written by him while incarcerated for the killing of Lee Harvey Oswald. And, let us not forget the barber chair, reputed to be Al Capone’s favorite, when he had his morning shave! We are starting off the sale of the collection with the Elvis pieces and the rest of the collection will soon follow, said curator and spokesman for the collection, Anthony DeFontes. We have even been contacted by an anonymous European company interested in possibly extracting DNA from the tooth for the purposes of, yes, cloning Elvis, but the owner of the collection is not interested in that arrangement. To him, there will only be one Elvis.

ATTN BANDS LOOKING FOR PAYING GIGS: Sobe/Slim Jim Gravity Games Dates Available** Booking some select dates for the 2003 Sobe/Slim Jim Gravity Games. These shows are taking place in SkateParks during the daytime/evening. These are PAYING gigs! Here are the dates: – Houston, TX Sat. July 12, Chicago, IL Sat. July 19, Atlanta, GA Sat. July 19, Dallas, TX Sun. July 27, Pittsburgh, PA Sat. Aug. 16, Cincinatti, OH Sun. Aug. 17, Boulder, CO Sat. Aug. 23. Interested artists/bands should email and refer to the date you are interested in and WHY you are right for the gig.


SHAWN GREEN, TONY HAWK AND EMMITT SMITH HONORED AT CEDARS-SINAI MEDICAL CENTER’S 18th ANNUAL SPORTS SPECTACULAR SUNDAY, JUNE 29 – New Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG Auctioned Off During Event – The 18th annual Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular brought together the greatest names in sports and entertainment to join their peers in helping children suffering from genetic birth defects. The 2003 Sports Spectacular honorees include Los Angeles Dodgers star Shawn Green, and skateboarding sensation Tony Hawk, and NFL record holder Emmitt Smith. In its 18-year history, the Sports Spectacular awards dinner has honored over 80 of the world’s greatest including Kobe Bryant, Lisa Leslie, Barry Bonds, Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky, Shaquille O’Neal, Joe DiMaggio, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Joe Montana, Hulk Hogan, Evander Holyfield, Magic Johnson, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Vin Scully and Willie Shoemaker. The Sports Spectacular Endowed Medical Genetics Birth Defects Center at Cedars-Sinai is the sole beneficiary of the funds raised at the Sports Spectacular. The Sports Spectacular has raised over $12 million to benefit the Center, including over $1 million last year alone. Sponsors of the event included American Airlines and Mercedes-Benz USA. For the live auction, Mercedes-Benz generously donated a brand new E55 AMG, the world’s fastest production sedan. It also will be autographed by the event’s three honorees. You may access the list of auction items at the 2003 Sports Spectacular at

ACTION GIRL SPORTS EXPO – The Action Girl Sports Expo will be at the Long Beach, CA Convention Center on Sat., July 19. This unique show celebrates women’s actions sports and includes the latest women’s specific gear. Surf-music legends The Ziggens will also be performing!

SACRIFICE SKATEBOARDS NEWS – Sacrifice Skateboards News: Rene has been seen ripping f.s. grinds at Fontana lately. Nick Gates has put together a rad pool skating video Hession Sessions featuring Sacrifice riders as well as many other riders will premiering July 12 in Capo Beach at Coconuts. Jeff Greenwood has been old school nighting Skatelab, judging a street contest, and working on a private miniramp in the valley. Brant Austin is freshly back from Oregon where he bailed out of competition but he’s back and skating pools again. Even Menezes took first place in the amatuer X games in GA. Bart Saric artwork has been showing up everywhere. Look around and you’ll spot some. Nicole Zuck visited SoCal and stormed the womens division in the bowl comp earning a 5th place against the best girls out there! You can check out some photos and stories from the Viva Las Vegas tour we took earlier in the year on Concrete Disciples.

THE FAMILIE NEWS – Bucky Lasek Rolls To Big Win in Las Vegas – Carlsbad, CA – June 30, 2003 – Bucky Lasek took home the biggest cash purse of the year at The Boost Mobile Pro vert competition this last weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Heated head-to-head competition brought Bucky and Bob Burnquist together for the much-anticipated match up in the semi-finals, though Lasek advanced to compete against Pierre Luc Gagnon in the finals. Lasek solidified his position as victor, and left Las Vegas with the title and a fatter wallet. It was gnarly, said Lasek. I didn’t realize that I would have to go up against Brazil’s Lincoln Ueda, Sandro Dias and Bob Burnquist. After those intense runs, I wasn’t sure if I would have enough stamina left to compete against Pierre Luc, said Lasek. It was a test of endurance and in the end I just put it all out there, and went for it – it was incredibly fulfilling. Deemed the world’s richest pure skateboarding event in history, The Boost Mobile Pro, presented by Oakley and Thrasher Magazine, attracted riders from all over the globe. But despite the eclectic mix of top athletes, San Diego based vert riders dominated the event. Bucky Lasek is supported by Birdhouse, T-Mobile, Billabong, Smith Optics, Pro-Tec Helmets, Clive, RDS, Independent Trucks, and Jones Soda.

RAMPS AND AMPS: July 19th, action sport enthusiasts and music fans are invited to check out the latest stunts and sounds at the The Nokia T-Mobile Ramps and Amps Invitational Presented by On Saturday, July 19, Randall’s Island Park will feature Freestyle Moto X, along with Vert Skateboarding and BMX competitions. The T-Mobile Action Sports Team, along with 25 other top athletes from around the world, will showcase their talents at this free, all-day event and compete for $180,000 in total prize money. In addition, bands Puddle Of Mudd, MXPX, Trapt, and Damone will rock the masses on stage. Featured skateboarders will be Bucky Lasek and Eric Koston. – WHEN: Saturday, July 19, noon – 8:00 p.m. – *Rain Date: Sunday, July 20 – WHERE: Randall’s Island Park, New York City. For more event info

CLEAN UP THE BROOKLYN BANKS – NYC Skateboarders Unite To Clean Up Legendary Big Apple Skate Spot – New York, NY . On July 12, 2003, New York City’s 5boro Skateboards will team up with veteran skate shoe brand, Etnies, budding apparel label, Defex Clothing, and a multitude of local skateboarders to Clean Up one of NYC’s most acclaimed skate spots – the Brooklyn Banks. In an age when skateboarding in Manhattan can often lead to stiff fines and other undesirable penalties handed down by law enforcement officials, Clean Up The Banks Day is a grassroots-oriented community service undertaking aimed at resurrecting one of the last hassle-free, public skateboarding spots left in the Big Apple. The Brooklyn Banks is a unique skate spot that has been skated heavily since 1984, says 5boro Skateboards Founder and Owner Steve Rodriguez. It’s by far one of the most notable skate spots in the country, and it is one of the only places downtown [NYC] that we can skate without running into problems. Located at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge in lower Manhattan, the average passerby would pay little attention to the sloping brick banks lurking in the shadows. Skateboarders, on the other hand, see hours of fun and endless possibilities when they arrive at the banks. It is not landmarks like the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building or Statue of Liberty that draw skateboarders from far and wide to NYC; rather, it is the allure of the Brooklyn Banks and the desire to experience them first-hand that is the catalyst. Over the past twenty years, the Brooklyn Banks have achieved legendary status within the skateboarding world, but recent neglect from the city has left them in a state of disrepair. Since 2001, the banks have basically been used as a municipal parking lot, comments Rodriguez. Oil from the cars destroys the bricks, and the weight of the cars makes the bricks uneven which is terrible for skating. Plus, the street sweepers don’t clean the banks anymore, and you can’t even sit in the park because of all the cars. However, it appears as though city officials are changing their tune to an extent, as a section of the big banks has recently been blocked off to police vehicles as if it were an area specifically designated for skateboarding and BMX – it is this section that Clean Up The Banks Day will focus on. In a June 6th New York Times article, New York City’s Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe stated, We’re developing plans for work over the next year or two to develop other places – like at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge – where people can use their equipment in ways that will be safe for them and won’t damage the property. So in essence, Clean Up The Banks Day will unofficially kick-start this process for the city. The independently organized event gets underway at noon on Saturday, July 12th, at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, and all are encouraged to attend and lend a helping hand. Brooms and refreshments will be provided, but additional supplies are always welcome. For more information, please contact: Sancho Cammayo –

OVIEDO, FL SKATEPARK UPDATE: The Grand Opening is July 12. The big area with the bowl and spine is done. There is pool coping on the bowl and biggest tranny walls. Good flow with lots of lines, roll-ins, and pump bumps. The kidney has pool coping, a waterfall, tile, and a deathbox. The smaller street area is almost complete. The whole park flows together. It looks like you could flow from the main bowled area to the street area. Another Team Pain masterpiece.


FACTORY 13 PRESS RELEASE – The new Disaster Records Greaser deck is being tested now and looks great, production soon to follow. The BRIEFS from Seattle play some great music and skate for Factory13. We will be releasing a model board for these rock stars soon. Lots of new graphics, thanks to Tim Shawl, Gabe, and everyone else contributing! The mighty J.F.A. is raging hard as ever, the J.F.A. decks are being made strong and with new graphics on the way in a variety of colors. We will make you a board to fit your needs, handmade by skateboarders. Contact – Danny Creadon at

OLD STAR SKATE SHOP UPDATE – Old Star Skate Shop is moving to a new location down the street at 2640 Lincoln Blvd. – just five blocks north of the old location or 1/2 block south of Ocean Park in Santa Monica, CA.

JOHN THOMAS NEWS – John Thomas has just transplanted his seeds from LA to Hawaii. You’ll be missed, J.T. Aloha.

STATUS SKATEBOARDS NEWS – Chad Knight joins Status Skateboards –

CLUB CATHOUSE – Riki Rachtman Radio – Friday – June 27 on KLSX 97.1 (Talk Radio) with in-studio guests Matt and Duff (Guns n Roses, Velvet Revolver) 8 pm. Don’t forget the Ball every Saturday night at Midnight on KLSX.

SCOTT BOURNE NEWS – Scott Bourne has been skating and is saving up money to move to Paris at the first of the year. He is currently working on a poetry book to be released at the end of August. Bourne is also working on his first novel.

ELEMENT SKATEBOARDS NEWS – Element Skateboards Present the 2003/04 Pro Team … Element skateboards is proud to present its newly signed 2003/04 pro team to include: Jake Rupp, Bam Margera, Tosh Townend, Colt Cannon, Jeremy Wray, Kenny Hughes, Bill Pepper, Natas Kaupas, and Vanessa Torres. With one of the most respected teams in skateboarding, Element realizes the value of its pros and regards them as the driving force behind the brand. With such a strong influence in keeping skateboarding true to its roots, Element is devoted to supporting and making the team a part of the Element family. In a challenging market, Element will take every step to guarantee a solid team presence, said Johnny Schillereff founder and president of Element. Our team is one of the bloodlines of Element that keeps the spirit and harmony in sync. We are more than a business; we are a family all on the same journey to grow Element, ourselves and all that surrounds us.

BAM MARGERA TV SHOW – Merk and Murf are currently hoisting many shots of Yukon Jack in NYC after a long day of gutting Bam Margera’s house for an upcoming episode of Bam’s new MTV show. Bam sends his parents on vacation, then Merk and Murf gut the house and rebuild it with a new skatepark inside.

PUNK ROCK SKATEBOARDS – July 9th is the launch of Punk Rock Skateboards (PRS) at The Showcase Theater in Corona, California. There will be a punk rock show with live performances by: Channel 3 (CH3), The Skulls, Monster Truck and skaterock from Chicago, El Nada, Unit F and possibly a surprise appearance with another band. Band members from a lot of the bands you will see on the line up of 30 different bands decks that PRS is doing will be there to hang out. There will be give-a-aways and raffles. Go to or for details.

SESSIONS UPDATE – Corey Duffel has just returned from Europe and is already back on the road touring through L.A. then off to Canada with 88 shoes. Darren Navarrette is still undead. Adam Alfaro is on an extensive tour of the US with Black Label. Scott Bourne is still alive. Benji Galloway is on fire after winning the Basic Bowl BBQ, he headed to Slam City and picked up some loot in the Hastings Bowls, then jetted to Skatopia for a weekend of skating and mayhem, then hauled ass to Florida to place 5th in vert at the Kona Summer Nationals. Snoisses Skateboard Sessions with music from all your favorite skaters will be released in early July.. Check it out at

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FROM THE DEAD KENNEDYS – Dead Kennedys earn total vindication a second time in California Court of Appeals. – Court Upholds Earlier Decisions in Dead Kennedys vs. Jello Biafra – Band Maintains Control of All Artistic Materials Including Back Catalog, Logo and Use of Band Name associated with Dead Kennedys. Seminal punk rock band Dead Kennedys announced today that they have earned total vindication for a second time in a lawsuit filed against them by former lead singer and Alternative Tentacles Records label owner, Jello Biafra. Three judges of the California Court of Appeals ruled unanimously on June 18, 2003 that Biafra’s appeal, No. A094272, of Dead Kennedys vs. Jello Biafra, Superior Court case No. 998892, has been denied. Biafra’s appeal sought to overturn more than 20 years of band history and take sole control of Dead Kennedys by breaking up the band partnership, known as Decay Music. The ruling means that band members East Bay Ray, Klaus Flouride and D. H. Peligro will continue to maintain the band’s two decade old partnership with all four members, including Biafra, sharing equally in ownership and control of the bands’ creative works. The ruling also upholds an earlier court decision at a jury trial by the San Francisco Superior Court in May 2000. Jello Biafra was convicted of knowingly and willingly committing fraudulent acts against his former band mates by withholding monies administered by the Biafra run independent record label, Alternative Tentacles. The jury awarded the band compensatory and punitive damages totaling more than $200,000. For more information visit

Jello Biafra Appeal Denied in Lawsuit filed by other ex-Dead Kennedys- We are shocked that the California State Court of Appeals has denied our appeal in an unpublished opinion, and sent the dispute back to San Francisco Superior Court for further hearings. Those hearings will give us an opportunity to prove facts different from those claimed by the other ex-Dead Kennedys. So, unfortunately, this dispute is far from over. We are far from giving up. Stay tuned.

ELEMENT NEWS: Bam Margera needed his own security force to help protect him from mobs of fans at the recent Element demos in NJ. Bam’s got a new tattoo that looks very similar to Bam’s newest board graphic due out in October. Bam and the Jackass crew were nominated for Best On-Screen Team at this year’s MTV Movie awards, but lost to Lord of the Rings. Bam will be gracing MTV this season on his un-named show. In car news, Bam also just parted with his Ferrari for a new Mercedes S55 AMG. For more info –

DEATHBOX NEWS – The entire Deathbox crew has been getting busy filming for their first ever video. Titled GNAR; Tales from the Box! You can expect it to br ready in about 8-10 months. Expect to be seeing new Deathbox pro models from Mark Partain, Eric Dressen, Dave Reul, Adrian Demain and Tony Magnusson. Dave Reul is out of commission for a few with a broken collarbone. He was up in Flagstaff, AZ with Hackett and Bowman after the New Mexico contest and hung up at the Bushwacker park of death. The latest on Doug Pineapple Saladino … Last seen hanging and skating with legendary Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament … Word also on the street was that he was recently trolling the backyards in San Diego with legendary skate photographer Ted Terrebone and skate dog Damon Mills. Pineapple’s 6-year old son Shey seems to have join the ranks of the local Y posse at Clairemont and can be spotted skating the pool with dad and crew. Toy Machine has totally just completed their summer tour. The Berzerker tour was insane! Ethan Fowler, Daniel Shimizu, Corey Duffel, and Leo Romero are all back from the most successful Europe tour ever entitled The Foundations European Vacation! featuring stops in The Netherlands, Russia, Germany and France. Foundation’s Justin Strubing is on a 2 month Europe trip to film for the upcoming Foundation video and skate with the Ezekiel team. Gareth Stehr, Tony Silva and Mike Rusczyk are finally back from Okinawa, Japan – all in all it was a successful trip full of skating, eating, drink’in, shop’in, and hot Japanese girls. Jon West is back! He’s been held up recently with his schooling. Jon learned all kinds of new skillz at film school and is ready to get some school back on in skateboarding. He is graduating very soon, congratulations Jon! Pig Wheels would like to welcome Nor Cal ripper Alan Peterson and Black Label’s powerhouse Ben Gilley to its Pro Team. Pig Ceramic Bearings has just won the highly acclaimed Fastest Bearing Award held at the Cintron Corp last week. For more go to or

DOGTOWN SKATEBOARDS – Dogtown Skateboards has been dropped from the Dwindle Distribution family.

KONA SUMMER NATIONALS – Kona Summer Nationals 2003 @ Kona Skatepark – Jacksonville, FL Banked Slalom Results 1. Steve Olson 2. Billy Wahl 3. David Hackett 4. Charles Ransom 5. Duane Peters 6. Eric Groff 7. Brad Edwards 8. Jesse Parker 9. Kelly Lynn Kona Summer Nationals 2003 @ Kona Skatepark – Jacksonville, FL Park Slalom Results 1. Buck Smith 2. Jesse Parker 3. Brad Edwards 4. Todd Johnson 5. Jeff Budro 6. Benji Galloway 7. Billy Wahl 8. David Hackett 9. Donny Griffin 10. Duane Peters 11. Dave Duncan

KREPER / GRIND KING UPDATES – Eric Britton has signed to Kreper and Andy MacDonald has been let go from the Grind King team. The new Kreper video by Ryan Tate is due out soon.

EAST COAST RAMP DESIGN – Are you seeking professional help with your backyard ramp building? Email Merk at Merk finished building a mini spine last week in Vermont and the owner bought $200 worth of clams for a b-b-q to celibrate. The ironic part is the clams came from Wellfleet, MA from Wentzle Ruml’s harvest area – #CCB11Cultured Count Neck clams. What a trip…

AUSSIE OLD SCHOOL SKATE JAM – Brad Shaw is hosting the second annual Aussie Old School Skate Jam in Sydney Australia. The event will take place on Oct 18, 2003 at Maroubra Skatepark in Sydney which has a 10 foot concrete bowl and bank area and street course. This year will feature an over 38’s division with best tricks like longest carve, best edger, most wheelers and a flatland 360 competition. All are welcome. Email Brad at for details.

VANS SKATEPARK AT THE BLOCK – The bowl was packed as Juice Magazine hosted an open photo session on June 10, 2003 at Vans Skatepark at the Block in Orange County. Faces included Salba, Benji Galloway, Roland Sanchez, Brewce Martin, Steve Ruge, Wes Humpston, Rich Fosmire, Buddy Carr, Jake Piasecki, Juwels, Ed Reategui, Hanna Zanzi, Chaz, Billy D, Phil, Pamela Rittelmeyer (Aporos Films), Bart Saric, Rich Zuccarello, Dan Levy, Eric Tuma Britton and many more. Photographers included Jeff Bender, Joel Fraiser and Jon Mozo. Thanks to everyone that showed up and skated.

Westminster Vans Skatepark Westminster Vans Skatepark


The last skate jam at Westminster Vans Park in Colorado is on June 21. (The park closes June 22). There will be one last contest and raffle to close out the park in style. Email Mark Chandler at Beaz Lovelace, Ric and Ed skating the last days of the Colorado clover. Photos courtesy of Chris Wireman

NEWS FROM SWEDEN – There’s a film project in the works by Hans Corky Koraeus titled 1985 Swedish Skateboard Summercamp Nostalgiaabout the cult summer skate camps in 1979-1985. The main focus is the camp in 1985 with Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain and Rodney Mullen and there’s a historical section with Bob Skoldberg, Mike Weed, Stacy Peralta, Alan Gelfand, Per Welinder, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Billy Ruff, Neil Blender and Claus Grabke. See


SOUL BOWL – It was a busy weekend in Hermosa Beach, CA… First up was the Soul Bowl at the fifth annual Target+Mervyn’s Beach Bash. Competition began on Friday, June 6 and grinded on through Sunday, June 8. We got a few snaps of the mayhem in the VIP tent while Dave Duncan and Steve Ruge kept the bowlriders and spectators entertained with their master emcee skills. [Pictured below: The phenomenal Danielle Bostick of World Cup Skateboarding organized the event with a little help from her friends. Duane Peters signed autgraphs for the kids. Ricky Styles with a thumb jam courtesy of the steel coping. Pops Hosoi, Jennifer Hosoi and John Lucero are leading the ‘Free Christian Hosoi’ campaign. The legendary Grandmasters of the Bowl – DP and Salba.]


FREE CHRISTIAN HOSOI – Pops Hosoi and Jennifer Hosoi asked us to post the information below and encourage everyone to support Christian Hosoi by writing a letter of reference. Christian goes to court again at the end of June with a possible release in Feb 2004. Jennifer explained that they need as many character reference letters as possible before his next court date on June 30, 2003. You don’t have to own a business for your letter to be effective. All the support that can be rallied will be important. For more information go to You can write letters directly to Christian c/o Christian Rosha Hosoi 87547-022 C/O Federal Prison Camp Nellis C.S. 4500 North Las Vegas, Nevada 89036-4500. Please send character references for Christian to: Judge Alan C. Kay c/o Myles Breiner 345 Queen St Suite 200 Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 or email Please send letters before June 30, 2003. [This information was posted at the request of Jennifer Hosoi and Ivan Hosoi]

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