DOGTOWN LEGEND – BABY PAUL CULLEN – R.I.P. – Baby Paul Cullen passed away on Saturday, July 18, 2009. The youngest of the Zephyr skateboarding team, Cullen left his mark on pools all over the Los Angeles area, and will be remembered by all that rode with him. A memorial paddle out is planned for Sunday July 26, 2009 at the Venice Pier in Venice, CA. On Saturday, July 25th Memorial Services will be held at the St. Monica Church in Santa Monica, CA at 10:30am.

VENICE SKATEPARK NEWS FROM THE VSA – VSA News/ 7/26/2009 – Ger-I Lewis of the Venice Surf and Skateboard Association writes ‘I cut and pasted this from a web page’. The Supergirl Jam kicks off Labor Day weekend when, on September 6, the Snowboard Rail Jam and Skateboard Street elements of the Supergirl Jam will hit Venice Beach in conjunction with the opening of Venice’s new beachside skatepark. The skateboarders will be the first to compete in Venice’s brand new skatepark, christening the unique course with their skill and finesse. Some of the top skaters expected to compete include Vanessa Torres (Anaheim, CA), Elissa Steamer (Fort Myers, FL) and Amy Caron (Huntington Beach, CA). The Supergirl Jam will also feature a demo by some of the world’s best inline skaters competing for a $2,000 prize for best trick. Just steps away from ‘muscle beach,’ the snowboarders will take on the challenge of conquering a massive snow mountain with more than 80,000 pounds of snow on the beach in the coolest rail-jam competition of the year. Top female snowboarders are set to compete including Supergirl Ambassador Chanelle Sladics (Newport Beach, CA) and Raewyn Reid (Calgary, Alberta). In response to this announcement, Ger-I Lewis of the VSA has this to say, ‘Let it be known that the members of the VSA will not tolerate this event or any others that have not been approved by VSA. The VSA is the sole community organization directly responsible for the creation of the Venice Beach skatepark. We will not allow the L.A City Recreation and Parks Department to usurp the VSA’s efforts and or steal the VSA’s right to celebrate, organize and produce the Grand Opening of the Dennis Agnew Memorial Skatepark. Furthermore, the VSA has reached out many times to L.A City Recreation and Parks Department to establish some type of rapport, however the VSA has only been given the cold shoulder. It is apparent that Recreation and Parks is conniving and scheming as all the L.A City Recreation and Parks Department sees is dollar signs. The L.A City Recreation and Parks Department should be ashamed of themselves. It is truly unfortunate that the L.A City Recreation and Parks Department has chosen to snub the VSA. The L.A City Recreation and Parks Department did absolutely nothing to get the park built and have absolutely no experience in running a skatepark or community skateboarding program to benefit the local area youth. We, as citizens, are fed up with being stolen from by this type of government bureaucracy. For over 20 years, the VSA has lobbied and clamored for the skatepark. Furthermore, the VSA has created a program to employ youth and provide youth programming for the greater L.A community. We will not be denied the recognition of our hard work. Sincerely, Ger-I – Venice Surf and Skateboard Association.’ For more go to http://venicesurfandskateboardassociation.blogspot.com/ You may also email the VSA at venicesrfsk8@yahoo.com.

POWELL VIDEO ‘FUN’ – After nine long years, Powell Skateboards steps up with a new roster of skaters and delivers FUN!, the latest video title. The current roster includes new pro Jordan Hoffart, John White, Josh
Hawkins, Dallas Rockvam, Derek Elmendorf, Ben Hatchell and Aldrin Garcia. Internationally there have been showings of FUN! in Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, England, Russia, New Zealand, Chile, UAE, Poland, Spain, Japan, Italy, Finland and Switzerland, seventy seven total. www.powellskateboards.com and www.skateone.com

SKATOPIA: 88 ACRES OF ANARCHY – The upcoming skateboard film ‘Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy’ will have its world premiere in NYC on 7/11/09. Skatopia : 88 Acres of Anarchy http://www.skatopiathemovie.com. There will be a sneak preview of the film at the Bowl Bash. The official trailer is posted at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTgV44R_loU. The film was selected for indy film fest ACEfest in NYC on Saturday July 11 at 9:45 pm, and landed the best slot in the lineup: closing spot on Saturday night. Here is the link for buying tickets: http://acefest.bside.com/2009/schedule/week. ACEFEST 2009 : Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy http://acefest.bside.com/2009/films/skatopia88acresofanarchy_acefest2009. Eric Martin will be updating the Skatopia.org homepage with latest news on the Pope, Brewce Martin.

THREE16 BOWL JAM – Osiris presents 2nd Anual ThreeSixteen Bowl Jam on July 25, 2009. BBQ, music and good times at The Camp at Old Mill located at 127 Brandamore Rd. Honey Brook, PA. Divisions: Grom 13 and under, Intermediate, Advanced, Masters Ripper, Sponsored. Entry fee $15. Registration 10am. Contest starts at 11am. For info call 610-384-8628. www.three16.com

VOLCOM STONE’S WILD IN THE PARKS free entry Am Skate Contest at the Dept of Skateboarding in Portland, OR on July 25, 2009. Jam Format. Sign up online at www.volcom.com

DC SKATEBOARDING TEAM HITS THE SECOND STOP OF THE PROJECT GRANITE ASIA TOUR AT THE WORLD’S LARGEST SKATE PARK – DC’s skateboarding team did a demo on July 4 at the world’s largest skate park, SMP Skate Park in Shanghai, China. Over 400 skateboarders, media and industry VIPs came to check out the demos and watch the DC skateboarding team handle their business on this insane concrete heaven. The demo featured a special granite ledge that was built for the DC commercial that launched PJ’s signature shoe, the PJ S LX, and was also featured in Project Granite at theBerrics.com. DC also played the PJ commercial on a big screen during the event. To check out the commercial visit www.dcshoes.com/pj <http://www.dcshoes.com/pj> . DC skateboarders, PJ Ladd, Colin McKay, Matt Miller, Marquise Henry, Greg Myers, and Wes Kremer as well as regional riders Bjorn Johnston, Kota Ikeda and Buchi all killed it on the street skateboarding course and signed autographs for their fans. To celebrate, the DC skateboarding team and Fly Streetwear hosted an after party at the Mao club where over 300 people showed up to support the DC team. On July 5 the DC skateboarding team did a signing at Fly Streetwear in Shanghai. Guests were able to meet and get signed autographs from DC’s skateboarders. The DC skateboarding team is also filming the DC AM video on the Project Granite Asia Tour. To follow the tour, stay tuned to www.dcskateboarding.tv

KING OF THE GROMS 12 and Under Skateboard Contest Series at Woodward West on July 25, 2009. To register email mark@3rdlair.com. www.woodwardwest.com

AMERICAN ARTIFACT MOVIE – The Rise of American Rock Poster Art. Denver Movie Premiere on Friday July 31, 2009 at the Oriental Theater located at 4335 West 44th Ave in Denver, Co. Live music by the Omens and Speedworld and live screen printing by Swamp. For more movie info check out www.americanartifactmovie.com

VENICE BEACH RIDES FOR THE COMMUNITY – A classic and eco car, truck, motorcyle and bicycle showcase at 720 Rose Ave in Venice Beach, CA on July 18, 2009. Event runs from 10am-4pm. For more info go to www.vchcorp.org/rides

BROOKLYN BOWL JAM – Pray for sunshine kids! The Brooklyn Bowl Jam is back on for July 11th. Rain date is July 12th, but screw the rain, let’s skate! Also, Limited Edition, two-sided Brooklyn Bowl Jam T’s will be available, so mug someone for cash on your way over. For more info go to www.FUNHOUSESKATEBOARDS.COM

ACE TRUCKS presents a SHORT HISTORY OF SKATE AFTER PARTY on Thursday, July 9 at 9:00pm at Stanford’s Restaurant and Bar. To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

1978 – CRASHED MEMORIES by Ger-I Lewis – This new book by Venice hardcore Ger-I Lewis will drag you down the black worm hole of time to the late ’70s as punk grabbed a hold of the Los Angeles underworld and set it on its ass. Lewis gives personal insight into the true core of the sk8, surf, punk scene from a refreshingly honest and raw point of view. Not only was Lewis an observer of the burgeoning punk rock/surf/sk8 ideology, he was an active participant, singing in various bands, and playing his own unique role in the L.A. music scene. From the early days of Devo playing shows at the skateparks, to the beginning, middle and end of the infamous Germs and their mysterious lead singer, Darby Crash, Lewis gives you a backstage pass to the real deal. Anarchy was the cause and the reason. Gangbangers, punks, hippies, cops and chaos painted the landscape, backed by an evolving soundtrack of the Clash, the Sex Pistols, the Cramps, Vicious Circle and 999. There was stage diving, localism, surf and skate legends, seaweed salaries, the punk army, leather and spikes, fists and boots, slamming and pure anarchy. This is a must read for all true punks and skate/surf history heads. Publisher: Global Authors Publishers. Format: Paperback, 140 pages. To order, email Ger-I Lewis at venicesrfsk8@yahoo.com.

ETNIES LOS STUPIDOS FIESTA with the Malloy brothers for the release of their newest colorway with the ecofriendly Jameson, both Chris and Kieth will have their somberors on along with the entire etnies surf team. Free tacos and beer with a live acoustic set with Carey Howe and dance party with DJ Mark Moreno. www.soletechnology.com

DR. KNOW AND THE SKATANIC REDNECKS – Thursday, July 9 at 8:00pm at Detroit Bar located at 843 W. 19th Street in Costa Mesa, CA. www.myspace.com/skatanicrednecks

KRUDCO Gazebo Get Down – Saturday, July 18 at 12:00pm. Best Trick skateboard contest at the Charlotte beach gazebo in Charlotte Beach, NY. CASH PRIZES!! www.krudco.com

SELECT DISTRIBUTION has released a new deck line called Palisades. They also did a bunch of new Vision Re-Issue decks. www.selectsk8.com/OLDSKOOL

MAKE IT COUNT The Element Story – World Premiere July 28th at the Lido Theater located at 3459 Via Lido, Newport Beach, CA 92663. Free to the public. www.elementskateboards.com/makeitcount/events/

THE SEISMIC SKATE SYSTEMS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS OF SLALOM SKATEBOARDING – Hood River, Oregon July 17 – 19, 2009 – World-class athletes, speed, adrenaline, danger, and gorgeous scenery will collide in Hood River July 17 – 19 for the Seismic Skate Systems World Championships of Slalom Skateboarding, the biggest slalom skateboard race of 2009. The busy downtown main streets of Hood River Oregon are going to replace cars with slalom skateboarders as Hood River rolls out the red carpet for this event. Past races in Hood River have been so well received by the skateboard racing community that this year’s event was awarded the World Championships by the International Slalom Skateboard Association (ISSA). www.seismicskate.com

UNITED BY FATE EPISODE 5 – In the past, MACHNAU, HASLAM, MUMFORD, DUNCOMBE, and LUTZKA all fall under the spell of the mysterious BLACK VAN. Where it’s taken them, we don’t quite know. But alas, the youth are getting restless. The hunter becomes the hunted in EPISODE 5 as RYAN DECENZO and the GLOBE skate team are UNITED BY FATE. Check out the best of UBF here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt0pJxodpYw and go to www.unitedbyfate.tv

GRAND PRIX OF SKATEBOARDING – July 18th and 19th in Holland at the Vans Rotterdam Grand Prix of Skateboarding 2009. Skateboarding as skateboarding should be! The city of Rotterdam is turning into a skateboarder’s heaven for a whole week. The event is outdoors right next to the Erasmusbridge, Rotterdam’s Leuvehoofd. The downhill streetcourse offers new ways to compete in a contest. Let’s see who will win the battle for the 40.000 USD prize purse! More info www.skateparkoftampa.com. For more information www.rotterdamgrandprix.nl

4TH FRENCH OLD SCHOOL SKATE JAM – July 4-5, 2009. Send donations and products to Jean Terrisse – Residence Beaumanoir Bat. 6 Alle des Lilas 13100Aix en provence France. For more go to http://french.ossj.free.fr

SKULL SKATES – Skull Skates is back in the USA along with Bill Danforth and has signed a licensing deal with Blitz Distribution. Look for the the brand’s continuation of deck designs made in Canada from hard rock Canadian maple, while committed to its lineage and rolling out its first skate tour since 1978. www.skullskates.com

SLALOM CHAMPIONSHIPS – Sept 18 – 20 – Antrim Can/Am Slalom Championships, ISSA Main
Sanction, Antrim, NH. The Antrim Can/Am (formerly the Race for the Old Gold Jug) features three events this year, including a 100-cone tight slalom, the main event hybrid and a GS. One of the six largest races of its kind in North America, the Antrim Can/Am attracts professional and amateur competitors from throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. Details for race, held 9/18, 9/19 and 9/20, can be found at http://www.slalomskateboard.com.

2009 ZOO YORK AM GETTING PAID CONTEST – JULY 24TH-26TH – MONTREAL, CANADA – The Zoo York Institute is proud to announce that from July 24th-26th, the 2009 Zoo York AM Getting Paid (AGP) contest will be held at ‘Le Taz Skatepark in Montreal, Canada. Widely recognized as one of today’s most prestigious international skateboarding competitions for amateurs only, this year’s contest boasts a hefty prize purse of $10,000 USD. In celebration of AGP’s 5th Anniversary, this year’s contest will feature an exciting new format and move to the brand new 280,000 square foot ‘Le Taz Skatepark centrally located in downtown Montreal. www.zooyork.com – www.amgettingpaid.com

THE SKATEBOARDER’S JOURNAL BOOK – The Skateboarder’s Journal – Lives on Board 1949-2009. The book includes more than 180 stories and somewhere between 200-300 photographs. With the ‘everyman/everywoman’ stories there will also be contributions from some notable skateboarders, and others from the skateboard industry and here are just a few: Britt Parrott, Bryan Ridgeway, Chris Yandall, Curt Kimbel, Dave Dash, D. David Morin, Dave Hackett, Dan Gesmer, Ellen O’Neal, Di Dootson, Jim O’Mahoney, Jim Fitzpatrick, John Fudala, John ‘Tex’ Gibson, Keith Meek, Laura Thornhill, Mark Partain, Mike Weed, Roger Hickey, Tom Sims and Wentzle Ruml IV. Some of the great skateboarding photographers have graciously contributed to the book, including Glen E. Friedman, Ted Terrebonne, Mofo, Wynn Miller, Jim Goodrich, Greg Fadell and Grant Brittain. The introduction is by Stacy Peralta.

GEORGIA BOWL RIDERS CONTEST – Georgia Bowl riders competition. 2 Days 2 parks: Columbus, GA – October 17, 2009, and October 18, 2009 at Brook Run, Atlanta, GA. 200 4th Street Columbus, GA 31901-and-4770 North Peachtree Rd.Dunwoody, GA 30338. Hosted by Woodys Halfpipe. www.woodyshalfpipe.com or Call 770-416-1475.

BUILDING OUT BACK GETS A FACELIFT AND OPENS DOORS FOR THE BMX/SKATE COMMUNITY – Windells has completed construction on its one-of-kind indoor recreation facility on Mt Hood this week. The Building out Back (aka BOB) gives riders and skaters a state of the art venue to practice 365 days a year and a refuge from the elements. The 15,000 indoor skate and BMX park is the biggest of its kind in the Northwest. BOB’s new features include a 75 ft mini ramp and street course. An Olympic size trampoline and giant foam pit provide riders with the opportunity to safely work on new tricks and maneuvers, ‘This place is an incredible facility for training, for fun and for filming and its another reason Windells is the funnest place on earth,’ says owner Tim Windell. The new renovations were completed for the spring and summer sessions and compliment an already 28 acre campus. Besides BOB, Windells offers an outdoor street course, BMX dirt tracks, a concrete bowl, concrete spine ramp, a demo shed full of next years products, paintball, a NIKE Video Editing Lab, ping-pong, a basketball court and of course a snack shop. Campers can stay overnight or just attend the weeklong camps daily. The camp includes instruction, food, prizes, supervision, video review camp activities and more. To register go to www.windells.com

WES HUMPSTON has teamed up with fashion designer Anthony Quiroz to design a new shoe brand that is set to release in Summer 2009. The shoe collection focuses on Wes’ trademark hand drawn artwok combined with classic skateboard styles. Currently selling at www.bulldogkskates.com

DC CELEBRATES LEGENDARY SKATE PHOTOGRAPHER MIKE BLABAC’S FIRST BOOK AND SHOE RELEASE WITH WORLD TOUR – Available July 1st, BLABAC PHOTO is the first skateboarding book of its kind featuring 224 pages of iconic images in skateboarding in a beautifully designed, cloth-bound, large format hardcover book. Published by powerHouse Books, BLABAC PHOTO takes you on a visual journey from Blabac’s humble beginnings as a kid who was intrigued by cameras to shooting some of the most legendary skateboarders of all time. Coinciding with the release of BLABAC PHOTO is the Blabac Azure mid, the first DC signature shoe that has been made for a non-professional team member. This shoe was designed to compliment the book and pay homage to Balbac and his work with DC over the past 10 years. Both the book and shoe will be available at http://www.dcshoes.com/blabac, DC flagship stores, select skate shops, powerHouse, and select book retailers. Blabac’s New York gallery exhibit will be available for viewing at powerHouse arena from July 1 – August 2. Next stops on Blabac’s tour are July 2, 2009 at the DC Melrose store in Los Angeles, CA, July 8, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia, July 12 in Tokyo, Japan, July 18 in Barcelona and the final stop will be in London, England on July 22. For more information on Blabac or the world tour visit http://www.dcshoes.com/blabac

ART SHOW – Tony Alva and Richard Villa III Present An Exhibit A Gallery Event ‘The Detournements of Wynn Miller’ Closing Reception – Friday July 31st 2009 7PM – 11PM. Featuring Artists: Shepard Fairey, Mark ‘Gonz’ Gonzales, Shawn Barber, Greg Gossel, Nate Frizzell, Chloe Trujillo, Axis, Lauren Bergman, Jon Chase, Richard Villa III, Nazrn, Eric Monson, Dennis Mcnett, Michael Ruiz, Mario ‘FDubs’ Luevanos, Jeff Ho, Votan, Tony Meister, Jamie La Chappa. 25 out of 500 Limited Edition signed Obey Giant prints held over for the closing reception will be available:Shepard Fairey, Wynn Miller and Tony Alva. DJ: Al G. Open Bar Provided by: Transphusion. This will be the last chance to view or to acquire the art of this collection. Most artists are scheduled to appear. Visit WWW.EXHIBITAGALLERY.COM for more updates and info. Exhibit A Gallery: 1086 South Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles Ca 90019. 323-954-7295 INFO@EXHIBITAGALLERY.COM.

DC-JAM SKATE ROCK VOL. 1 including bands: Swingin’ Utters, Government Issue, JFA, The Copyrights, Amercian Werewolves, Psycho, Painted Willie, Venomous, Plan 9, Frontside Five, The Heard, The Big Boys, The Dwarves, The Rudy Schwartz Project, Suspect dc, Trusty, 300 Pounds, Minus-One, McRad, Off With Their Heads!, Wednesday Night Heroes, Whatever Dude!, The Party Downers, Narcopleptic Youth, Pezz, New Skool Kings, Naked Lady Wrestlers, Disastroid, Neutralboy and Fishbone. www.dcjamrecords.com

T.S.O.L. – To Release ‘Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Free Downloads’ on limited edition vinyl.
SoCal punk legends T.S.O.L. have signed with DC-Jam Records to release ‘Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Free Downloads’ on limited edition colored vinyl. This, the bands 30th anniversary album, was recorded at the Hurley studio’s, and was produced by Grammy winning producer David Bianco. 300 of the LP’s will contain hand signed inner sleeves that will be offered exclusively by Hot Topic. Available everywhere September, 15th, 2009. T.S.O.L. are an American punk band that formed in 1979 in Long Beach, California. This is the bands 19th release and their music has been featured on numerous compilations, films and documentaries. www.dcjamrecords.com

HANK WILLIAMS III’S BAND ‘ASSJACK’ TO RELEASE SELF-TITLED ALBUM ON CURB RECORDS AUGUST 4 – ASSJACK–the death-metal band founded and fronted by HANK WILLIAMS III–will release their first album of fully authorized music August 4 via Curb Records. Featuring tracks like ‘Redneck Ride,’ ‘Wasting Away’ and ‘No Regrets,’ the self-titled album personifies the split in the psyche of the singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer who last year released the psych-country album Damn Right, Rebel Proud. While they’re two vastly different sonic experiences, both projects reflect the diverse musical interests of the self-professed ‘crazy fuck from Tennessee.’ ‘Nowadays, there’s a whole group of people that love Waylon and David Allan Coe and love Pantera and Slayer– there’s a whole breed of them out there,’ says Hank III. HIII will take both his ‘Damn’ country band and ASSJACK out on the road beginning June 16 in Louisville, KY, with U.S. dates confirmed through July 15 in Knoxville, TN. For these shows, both the ‘Damn’ band and ASSJACK will perform 45-minute sets, with a 15-minute changeover in-between. http://www.myspace.com/hank3

WORN FREE celebrates Debbie Harry’s birthday on July 1st and offers 10% off all her T-shirts throughout the first two weeks of July. The talented and beautiful Debbie Harry will be celebrating her birthday on July 1st making this a great way to become part of rock history – thanks to Worn Free of course. Blondie’s lead singer Debbie Harry quickly became recognized as one of the most influential fashion icons of the 70s with hit songs like ‘Heart of Glass’ and ‘The Tide is High.’ Her stage persona of cool sexuality and streetwise style became so closely associated with her two-toned blonde hair that many came to believe her real name was Blondie. Debbie’s career as a musical artist and trendsetter took flight when edgy polaroid photographs of her were first published in Punk Magazine. She became the Punk Magazine’s first T-shirt model and with WORN FREE you can embrace Debbie Harry’s history and rock out with her signature ‘PUNK’ T-shirt. If you want something more fun, you can welcome in the summer with the legendary ‘Camp Funtime’ shirt that Harry made famous during her first 1977 North American tour where she opened for Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Other T-shirts embodied by Debbie Harry include No Pictures, Berlin, Vultures, Mick Ronson, L.A.M.F., Blue Jackets and Skull. www.wornfree.com

DC-JAM SKATE ROCK TOUR 2009 – The DC-Jam Skate Rock Tour 09′ is well under way on the West Coast and features performances by: Frontside Five, JFA, Anarchy Taco, Minus-One, 300 Pounds, 5 Days Dirty and Hightower. This tour will be hitting the Midwest/South by mid-summer and the East Coast in early Fall. www.dcjamrecords.com

THE SHRINE, INSECTS VS. ROBOTS, THE CHUCK DUKOWSKI SEXTET at Timewarp Guitar located at 12257 Venice Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA, on Saturday, July 25 at 8:10pm. The Chuck Dukowski Sextet, featuring Chuck Dukowski of Black Flag and SST Records, accompanied by his wife Laura singing and her son Milo tearing apart the guitar. www.myspace.com/thechuckdukowskisextet

SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE SKATEBOARDING CULTURE EXHIBIT – Ramp It Up: Skateboard Culture in Native America. Exhibit runs from June 12, 2009-September 13, 2009 at NMAI on the National Mall, Washington, DC. Ramp it Up celebrates the vibrancy, creativity, and controversy of American Indian skate culture. Skateboarding combines demanding physical exertion with design, graphic art, filmmaking, and music to produce a unique and dynamic culture. One of the most popular sports on Indian reservations, skateboarding has inspired American Indian and Native Hawaiian communities to host skateboard competitions and build skate parks to encourage their youth. Native entrepreneurs own skateboard companies and sponsor community-based skate teams. Native artists and filmmakers, inspired by their skating experiences, credit the sport with teaching them a successful work ethic. The exhibition features rare and archival photographs and film of Native skaters as well as skatedecks from Native companies and contemporary artists. http://www.nmai.si.edu/

NATIVE SKATE JAM – Native skaters demonstrate style and skills on a six-foot half pipe, the first skate ramp in the Smithsonian Institute on July 3-July 5; 12 and 2 p.m. daily at Potomac Atrium, National Museum of the American Indian, 4th Street and Independence Ave. SW, Washington, DC. Skaters will include Mondo Lerma (Agua Caliente), age 7; Augie Lerma (Agua Caliente), age 10; Skyler Anselmo (Akimel O’odham), age 14 ; Len Yazzen (Navajo), age 21 ; Bryant Chapo (Navajo), age 21. High-ranking Native skaters will show tricks and gravity-defying acrobatics during half-hour sets. The action will be emceed by two well-known skate professionals, Todd Harder (Creek ancestry), owner of Native Skates and Jim Murphy (Lenni Lenape ancestry), owner of Wounded Knee Skateboards. The six-foot ramp will be specially constructed by Ramp Tech, the world’s oldest and largest skateboard ramp builder. This skate demonstration is in support of the exhibition, ‘Ramp It Up: Skateboard Culture in Native America’ that is open through Sept. 13, 2009. The exhibition examines the role of indigenous peoples in skateboard culture, from its roots in Native Hawaiian surfing to the visionary achievements of contemporary Native skaters. Skating is by invitation only–No skating by the public will be permitted. YouTube http://youtube.com/smithsonianNMAI and http://www.nmai.si.edu/webcasts

ART SHOW – Bloodhorse Clothing and 2Headed horse Gallery Present: Got To Be There: An Interpretation of Michael Jackson Group Art Show Featuring: Jeff Kling, Tom Miyao, Tom Walbank, Chris Pontius, Mike Kassak, Seth Meisterman, Dave England, Donny Miller, Ben Brough, Michael Frey, Ida Aberg, Tim Hardy, Jessica Doyle, Reid Duncan, Eric Franko and Roger Seliner on July 24 2009 7pm @ 2Headed Horse Gallery- 1770 Glendale Blvd – Los Angeles, CA 90026. Complimentary beverages provided by Transphusion. Back in February, curator and Bloodhorse Clothing lasso master Scott Manning had been playing Michael Jackson vinyl on his turntable daily. After hours of pouring over MJ archives, he came to the conclusion that something needs to be done. There are many people that are inspired by Jackson in one way or another, and their voices should be heard. Manning started collecting artwork based on Jackson from artists and friends. Fast forward to June 25th. The collection was growing and the art show was being put into place. Scott and the participants alike had no idea that the fate of Michael Jackson would be determined on that day. You’ve got to be there to see the results. Additional info is available online at www.bloodhorseclothing.com. For more information on 2Headed Horse, visit www.2headedhorse.com

HURLEY U.S. OPEN OF SURFING DELIVERS NINE ACTION-PACKED DAYS OF WORLD CLASS SURFING, SKATING, BMX, FASHION, ART, HISTORY AND MUSIC – Hurley is taking the U.S. Open of Surfing to a new level, infusing a youthful attitude, elite athletes, fashion and music-all against the backdrop of 50 years of competitive surfing at the famed Huntington Beach Pier. The Hurley U.S. Open of Surfing hosts 500 world-class athletes and draws more than 400,000 spectators over nine days-July 18 to 26, 2009. The event is owned and produced by IMG, a global leader in sports and entertainment. All of the action is accessible live on www.usopenofsurfing.com Anchored by the world’s largest professional surfing competition, the Hurley U.S. Open of Surfing features North America’s only combined men’s ($145,000) and women’s ($35,000) six-star World Qualifying Series (WQS) competitions. Elite athletes slated to compete include three-time U.S. Open champion Rob Machado, nine-time world champion Kelly Slater and three-time world and former U.S. Open champion Andy Irons along with many of the sport’s top rated men and women.

HUNTINGTON BEACH SURFING WALK OF FAME TO INDUCT FRED HEMMINGS, DUKE BOYD, WENDY BOTHA, MARK MARTINSON AND JACKIE BAXTER. Five decades of champions join the Walk of Fame Honor Roll. Against the backdrop of the golden anniversary celebration of competitive surfing at the Huntington Beach Pier, the Surfing Walk of Fame will honor its 16th class of inductees on Thursday, July 23 at 10:00 a.m. Joining more than 100 individuals who have made significant contributions to the sport and culture of surfing are Fred Hemmings, Duke Boyd, Wendy Botha, Mark Martinson and Jackie Baxter. The open-to-the-public ceremony takes place in front of Jack’s Surfboards located on the corner of PCH and Main. More information is available at www.surfingwalkoffame.com

LIFE ROLLS ON FOUNDATION NEWS – Life Rolls On Foundation will host its 25th They Will Surf Again event at Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA. Life Rolls On founder Jesse Billauer will be joined by celebrity surf enthusiasts Simon Baker of CBS’s ‘The Mentalist’ and Scott Caan of the ‘Ocean’s’ trilogy as well as professional surfer Rob Machado, president of Insight Clothing USA Jesse Faen, Power106 radio personality Jeff Garcia, Ms. Wheelchair California Alyson Roth and over 175 volunteers to provide 40 paralyzed surfers with an opportunity to demonstrate what is possible despite spinal cord injury. As the Life Rolls On signature quality of life program, They Will Surf Again has empowered thousands of individuals with spinal cord injury to experience the freedom of riding a wave through the assistance of adaptive surfboards and dedicated volunteers. Since 2004, the program has proved that even if the body is challenged, the human spirit continues to soar. The event precedes the Life Rolls On’s Night By the Ocean Gala to be held on October 4 in Los Angeles. As recently announced Honorary Chairmen for the gala, Simon Baker and Rob Machado will be available to discuss their continued involvement with the Foundation. Jesse Faen and Scott Caan, host committee members for Night by the Ocean, will also be available to comment on the event aimed at honoring those who have made extraordinary contributions to the spinal cord injury community. This program is available at no cost to participants through generous sponsorships by the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) and Global Surf Industries. Event sponsors include Creative Chakra Spa, Culligan Water, Duke’s Malibu, Elite Productions International, Ezekiel USA, Ganahl Lumber, HandsFree Sunscreen, Rock Christian Church, TONIC, Weber Plywood and Lumber Company and Vita Coco. Additional program details can be found at www.liferollson.org/twsa. The event will take place on Saturday, July 18, 2009 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m at Zuma Beach, Lifeguard Tower 5 (Malibu, CA)

MSA CLASSIC SURF CONTEST – The Malibu Surfing Association’s MSA Classic surfing contest will be held September 12-13, 2009 at First Point, Surfrider Beach, Malibu. We expect the MSA Classic – California’s premier club surfing competition – to turn out another great group of celebrities, Malibu residents, surfing legends, and up-and-coming greats; all against the backdrop of one of the world’s most famous beaches and within the heart of the LA media market. Your tax-deductible contribution to the MSA Classic offers excellent exposure to both contestants and visitors. We offer a compelling suite of pre-event, on-site, post-event, and year-round values, including prominent recognition in the official program. The MSA is an all volunteer, 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to the fellowship of surfing and to the stewardship of Surfrider Beach. We believe that Malibu is one of surfing’s crown jewels and a special resource for all its visitors. With this belief, we’re actively engaged in improving the Surfrider Beach experience, whether on the beach or in the water. We’re Califorina’s ONLY surfing club whose fundraising efforts go directly back into preserving the beach we love — Surfrider Beach. On behalf of the members and Directors of the MSA, thank you for your time and consideration. www.msaclassic.com and www.msasurfing.org

LEGENDS OF SURFING – Surfing, Jack London remarked, is ‘a royal sport for the natural kings of earth.’ Legends of Surfing profiles the greatest of those natural kings in a glorious celebration of the world’s best surfers. Part exquisite picture book and travelogue of the best surfing spots on earth, part biography and reference guidebook, Legends of Surfing profiles one hundred great surfers, men and women, from throughout the world. In life stories, and in exclusive interviews, notable surfers such as Wayne Bartholomew, Tom Curren, Andy and Bruce Irons, Duke Kahanamoku, Dave Kalama, Gerry Lopez, Rob Machado, Mark Occhilupo, and Kelly Slater give us a rare firsthand look at what it’s like to live to surf. Written by Duke Boyd, a legendary surfer himself and co-founder in 1962 of Hang Ten surf-wear, Legends of Surfing is the perfect gift for anyone who surfs or dreams of surfing. Legends of Surfing: The Greatest Surfriders from Duke Kahanamoku to Kelly Slater By Duke Boyd; Photography by Jeff Divine; Foreword by Steve Pezman. Retail: $35.00 US. Hardcover / 9.25 x 10.875 / 208 pages / 150 color and 100 b/w photos. Pub Date: November 2009. www.mbipublishing.com

ROXY PRO SURFER JENNIFER SMITH CLAIMS HER SECOND ASP WOMEN’S WORLD LONGBOARD TITLE AT 2009 ROXY JAM – Roxy team rider and native Californian Jennifer Smith (USA), 23, won the Roxy Jam in Biarritz, France, July 14, 2009, to claim the second ASP Women’s World Longboard title of her brilliant career after defeating Coline Menard (FRA), 21, in the finals. Smith, who raised her world title trophy in front of a cheering crowd at La Ctes des Basques, dominated the final day of competition from beginning to end, with a 9.25 ride in the semifinals, the highest scoring wave of the competition, confirming her status as the world’s best female longboarder. The 2009 Roxy Jam was held in consistent three-foot surf under sunny skies in Biarritz, France and witnessed spectacular levels of surfing throughout the four-day waiting period, with a mix of nose-rides and well executed maneuvers from all the female competitors. The event introduced a new 32-woman format, down from 48 last year, with direct elimination from Round One bringing more intensity into the ASP Women’s World Longboard title race. Celebrating its fourth year as the premiere all women’s longboarding event, the Roxy Jam Biarritz brings together a diverse crowd to celebrate surf, art and music. In addition to the world class surf competition, the event included a photography exhibit displaying works by big names who have captured the most beautiful waves, a free concert with a performance by Santigold, fitness classes, demos and prizes for all that attended. For more information on the event visit www.roxyjam.com

DAKINE LAUNCHES MOBILE SITE – DAKINE, the leader in action sports accessories, is pleased to introduce its mobile website. A newly launched, interactive site gives users access to DAKINE goodies while on the go. Content is broken down into categories including snowboard, ski, surf, skate, bike, windsurf, kiteboard, girls and music. An abbreviated version of DAKINE’s website, the mobile site, www.DAKINE.com/mobile, is compatible with most media rich-enabled cell phones. Featured products, team riders, news sections, sponsored bands and a retail store locator round out the mobile site highlights. When connected to a high-speed wireless or 3G network users can experience optimum performance of streaming music and video clips. Additionally, worldwide surf reports provided by Surfline.com are located within the surf, windsurf and kiteboard categories. Snow reports provided by OnTheSnow.com display conditions for North American destinations and are accessible in the ski and snowboard categories. To view the current line of DAKINE products, log on to www.DAKINE.com

NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL PRESENTS OFFICIAL PREMIERE OF HIGHWATER – Benefit Launch of Theatrical Release to Feature Appearance by Filmmaker Dana Brown – The Newport Beach Film Festival (NBFF) in partnership with Regency Theatres and Apostrophe Films is pleased to present the official theatrical premiere of Dana Brown’s new adventure film Highwater on Friday, July 24 at 7:30 pm at the historic Regency Lido Theatre at 3459 Via Lido Drive in Newport Beach. The special screening of Highwater (2009, Documentary, 90 min.) will kick off the film’s week long run in Newport Beach at the Regency Lido Theater, the location where Brown’s films Dust to Glory and Step Into Liquid opened to sold out audiences. Continuing the momentum of its popular Action Sports Film Series, the Newport Beach Film Festival is proud to welcome filmmaker Dana Brown back to Newport Beach for the launch of his new film Highwater. Brown is scheduled to attend the event and participate in a post-screening QandA session. Tickets for the event are $15 and available at www.regencymovies.com. Directed and written by Dana Brown and produced by C. Rich Wilson, Highwater chronicles the action-packed Vans Triple Crown professional surfing competition which takes place from November to January on the magnificent North Shore of Oahu. The Vans Triple Crown is comprised of a series of challenging and historic contests that conclude the pro surfing world tour and ultimately crown a world champion: the OP Pro Hawaii in Haleiwa, the O’Neill World Cup on Sunset Beach and the grand finale, The Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters. From surfing legends to rising stars, Highwater spotlights surfers from Kelly Slater, Tom Curren, Sunny Garcia, Kalani Chapman, Jon-Jon Florence, Malik Joyeux, Mark Healy, Poncho Sullivan, Pat O’Connell and Jessie Billauer. The film highlights champions of women’s surfing, such as Sofia Mulanovich, Chelsea Georgeson, Rochelle Ballard, Lisa Anderson, Layne Beachley, Kealla Kennelly, Carissa Moore and Bethany Hamilton competing in The Roxy Pro at Haleiwa and the Billabong Pro. For additional information, visit www.NewportBeachFilmFest.com AND www.apostrophefeatures.com

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