EUROPEAN BOWL BASH – The Globe Bowl Bash 2006 dates are; Qualifications – May 13-14th Malmo Sweden, June 3-4th Hamburg Germany, July 15-16th Burnley UK, August 26-27th Algorta Spain… Finals – October 13-15th Eindhoven Holland… The Malmo qualifier will be the grand opening of the new Stapelbadds park, featuring bands including Millencolin and Sick Of It All. Please check www.stapelbaddsparken.se and www.bowlbash.com

JUSTIN PARKER BENEFIT –live there, too. A lot of crazy fun shit went down here for years. The band ‘REEB’ started there, also and Justin was the drummer. Anyway, Justin lost both his legs above the knee in a freak accident last Saturday. We are trying to set some stuff up for him and his family (wife and 2 kids.) Just trying to get the word out. You can email me for more info at elderalf@hotmail.com. An account has been set up for Justin and family at: Paypal.com. You can email your donation via Paypal to alexis@rivalentertainment.com.’

FUEL TV will air a two hour show on the Powell Peralta skateboard classic, The Search for Animal Chin on Saturday, July 29th. For more info go to http://powell-peralta.com.


PRO BOWL CONTEST – Saturday, August 26, 2006, the South Park Rec Center and SkateColorado have teamed up to host South Park’s first skateboarding competition – The South Park Throw Down Weekend. This competition is being held in Fairplay, Colorado at the 2-Mile High Skatepark. We expect a terrific turnout due to this world-class Skatepark, which features Penrose Pool Coping, a Bank Wall, an Over-vert Pocket, and a Cradle. Admission to this competition is FREE. All proceeds from sponsors, entry fees, booths, and food/beverage sales will go toward supporting the South Park Rec Center. Other non-profit organizations are teaming with the Rec Center to make this Throw Down Weekend a success. Rocky Mountain Rural Health and the American Veterans are hosting the VIP Party on Friday night at the American Legion Hall with food, music, and a SkateColorado video show. Saturday night, the Rec Center is hosting dinner and with the American Veterans, is having live bands for entertainment at the American Legion Hall. For details go to www.skatesouthpark.com.

FLIP SKATEBOARDS has dropped Bastien Salabanzi from the team roster.

GET A SKATEPARK IN YOUR TOWN: Check out this website to see how it can be done. www.missoulaskatepark.org

BLACK LABEL NEWS – The new video from Black Label ‘Back in Black’ is finished and features Adam Alfaro, Chet Childress, Kyle Leeper, Pat Rakestraw, Matt Mumford, Peter Watkins, Chaz Pineda, Anthony Schultz and Chris Troy. The Chet Childress section alone makes this DVD a must have. The dates and locations for the premieres of the new video can be found at www.blacklabelskates.com.

DEW ACTION SPORTS TOUR ANNOUNCES PRE-QUALIFIED ATHLETES FOR 2006 SEASON – Athletes are pre-qualified for the 2006 Dew Action Sports Tour’s first stop, the Panasonic Open, based on their rankings at the end of the 2005 Dew Action Sports Tour season. Depending on the discipline, between 10 and 20 athletes are pre-qualified. The full list is as follows – Ryan Sheckler, Bucky Lasek, Ryan Guettler, Jamie Bestwick, Ryan Guettler, Kenny Bartram, Chad Fernandez, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Scotty Cranmer, Kevin Robinson, Corey Bohan, Jeremy Stenberg, Greg Lutzka, Andy Macdonald, Ryan Nyquist, Chad Kagy, Cameron White, Mike Mason, Paul Rodriguez, Bob Burnquist, Dave Mirra, Simon Tabron, Chris Doyle, Adam Jones, Jereme Rogers, Anthony Furlong, Allan Cooke, Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Ronnie Faisst, Wagner Ramos, Rune Glifberg, Colin Mackay, Dennis McCoy, Mike Aitken, Ailo Gaup, Dayne Brummet, Neal Hendrix, Rob Darden, John Parker, Colin Mackay, Beau Bamburg, Austen Seaholm, Sandro Dias, Josh Harrington, Jay Miron, Cory Nastazio, Drake McElroy, Alex Gavin, Shaun White, Steven McCann, Jimmy Walker, Chris Gerber, Nate Adams, Paul Machnau, Chris Gentry, Tom Haugen, Tom Stober, Stephen Murray, Dustin Miller, Ronnie Creager, Mike Laird, Luke Parslow, Josh Evin, Chad Kagy, Rob Darden, Pat Channita, Alistair Whitton, Paul Kintner, Alex Chalmers, Mike Aitken, TJ Lavin, Michel Simonetto, Gary Young, Steven McCann, Morgan Wade, Dave Dillewaard, Diogo Canina, Dennis McCoy, Michael Cleveland. The Dew Action Sports Tour schedule, events and locations are as follows:
June 22-25 Panasonic Open Louisville, Ky. – Kentucky Expo Center
July 13-16 Right Guard Open Denver, Co. – Pepsi Center
Aug. 17-20 Vans Invitational Portland, Ore. – Rose Quarter
Sept. 7-10 Toyota Challenge San Jose, Calif. – HP Pavilion
Oct. 12-15 PlayStation Pro Orlando, Fla. – TD Waterhouse Centre

25TH MONSTER MASTERSHIP scheduled to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year, has now definitely been called off by its organisers, Titus communications GmbH. The cancellation is primarily due to problems in financing the event. Potential sponsors have already exhausted their budgets for the World Cup Soccer event or are uneasy about making further investment, fearing a ‘vacuum’ for sporting events following the football mega-event. In addition, the turbulent market situation also didn’t make putting on the event any easier. In recent years, the event was co-financed with the help of Titus Dittman, founder of the diverse companies within titus AG, and the current market situation in the skateboard sector in particular – the core business of titus Ag – equally made this unfeasible. Regrettably then for the organisers and all skateboarding fans, the Mastership will not take place this year for the first time in 24 years. We look forward to the 25th anniversary of the competition next year, because it’s only been postponed, not cancelled……the Mastership will be back! Tentative plans are in the works by WCS to hold the World Championships later in the year in Southern California. www.wcsk8.com


SKATE CONTEST – Skatepark of Tampa and Shaqueefa present Saturday – July 22 – Bonus Free Day – 7th Annual Thunder High Ollie Challenge at Skatepark of Tampa – Tampa, FL. www.skateparkoftampa.com.

BORDERTOWN NEEDS YOUR HELP – A letter from John the Baker – Bordertown Skatepark was set up by a few skaters who were inspired to build a skate park in a bad neighborhood in Oakland, CA. Up to this point, Oakland had no skateparks. Skaters got together, found a plot of land, under a bridge and started construction. Not too long afterwards, Caltrans discovered the renagade operation and took legal action to destroy what had been built. The City of Oakland was approached by the skate builders and were encouraged to assist. City of Oakland has since stepped up and has been negotiating with Caltrans to lease the land and then lease it to the skaters for the park. So Boardertown Skatepark has incorporated as a non profit and has a nonprofit tax ID number and we are now in the fundraising stage and reaching out to skaters and skateboard related businesses and asking for donations. The time is urgent now because we are close to signing the lease and we need money to pay for the lease and to buy supplies to complete construction once the lease is signed. We have 4 benefit concerts planned over the next few months and want to do raffles of skate decks, wheels, shirts etc. and other skate related items so please send what you can to us to help us raise the needed moneys to make this skatepark happen as well as making tax deductable cash donations. We have a paypal button on the website http://www.bordertownskatepark.org So please, go there now and contribute. We appreciate your support. Thank You, John the Baker. http://www.bordertownskatepark.org.


VANS NABS ANTHONY VAN ENGELEN AND JOHNNY LAYTON FOR APPAREL – Vans announced today that Anthony Van Engelen and Johnny Layton, each already riding for Vans shoes, are the first two skaters to sign Vans apparel deals. AVE, whose first Vans shoe, the AV Era, hits stores July 1, has ridden for Vans since last October, while Layton has been with Vans for more than two years, dating back to his am days. While AVE and Johnny are wearing Vans threads right now, look for signature product from these guys in Fall 2007. Vans, long known as the original skate shoe maker, is diving deeper into the apparel game with a wide selection of denim, knit and woven shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants and accessories such as hats, belts, backpacks and wallets to go along with tons of tees. In addition to Vans, Anthony is also supported by Spitfire and Royal Trucks. Layton, from Murrieta, CA, just went pro with Toy Machine at the end of 2005. Johnny is also sponsored by Ricta wheels, Thunder trucks and Active boardshop. The Vans skate team also includes Geoff Rowley, Tony Trujillo, John Cardiel, Dustin Dollin, Ethan Fowler, Bucky Lasek, Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Ray Barbee, Omar Hassan, Danny Wainwright, Scott Kane, Flo Marfaing and ams Danny Cerezini, Raymond Molinar, Van Wastell, Andrew Allen, Dylan Rieder, Chima Ferguson, Keegan Sauder, Jon Goemann and Angel Ramirez. For more information visit skate.vans.com.

CAB NEWS – Steve and Rachael Caballero were married in Capitola, CA this Saturday. The entire wedding party was wearing slip on VANS. Salman Agah was the best man. Two weeks before the wedding CAB had his bachelor party. Eight skateparks, in one day. Salman Agah, Matt Eversole, Joel Gomez, Ray Stevens II and a good sized crew attacked the following parks: Livermore, Ripon, Brentwood, Antioch, Martinez, Moraga, Menlo Park and Sunnyvale. Congratulations to Cab and Rachael!


SESSIONS Tap the Rockies Tour. The Sessions Skateboard Team is about to hit the road on a mission to ‘Tap the Rockies’ on board will be Corey Duffel, Don ‘The Nuge’ Nguyen, Chet Childress, Dyson Ramones, as well as some special guest stars. For more go to www.sessions.com

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – X GAMES 12, AUGUST 3-6, 2006 will be held for its fourth consecutive year in Los Angeles, Calif. The annual X Games is the premier action sports event in the world, featuring athletes from across the globe competing for medals and prize money in the following sports: BMX Freestyle, Moto X, Skateboard, Surfing and Wakeboard. X Games 12 will be telecast live on ESPN and ABC. Announced earlier this year, X Games will remain in Los Angeles through X Games 15 in 2009. Invited skateboarders include: Big Air – Jake Brown, Bob Burnquist, Jason Ellis, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Rune Glifberg, Buster Halterman, Omar Hassan, Bucky Lasek, Rob Lorifice, Andy Macdonald, Brian Patch and Danny Way…. Street – Men – Mark Appleyard, Dennis Busenitz, Ronnie Creager, Dustin Dollin, Bryan Herman, Daewon Song, Rodrigo Teixeira, Tony Trujillo, Chris Cole Taylor, Nyhah Huston, Eric Koston, Greg Lutzka, Billy Marks, Rick McCrank, Andrew Reynolds, Paul Rodriguez, Jereme Rogers and Ryan Sheckler. Street – Women – Amy Caron, Elissa Steamer, Vanessa Torres, Lacey Baker, Evelien Bouilliart, Marissa Del Santo, Lauren Perkins, ….. Vert – Men – Bob Burnquist, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Rune Glifberg, Andy MacDonald, Jean Postec, Mathias Ringstrom, Shaun White and Bucky Lasek… Vert – Women – Cara-Beth Burnside, Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins, Mimi Knoop, Jen O’Brien, Karen Jones, Tina Neff, Nicole Zuck….. Vert Best Trick – Bob Burnquist, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Jake Brown, Bucky Lasek, Colin McKay and Shaun White. Info on X Games events can be found on www.expn.com.


SKATE CONTEST – June 29-July 2 – The Carhartt King of Wood Pro/Am at Skatepark of Rouen, France. Skateboarders that are scheduled to attend include Steve Forstner, Chad Bartie, Daniel Viera, Billy Rohan, Leander Geelhoed, Danilo Do Rosario, Colin Kennedy, Paul Shier, Danny Fuenzalida, Avi Luzia, Chris Pfanner, Danny Hamar, Lucas Puig, JJ Rousseau, David Marteleur and many more. Check all information on the web site www.king-of-wood.com

HAROLD HUNTER PHOTO EXHIBIT – Harold Hunter Photo Exhibition/Silent Auction with photos by Larry Clark, Ari Marcopoulis, Johnathan Manion, Ricky Powell, Todd Jordan, Craig Wetherby, Giovanni Reda, Jefferson Pang, RB Umali, David Perez, Suekwon, Brian Uyeda, Andreas Speck, Akira Ruiz, Sebastian Isacu, Rodent, Clara Markowicz, Andrea Bakacs, James Garret, Alessandro Simonetti, Bill Thomas, John Bush, Taku, Allen Ying, John Handel, Emil Horowitz and others currated by Jefferson Pang, Daniel Sasse and Mikhail Sokovikov will take place June 29th through July 21st with the Opening on June 29th 6:00pm to 9:00pm at The Canal Chapter, 343 Canal Street, 4th Floor New York, NY. Sponsored by: Red Bull, DC Shoes, Supreme, skateboarddirectory.com, Zoo York, UXA, Blades Board and Skate, Crown Prints and Rock Star Bearings.All proceeds will benefit the Harold Hunter Foundation. To preview auction, place bids or watch live web cast please visit http://1134nyc.com. Limited edition Harold Hunter t-shirts available now designed by Chris Thomas. There will also be limited edition posters available after the show. Online bidding closes at midnight on the 19th of July regular bidding ends at the closing party on the 20th of July. for more information on the Harold Hunter Foundation please visit http://haroldhunter.com

GHOSTTOWN WHEELS has added Morgan Burgess, Josh ‘Skreech’ Sandoval, Julie Kindstrand and Marky Clements to the Ghosttown team, in addition to the Wounded Knee Skateboards team featuring Jim Murphy, Science AKA Dave Maxwell, ChickenHawk, Sloppy Sam, Bato, Travis, Smiley, Remy and Big Tim. Ghosttown makes super durable high performance urethane wheels available in 58mm, 60mm, and 63mm.

GROM NEWS – Micke Alba and Mike Fox have lots of skating going on while at the same time they are also bringing up lots of young talent. Check out the new Gridlockskateboards.net website where they are taking care of the kids, giving them a purpose and keeping them off the streets.

RICTA WHEELS IS PROUD TO WELCOME CAIRO FOSTER TO THE TEAM! Shortly after joining the Ricta Pro Team, Cairo and the rest of the team hit the road for the White Lightning Tour in Toronto, Canada! Check out stories and photos of the tour at www.ricta.com.

DEW ACTION SPORTS TOUR ANNOUNCES 2006 FREE FLOW TOUR SCHEDULE – The Dew Action Sports Tour today announced the kickoff of the Free Flow Tour, which provides amateur, locally-based athletes the prospect for professional sponsorship and recognition by the pros. As the official amateur skateboard and BMX contest series of the Dew Action Sports Tour, the Free Flow Tour begins April 29 at the Rye Airfield in Rye, NH, and will visit communities across the country all known as hot-spots within the action sports culture. The Free Flow Tour will include skate competitions at 16 sites and BMX competitions at eight sites. The top skate and BMX finishers at each stop will be flown to the Dew Action Sports Tour’s Vans Invitational in Portland, OR for the Free Flow Tour Finals, August 17-20, where one champion will be crowned in each sport. Encompassing the Flow to Pro theme, the two overall skate and BMX champions win a wild card spot to compete against the pros at the Dew Action Sports Tour’s last stop, the PlayStation Pro in Orlando, FL. In addition, there is more than $7,000 in cash prizes for the Free Flow Tour. WWW.FREEFLOWTOUR.COM

BROOKLYN BANKS CONTEST – Second Annual Back to the Banks Contest – Saturday, August 19, 2006 at 1:00 p.m. – Location: Under the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan, New York. Format: One jam and three best trick sections on the banks, the blocks and the stairs / rail. Booty: Thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. Sponsors: 5boro, Emerica, Spitfire, Volcom, Skateboarder, Red Bull For more information, please visit: http://www.backtothebanks.com

GIANT DISTRIBUTION NEWS – Stereo and Giant Distribution have parted ways.

SKULL SKATES NEWS – PD’s Hot Shop, Canada’s oldest skateboard shop established in 1976, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. From kid’s toy to extreme sport, art form and lifestyle, PD’s Hot Shop has ridden the ups and downs in Canadian Skateboarding for three decades. Various shop achievements include the creation of the Skull Skates brand in 1978 [Canada’s oldest skateboard brand with worldwide fame]. The amassing of the Skull Skates collection of vintage skateboards spanning six decades of artifacts. The creation of the first on-line skateboard museum. Curating the ‘Skateboarding Vancouver’ exhibit hosted by the Vancouver Museum from May 2004 to September 2005 and publication of the book ‘Skateboarding Vancouver’ . In addition to being at the early stages of skateboarding in Canada, PD’s Hot Shop has been a forerunner of the snowboard, BMX, cruiser bike, lowrider bike, longboard and skimboard movements. www.skullskates.com.

CEDAR CREST WEBSITE NEWS – Cedar Crest website is up and running at
www.digitalcowboy.com/cccc. The memorial has begun, brick by brick the story must be told. This concept was created by Mike Mapp and Bruce Adams for the sole purpose of telling a part of skateboard history that MUST not be forgotten…Please send donations, photos, stories, to Bruce@skatecolorado.com or to Mike at the website contacts button.

INTERNATIONAL SKATE CLUB – Radical Skate Clube (RSC) is a non-profit association, dedicated to development of Portuguese Skateboarding, since 1990. Member of ISF and ESA, at this moment, we are working hard to create the National Federation, expecting to contribute for the sport growing. This year we will do, in Portugal, the biggest competition ever made in our country: Lisbon International Skateboarding Cup, presented by NOKIA. This international street competition will take place in Skate Park do Monsanto, in September the 15th, 16th and 17th in an open format. Monsanto is already considered the best outdoor park in Lisbon and it’s getting even better with new ramps and new plywood on the riding surfaces.

POWELL NEWS – Steve Caballero, Rodney Jones, Jordan Hoffart and John White will be traveling to the East Coast in August. They will be skating in Philadelphia, Woodward and New York. CAB will be getting married in July. His bachelor party will be an all day, skatepark session of eight parks in the San Jose area. Steve Caballero has an amazing interview with Christian Hosoi in Juice Magazine’s 60th Issue. CAB followed the interview up with a third place at the Pro Tec Pool Party contest in the Masters Division. CAB will be creating the artwork for four upcoming Powell decks. Steve is also working with George Powell in supporting a high-quality, entry to immediate level, complete skateboard line for the core market. You will be able to see it at this Fall’s ASR. Powell’s 30 year Anniversary Coming Soon! George Powell will be celebrating 30 years of making high quality skateboard products this November. You can view Powell products at skateone.com.

WASHINGTON STATE SKATE CONTEST – City of Woodinville Skate Competition 2006 – hosted at the Woodinville Rotary Skate/BMX Park by Woodinville Parks and Recreation, in partnership with Teen Northshore. EVENT DATE: Saturday – July 8, 2006 – 11am-4pm. For details go to www.ci.woodinville.wa.us/recreation/teens/teen-skatepark.asp.

WORLD INDUSTRIES – World Industries has dropped their entire pro team…

ZOO YORK has picked up the remnants of the Birdhouse team including Aaron Suski, Brandon Westgate and Anthony Shetler.


BOOM BOOM HUCKJAM RAGERS – Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom HuckJam Ramp Ragers 2006 at Six Flags this summer! For more information on how to purchase VIP tickets check out this link: http://sixflags.com/tonyhawk.asp

BOONE NC SKATEPARK OPENING – Boone, NC is on the way to the grand opening of phase I of their public skatepark. The opening is scheduled for July 8th. For details go to www.appskatepark.com.

X GAMES ATHLETES ACCEPT 14 NOMINATIONS AND TAKE HOME THREE AWARDS AT THE 14TH ANNUAL ESPYS – Some of the top stars from the X Games and Winter X Games were recognized during the 14th annual ESPYs from Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre, televised Sunday night on ESPN. Hosted by seven-time Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong, who took his fourth consecutive ESPY as Best Male Athlete was the first athlete to ever host the sports celebration. The phrase ‘action sports athletes’ was a resounding theme last night as there were 14 nominations for X Games athletes, three of which turned to wins. X Games Silver medalist and Olympic Gold medalist, Shaun White (Carlsbad, Calif.), walked away with two ESPY awards: Best Male Action Sports Athlete and Best Olympian. White was also nominated for Best Breakthrough Athlete. Three-time X Games medalist and Olympic Gold medalist, Hannah Teter (Belmont, Vt.), won an ESPY for Best Female Action Sports Athlete. Teter was also nominated for Best Female Athlete and Best Olympian.


SKATE CONTEST – Volcom Meadows Pro Invitational – Friday, July 28 – Saturday, July 29, 2006 – In Association with SPoTlight Productions. It’s an invite only pro skateboarding contest at the Volcom Brothers Skatepark in Mammoth Lakes, California. Prize purse is $30,333.00. Register by Email with ryan@skateparkoftampa.com. Skatepark is located on Meridian Blvd., go left on Meridian before entering town of Mammoth Lakes, Park is 1/4 mile up on right side.

KRUX KICKFLIP CHALLENGE NEW WORLD RECORD – 283 CONSECUTIVE KICKFLIPS! The record of 219 consecutive kickflips was destroyed by Chris Dziema at Small Empire Skateshop in New Jersey on June 28th, 2006! Chris quickly made it to 100 kickflips and then asked ‘What’s the record?’. When he was told it was 219, Chris put his foot back on the board and confidently said ‘Only 119 more?!’ He stomped out the remaining 119 and upped the ante to 283 kickflips! Click this link to check out video of Chris taking the title : http://kickflip.kruxtrucks.com/video.php?vid=kfc_283.

SHOE NEWS – East Coaster Bobby Worrest Joins eS

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Sole Technology with Andrew Reynolds launches Altamont Apparel. The line will hit select stores globally in Oct 2006.

SURF/SK8 NIGHT – The VSA is having a surf/sk8 night at the club Zanzibar in LA on Aug 8th. Sponsors include SMA,Cove, Dogtown,B-Art, Arbor, Dead Betty Dies, 1978, Juice Magazine, Lost, Sector9 and Z-Flex. Surf and skate flicks all night. Fat head, Common Grounds are playing. Raffles etc.


SKATE CONTEST – 5th Annual Millenium Skatepark Contest – July 29-30 @ Owl’s Head Park – Brooklyn, NY. For info email fudruckus@gmail.com.

SABREVISION – The newest alternative in the sunglasses market features a sick team of outlaws including Christian Fletcher, Tom Knox, Trigger Gumm, Casey Brown, Hank III, Greyson Fletcher, Aaron Hill, Caspian, Rob McHaffie, Kristi Mcknight, Cacti Widders and Joe Wood. See for yourself at www.sabrevision.net.

RECENTLY DEKLINED – Dekline Footwear is proud to announce the release of Shiloh Greathouse’s first ‘Riders Choice’ shoe due for delivery to stores in February 2007. Complimenting the rest of the other ‘Riders Choice’ shoes for Mike York and Gareth Stehr, Shiloh’s ‘Great Dark Brown Crocodile’ rolls out with an already overwhelming response and anticipation of release. Check it at www.dekline.com.

AGENDA TRADESHOW – San Diego, September 8th – 9th, 2006 at The San Diego Concourse
202 C Street, San Diego, CA 92101 – AGENDA new Brands Include: Alpha Industries, Arbor, Artful Dodger, Beautiful Decay Tees, Dissizit, Dragonfly, Gallaz, Generic Youth, hello minor, Levis Shoes, Mishka NYC, Owl Movement, Palis, Paul Frank, Reason Brand, Reebok, To Die For, Ubiquity, DCMA Collective, Mighty Healthy. and many more. Returning Staple Brands: 10DEEP, Adidas, Andy Warhol Museum, Arkive, Atticus Clothing, Blood is the New Black, Brown Sound, CARDBOARD ROBOT, CR8TIVE RECREATION, CRYIN TIGER, Drifter, English Laundry, Fender, FiveFour, Fourstar, Fourth World, FreeGums, Freshjive, Fuct, Fyasko, Goodie Two Sleeves, GRN Apple Tree, Imaginary Foundation, Jeepney, LOW, MacBeth, Monarchy, OBEY Clothing, PF-Flyers, RIV, RVCA, RZST, Scifen, Shalom, Strand Mfg., TheSeventhLetter, Upper Playground, Z-Boy, Z-Brand. The ART installation area will feature work from The7thLetter and RVCA’s Exterior Motives vs. Interior Motives show and a NewEra cap instillation featuring some of their most exciting collaboration and Limited Edition products. For more info please visit www.agendashow.com

INDIE 103.1 PRESENTS ‘THE FILTH AND THE FURY’ LIVE – On Saturday July 1st, Steve Jones, original member of the Sex Pistols and current host of ‘Jonesy’s Jukebox’ on Indie 103.1, will host a night of punk rock and movies at the John Anson Ford Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. The event will feature Julian Temple’s documentary of the Sex Pistols, The ‘Filth and the Fury’, as well as live performances by The Like before the film and The Vacation after the screening. Jones will also broadcast a special Saturday edition of his radio show live from the Ford from 6 PM to 8 PM, the first-ever live on-location broadcast of ‘Jonesy’s Jukebox’. Steve Jones and Indie 103.1 are planning many other surprise guests and musical performers for this historic punk rock event.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JOAN JETT and THE BLACKHEARTS ROCK ICON RELEASES NEW ALBUM, VIDEO WITH CARMEN ELECTRA and PERFORMS ON WARPED TOUR THIS SUMMER – Joan Jett, the queen of punk and rock, releases her new album, ‘Sinner’, on Blackheart Records.

CBGB To Close On Halloween 2006 – The New York Daily News is reporting that after a long and nasty rent fight, the owner of the legendary rock club CBGB agreed yesterday to move out of its grungy East Village site next year. ‘I guess money talks. That’s the name of the game,’ said Hilly Kristal, who opened the dank punk mecca in 1973. ‘We tried our best.’ CBGB, which gave bands like the RAMONES and TALKING HEADS a start, will leave its home on the Bowery next Halloween. Kristal is hoping to move the club to a new spot on the lower East Side and has looked at several spaces. But he also is considering opening a namesake joint in Las Vegas and is negotiating with deep-pocketed partners. ‘I’m trying to stay in New York, but New York is expensive,’ Kristal said. The Bowery Residents’ Committee, a nonprofit homeless-support group, owns the building housing CBGB and has long maintained that Kristal was paying far too little rent. ‘[We] can now concentrate on helping the needy and homeless of New York City’ said Executive Director Muzzy Rosenblatt.

NEW YORK DOLLS – On July 25th, 2006, the seminal New York Dolls, a band that has been accused of inspiring everything from punk rock to hair metal, will release their eagerly anticipated album, One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This which includes guest appearances by Michael Stipe, ‘Dancing on the Lip of A Volcano,’ Iggy Pop on ‘Gimme Love and Turn On the Light,’ Tom Gabel (Against Me!) on ‘Punishing World,’ and the Dolls’ own hero, Bo Diddley, on ‘Seventeen.’ The Dolls are planning a world tour, in support of the new release on Roadrunner Records, starting Summer 2006.

HOOTENANNY 2006 – Saturday July 1, 2006 in Orange County – Scheduled to Appear: Rev. Horton Heat, Tiger Army, Flogging Molly, Supersuckers, Horrorpops, The Living End, Chris Spedding and Robert Gordon (Reunion), Wanda Jackson, Lee Rocker, Manic Hispanic, Big Sandy, James Intveld, Ricky Warwick, 3 Bad Jacks, Hellbound Heyride, and Calavera. Venue: Oak Canyon Ranch, Irvine California. www.thehootenanny.com/upcoming/

GORILLA BISCUITS TOUR – New York City’s own Gorilla Biscuits are planning a full US tour, starting on August 4th. There are also bound to be some surprises in store, and we will announce them as soon as anything official comes through. This is the first full tour by Gorilla Biscuits since 1991 – that’s left a lot of people waiting, eagerly anticipating one of the most highly revered bands of their era to resurface. Although the members have stayed active in bands such as Quicksand, Civ, Rival Schools and Walking Concert, it’s obvious that there is a lot of excitement surrounding Gorilla Biscuits that people can’t wait to be a part of, especially seeing the original lineup of the band. Joining GB on this tour will be Comeback Kid and, on select dates, the infamous Murphy’s Law. For more info go to www.revelationrecords.com.

JELLO BIAFRA SPOKEN WORD TOUR – With an abrasive voice and a sarcastic and cynical mind, he is both engaging and thought-provoking. Jello Biafra questions everything that is held sacred. He addresses censorship, social responsibility, government follies and mistruths, educational overhaul, the decriminalization of drugs and why he isn’t nostalgic about punk rock’s ‘glory days.’ Biafra’s career in the public eye began as the leader and vocalist of Dead Kennedys, the pioneering punk rock band known for smart, political lyrics and furious music. He’s run for mayor of San Francisco, been drafted as a Green Party Presidential nominee, and famously battled obscenity charges for the Dead Kennedys’ Frankenchrist album artwork. This upcoming tour has Biafra waxing on the ongoing corporate coup, ‘Iraq-naphobia’, and the prevalence of electronic voter fraud. The shows will be recorded for the upcoming Jello Biafra spoken word CD ‘In the Grip of Official Treason’, due out this Fall on Alternative Tentacles, the label he founded in 1979. For more go to www.alternativetentacles.com.

VANS WARPED TOUR 2006 PRESENTED BY CINGULAR WIRELESS SET TO LAUNCH JUNE 15 IN COLUMBIA, MD. Bands confirmed for this summer’s trek include AFI, Against Me, Bouncing Souls, Helmet, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, Less Than Jake, Motion City Soundtrack, NOFX, Rise Against, Saves the Day, Senses Fail, The Academy Is, The Living End, Thursday, Underoath and many more. www.warpedtour.com.


SKATE PHOTO LIFE ART SHOW – July 29th @ A and I -Santa Monica, CA featuring photos by Eric Balaire, David Broach, Dan Bronstein, Michael Burnett, Ben Colen, Lance Dawes, Frank Galland, Diana Jeong, Chuck Katz, Shad Lambert, Steve Martinez, Susanne Melanie, Wynn Miller, Djuna Meyers, Cesario Montano, Chris Moore, Andy Mueller, James O’Mahoney, Jamie Owens, Scott Pommier, Jason Reposar, Craig Stecyk, Deanna Templeton, Ed Templeton and Matt Willigan.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – After two years in the making Supply and Demand has finally
arrived. This book is 350 pages, large format (9’x12′) with a foil embossed cover. There are tons of images that have never been published as well as essays and interviews by Steven Heller, Carlo McCormick, Roger Gastman, Rob Walker, Helen Stickler, and Shepard Fairey. This is the definitive case study, art book, bible of Obey Giant. www.obeygiant.com


FRIDAY, JULY 28TH, 2006, 6-10PM – FOUNDATION PROJECTS 2418 W. BLOOMINGDALE, STUDIO 207 CHICAGO, IL, 60647 $5 ADMISSION WITH MUSIC CURATED BY GHISLAIN POIRIER AND KOVAS OF CHOCOLATE INDUSTRIES – Foundation Projects presents ‘MONO-POLY’, collaborative monoprints by the artists/designers of the Girl Skateboards’ Art Dump. The Art Dump is a group of like-minded creative misfits who work under the same flat roof in Torrance, California. They are essentially the Girl Skateboard Company’s full-time art department. The veteran, Andy Jenkins uses his title as Art Director loosely. He considers the crew a co-op and lets it operate that way, though each artist does have a brand they are responsible for. Andy Mueller is the creative mind behind Lakai Footwear. Michael Coleman is the ‘garmento’ responsible for the creative direction and graphic treatments of the Fourstar Clothing Company along with Eric Anthony, who also handles the daily photography grind. Tony Larson is the illustrator behind most of the Girl skateboard graphics, Jeremy Carnahan makes sure Royal Trucks has an identity, and Misato Suzuki gives Girl it’s feminine touch with Ruby Republic. Please join us for the opening reception to meet the artists, hosted by The Empty Bottle, with music curated by Ghislain Poirier and Kovas of Chocolate Industries on Friday July 28th from 6-10pm. The exhibition will continue on Saturday, July 29th and Sunday July 30th, from 12-5pm. A portion of the project will then be exhibited from August-September, 2006 at Uprise Skateshop, 1820 N. Milwaukee, Chicago IL.For more go to www.foundation-gallery.org

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The Golden Age of Surfing: Leroy Grannis: The Sixties Black and Whites and Jeff Divine: The Seventies Kodachromes… July 8-Sept 9, 2006 – Artists’ Opening Reception – Saturday July 8th from 7-9pm. M+B Los Angeles is pleased to present an exhibition bringing together two of surfing’s legendary photographers for the first time: LeRoy Grannis and Jeff Divine. Both Grannis and Divine are the undisputable capturers of their generations, with Grannis documenting the humble beginnings of the sport in the ’60s and Divine picking up the lens and capturing the psychedelic spin of 70s. Featuring over forty large-scale limited edition photographs focusing on what many consider to be the golden age of surfing – the Sixties and Seventies – both Grannis and Divine artfully capture the purity, soul and lifestyle of a seminal moment in American cultural history. M+ B Gallery is located at 612 North Almont Drive Los Angeles, CA 90069. For info go to www.mbfala.com.

PEGGY OKI NEWS – Peggy has updated her website with recent paintings and new links. Check it out at www.peggy-oki.com/gallery/gallery.html. Peggy will be teaching two art classes in July, with the Carpinteria Summer Arts program. One of the classes will be a skateboard deck painting class, open to all ages.


REEF GOES COASTAL FOR 2ND ANNUAL PLANET REEF TOUR – Summer’s officially here, and it’s time to kick off year two of the Planet Reef Tour – a mobile celebration of all things Reef. This year’s tour is going huge hitting up the East and West Coast for a series of team demos, live painting exhibitions, surf contests, night time parties. Reef team riders, the Miss Reef Girls, and Planet Reef artists will be on hand at all the stops beginning July 14th in Wrightsville Beach, NC and ending August 8th in Santa Cruz, CA. The 9-day, East Coast tour will concentrate on beach towns through a series of public friendly, grass roots promotions up the North East Atlantic coast starting July 14th. The West Coast stops, a series of invite only surf industry parties, will resume on Reef’s home turf in San Diego on August 1st, eventually making its way to Los Angeles, and Santa Cruz. Reef team riders Rob Machado, Brad Gerlach, Evan Valiere and Ben Bourgeois will climb on board ‘Mystery’ a deluxe 40 foot tour bus, and hit all the East Coast surf spots from Wrightsville Beach, NC to Narragansett, RI. A chunk of their time will be spent displaying their talents at local surf breaks, greeting the groms at the surf shops, and partying with the locals at the neighboring pubs. The boys will also be on hand to compete in the 2nd annual $20,000 purse, Planet Reef PRO-AM at the kick off event in Wrightsville Beach on July 14th. Be sure to check out www.reef.com for full details.

REEF NEWS – Planet Reef Tour Set to Kick Off with Reef/Sweetwater Pro-Am – All systems go for the 2nd annual Planet Reef Tour as it’s set to launch July 14th with the $20,000 Reef/Sweetwater Pro-Am Surf Fest in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. The Planet Reef Tour, a mobile fusion of surf, art and music, will officially kick off bright and early on July 14th with a Pro-Am Surf contest at Oceanic Street in Wrightsville Beach. The three day competition will pit North Carolina locals against pro’s Rob Machado, Ben Bourgeois and Evan Valiere for a chance at bragging rights and a handsome $20,000 prize purse. The contest is open to all ages and skill levels, and entry forms can be found at Sweetwater Surf Shop, or on-line at wblivesurf.com. If you can’t make the contest at all, wblivesurf.com has you covered with a live webcast for all three days. www.reef.com.

SURF CAMP NEWS – Surf Camp Rewards Scholars – Pat Weber, founder, owner and head coach of the San Diego Surfing Academy, announced today that SDSA will be rewarding students of all levels with deep discounts for good grades on their most recent report card going into the summer of 2006. For the all-inclusive overnight surf camp which runs for six days and five nights throughout the summer, each ‘A’ will earn a $50 discount and each ‘B’ will fetch a $25 discount off of the all-inclusive price of $995. If you had six classes and do the math, straight ‘A’s’ could mean a reduction of $300! Documented proof of the report card is required. The SDSA Surf Camp is located at the north end of South Carlsbad State Beach Campgrounds, San Diego County, California, USA, and occupies a secure, fenced half acre of prime oceanfront property. Weber, 45, is entering his twelfth year of full-time surf school operation and says, ‘It’s about time someone rewarded the good kids – the ones who work hard and listen to their parents need to know that it pays off. I wanted to offer some positive reinforcement that there are benefits to being a good citizen.’ Reservations for lessons, day camps, and overnight camps can be made at 800.447.SURF (7873) or 760.230.1474. Registration forms are online at http://www.SurfingAcademy.com.

The West Coast Breaks the East Coast’s Three Year Winning Streak – Puerto Escondido, Mexico. – The world’s first-class surfers kicked off ESPN X Games 12 in Puerto Escondido’s international waters for a second consecutive year. With a crowd of over 3,200 in attendance over two days, the powerful waves of Zicatela Beach were nothing short of spectacular as waves from six to eight feet high produced perfect conditions at ‘The Mexican Pipeline.’ In an intense competition between East and the West, the West Coast Team’s final score of 103.3 and flawless performance brought the East Coast’s three-year winning streak to an end. ESPN and ABC will provide 14 hours of original LIVE X Games 12 programming from August 3-6. ESPN will also present four late-night highlight programs starting August 4, resulting in a total of 18 hours of original programming for X Games 12. SportsCenter, ESPN’s flagship daily news program, will report LIVE from X Games 12 from August 3-6. Each of those nights, the 11 p.m. ET SportsCenter will contain event coverage from X Games 12. The Surfing competition will broadcast on August 6 on ABC.

EDDIE AIKAU CONTEST NEWS – Quiksilver Extends Eddie Aikau Tournament – Quiksilver and the Aikau Family announced a 10-year joint commitment to continue The Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational, in Memory of Eddie Aikau at Waimea Bay, Hawaii, through the winter season of 2015/2016. The Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational is held each winter at Waimea Bay, on the famous North Shore of Oahu, when wave face heights measure 40-feet or greater. It honors the memory of Hawaiian Eddie Aikau – the first official lifeguard of Waimea Bay, and pioneer big-wave rider…

BURTON NEWS – Channel Islands Surfboards’ has been acquired by Burton Snowboards. The founders of each company, Al Merrick and Jake Burton Carpenter, forged an agreement over the fact that they share a similar mindset and passion for their respective sports. Channel Islands will remain in Santa Barbara, California, and Merrick will continue to lead the company he founded in 1969 to create surfboards for many of the world’s best surfers.

SIMA’s Waterman’s Weekend Aug. 4-5 to Benefit the Coastal and Marine Environment – The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association’s (SIMA) Waterman’s Weekend is a two-day fundraising event that benefits various ocean-related environmental groups, including the Surfrider Foundation. SIMA will honor Quiksilver CEO Bob McKnight as Waterman of the Year; surfer and singer Jack Johnson and his wife, Kim, as Environmentalists of the Year; and legendary Waikiki Beach Boy Rabbit Kekai with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The event is scheduled for August 4-5, 2006, at the St. Regis Resort in Dana Point, CA.

VENICE SURF-A-THON – Sept 25th.13th. Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon 2006 in Venice, CA. The Venice Skateboard Association will do a sk8 contest Oct 28 for the Venice Carnival.

SURF BOOKS – Drew Kampion’s Greg Noll: The Art of the Surfboard (Gibbs Smith, Hardcover, $39.95, September) is a visual tribute to a surfing legend, and includes a history of the evolution of surfboards and construction techniques from ancient Hawaii to the modern era. For more go to www.gibbs-smith.com.

SURFING AMERICA USA CHAMPIONSHIPS – The Surfing America USA Championships presented by SIMA will bring top surfers from across the United States to Oceanside, California, July 11-July 18, to compete for a USA Championship Title and the chance to represent the United States as part of the 2006 USA Surf Team at the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Surfing Games hosted by Surfing America in Huntington Beach in October 2006. The contest will draw 300 of the most talented surfers in America from six regional member organizations: Eastern Surfing Association (ESA), Hawaii Amateur Surfing Association (HASA), National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA), Texas Gulf Surfing Association (TGSA), Western Surfing Association (WSA) and Bodyboard International Association (BIA). For more information, visit: www.isasurf.org.

NEW BOOK SHARES INSIGHTS FOR ‘RIDING THROUGH LIFE’ -According to South African surfing champion, Shaun Tomson, catching a wave is a privilege, a commitment and a roaring good time. From years spent riding the world’s best swells, Tomson has compiled a set of values, a ‘code’ applicable not just to surfing, but to business, competition, and personal relationships. Tomson’s new book, Surfer’s Code: 12 Simple Lessons for Riding Through Life ($18.95, Gibbs Smith, Publisher, Paperback, August, ISBN: 1-4236-0076-2) features twelve lessons learned through his career as a world champion surfing competitor from the sands of South Africa, Europe and California. For more go to www.gibbs-smith.com.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – ESPN X GAMES BRINGS THE GAME BACK TO MEXICO – After a successful first year, the ESPN X Games 12 Surfing competition will return to Puerto Escondido, Mexico for a second consecutive year. Famous for the big powerful waves of Zicatela Beach, the competition is schedule for July 3-4, with a competition for local athletes taking place on July 2 at the ‘Mexican Pipeline.’ In addition to Surfing, X Games 12 will be held August 3-6, 2006 in Los Angeles for its fourth consecutive year.

ISA WORLD SURFING GAMES 2006 SET FOR HUNTINGTON, CALIFORNIA, USA – The International Surfing Association (ISA) is pleased to announce that the ISA World Surfing Games 2006 will be held in Huntington Beach, California, USA, October 14 – 22, 2006.

RON JON SURF SHOP HOSTS SURFER AUTOGRAPH SIGNINGS TO COINCIDE WITH US OPEN OF SURFING – Ron Jon Surf Shop will host more than 20 top surfers from teams such as Hurley, Lost, Fox, O’Neill, Roxy, Rusty and Spy Optic during a series of in-store and beachside autograph sessions July 27 through July 29 at Ron Jon Surf Shop in The Block at Orange. The series of events, which coincide with the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, Calif., will feature three surfboard giveaways, a live in-store performance by Hurley-sponsored band Over It and appearances by the KROQ 106.7 Street Team and DJ Lightning. Events are free and open to all ages. Ron Jon’s scheduled in-store events include Thu, July 27 – 7 p.m. Lost team signing event. KROQ 106.7 Street Team appearance from 7 9 p.m. 8 p.m. Rusty team signing event with Jamie O’Brien*, Josh Kerr*, Darryl ‘Flea’ Virostko*, Kawika Stillwell, Kalani Chapman and other team members. Brand new Rusty surfboard to be raffled. Fri, July 28 – 7 p.m. O’Neill team signing event with Cory Lopez*, Rochelle Ballard*, Timmy Reyes*, Melanie Bartels*, Ian Walsh and other team members. KROQ 106.7 Street Team appearance from 7 9 p.m. 8 p.m. Roxy team signing event to include Kassia Meador and Aimee Vogelgesang. Sat, July 29 – 6 p.m. KROQ 106.7 Street Team appearance from 6-8 p.m. Events emceed by DJ Lightning. 7 p.m. Hurley team signing event with Rob Machado*, Tim Curran*, Brett Simpson, Adrian Buchan, Mike Todd and other team members. 8 p.m. Live music by Over It* (Virgin Records), Hurley-sponsored Warped Tour veteran band. Ron Jon will also feature special autograph signing events at their booth, which will be located on the beach during the US Open contest. Events include a Ron Jon team signing on Friday, July 28 at 1 p.m.; and on Saturday, July 29 a 1 p.m. Fox Surf team signing and 2 p.m. Spy Optic signing. Beachgoers will have a chance to win a free surfboard at the Ron Jon booth each day on Friday and Saturday. Ron Jon Surf Shop in The Block at Orange is located on The City Drive in Orange, near the intersection of the Santa Ana Freeway (I-5), the Garden Grove Freeway (Hwy. 22) and the Orange Freeway (Hwy. 57). Parking and activities are free to the public. Ron Jon Surf Shop operates daily from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m. To contact the store, call (714) 939-9822, or visit the Ron Jon Web site at www.ronjons.com.

presented by SIMA concluded today with 18 new USA Champions. Nine titles were determined last week and nine more today in what was unanimously deemed a hugely successful event with favorable conditions and solid competition throughout. The 2006 Surfing America USA Champions are: Quincy Davis, Girls Under 12; Amy Nicholl, Girls Under 16; Courtney Conlogue, Girls Under 18; Mia Melamed, Open Women’s; Elias Kaikea, Boys Under 12; Riley Metcalf, Boys Under 14; Tyler Newton, Boys Under 16; Chas Chidester, Boys Under 18; Nate Rex, Open Men; Sam Harmon, Men’s Bodyboard; Coral Gonzales, Girls Longboard; Candice Appleby, Women’s Longboard; Christian Wach, Junior Longboard; Bill McCardell, Men’s Longboard; Mike Gillard, Senior Longboard and Shortboard; Patrick McManus, Masters; and John Scott Lewis, Legends.


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